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Power To Perform – Pathway To Freedom

By Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran - PM – TGTE

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran – PM – TGTE

The rationale for the birth of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) as a timely transnational political formation was the need felt for articulating the political aspirations of the Tamils of the island of Sri Lanka in clear terms, when the political space for doing so by those on the island became limited. This was made so by of the 6th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution which criminalized even peaceful advocacy of independence, the encirclement of the Tamil homeland by the military, and indeed the entanglement of the Tamil civilian lives by a military comprised exclusively of the Sinhalese.

The alleged “regime change” has not altered the political and legal landscape on the island, vis-a-vis the Tamils thus there is no basis to engage in conciliatory politics. Reconciliation can and should be based on free will. Reconciliatory politics based on unhindered political processes is one thing; reconciliatory politics imposed on a chained nation is another. Imposition of a political solution on a chained nation is not an exercise of free political will, but is an act of subjugation.

It is said in some quarters that we, the Tamils, do not have any power to influence the course of events, so we should be satisfied with whatever pittance is given to us, either by the big powers or by the Sinhala government. In fact, one of the present ministers of the Sri Lankan government has said so. Our response to this is twofold. First, if that be the case, we do not need a political movement. The raison d’être for a political movement is to bring about changes. Secondly, it is true we do not have the hard power, but we are in possession of a soft power.

In fact, our soft power has grown since the Mullivaaikal genocide. With our narrative, our victimhood, the justness of our cause and its moral basis, the resources of our Diaspora and the sympathy and the support of Tamils around the globe, especially in Tamil Nadu, we can surely make a compelling case for change. To paraphrase Chris Patten, former EU External Relations Commissioner, we do have “weapons of mass attraction.” The question before us is how we intelligently deploy them!

It is also said that no existing state supports the establishment of an independent new state. We do not wish to quarrel with this observation. However, we are of the view that no state position is permanent. The case in point, the U.S., which denounced the independence of Ukraine as “suicidal nationalism” in 1990, was in fact the main architect of the Kosovo independence in 2006.

Moreover, international relations are no longer (if they ever were) like a chessboard where moves are solely made based on geopolitical interests. The end of the Cold War, globalization and the technological revolution, have all contributed to people-centered international relations and people-centered international politics to emerge. We are witnessing a transnational movement in the sphere of politics, law, economics and society. This transnationalism is able to change the behavior of the states of the world.

The TGTE’s strategy is two pronged. On the one hand, we engage in intellectual discourse with policy-makers, and on the other hand, we mobilize the masses across borders and change the behavior of states. Our “Million Signatures Campaign,” calling for the referral of Sri Lanka to as ICC, is one aspect of this campaign.

We also campaign that remedial justice/ restorative justice should be an important component of transitional justice. In this respect, we have been working with scholars and practitioners – the ultimate opinion-makers.

We are cognizant of the potential of the transnational Tamil power across the globe, especially in states in the Indian Ocean region. Robert Kaplan, the renowned U.S. geopolitical strategist, in a recently published a book titled Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power, observed that the Indian Ocean would be the backbone of the 21st century. In order to be an effective force in the Indian Ocean politics, it is imperative that this transnational power of the Tamils is rallied and mobilized and we have proposed the formation of World Tamil Congress to accomplish this.

TGTE’s primary task is campaigning for the establishment of an independent and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam. As envisaged in our Advisory Committee Report published on March 15, 2010, the TGTE is also committed to protecting and promoting the interests of the Tamil Diaspora. We have been working on a Massive Action Program as a package of some 15 projects, to be implemented over the coming years.

Rather than viewing the different initiatives as mere structures or as a show of the TGTE’s desire to go it alone, we wish that these be seen as expressions of our effort to invigorate and enliven the Tamil national struggle through an active program of ‘nation building’, in the homeland and here in the Diaspora, on all important fronts. We, therefore, call upon all of you to come forward and join us in performing this noble duty.

The road is long. However, with the moral power of our Maveerar, and with our conviction, steadfast dedication and determination, we shall prevail.

The Thirst Of Tamis Is Tamil. Eelam

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    Writing from time to time while living in comfort in the West only makes it difficult for the Tamils within Sri Lanka to accept a reasonable solution and live in harmony with the Singhalese.

    • 1

      Thamilan – Do not understand why some opposed your comments as Tamils
      living in the West, with comforts will not realise that whatever
      utterances they make overseas on the Tamil issue, has a serious effect on the Tamils,living in Sri Lanka, directly or indirectly. BBS and similar communal organizations watch closely, what the Tamil diaspora says and does and not what TNA says.It boomerangs on the Tamils by way of press statements or at political meetings. Even minor concessions the govt. wants to offer during this interim period,are thwarted by the
      communal organizations in the country, based on utterances of the Tamil
      diaspora. Singing of national anthem in Tamil and the national flag,
      which existed for decades since independence are now being questioned by these groups now.

      TNA, the accredited and sole representatives of the Tamils in N.E are
      doing a great job by cooperating fully with the govt.and getting things
      done by dialogue, in favour of the community and the diaspora should
      realise that TNA is the only party trusted by the Tamils and they will
      standby with them in what ever actions TNA takes. What ever settlement
      we reach, the majority Sinhalese should know and some what satisfied
      as we want to live in harmony with them and not by settlements reached by arm twisting by other foreign forces.

      What we need from Tamil diaspora is not political advice as TNA is there for it. what the SL Tamils want is material and financial help
      to restore the livelihood of people living in former war torn areas,
      including the 100 thousand war widows.I would like to ask the leaders
      of diaspora as to how many technical schools they have opened in N.E
      to educate the jobless, how many well known temples & colleges,damaged during the war, repaired and restored to the people.How many orphanages
      are financed by the diaspora and how many handicraft workshops were opened for the war widows. These are some of the questions they need to answer before getting dragged into SL politics.

      • 2

        This is what the Tamil Diaspora has been saying all along, leave the Tamils alone, we will look after ourselves, develop and prosper as a Tamil Nation. What is the fear? Live and let live, for peace and justice

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      Rudra Rudra.
      I read your long letter , but i did not find any mention of the Supreme Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran there. Are you thinking you can replace him, you scum? Come this May 16 falls the sixth anniversary of the glorious sactifice of our thalaivar, at the hand of genocidal sinhala army. Thalaivar even after being sodomized with a hot iron rod, did not disclose secrets of Eelam Tamils.
      but, that is not for you to enjoy high life at the expense of our contributions to Eelam.
      You are not a material to be Eelam leader. The pionerring Tigers know what special services you provided to Thalaivar during the early days of movement. Then you went to the USA with your enlarged rectum thanks to Thalaivar.
      Now do you think you can ignore the service of our supreme leader to Tamils. You will soon be exposed

  • 4

    PM Rudra seems to be getting thirstier with the Yahapalanay in place.

    I mean he got a right to demand that the Yahapalanaya give his TGTE the North to build his Eelaam

    After all Diasopora London paid big bucks for Yahapalana bosses to help Sira get up .

    As the PM has reiterated again , the Diaspora wouldn’t stop their campaign until they establish Eelaam

    Although Rudra is in New Jersey, there wouldn’t be Eelaam there.

    Neither in Scarborough, unless they join with the French in Quebec.and ask for an Eelaam next to them.

    Tamil Nadu is already Eelaam, But our Vellala Tamils wouldn’t want to live there or obvious reasons.

    So obvious target is Yarlpanam.

    If Cameron scores, .our Yahapalana bosses will find it hard to resist Cameron’s push for an Eelaam in Yarlpanam..

    • 1

      To Sumane and Sinhala friends of likewise opinion,

      What are your views of a process of understanding between the Yahapaalanaya quartet and the organised part of the SL Tamil diaspora –
      short of a Separate State. The focus here is greater devolution to the Tamil majority North-East and a larger and more committed flow of funds from the Centre. What we saw during the Rajapakse regime was more investment and projects aimed more at filling their pockets than to benefit the Jaffna citizen. If Jaffna and the Tamil majority areas are developed gradually, I believe, there will be little space for a Separate State. This will naturally include Sinhala army camps in the Tamil areas in reasonable but reduced numbers in barracks than now and the removal of all action to Sinhalise Tamil areas in the NEP such as building Viharas, Schools and special allowances to soldiers to produce children in the NEP while serving there.


  • 6

    Rudra, bad lawyer and PM of – not a country but a play called – TGTE

    Terrorist cowards who killed innnocent civilians in cold blood are Maveerar and your cause indeed has a great moral basis.

    The thirst of Tamils is to live in a world without opportunistic scoundrels like you.


  • 3

    ‘Power To Perform’

    You guys making condoms these days?

  • 2

    The link between the Tamil Diaspora and the Tamils in Eelam is there to stay. The Tamil Diaspora was driven out of the Tamil homelands in the island now called Sri Lanka by the majoritarian genocidal Mahavamsa mindset of the Sinhalese. Our kith and kin continue to live in Eelam. This link cannot be severed.

    The Diaspora today is quite powerful. It influences politics of many Western states. Come election time and we see the Tamil Diaspora being heavily courted. The Diaspora shall influence the West in order to ensure punishment of the war crimes and genocide committed agains the Tamils so that a deterrent is created against the continuous killing of Tamils that has taken place in Sri Lanka without any accountability. We are insistent on doing this. Such prosecution alone can stop the Sinhala chauvinist from stirring up further violence against the Tamils or the keeping of the army in the North so that Tamils have to live in fear. Nothing is going to stop us. The myth that the diaspora is not united is just a canard spread by hirelings. It is strange to see that the the young, particularly those studying at universities, who have had no physical links with Eelam are the ones most vociferous at meetings as they feel the injustices that have been committed.

    The Diaspora will also work towards ensuring that the Tamils are able to live in dignity in the island. This can be done through devolution as was suggested in the ISGA. But, if Eelam has to be the solution due to the intransigence of the Sinhalese, so be it. We will fight for it, as the TGTE advocates.

    • 0

      [But, if Eelam has to be the solution due to the intransigence of the Sinhalese, so be it. We will fight for it, as the TGTE advocates.]

      Only drawback is the thirst of Sri Lankans for unity, progress and economic progress and will to fight the centuries old Tamil terrorism far exceeds your thirst for all-Tamil enclave. It’s our pleasure to make you die for your fantasy land.

  • 2

    In accordance with the wishes of those who advocate a separate Tamil Eelam, assume a portion of Sri Lanka is demarcated for self-rule by ethnic Tamils:

    What will become of the Colombo Tamils who have roots there? What will happen to the people of mixed ethnicity?

    Will there not be a call for them to be repatriated to Northern Sri Lanka (ie Eelam)?

    If the partitioning of India on ethnic lines led to much blood shed, what will prevent a similar fate in SL? What if the conflict becomes similar to the ongoing Sunni-Shia struggle post-Saddam Hussein in Iraq?

    Will the TGTE accept full responsibility for the fallout then?

  • 2

    “TGTE’s primary task is campaigning for the establishment of an independent and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam. As envisaged in our Advisory Committee Report published on March 15, 2010, the TGTE is also committed to protecting and promoting the interests of the Tamil Diaspora”

    Mr Rudrakumaran, For you the second task comes first and the first task is not achievable by you. So why waste time and energy and live in a wonderland. The Tamil politicians have their own agenda in the name of the Tamil people and you all have another. The only solution I suggest is for the Tamils in Sri Lanka not to be represented in parliament, thus boycotting it. The Tamils need no political parties but agitate for a referendum to be held for the Tamils to determine their fate. Agitate for the removal of the Armed forces from the North in the first instance. The diaspora can give their support in any way they can.

  • 5

    Hey Rudra,
    Your thirst is to send another generation of tamils to Mullivaikal.

  • 0

    Rudra has to achieve Ealem before he dies, the reason is the next generation of Tamils are going to be English speaking nationals. The Tamil ideology is not going to appeal to them. That is why this mad rush with Yahapalana 3sum to get it fast. So they have got Kerry, Camron and all the poodles barking at My3 to give ealaam. Well people are going to vote MR back to office. This Ealaam project will be a pipe dream. Also Rudra will be pursued for supporting a foreign terrorist organisation.

  • 1

    Visuvanathan Rudrakumara

    Power To Perform – Pathway To Freedom

    I endorse everything you have written.
    But for the Majority it has a different meaning and let me turn it on its head.

    Power to Perform: Has been restricted with the new Colonial Master flexing his muscle which is evident from the cancellation of ” Colombo Port City” and many other Chinese Projects.

    Pathway to Freedom: Has been blocked ( as there is no get away Chinese vehicles ) as they have to run on Indian Locomotives with India just announcing a deal worth 2 Billion to supply Indian Locomotives and the Trade encroachment is going to sustantially increase whether the Majority like it or not.

  • 1

    Comments from a powerless prime minister of mythical Tamil elam, convicted lawyer, may fall in ears of UK poloticians, victim of dispora crooks. Your ambition to have a state for tamil eelam is a grndiose dream of convicted lunatic like you, who would not have the courage to enter Sri Lanka. So wallow inyour ‘tgte’.

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