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President To Save ‘RK’ Amidst JO’s Right Royal Fuck Up

President Maithripala Sirsena has requested for a full transcript of Foreign and ‘Lotteries Board’ Minister Ravi Karunanayake‘s statement and evidence given before the commission to investigate the Bond Scam. He had told his close confidantes that he cannot come to a judgment based on what is published in the media Colombo Telegraph reliably learns.

This move came after President’s close advisors had pointed out that the media cannot cover an entire investigation in one published page, especially after Minister Ravi Karunanayake was grilled for nearly six hours.

“The media simply publishes only the juicy parts of the story,” President Sirisena was advised.

The sources close to the President’s house refuted the story titled “President asks Ravi to resign” which was published as the today’s lead story in the popular Sinhala daily newspaper Lankadeepa.

“Even the President won’t be able to read the entire transcript, I think he is just trying to buy time, a SLFP minister told Colombo Telegraph.

But the sources close to the President went on to elaborate that whilst President Sirisena denied ever saying that, all he had said was that he had requested for the full transcript of the investigation and the lawyers cross examination of Minister Karunanayake.

Sources close to the Commissioners said that it will take around one month to compile this information and also if the full transcript is to be made public it will require the agreement of the lawyers representing both parties.

Meanwhile a high ranking Minister of the current government accused the Joint Opposition for continuing to protect Minister Karunanayake.

Speaking to Colombo Telegraph he said “There was a strong possibility that Minister Karunanayake would have resigned on his own with all this existing pressure. But the Joint Opposition (JO) Members of Parliament by filing a ‘No Confidence’ motion, it only now prevents Minister Ravi Karunanayake from resigning. If and when a vote is to be taken in parliament the government MP’s won’t raise their hands and vote against Ravi Karunanayake. Look at the people who signed the petition. 90% of them are corrupt bastards who are serving bail on corruption charges. All they are trying to achieve is to cover up their sins through Minister Karunanayake”.

“I strongly believe these fucking JO jokers fucked up the whole process by filing a ‘No Confidence’ motion at this stage,” he told Colombo Telegraph. (Jacqueline Senanayake)


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