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Port City: Can Sri Lankans Design Their Land For Their Own Well-Being ?

By Ranil Senanayake

Ranil Senanayake

The concern of the impact of large high-rises on the environment and health of the citizens of Colombo, can be addressed by an innovative plan proposed to the Prime Minister By the Ministry of Megapolis. They have suggested options to use the filled land to develop a world class gateway to the City of Colombo. Their option 2 (below) suggests a framing of the city of Colombo by a very high net worth, low rise development and series of open areas and attractions that have will move Colombo to becoming a garden city with high visitor and income potential based on Singapore’s 1.8 million visitors per annum into their new Botanic experience, Sri Lanka will gain more with less negative impact on the city of Colombo if such new designs on the use of our land is considered. WE wait the response from the Prime Ministers office.

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