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Poojahs Should Be Held In All The Temples, No Temple Should Be Allowed To Be Destroyed

By Kandiah Neelakandan

Kandiah Neelakandan

Regular poojahs should be held in all the temples in the new year to bring prosperity and happiness to all the people

Tamil people welcome this New Year with various expectations and hopes. We submit at the feet of His Almighty Sivakamiambal Samedha Shri Nadarajaperuman our prayer that all the sufferings of our people should disappear and he prosperity should usher in the New Year.

For more than three decades our brothers and sisters have not only suffered hardships and difficulties but also lost lives and properties and remain as destitutes. They are hurt and their feelings not healed but in fact the same have not been healed. Their expectation is that normalcy should be restored again, so that they can again peacefully live on their own soil.

Our brothers and sisters whose hopes still remain unsatisfied expect that they should at least now be allowed to live with freedom and self respect in this New Year. That is the dream of Tamil people. We pray that that dream should be fulfilled at least the New Year which dawns this weekend.

Whenever the various calamities and displacements occurred due to various factors we, All Ceylon Hindu Congress ( The Federation of Hindu Associations and Temple Trusts in Sri Lanka), have been assisting the affected Tamil people most 0f whom are the Hindus by providing various forms of relief to them. We are continuing that service. When our brothers and sisters suffered as a result of the floods in December 2012 we readily rendered relief assistance by way of dry rations clothes etc., to them through our Member Associations. Whenever the calamities like that occur, our prayer to His Almighty is that there have been too many challenges to our people and those are enough and that let there be a cessation therof.

The sufferings experienced by Tamil people most of whom are Hindus should come to a11 end and they must be able to resettle in heir own homes and peacefully live in this new “Vijaya” New Year. There should be a political solution wihout delay to satisfy their aspirations.

We take this opportunity of making an appeal on the eve of this New Year to our brothers and sisters who are living here and abroad and also to Hindu Institutions all over the world to come forward and help our brothers and sisters and in particular the younger generation in he Universities and other Educational Institutions to improve their Educational standards and at the same time it is our duty to take them forward on the spiritual path.

We are arranging to give laptops to the need University students and livelihood assistance to needy mothers of Mulliyavalai and rendering other humanitarian services.

We are also engaged in development of knowledge by the continuing the publications of our quarterly “Hindu Oli” for the 17th consecutive year handbook for Hindus prayers and other religious books and conducting educational seminars.

All Ceylon Hindu Congress has already taken steps to organize “Siva Thondar Ani” (Siva Volunteer Service Organisations ) in Schools and train then in our Jaffina Regional office in order to serve the humanity. Needless to say that he service to the mankind is the real prayer to His Almighty. This is the motto of the “Sivathondar Ani”. We are conducting Sivathondar conferences from time to time and appeal to all school students to join us in our efforts in his.

In one of the songs of the Thirumantharan Thirumooler, said


When in Siva’s temple worship ceases,
Harm befalls the ruler;
Scanty become the rains;
Theft and robbery abound in the land,
Thus did my Holy Nandi declare.

The said Reverend Saint has pointed out that in hat song the regular poojahs (prayers) in all the Temples should not cease and the consequences thiereof are disastrous. We brought this to the notice of the then President of Sri Lanka on 2nd August 2005. No appropriate action was taken thereon. We have now brought the same Thirumanrhurarn to the notice of the Present Head of the Government also.

Regular prayers should be ensured to be held in all the Temples in the country. No Temple should be allowed to be damaged or destroyed. That will be a sin. We are prepared to assist the Government to restore poojahs even in he temples in he weas designated as security zones.

We pray to His Almighty to pave way for regular poojahs to be held in all the temples in the New Year

*Kandiah Neelakandan – President – All Ceylon Hindu Congress. 

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