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President Sirisena’s Official Song For 2016 Removed From You Tube

In the face of growing public criticism the video of the President Sirisena’s Official Song for 2016, has been removed without any reason being offered. Since President Sirisena is featured in the set in all likelihood he not only commissioned the production but also would have given the green light for its broadcast.

The song released on the occasions of the first anniversary of President Maithripala Sirisena assuming office seeks to promote him as some kind of modern-day reincarnation of King Parakramabahu the Great.

The song commissioned by the President or his media team, is a throw-back to the reign of his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa who was likened to King Dutugemunu, in song and by association film. Ironically, the lyrics condemn sycophants and hosanna-singing even though the entire production is but a celebration of sycophancy.

Sirisena, in his election campaign, strongly condemned meaningless and expensive self-promotion by Rajapaksa, but has in the past 12 months indulged heavily in the same practice.

A song praising Mahinda Rajapaksa immediately after the defeat of the LTTE claimed that the then president was a blessing to the nation and indeed consecrated by the gods themselves. In this music video, the same sentiments are expressed, except that the visuals actually have astral entities literally descending from the heavens to shower blessings on King Parakramabahu. The attempt to equate Sirisena with this king who ruled from the president’s ‘home town’ Polonnaruwa is unmistakable.

Sirisena’s ‘royal’ ambitions seem to mimic those of his predecessor, with two major differences. Whereas Rajapaksa’s fascination was with Anuradhapura and Dutugemunu, Sirisena’s fixation is with Polonnaruwa and Parakramabahu. Also, whereas Rajapaksa’s ‘royal’ flirtation took off only after 4 years into his term, Sirisena’s has kicked off one year after assuming office.

Click here to watch the song.

President Sirisena’s Official Song for 2016 – Numba Ape Minihek – the deleted video;

Someone called Pissu Raja has posted the video again; Watch it here;

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