21 June, 2024


Public To Be Penalised Due To GMOA Strike Over SAITM, But GMOA Chief Padeniya Offers Private Consultations

The public will once again be at the receiving end tomorrow when the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) together with trade unions representing teachers, nurses, and transport workers launch an island wide strike over the SAITM issue. However, despite the strike, GMOA President Anuruddha Padeniya will offer private consultations at leading private hospitals across the country for a fee.

The GMOA today confirmed that over 20 trade unions will support their one day strike tomorrow as the government had failed to offer an acceptable solution to them over the SAITM medical campus in Malabe.

The All Ceylon Transport Employees’ Association General Secretary Sepala Liyanage had also extended support to the GMOA’s strike on grounds that it was not possible to ‘produce a doctor’ like a bus driver or conductor.

The 21 trade unions including the Ceylon Teachers’ Services Union, Ceylon Teachers’ Union, Independent Education Employees Union, the Railway Guard’s Association and the Railway Driver’s Association will take part in the strike. Reports also said that some other trade unions who will not be actively taking part in tomorrow’s strike will be wearing black bands as a mark of protest against the government’s decision to give recognition to SAITM and its students who are studying to be doctors.

However, Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne had said that he was not scared of such actions and the strike was a conspiracy to topple the government by the GMOA which is working with the Joint Opposition. Meanwhile, GMOA’s Nalinda Herath has warned that if they do not receive a favourable response by the government soon, the GMOA will be compelled to go on a non-stop strike from May 9.

Functions at Lady Ridgeway hospital, Maharagama Cancer hospital, De Zoysa and Castle Maternity hospitals are expected to continue without any interruptions despite tomorrow’s strike.

In September last year, the GMOA launched a token strike across several hospitals in the country in an attempt to pressure the government into granting admission for their children to 12 popular schools. Analysts pointed out that the main reason the GMOA was against SAITM was because they fear if any private institute produces doctors, they will lose their many perks and hence was holding the country’s public to ransom in an attempt to safeguard themselves.

GMOA President Anuruddha Padeniya, a Paediatric Neurologist, who will take part in tomorrow’s strike at government hospitals, will however continue his private practice at six private hospitals tomorrow, where each session will cost Rs. 1925 inclusive of hospital fees, according to the doctor booking website e-channeling.

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    The head of the striking Government Medical Officer Association (GMOA) trader union, Anuruddha Padeniya had granted appointments to at least six patients at a private hospital on Friday during a work stoppage he called across the state medical sector.

    Parliament was shown the receipt for an appointment Padeniya, a paediatric neurologist, had given a patient on the night of Thursday the 4th of May 2017 at a time when the trade union he leads had already announced the strike for 24 hours from 8.00 am on Friday.

    Government legislator Ranjan Ramanayake obtained the appointment to consult Padeniya just to expose the duplicity of the striking doctors who want a private medical college shut in the name of protecting free health care, but have no qualms in engaging in private practice while in state service.

    The receipt issued for Padeniya’s appointment to see parliamentarian Ramanayake, his sixth patient for the day, was shown in parliament causing serious embarrassment to the Joint Opposition which supported the doctors’ trade union action.

    After the proverbial hit the ceiling, Nawaloka private hospital telephoned Ramanayake to say that Padeniya had hurriedly cancelled his appointments at their channelling centre.

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      He is a paediatrician .

      Has Ranjan Ramanayaka got little children too with neurological problems?…

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        If Padeniya is a dedicated doctor, why organize lengthy strikes? He doesn’t see private patients for free during the strike, does he?

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        You need to play sudoku every day to keep your brain functioning.

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        AP paediatrician is a fake neurologist. There is no such post in Ridgeway. GMOA fights for specialist registers so they can call themselves anything and dupe the public and fleece the patients.

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        Parliamentarian RR has balls but without testosterone.

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    In the midst of all these problems …very DECEITFULLY …today a supplimentary estimate has been submitted to the House for the purchase of Luxury Vehicles for the use of poor suffering people …..6 ministers, Governor, secretary… each vehicle valued at LKR 43.mn …the total cost approx LKR 3,300mn … It is nothing much to grumble about …..NO…?

    For what Dr Padeniya and the GMOA has done to the poor people he deserves to be brought to Galle Face Green ..strip and whip…for engaging in Private Practice charging his professional fee of LKR 1,950… For your information Dr Padeniya is one of the few Pediatric Neurologists in the World …it is a very rare socialization in treating children.. Dies anyone know the brain capacity a person should have to understand the subject…and yet he did not demand billions from Govt for his profession…..he only demanded to maintain standards of Medical Education in the Country…

    There are 90+ in parliament who does not even have GCE O/L….so how can those idiots whom have been voted into the Shit House by equally well idiots understand professionals…? Few questions ;

    1. who & why created Private Hospitals at a time where there was a shortage of doctors …?
    2. Who encouraged Private Practice…..and why..?
    3. What happens IF all the Doctors decide to not to engage in PP …? Import from India…?

    Where are we heading as a Nation….

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      I think you should urgently consult him for a Neurological problem
      as you appear to be suffering from a very serious brain injury.
      Consult him today before he goes on another strike…..but then YOU
      could see him through the back door….without being given a receipt this
      time !!

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    Dr Padeniya is doing a fabulous job to help sick ,poor kids in Srilanka’

    But his leadership of the GMOA struggle to save the Nation from Yahapalana destruction is even more valuable and important as far the kids of the great majority of the inhabitant population are concerned.

    Yahapalana boss Batalanda Ranil’s evil plan to privatize each and every public institution is a direct hit against the great majority who are the poor rural inhabitant population.

    GMOA is the only force at present which is fighting to prevent rich kids getting Medical degrees with 3 AL passes.

    And against Wholesale Hindianization of the country with Batalanda’s ETCA, which will give Indians free access to our professional as well as as labour markets,where by thousands of our poor kids will be denied job opportunities.

    And to prevent Batalana Ranil’s Yahapalanaya privatization of each and every Public institution which serves the poor and the lees advantaged.

    And allow their rich mates both local and overseas based, to make money.

    Padeniya you are a legend.

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      All education beyond grade A level should be privatized. Then these free loaders will know the value of education, value of public funds wasted through strikes.
      These medical practitioner’s that got their education with public funds are today holding the same public as hostages and think they are gods.
      These SOB’s have forgotten how they got there.

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      Sumane, when did you leave Angoda or is it Alcatraz?

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    It appears Ranjan R is right here.
    The laid own practice is always to ensure the availability of the Doctor BEFORE giving appointments.

    This arrangement is made for a reason; In the event an online appointment is cancelled the booking fee charged by the hospital would not be refunded to the patient.

    Padeniya has been caught red handed.

    Now the burden has shifted to him to demonstrate that he had already used due diligence and informed the hospital in advanced not to give appointments for whatsoever the reasons explained.

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    So according to our learned AGENT of padeniya ….since he has a M MASSIVE BRAIN to be a paedotric neurologist he should not see poor patients and see the rich ones on the same day…..that is justified because the G O M A president has a massive brain.
    Dies his agent realize that he studied WITH OUR MONEY without spending a cent and he still does not pay a red cent as tax. ….and his agent is asking what of he demands money from the giovt

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    Whilst I fault this government for a lot of things, the issues raised by the GMOA are of personal and malicious intent. They represent the JO and have a hidden agenda. If they were so interested in the countries affairs they would not have insisted and protested for car permits.

    It’s time that the people rise against the GMOA and silence them. As we the public are more fed up with the GMOA than the Gov & JO put together.

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      Amen.It is indeed time to stone GMOA,(goma may better term) lunatics. These lunatics are harassing the poor and destroying the reputation of the profession

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    Dr Pradeniya is most honorable person in GMOA activities are concern.
    He is sincere to his mission what ever he has undertaken.

    The allegation against President of GMOA that we have come to understand that supposed to make decision Rationally on the basis of all the available information and expected utility.

    1 Availability bias which causes us to base decision on information that is more readily available in channeling we really need.

    2 Hindsight bias which causes us to attach higher probabilities to events after that happen than we did before they happen.

    3 The problem of induction which leads us to formulate general rules on the basis of insufficient information.

    4 Confirmation bias, which inclines us to look for confirmation evidence of an assume ,rather than falsifying evidence that would disprove it.

    Nevertheless the evolution of democracy of right thinking people certainly offer a better model for understanding Undemocrcay norms change than any other we have.

    What I have to say meanwhile ,serious of rational human psychology will expect as much as MADNESS as wisdom from large groups of people?

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      Ranjith Gunawardana
      Thank you for bringing the concepts of decision making in the forum.

      Tell me my friend
      How long you were acquainted with the so called honourable Padeniya?

      How do you infer that he is honourable?
      Does he has the foresight to see his actions?
      Where was he during mahinda’s tenure?
      PS: I know him from medical faculty days and worked with him in the same hospital a while ago.

    • 2

      Ranjith, have you also come outn of Angoda or Alcatraz?

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    It is only in SL that doctors can get away with selfish & unreasonable demands & action. Successive Govt. haven’t had the guts to stand up to this mafia.

    There is at least one private medical college in UK to my knowledge but no one in UK is protesting against that. Recently, the junior doctors in UK went on strike, probably for the first time in British history, on certain working hours included in their new working contracts, which they thought was unfair but the Govt. did not back down. The General Medical Council was impartial but warned that the junior doctors would be held responsible for any deaths of patients as direct result of their strike actions. The senior doctors, nor related staff like nurses & care workers, went on strike in sympathy but made sure the absence of junior doctors did not affect the normal operations of the hospitals. Ultimately the junior doctors’ strike just fizzled out after 2 one day strikes.

    The GMOA doctors have been educated at state expenses, enjoy perks such as duty concession vehicles & tax free salaries but fail their duty to the people of the country. They only want to consolidate these perks for themselves, so are against ‘outsiders’ coming in to the profession. A Consultant I know personally, who was very vocal on the private medical college protest in the 90s, had to send his daughter to a medical college in Bangladesh when she couldn’t get in to medical college in SL. The rich will always be able to send their children abroad if they fail to get emission to Govt. Universities but all that foreign exchange would be saved if SL had a private medical college, which would also ease the burden on the govt. in keeping the hospitals staffed with adequate doctors. As for standards, all doctors entering the profession should face the same evaluation process, irrespective of where they were educated, as these institutions have been approved by the relevant Govt. bodies. This is the normal practice in any country.

    The public should boycott these selfish & greedy doctors who are no better than yobs, holding the nation to ransom & a disgrace to the noble profession of healing the sick.

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      Very good comment Raj. I advocated the same thing a couple of weeks ago at a different forum. I also said if the public can boycott these GMOA Doctors and search for all other ways and means for a couple of weeks to obtain alternate medication you could teach these “Padeniyas” and “Madeniyas” a bloody good lesson; starve them out of all modes of income while the Govt invokes an essential services order and takes over whatever movables and immovables they possess, and even send them to the Calaboose to cool their butts, it will have the desired effect.

      The problem is that our men at the TOP, are “Lily Livered ” and spineless
      and are thinking of their own future and their own survival instead of RULING the Country.

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    To GMOA: Please refer to my comment dated May 5th, wherein I made a proposal to those opposing your actions. Now, I would like to make a proposal to you to be considered and adopted at the next meeting of your Association. This is it: Why not consider to refrain and withdraw from all “Private Practices” (Channel Services) undertaken in Private Hospitals and engage only in the services assigned to in the Government Hospitals. Also decide to render your “Expertise” and other “General Services” only at the Government Hospitals and engage in such services, during the “Official Hours” prescribed by your contract of employment. But please DO NOT resort to strike action and render your services at the highest levels of expertise and in full strength and capacity. No doubt, this action would create a huge problem of a flood of patients, waiting times, great inconvenience, frustrations and anger, that would even develop to “riots”. But, you need not worry about it, because that is a matter to be handled by the Health Authorities of the Government. I say again, please DO NOT STRIKE; but adopt this proposal and see how it works. I hope you will have the COURAGE to do this. The slogan is: BOYCOTT PRIVATE PRACTICE.

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    Citized Silva said:
    GMOA on strike.But Pavaadeniya on channel practice , earning his millions at Nawaloka hospital.
    Jim Softy said:
    The head of the striking Government Medical Officer Association (GMOA) trader union, Anuruddha Padeniya had granted appointments to at least six patients at a private hospital on Friday during a work stoppage he called across the state medical sector.

    It will be more honest to check on facts before attacking people of wrongdoing.

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    Padeniya need to reimburse all the money including the tax paid. It is irrelevant Ranjan is child or not. He can book appointment behalf of another child. Negligent GOMA.

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    Pavaadeniya caught with his pants down!The more he speaks the more clearer it becomes that he and Soysa are making use of the GMOA to try and bring the government on its knees.It is a grand plan to try and bring the Mahinda/Gota/Basil/Namal quartet back so that all of them,Pavaadeniya and Soysa included,can plunder our country once more.We the people must resist this in any way we can.Already petrol stations are not pumping fuel for cars with the doctor sticker and this is a good sign.

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    DR…DR Ken ….Robert.. on your comment

    You may knowing Dr Prdeiniya your early days.. That is a different story. In the real life, when times come may be hard, but when we engaged action of Trade Union by during fight for Rights is not a dream of seeing like a patience?

    What is the struggle for Rights vested interest of demand of GMOA of tell us ,in complete contradiction to its original planning intention. Is that it’s smart to keep own forces principle interest until end of the struggle by GMOA. Not only that stick to the cause, that come with honorable promised by President of GMOA of Dr Pardeniya.

    Here the Honorable the phrase tells you, all you need to know about why PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD can earn to interest of their own demand put forward to be keep promised by GMOA.?
    But phrase of honorable means something more precise in the Sri lanka that connected the current an issues of SATIM AND ETCA are the vital interest of public.

    By and large Dr Pardeniya the struggle of set of demands will be public interest is a phenomenal success. Result of that phrase of Honorable has some thing which suited Dr Pardeniya.

    Indeed ,thanks to the change of past govt. Sri Lanka that certain members of current Parliament by their political hereditary, in the process under Parliamentary privileges finally being make charter assignation against for Dr Pardeniya.

    That is a policy decline of RULING Aristocracy as current members of Parliament a political forces has been explain by their political bankruptcy.

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      I assume that you are a doctor working in Srilanka. By all means your and anuruddha’s motives motives are honourable. Aspiring to be a doctor or an engineer is probably the only way people like us, earn a a decent life in Srilanka. Though this also getting increasingly difficult I gather from my contemporaries.
      My opinion is that students who are studying in SATIM should not be penalised, SATIM needed to carefully controlled, or they should not take further students.

      Time is ripe for anurudhdha to hand the mantle to his juniors! and he should play second fiddle.

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    I’m not condoning the strike, but neither am I condoning the doctor bashing on social media. Two things I would like to add insight on…
    Private practice: Has anyone stopped to think why doctors engage in private practice? A consultant or specialist doctor has at least 10 years of hard work (night duty, weekend work, 24 hour shifts…) and education (with a massive amount of information to retain) but their salary is only on par with an entry level salary in the private sector. Adding to that they are posted far away from their families, often seeing their children once a week, missing out on the bedtime kisses, the cricket matches, the concerts… True, doctors families can follow them wherever they are posted. But that’s a hard decision and not one the rest of us sitting in our Colombo homes have to make. We have the best of both worlds – decent income and decent family life – it’s easy for us to judge. If doctors don’t do private practice, they cannot give their kids the same comforts and experiences we can give our kids.I doubt any one would work after hours if they didn’t have a financial need for it. But if it is the need, be it a plumber, or driver, or doctor – they will slug…just to give their families a comparable lifestyle to their peers. Even if it means they miss out on family life.

    Dr. Padeniya: I have never met him but I do know many patients who have consulted him privately only to be told to go to his LRH clinic so as to minimize their expenses. Over and above that, although I don’t know how and where he finds the time, his clinical records are the most comprehensive and multi-dsicplinary I have seen. Every child under his care has a book with all details. He writes personally to the school teachers (often in remote locations) and gets a detailed school report. His treatment is evidence based, ethical and he avoids drug treatment unless necessary. And I think if anyone interviews his patient they would never accuse him of being money minded. I urge Colombo Telegraph to do so.

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      I can vouch for are many more Doctors who do everything you claim what Padeniya does. There are Doctors who carryout free surgeries on Poya days, see patients at a location convenient to the patient although it is out of the way, maintain patient records, take calls from the patients at any given time / return calls later on if busy, patients given the option to go to their clinics at National Health Service, medical tests and surgeries are conducted only if it is absolutely necessary.

      BUT, none of them stoop down to the level of this SCUM Padeniya. He is an insult to the medical profession.

      It is time for the people to rise upto him and his stooges !!!

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    Pavaadeniya + Soysa + GMOA = Strike By Day & Channel By Night.!!!

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    How come the following fundamentals are missing from their syllabus?
    # No profession is greater than the other
    # Value others life before their’s
    # Commitment to serve with compassion and unrewarded
    Please dont hold public for ransom who brought you to these positions

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    Do you know that there are many Government servants especially in the Armed Forces that are posted far away from their families, often seeing their children once a week, missing out on the bedtime kisses, the cricket matches, the concerts and whose families cannot follow them wherever they are posted. They too cannot give their kids the same comforts and experiences we can give our kids but work after hours and are not paid extra for it even if they have a financial need for it.

    If their salary is only on par with an entry level salary in the private sector as mentioned and are are not satisfied they always have the option of joining the private sector.

    • 3

      Fully agree Ramesh. And that is why the “lucky” few who can (e.g.: teachers, doctors) do work tiring hours after school/hospital… Equitable salaries recognizing people’s skill and training is a must. But still I don’t know whether any hardship allowance compensate for a child having to be without a mother during the week – as often is the case with teachers. And many of these government servants are those who topped their batches in schools – doing far better than any of us in their ALs. It’s good to be empathetic about that frustration.

      Regarding salary – fully agree. And that is why many do pay the hefty bond (which other recipients of free education don’t) for the free education and leave government service, joining the private sector work for less job satisfaction. I’m not sure of the exact numbers, so don’t quote me, but I think bonds can be in the millions, salaries far far less. The only way we can encourage empathy in others (even doctors) is by displaying it our selves. I’m in no way condoning strikes or contempt of court – those are absurd for intelligent citizens – but I find the personal vendettas and lack of empathy here a sad reflection of society. And yes again – I fully agree this is not restricted to doctors. It explains why the best teachers join international schools, why men desert the army and work as security guards etc. etc etc..

      • 6

        No they did not do better than others in ALs. Thanks to the unfair Z score they managed to enter the medical faculty. One of them obtained only 3 Cs from Badulla. When he was asked about his ALs results on live TV, he conveniently forgot about it.

        The problem is the upbringing !

      • 0

        The district quota system, the z scores and the spurious means by which this system (which i believe was introduced to ensure equality despite differences in resources) is manipulated clearly needs to be re-examined. What I meant was that in GENERAL (although there are many exceptions, as you noted above) those who enter university are those that do best in their schools in ALs. Although of course we can argue whether ALs is the best demarcation:)

  • 7

    Lock this ungrateful donkey up.

  • 5

    Dear Mr.Patient; It should not be “Lock this ungrateful donkey up” but skin the pariahs up.

  • 6


  • 4

    Transfer this guy to Jaffna.

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    The GMOA has dragged the medical students also out and forced them to boycott lectures. The chance is that these students will graduate later than originally planned. The finances of the poor students will be further strained. Internships will be further delayed and the doctor cadre will be further strained. More importantly, new admissions to universities will be further delayed. It is time that the government insists that the university calendar for lectures and exams are strictly adhered to.

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    In this article CT revealed it’s stripes. Before publishing, CT should have checked the factual situation. As we understand Dr Padeniya did not perform private channelling on the day of strike. Also the strike mainly affected OPD patients. GMOA ensured the strike did not affect certain sections of patients such as children and emergency patients (and perhaps maternity patients). So to claim the strike failed because those treatment centres functioned (GMOA wanted them to function) was a falsehood.

    Rather than trying to insult Dr Padeniya or GMOA, CT should focus on pressurising the govt who is ultimately responsible to resolve the issue in a fair manner.

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      The fact that he was open for consultation is tantamount for doing the private practice.

      He showed less regard for good medical practice.

      I just spoke to a consultant colleague in srilanka. He confirmed that Padeniya does not enjoy the support of specialists in srilanka as per my colleague’s opinion.

      Padeniya must leave trade union in the name of poor patients in srilanka.

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