23 June, 2024


Present, Past Presidents & Care Taker Prime Minister

By Sinnathamby Sivanandan

Sinnathamby Sivanandan

Sinnathamby Sivanandan

On 22-6-15 I listened to the “Daily Politics” program of “Sirasa” conducted by TV Presenter Chamika Roshan, political analysts interviewed were Kingsley Senanayake and Sanjeeva Ranatunge both are veterans in current political developments. It sounded very interesting to me the manner in which the Roshan handled it and how it was dissected and disseminated by the analysts.

The topic they delved into was about the past and present Presidents based on media headlines.

One report was a country should have only one leader which came out from the mouth of the present President addressing the party members. Prehaps everyone is aware there had been a revolt within the blues which was a bolt from the blue that resulted in the leadership crisis within the Darley Road darlings much to the embarrassment of the party members. The split within the party has caused a fissure and in fighting. Who created this wedge and all conspiracy theories had been analyzed in depth by analysts and skeptics with their views aired and in print. All the prudent citizens from layman to learned would have formed their own conviction and judgement.

The other report came out from former President “Ranil Langa Mada Desaplanaya Nai” in English no mud politics with Ranil. This gave me a little bit of thought in a humourous vein in my own thinking. The mud politics was started by UNP in 1977. The 1977 elections marked the defeat of the SLFP and the re-emergence of UNP. The magnitude of the victory far exceeded even the optimistic projections of its supporters. The total ellimiation of Marxists parties wholesale was a development that was least expected. The land slide victory after the mud slinging campaign with a steam-roller majority was the beginning of JRJ’s autocratic all powerful regime, usurped surplus power and went to the extent of stripping former Prime Minister Madam Srimavo’s civic right to restoring same.


Ranil is not like Ceaser’s wife above all suspicion as he had installed “Mustang” Machangs in key positions and is alleged to cover their corrupt deals, some loyal Royal friends had let him down.

This was the time UNP got muddled in mud in politics. JRJ was inundated in votes with his mammoth support base. The Mahout led the Siri Kotha elephants in style. The elephants were all well tamed and trained to sign undated letters of resignation, rebels were unheard in the herd and jumbos simply followed the unbowed unafraid leader.

He led the elephants elegently to Panduwasnuwara the ancient capital in the vayamba with archeological sites of the kings domain where he inaugurated the Vapmagula ceremony. The area had vast stretches of paddy land to the extent one could see dotted with coconut estates. It was the rice bowl of the region and the landscape was a pictuesque sight.

After his eloquent opening address without any dress other than an Amudi, UNP Pachyderms bare bodied trumpeted with their trunk calls, plunged into the Vayamba paddy fields with their mud ploughs following the buffaloes with mud all over their body and that was the beginning of the mud era of UNP. The mud was all over their body until then some had it only in their head. They were not second to the buffaloes in the field with wide media coverage only the telephone coverage was not there as it was before the cellular phone era. The “Hello Girl” breed was not there in the remote location to connect their priority trunk calls.

Present care-taker Prime Mininister a jumbo then was well taken-care by his uncle with his cunning manouvers all out to install his nephew as the mahout to lead the party. The undisputed gospel truth is during his spell, the Reid Avenue “Rajakeeya” politician never had any greed for money. The “Media Mogul” his dad Esmond akin to Rupert Murdoch provided for all his need. That was why the former President made that remark “Ranil has no Mada Desapalanaya”. He is not like Ceaser’s wife above all suspicion as he had installed “Mustang” Machangs in key positions and is alleged to cover their corrupt deals, some loyal Royal friends had let him down. As stated by Sanjeeva in the interest of the country, as humans are susceptible to err, if such errors have genuinely taken place authorites should fire them and replace with a suitable substitute. There will be no smoke without fire. This will avert the Kopi Kade Katha and so forth. These are confidence building exercises which will reinforce the trust, the public have placed on him especially when elections are around the corner. This will also bond him with the party members and prevent any from turning wild and give him double edged security which bondage will be perpetual and he can treasure it.

Kingsley Senanayake told Sanjeeva, brother of the uncrowned king of cricket, Arjuna Ranatunge who placed SL on the world map and the lions roaring, in a case by case Analysis that the present President is like Sanjeeva’s BIL Marvan Attapattu essentially a copy book cricketer executing orthodox strokes and does not play to the gallery who demand sixes, in other words he plays each ball according to its merit. He is an aggressive bat but not an Attackpattu.

The present President executing his powers to bring optimum changes like Marvan Attapattu is in his usual gentle and subtle manner governing the country, in abidance with legal statutes within the legal framework of the country. The impatient public is agitating to deliver sixes before he could reach form and get an eye on the ball facing barrages within his own party and within the unholy alliance which is like a mixture of oil and water of different densities. He achieved his term of office political mileage with the turmoil. He made the alliance cohesive with his adhesive glue. The yahapaanya is mahindered and by the malefic orbit of the satellite that makes him sick and run-ill, never the less so far so good.

The Cobra with venom and Co-Bro J.H.U are also in th fray and the minorities are always at the butt end for the majority parties to gather political mileage. Let us wait and see.

Who will the climb to the top in the greasy polls after the cross pollinations in the nation after all these character assasination? The count down has begun this time without gun, fingers crossed till the voters cross their ballots papers and votes are counted. The morale is high among voters in exercising their franchise and trust there will be no rigmarole! There is a strong notion the election will be fair and truly democratic.

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    Delectable commentary.

    You sound like a Sinhalized Tamil!

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    Meticulous My3 would out play all yet might he be hauled for low run rate?

  • 1

    Let’s make Gotabhaya our PM.

    See what he says. Peace is very costly and don’t forget it!!!
    [Edited out]
    Exactly, Sir.

    When you set up fake companys to swindle money from Sri Lankans on the name of protecting the nation, the peace you achieved by war is very costly.

    When you make 50% commission in weapons and such, the peace you achieved by war is very costly.

    When you let 10s of thousands die, the peace you achieved by war is very costly.

    When you let the injured soldiers without any care (unless when you need them for parades), the peace you achieved by war is very costly.

    Let’s remind the people. The peace achieved by Gota by dubious means is VERY VERY costly.

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