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President Sirisena ‘Bullish’ In New Year Greeting

President Maithripala Sirisena‘s official greeting for Sri Lanka’s traditional New Year has the country’s leader positioned in the art work in a way that he appears to be sporting a pair of blue horns.

It is not possible to determine whether this was a deliberate attempt by the Presidential Media Unit to depict Sirisena in less than complimentary light or if it was a case of poor creative execution.

However, the image that has been posted in the President’s official Facebook Page could very well be a Freudian slip considering numerous examples of Sirisena’s bullish behavior after assuming office, quite in contradiction of his pledges to establish good governance, root out nepotism and cure the country of the many ills that were brought about by his predecessor.

Sirisena’s track record during the first 15 months in office includes appointing his brother to a key state-owned enterprise as its Chairman (within a week of assuming office), coming up with bizarre definitions for nepotism in the face of criticism over allowing his children (Daham and Chathurika) to arrogate upon themselves their father’s powers, facilitating ‘back-door entry’ to Parliament for individuals rejected at the polls and extravagant self-promotion. Throughout this time, his critics maintain, Sirisena has displayed a devil may care attitude, bullish to the core.

Experts are at a loss to determine which kind of creature has these types of horns, but they closely resemble the horns of Scottish highland cattle, albeit not as majestic and also being more droopy at the end.

Creative hilarity aside, the greeting itself is sober and deserves applause: “I call upon every Sri Lankan to celebrate this year’s New Year in a way to actively contribute to building a country free of intoxicants adhering to the national programme initiated by us.” – Maithri

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