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President Promises To Look After Families Of Victims His Brother Killed

President Maithripala Sirisena who visited the houses of the two brothers who died after his brother’s hit-and-run accident, promised to look after the well-being of the families and educate their children, the Presidential media confirmed in a press release.


The question now arises whether President Sirisena will spend his own money or if he will go on to burden the tax payer for this purpose.

A heart broken family member when contacted by Colombo Telegraph said “The President appeared to be very emotional in making such a statement. Usually perpetrators or wrong doers make spur of the moment statements to console victims and their family members temporarily or for the moment. I hope this is not another Yahapalanaya promise of his. Usually after the burial everything is forgotten and every promise made subsides.”

However it is still to be established as to what length President Sirisena will go to support the grieving family members.

The Presidential Media Unit is yet to specify if President Sirisena is going to support them in the form of providing shelter, food, clothing and also for what specific duration or if he is going to offer them a one off lump sum payment.

If in the event President Sirisena is going to put the onus on the tax-payer, it will be interesting to note if the same benefit would be extended to all victim’s families who die due to road accidents in the future.

A brother of President Maithripala Sirisena, Pallewatta Gamaralalage Nenasiri Pragnaratna Sirisena alias Lal Sirisena, was remanded on Sunday till Monday, after he surrendered to police over a hit-and-run accident, which left the two brothers dead when his jeep ran over the motorcycle they were riding on in Athumalpitiya in Polonnaruwa on Saturday morning. (By Jacqueline Senanayake)

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