21 October, 2021


Protect The Space For Reconciliation During May 18 Commemorations: NPC

The government has declared that May 18, the day the war ended six years ago in 2009, will be commemorated as a Day of Remembrance. This signifies a departure from the practice of the past five years when it was considered a Day of Victory, and is recognition that the people who fought against the government were part of the same national community and constituted members of the same State. The government will be conducting its own military parade on this day, but unlike in the past it will also remember all who died in the three decade long conflict. It has also expressed its opposition to the occasion being used to pay tribute to the LTTE as an organisation and has taken legal injunctions to prevent commemorations of the LTTE.

Maithripala WigneswaranThe National Peace Council looks to the day when there could be a joint commemoration throughout the country, in the North and South with the participation of all sections of the polity. We have always taken the position that the end of a civil war in which the citizens of the country were the victims cannot be celebrated as a victory for one side. In doing so we have echoed the recommendation of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission appointed by the previous government which stated that there should be a Day of Remembrance in which all who lost their lives should be commemorated and the war be seen as a collective tragedy. All who lost their lives whether members of the security forces, LTTE or civilians were Sri Lankan citizens.

The National Peace Council therefore welcomes the government’s decision to bring the loss of life during the war into focus. We urge that the democratic space that has opened up under the government of President Maithripala Sirisena be used to strengthen the reconciliation process and not be used for the purpose of gaining narrow political advantage by making divisive political statements. The need for reconciliation between all communities must be foremost in the minds of all people and our political leaders. The genuine Tamil grievances that created conditions for the Tamil militancy need to be addressed urgently. We see the government’s redefinition of May 18 to be a Day of Remembrance as one of the steps forward in the process to national reconciliation.

*Media Release by National Peace Council

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    If anyone believe Sinhala Buddhist[Edited out] become civilized….u fools live in u r damn dream world. They never going to change their barbaric attitude, thanks 2 f***ing british [Edited out]

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      :) Every website needs a resident clown.

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      I strongly believe that we have to work together in this issue.Firstly the hate should go away from both sides. Mahinda Rajhapaksa is all out to create the hate game for his personal benifit. I am asking for Singhalese and Tamils to remember this.

      MR is trying for his personal benifit to make more money and not for the unity or for the country.

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      why should Sinhalese give away a part of their historical homeland for thousands of years?

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    How about Satchi & Satchi making a nice slide show for the Big Screen in HHD LCD LED to show the inhabitants while the Parade is on.

    You can start with photos of Mr Prabakaran from his inauguration right up
    to the Visit of Kurchner and Milliband to Medumulana..

    Kathankaddy, Maha Bodhi, Aranthalawa,Mhendran’s new dig,Kotelawala’s old dig ,and other significant achievements thrown in, to keep the audience spell bound.

    I know it is a bit too late to have it in Matara.

    Even if GTF & UNP London could get CH4 to put something together from their Archives, our Loving FM would have vetoed it for sure, unless Ranil has given him a spot in Colombo Central.

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      beg to differ K A Sumanasekera BUT hiring advertising firms at great cost to the tax payers is the game played by MR regime not MY3’s Govt

      But of course if anyone wants to make a slide show let them include the following

      i)Rathupaswella shooting of protesters
      ii)Katunayake shooting of workers who protested against pension scheme
      iii)rise and fall of the Bodu Bala Sena
      iv) torching of Muslim shops
      v)throwing pork inside mosques
      vi)damaging churches
      vii)Clips of aluthgama riots against Muslims

      Also I can see irritation in the tone of your comments mate,that shows nervousness,may I suggest a tot of Pol Arrack and Kadalai to soothe ur fears pal

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    National Peace Council

    RE: Protect The Space For Reconciliation During May 18 Commemorations: NPC

    Can you please get the Muslim IDPs who were chased our by LTTE 25 years ago languishing in camps and in the Jingle back to their home Villages?

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    My3 keeps getting better and better. Its a pleasant surprise that our country is taking another step towards the civilised way in which we should act.
    Hope slowly but surely we could one day stand as a united, peaceful and happy nation.

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      Agreed Lasith.

      We must give credit where credit is due.

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    Protect The Space For Reconciliation During May 18 Commemorations: NPC


    Still there are IDPs left to be settled.


    Forgotten People – The Evicted and Displaced North Muslims of Sri Lanka (English)

    Published on Jun 1, 2013
    The Evicted and Displaced North Muslims of Sri Lanka. The expulsion of the Muslims and other nations from the Northern province was an act of ethnic cleansing carried out by the Tamil militant Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organization in October 1990. In order to achieve their goal of creating a mono ethnic Tamil state in the North Sri Lanka, the LTTE forcibly expelled the 72,000 strong Muslim population from the Northern Province.

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    Wise move.

    On this day of Remembrance,we need to also reflect on the causes that led to all this bloodshed.

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    Despite great odds the Maitripala Sirisena-Ranil W regime is doing its very best to bring in the estranged Tamil Nation into the family fold.
    The decision to commemorate Remembrance Day, this year – as opposed to the early divisive and Sinhala-Only like Victory Day – is one that needs to be welcome by all working towards national reconciliation, unity and peace. Of course, there will be many among us who are opposed to this tooth and nail – thanks to the direction given by men like Gunadasa A, Nalin de S, Gammanpilla, Weerawansa, Dinesh G and many others identified as the Buddhist Sinhala supremacist cabal.

    It is no surprise, therefore, the Maitripala Sirisena administration has gained the respect and support of the international community for their peace-unity centric politics.


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    People have the right to remember their kith and kin who perished in the war. Functions are organised in the north for same.


    A magistrate has been incorrectly informed that these would cause civic disturbances.

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    The government has declared that May 18, the day the war ended six years ago in 2009, will be commemorated as a Day of Remembrance. This signifies a departure from the practice of the past five years when it was considered a Day of Victory.

    Salute to My3.

    The next step is to gradually stop the military parade and make it a symbolic one. Openly remember Tamil civilians killed from 1948 onwards , The LTTE maaveerer who died in vain, Muslims civilinas and Sinhala people killed by LTTE, the JVP insurgents who died in Vain,the journalist murdered by the Govt machinery, and scores of politcal murders. Let make this day to remind to all Sri Lankans that Sri Lanka was indeed a killing field since independence. Make this day a day of unity and soul searching.

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    What is a ‘civil war’? A ‘civil war’ is a war between citizens of the same country. The war that plagued this beautiful country for the last 30 years was not a ‘civil war’. It was a war against the LTTE, the world’s most brutal terrorist organization which was proscribed in 32 countries in the world.

    The fact that the terrorists happened to be Tamils, doesn’t give any right to recognize the war against terrorists, as a’ civil war’. If it was a ‘civil war’ between Sinhalese and Tamils, it would not have been confined to North and East, as Tamils were studying, working, engaged in business and living in harmony with Sinhalese in all parts of Sri Lanka. We Sinhalese are not against our fellow Tamils. That is the truth.

    By distorting this obvious fact and trying to give legitimacy to terrorists for cheap political gain, the Government (Foreign Minister), Tamil political parties and the NPC are deliberately trying to escalate hostility and distrust among Sinhalese and the Tamil community. These kind of wrong, short-sighted actions only discourage reconciliation. Haven’t Sinhalese security forces show compassion during the war and after victory for surrendered LTTE cadre and civilians? They fought only against armed terrorists.

    The cost we paid for the freedom from ruthless terrorists was extremely high. Every Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim should remember that our valiant security forces, our fallen and wounded war heroes, paid that high cost WILLINGLY, ON OUR BEHALF.

    Our security forces didn’t sacrifice their lives only for Sinhalese. They fought against terrorists and sacrificed their precious lives on behalf of Tamils and Muslims too. More than Sinhalese living elsewhere, it was the Tamils and Muslims who live in North and East, who were benefited from their noble sacrifices.

    The Tamils have conveniently forgotten that it was the barbaric act of the LTTE in cutting off water supply to 30,000 Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese in the Eastern Region, by closing the sluice gates of Mavil Aru dam was the turning point of the war against the LTTE in July, 2006. It was the security forces’ historical humanitarian operation to liberate Mavil Aru dam that led to a full-scale war against the ruthless LTTE terrorists.

    I strongly condemn the SUDDEN decision of the government to undermine the value and importance of the Victory Day. It is extremely unfair and inhuman for forcing us to share this day with terrorists, our only day which was assigned to pay tribute, honour, recognize and thank for the sacrifices made by our security forces on our behalf and share the pain and sorrow that their families bear due to their losses.

    Make no mistake here. I am not against remembering civilians (Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims) who died during the 30 year long conflict. We don’t need a separate day for that, those losses are personal and we always remember them. However, we should appreciate the fact that, if it was not for the sacrifices made by the security forces, all those people will not be there to remember others. Therefore, I can’t compare the unavoidable civilian deaths and deaths of terrorists caused by war with the noble sacrifices made by the security forces willingly, to save the lives of millions of those very civilians.

    Nowhere in the world, a legitimate Government encourage terrorism by honouring and remembering fallen terrorists. The LTTE is not completely annihilated. Their remnants and LTTE sympathizers are still functioning in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the world, in different facets.

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      “Nowhere in the world, a legitimate Government encourage terrorism by honouring and remembering fallen terrorists.”

      Nowhere in the world a legitimate Government supplied arms, funds, diplomatic cover to its terrorist opponents. Nor did it air lift wife and children of a terrorist leader from Europe to this island via Singapore and then transported to Vanni where IPKF was after VP.

      Nowhere in the world a presidential candidate and his cronies paid millions of rupees to terrorist leader to rig democratic elections.

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        Native Veddah

        Sorry, I didn’t see this before.

        “……. a legitimate Government supplied arms, funds, diplomatic cover to its terrorist opponents. Nor did it air lift wife and children of a terrorist leader …….. Nowhere in the world a presidential candidate ……. paid millions of rupees to terrorist leader…….. ”

        No problem. Prove me. Now, please, walk the talk.

        This is a serious allegation Veddo, no joke. You are carrying the burden of proof and now you have an open forum to show your evidence. Please provide us the following:

        Name the government and the year in which this occured, number of arms and ammunition provided by them and the value – approx. no problem, value of the funds (in Rs. or USD) the manner in which they supplied them to the terrorists (name of the vessel, aircraft or the land route), the name of the giver (govt. official/politician/individual and the receiver (terrorist) and the location, names of the wife and the children of the said terrorist who were air lifted, Airline Ticket Numbers, the name of the person who received them in Vanni, name of the presidential candidate who provided money to the terrorist leader and the name of the transporter, a copy of the MOU they signed would be sufficient.

        If you have photographs and sketches, please show them too as it will add more colour to your allegation. If you show me the above, I will believe you 100%, guaranteed.

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          Premadasa supplying arms to LTTE was an open secret. When did you wake up?

          Read the excerpts:

          Premadasa: Twenty Years Later
          May 4, 2013


          Premadasa was being short sighted when he gave money and arms to the LTTE to fight the Indian army, but that was the extent to which his anti-Indianism went. In contrast to Premadasa, the JVP spouted anti-Indian rhetoric in their publications, but never attacked the Indian army on the ground.


          Premadasa Impeachment, 24 years on, Did history repeat Itself…?
          By Admin2
          Sunday, 18 January 2015


          Both President Premadasa and Ex Minister Athulathmudali had been seeking to outbid each other in achieving their goal of becoming the head of state on the back of Sinhala/Buddhist extremism. The impeachment resolution against President Premadasa, listed allegations that included:

          1. Deliberate violation of Constitution
          2. Treachery
          3. Bribery and Corruption
          4. Murder of Richard de Zoysa, the popular dramatist and senior journalist.
          5. Constitutionally vested powers of ministers and the Parliament, forcefully grabbed for his own benefit.
          6. Calling for confidential reports from Ministry Secretaries by passing the honorable Ministers.
          7. Illegal acquisition of powers for himself, that is vested on ministers on making appointments, transfers and discontinuation of departmental heads.
          8. Supplying the LTTE with arms, building materials and money following secret talks with them; resulting in a massive loss of lives among armed forces.
          9. Ignore tender procedures in issuing licenses for two TV stations, including that of Maharaja’s.
          10. Distributing state land among family members and cronies. [a 45 acre property owned by Nuwara-Eliya MC was acquired through UDA, to be transferred to Son in Law’s Hu-Jay Company on a 99 year lease.
          11. Disposing of state institutions at give-away prices in return for kick-backs under the ‘Peoplisation’ program.
          12. Using a replica of the Kandyan Throne at President’s house for his use when meetings with foreign diplomats….
          13. Transporting especially made chair and a bed during night’s stay at outstations.
          14. Re-scheduling AirLanka flights to suite daughter’s orchids shipments and abuse Executive powers to delay flights that were ready to take-off, by hours until the flower consignments are loaded.
          15. Expenditure for, (a) Annual Gam Udawa, to coincide with his birthday and the anniversary of his taking oaths.(b) Conducting Presidential mobile services, with money drawn from public funds, with no intimation to parliament; thereby violating the constitution
          16. Sacking, punishing, promoting and demoting of senior public servants at his whim and fancy to create a fear psychosis among the rest and use them in carrying out illegal orders.

          The list is too long to be included in full in space constrained newspapers; hence only a third of the charges leveled in the document were given above.


          The other battle field
          Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa faces threat of impeachment
          Amarnath K. Menon October 15, 1991 | UPDATED 12:16 IST

          Gamini, Premadasa, and Athulathmudali: key playersPresident Ranasinghe Premadasa is not yet out of the woods. The threat of impeachment – which can end his stay in the presidential office and also his political career – still hangs in balance. The Sri Lankan Parliament is set to go ahead with the impeachment motion, which was moved last month by the Opposition Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and supported by dissident members of the ruling United National Party (UNP) led by former ministers Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake. The charges include corruption, nepotism, and subversion of the Constitution.

          Predictably, the President moved swiftly enough when the impeachment procedure started. He had the service chiefs express their allegiance to the Constitution, asked the party MPs to meet the prime minister and declare their support to him, and suspended the Parliament session till September 24. Though he deferred the showdown, he failed to bury the crisis.

          For, the President’s opponents-SLFP chief Sirimavo Bandaranaike and the UNP dissidents-are quite determined to pursue their goal of ousting Premadasa. Athulathmudali has accused the President of supplying arms to the LTTE, which given Premadasa’s hawkish attitude is embarrassing. Pushed to the wall, he had to admit that the Lankan security forces fought with the LTTE against the Tamil National Army in 1989.

          Meanwhile, Premadasa is shrewdly exploring ways of weakening the impeachment operation. He had Attorney-General Sunil de Silva express the constitutional opinion that the impeachment motion would lapse because the Speaker failed to mention it in the record book of the House. He also released letters written by Speaker M.H. Mohammed in 1989 favouring a greater role for Parliament, in order to establish partisanship of the presiding officer.

          The attack on the President has added uncertainty to the volatile situation in the strife-ridden island. It has fuelled speculation that the on going land, naval and air attack on the LTTE strongholds in the north will be slowed down. Something the Tamil rebels would certainly want to happen. But so far the Defence Ministry has kept the heat of battle on the LTTE.

          But the Opposition is determined to see Premadasa out of office. Says Bandaranaike: “When the campaign is over we will send the president’s chair to the museum with the label that it was the throne used by King Premadasa.” But Premadasa is a survivor. He may be in a beleaguered position, but he is not one to go under without a fight.


          • 0

            This is not what I asked. Provide the facts. Concrete evidence.

            What you are submitting is a DRAFT. Do you know the meaning of a DRAFT?

            I stopped reading essays some time ago. You failed to prove your allegation. Period.

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    Maradana to Punci Borella now is Sarath Fonseka Mawatha, not just simple Fonny, but Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka Mawatha.

    Is this to remember the great service of Fonny to the Nation on this new format Rana Viru/ LTTE reconciliation day?.

    I mean dobbing in the brave soldiers to Ms Pillai that they were shooting at White Flag carriers in Mullivaikal lead by IGP Nadesan..

    Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas must be ecstatic about the rapid reconciliation which our un Elected PM is pushing through before the up coming Mother of All Elections..

    They will remember the Field Marshall as long as they drive their SUVs along Borella to Maradana.

    • 4

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Is this to remember the great service of Fonny to the Nation on this new format Rana Viru/ LTTE reconciliation day?.”

      I believe you are familiar with Hatana (war poems) such as Sitavaka Hatana, Parar’igi Hatana, Ingirisi Hatana, Kustantinu Hatana, Maha Hatana, …………………… Alakesvara etc.

      You should consider writing a few poems about the war for example Demela Hatana, Arabi Hatana, Parangi Hatana, Vanni Katana. ……

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    Protect The Space For Reconciliation During May 18 Commemorations:

    What a Farcical Statement when the space is cramped with the following.

    SF denies claim of 40,000 civilian deaths in Vanni
    May 19 (Island) Strongly denying accusations regarding the death of 40,000 Tamil civilians during the final phase of the offensive on the Vanni east front (Jan-May 2009), Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said that the army had to pay a very heavy price for not having the liberty to use heavy weapons against the LTTE. War winning Army Commander, the then Lt. Gen. Fonseka emphasised that the army had no option but to refrain from maximizing

    UN silent on appointment of Jagath Dias
    May 19 (CG) The UN refused to comment on the appointment of Major General Jagath Dias as the new Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army. Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was asked at a press conference if the UN had any comments on the post given to Jagath Dias despite some human rights allegations against him and since he may get listed in a UNHRC report on Sri Lanka

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    If president Sirisena, who was elected by the Tamils, feels rightfully that there should be reconciliation, then he has to do many things to clear the wounds of the Tamil people and for them to consider to reconcile as time passes on.

    1. Remove the armed forces from Vali North and release those private lands to its owners who are languishing in camps, with relatives and some without food or shelter. There are 125,000 people from 10 villages from vali north. They want their lands back. Lands and homes are the vital part and the right to own by a human being and when denied, it becomes a crime against humanity.

    2. The government has to answer for the missing persons during war.

    3. Release all political prisoners who have not been produced before the court of law.

    4. The Tamils wants a federal form of government under a new constitution. If the government cannot facilitate it then a referendum has to be instituted for the Tamils from North and East to determine their fate. The people are asking for it and the government has to offer it in the name of peace. Do not blame the Tamils and Tamil militants for the war, it was the continuous Sinhala Governments which was instrumental for the creation of the militants and the war.

    5. The Tamil politicians are weak, selfish, and thrive in the name of the Tamil people. Let them put all these demands together and fight for it. They won’t.

  • 0

    Jehan is writing on the both side of the CT column. When he gets harsh criticism, he coming to the left side of the CT column and writing as “Protect The Space For Reconciliation”.

    There is no remembrance of the Tamils in the south who died in the Mullivaikkal. The full army parade is conducted to celebrate the victory day, just like Communist Russia celebrating the V-Day, after putting a chocolate, the name change, into the mouth of the western world. Even the old King who tortured Jeyakumari and Vibhusika saying that they were reviving the LTTE is is better than Jehan who is portraying a well known democratic politician Ponnampalam as the LTTE reviver. Jehan one step ahead of on his propaganda than the New Royals. That’s all.

    Ponnanpalam was made as the LTTE by Jehan. So his explanation is the New Royals got an injunction against him. If Ponnampalam one man is LTTE why a blanket injunction?. Does he has a registered party under which he is functioning? Why if the LTTE is prevented to remember, JVP is allowed? Why not a victory day celebrated on the death of Vijevira? Aren’t Jehan, new King, Old King all the products of the JVP. Like, when the European ruled Lankave, the Sinhala Intellectuals changed their name to Christianity and when that is over changing to Mahavamsa Pashave, when JVP as famous they were in that, and now, when SLFP can give then more perks they are in that. JVP said to have killed 8,000 civilians. But LTTE which was in civil war did not kill even 1000 civilians. They did not touch even one, not Tamils, but Muslims and Sinhala women. The entire North was molested the Sinhala terrorist who were active in their job, even in UN services. Tell me who is the terrorist?

    The Drama King, the New King is not minding about Jehan. But Jehan is doing the service to New King, what Dyan is doing to Old King. Exact maneuvering of the Sinhala Intellectuals!

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