22 May, 2022


Pro-Ranil Suspects Released In Matara; No-Show Herman Off To Singapore Soon

A second attempt to hold an identification parade for the suspects in the UNP’s Matara clashes of October 5 failed today, and one of the plaintiffs who has also been remanded Malinga Herman Gunaratne was absent in court for the second consecutive court date.


Matara Magistrate Ruwan Sisira Kumara released 51 suspects on bail, including 32 suspects who were remanded following the violence earlier today. The Magistrate noted that Herman Guneratne’s cause for absence could not be accepted and that there was no reason to continue to hold some suspects in remand.

Guneratne who was arrested for firing a personal weapon into the crowd during the clash involving pro-Ranil and anti-Ranil factions of the UNP is currently at the Merchant Ward of the Colombo National Hospital. He was remanded by police on 5 October after at least three people received gunshot injuries.

Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that Guneratne is soon to be flown to Singapore to receive treatment there. It is unclear what his injuries are. Herman Guneratne is the father of ex UNP member and Provincial Councillor Attorney at Law Maithri Guneratne. Maithri Guneratne is a member of the radical anti-Ranil Wickremesinghe faction within the UNP and was recently expelled for his involvement in attacking Sirikotha following the leadership elections in December 2011.

The Colombo Telegraph has been unable to reach Herman Guneratne or Maithri Guneratne for comment.

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    Now everybody can see second part of “Mata Mathaka Naha” Nadagama. In the first part main Actor Duminda Silva is now serving the Country as a member of parliament with a 1/2 Brain and 3 Bullets in the other half.

    In the second part of the “Mata Mathaka Naha” Nadagama main Actor Herman Gunaratna serving as a Presidential Advisor without a Brain at all. Actually speaking there is not necessary to have a Brain to be a Presidential Advisor as Advisors need only Shooting capability.

    Difference between Nadagama first part and second part is one Presidential Advisor was killed in the first part and in the second part Presidential Advisor acting like a “Cow (da) Boy”

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    If our deeply flawed system of justice is to have any respect at all
    regime favourites like Herman Gunaratne must be punished severely
    for treating the Courts as jokes. What is there to stop Courts from issuing summons on the man for Contempt of Court. The public that has
    already lost faith in the judicial process once again wonders if there is one law for the poor and less influential and another for those with immediate access to the political high-ups. What have we come to??

    Legal Lunumiris

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    All these “Nadagam” started with “in the wake of P A regime”

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    Lapatiya, you hit the nail on the head. That is the
    disease or our political malaise. Though Lunumiris
    wishes, the types of turncoats like Herman Gunaratne
    will survive. They know whom to bum and at what time.
    There are a few Britishers living in the South. One
    of them told me Herman is known for name dropping. When
    he is invited to dinner or drinks he begins by saying
    “I told Mahinda….” or I told Gota….. People present
    are greatly impressed that he is close to the powers
    that be.

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    The video clearly shows this murderous thug running amok and he was arrested, suddenly he got gunshot injuries by his own gun???
    This bloody country does not have any law and everything is run by thugs murderers, drug dealers and rapists

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    It was clear that Herman first fired in self defence. He was exercising his right to take part in a peaceful protest march .When a thug approached him with a huge pole with the intention of assaulting him , he shot in self defence . Well done Herman !

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    Whoever this Asoka may be, he is no Emperor in basic law
    or common sense related to law. I do NOT claim to know
    either. But here are some common sense questions:

    1. Why carry an automatic pistol to political rally where
    your son and grand son are taking part? Was Herman Gunaratne
    aware his own supporters were going to start up a fight?

    2. The first few frames show him firing when he was defending
    himself from assault with a Cinnamon Stick. This is what our
    smart boy Asoka calls self defence. So anyone going to a political
    event will have to carry a pistol in self defence.

    3. Now, look at the other frames in the video. Firing willy nilly from
    the middle of the road at those on the opposite edge – where is the
    self defence. If there are independent courts, this is a matter for
    them to decided. Asoka is making a vain attempt to defend a Rambo
    who thought he could shoot anyone and call it self defence. Are you
    saying the only defence is to carry a pistol, Asoka? Oh come on!!!

    Little wonder jokers like you are there to encourage thuggery and misbehaviour.

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      Gam Perakadoruwa

      Point taken . I do not condone his subsequent actions. However , it was clearly evident that a thug with a pole was approaching this elderly man in his seventies , clearly intending to beat him up . What would have happened to Herman had he not defended himself ? Did he deserve to get assaulted for taking part in a protest march ?

      The current trend in this country seems to be that anyone taking part in a protest is fair game for well organised thuhgs and hooligans . Perhaps , after Herman’s actions they might think twice before attacking seemingly unarmed civillians.

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    You have a point Asoka. There
    the problem is quite clear.It
    was the job of the Police to
    maintain law and order. They
    simply did not.Now, we wonder
    whether they would mete out
    justice to all those who were
    harmed. What you point out is
    a malady we have now – there is
    NO law and order. The time will
    come when people would rather stay
    indoors than practice democracy.

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