20 May, 2022


Publishing Internal Audit Reports: My Version Of The Story

By Arjuna Mahendran

Arjuna Mahendran

Several news items have recently appeared in some News papers, and Websites which carried the statements of various interested parties alleging various unsubstantiated issues against me. These statements are libelous in the extreme. They are based on extremely dubious and unverified sources. Nor has anyone from such media organizations which gave wide publicity to uncorroborated allegation approached me to find out my version of the story.

The allegation that an internal audit report from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has made comments that are unfavorable has never been brought to my attention. Such audit reports cannot be finalized until the accused party is given a fair hearing for his or her explanation of events. This is standard procedure in any government or private institution. Hence this story has no basis in fact.

It has been stated by the Hon Minister of Finance that a group of disgruntled employees in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka who were closely allied with a former Governor are attempting to bring the current government’s policies into disrepute. This news item is an example of such activity. We have seen several previous instances in the last 2 years where confidential reports of the Central Bank have been disseminated to the press and social media to discredit the current government.

It is clear that these disgruntled staff of the Central bank are trying to deflect attention away from their own wrong-doings of the past. The doctoring of GDP data, the expenditure of vast amounts of money on futile international media campaigns, the loss of over Rs 6 billion of state funds that were handed over by these same Central Bank officials to a now-bankrupt primary dealer are issues that these unscrupulous officials are attempting to hide.

During my period as Governor I cancelled all the tamashas and excessive foreign travel enjoyed by a few select cronies of a former Governor. This is why these persons lobbied for my removal. They have effectively scuttled investigations into their shady practices from the past. These include buying Gold at very high prices, buying highly risky Greek bonds, advising the government to undertake a highly risky hedging strategy for petroleum imports and incurring huge losses for the Central bank for 3 consecutive years by undertaking dubious foreign bank borrowings guaranteed by the Central bank.

The officials responsible for all these actions which resulted in several billions of dollars of losses to the country are still in very senior positions in the Central bank.

If the Central Bank rules and procedures were subverted in any way as a consequence of my actions, there are ample fora to seek remedial action. His Excellency the President has set up a Commission of Inquiry with a broad mandate to investigate such matters. It is therefore highly unbecoming of any responsible media organization to take it upon itself to give vent to rumor-mongers and others whose ulterior motive is to bring disrepute to my erstwhile superiors, the Honorable Prime Minister and the Honorable Minister of Finance, by attacking my conduct and pre-judging the outcome of the deliberations of the Commission of Inquiry.

For the record, all expenses incurred by me while serving as Governor of the Central Bank were made according to proper procedures and audited by the Auditor General’s department.

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    The internal audit report is not an issue. All of us know how CB functioned during Cabral era. The issue we are faced with you is,
    1) Why you did not inform to the potential conflict of interest due to your SIL?
    2) Once exposed you put a defense to the effect SIL resigned as CEO of PT.The very fact confirms you were well aware of Conflict of Interest; But how you thought it fit to ignore the massive stakeholder interest of your SIL has with PT?
    3) What was your role in EPF buying of from your SIL and is such purchase correct?
    4) Don’t you believe you should have been adobe board, which you in my openion have seriously faulted?
    5)Why did you go to the the floor the bond auction was held; which out of bound area during the auction?

    • 10

      If I were Arjuna, I would have come up with a long article revealing almost everything by today.
      If you are innocient with the allegations levelled upon you, please enlighten us the readers the facts…. about everything from the day 1 you entered to the office. There we lack so much of information. I still believe you are no what the press has revealed about you.

      This i am telling since, I have the feeling there are lot more keeping away from the people in terms of this bank bond issue.That was the case with MR regime. There had been so many issues, that even the average can be aware, were the realities….. alone to allow MALAMBE medical college 4 acress by Mahinda Rajaakshe by his own – was a mistake for example as revealed by yesterday.

      There are lot more senior officials within the CB that may be highly dangerous and still working for the Arjuna s predecessor Cabral.

      JVPers made it clear some issues about Arjuna, but alone on their information, we can rely on. We need more information to see the truths of all these.

    • 20

      TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! What sort of logic is it so say that Cabraal was a crook so its OK for me to be a crook too!!!

      Arjuna Mahendran, to say this it to admit your GUILT! You seem not only corrupt but also a moron to boot!

      What about Professionalism, honesty, ethics?!

      Cabraal and Mahendran should share the same Jail Cell!

    • 16

      The buck stops with Ranil Wickramasinghe, who promised Yahapalanaya but gave us Jarapalanaya.

      Like his buddy Mahendran Ranil has admitted his guilt by saying that, because Mahinda Jarapassa was corrupt, he Ranil can also be corrupt and do bond scams like Nivard Cabraal did.

      This is an admission of guilt and responsibility for Bond Scam.
      Ranil must resign.

      Ranil Wickramainghe who is being set up as United States Representative in Sri Lanka to match and fight Gota. Jarapassa who is being groomed by China, is saying that two wrongs make a right!

      Sri Lanka will soon be the next Syria – a proxy war zone between corrupt Ranil and corrupt Jarapassa family..

      • 2

        Right on Don!

        What we have today in Sri Lanka is: Government by money launderers, for money launderers, with money launderers. Ranil and Ravi K who protect Mahinda Jarapassa and cronies are all in the same game

        This is of course recommended by US Economic Hit men and advisors to Ranil and the IMF – recall the pictures of IMF’s Christine Le Blackguard and Arjuna Mahendran playing footsie and sitting shoulder to shoulder in Washington DC.!

        The global financial system is corrupt and based on legalized looting of the global south via networks of secret bank accounts in Singapore, Dubai, US, UK, Switzerland which also runs the UN Human Rights Commission, which never talks ECONOMIC RIGHT and JUSTICE etc.:
        check out the latest on Panama Papers at : https://panamapapers.icij.org/

        Continent of Secrets: Uncovering Africa’s Offshore Empires
        More than $50 billion of foreign aid money is pumped into Africa annually. But did you know that roughly the same amount of money is illicitly siphoned out of the continent?
        Sri Lanka is headed Africa Way due to Phantom Aid.. For every dollar of US aid 85 cents goes back to the US via over prices consultancy contracts etc.

        Experts Who Quit Panama’s Transparency Commission Produce Their Own Report

        Report’s authors say that the U.S. and EU have the power to force other nations to embrace transparency reforms by threatening to cut off access to their financial systems, but do nothing..
        SO it seems that Mahinda Jarapassa and bons scam Mahendran and Ravi K are safe in their corruption will all the millions of aid from the US and EU! Ha Ha Ha!

    • 17

      Mr Mahendran

      Inside the CB everything was rotten to core when you took over as the Governor.
      Your master RW and MS were ready to forgive the Jarapassa MAFIA INSIDE THE CB FROM THE GROUND TO THE TOP FLOOR.
      Don’t you think you were the PAWN as a friend of RW and the same Almamater you walked into a TRAP??
      Then you still not realising the TRAP you included your greedy SIL too , knowing he was a good buddy of the Jarapassa Siblings??
      Did you lose your highly experienced Banker’ s Marbles MOMENTARILY??
      Like the cat got the Milk first ??
      You cannot be that innocent for now trying to prove your innocence!!
      DONT YOU THINK ITS TOO LATE ? May be you have not pilfered State funds like the previous CB but you have
      Fallen into a Big Web .
      It’s time to Unspin the Web for your escape Route.
      Slow and Steady of course , as I believe you have not Swindled the state like your predecessor and the Gang.

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    In the first place, you should never have accepted this appointment for which you were unqualified. Moreover, you assumed office knowing full well that your s-i-l was a primary dealer with a rather ‘iffy’ track record . That fact that he made billions of rupees in profit during your watch is quite deplorable. There are millions of people in this country living on less than US$ 2 a day.

    • 9

      Yes after nearly ten years of helping hambantota family less than $2 a day?
      Interest free car loans,free laptops to write something nice about them and Sil cloth before election? African despots would be ashamed?

  • 20

    I believe that a government that has discredited itself, be it the current one or the previous one, has no moral clout to weep tears over others discrediting it.

  • 18

    We should start with who appointed M and why.
    That is the key to the puzzle.

  • 17

    Dear Mahendran,
    Thank you for your comments. I also noted that you mentioned that the Internal Audit report published by the Internal Audit Department of the Central Bank could not be finalized until the comments from the accused party is included.
    However, so far you have not given the comments from your side about the accusations made against you. Even in this article, we do not see that you give comments about justifying these payments related to your official activities.
    The major accusations levelled against you can be summarized in the following manner:
    1. Conflict of interest in the issue of government bonds to a firm controlled by your son-in-law. Thereby that firm has an undue advantage over other brokers and is making huge profits on bond dealings. This is considered as engaging in in-sider dealing activities. The Auditor-General of Sri Lanka and the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee of the Parliament of Sri Lanka have examined this matter.
    2. You have allegedly spent the Central Bank funds to pay for your personal expenses. In one example, I saw that you have allegedly paid for a suit or a jacket amounting to (approximately) US $ 20,000.00. or approximately Rs. 2, 000,000.00.
    I worked and lived in two developed countries in the past. I have never heard or seen that a public official can pay government money to buy personal suits or personal expenses out of government money.
    I cannot comprehend how you pay Rs. 2,000,000.00 to buy a suit for you when an average salary for an ordinary labourer in Sri Lanka is around Rs. 30,000.00 per month (Rs. 1000.00 per day). Do not you think that this is a financial crime or white color crime?
    If the figures and facts are correct and verified by the independent means, what you have done is not correct. If proven beyond reasonable doubt that you can be punished for your alleged financial crimes. If these allegations made against you, have happened in a country like USA or Australia, and were proven, you would be in the jail by now.
    Dear Mahendra, All my life, I have worked hard but I have never lucky enough to spend my employers’ money like a “financial cow boy” or “James Bond” like you.

  • 10

    Some time ago, newspapers accused Mr. Mahendran for extravegant expenses at the expense of the central bank. YOu said no, it was my money.

    Now, newspapers say it is Rs. 66 million of Central bank money that Arjuna Mahendran spent on himself. I think the bank rules are very lenient allows people to serve themselves as they desire.

    when a boss is appointed it is his responsibility to correct all those places and people. Besides, it is Prime minister who took the central bank under himself.

    We know How prime minister reacted. He was simply arrogant, did not respect the what public saying and tried his best to cover up. On ther other hand hand picked governor gave a profit of Rs 14 billion profit within 18 months.

    Lehman Brothers is wekk known for Shylock type business. but, for poor sri lanka that kind of profits are not fair. I don’t think any one needs world bank to say, it does not matter Rs 14 billion for 18 months profits with manipulated rules/guidelines are OK.

    It is white collar theft.

  • 14

    Mr Mahendran
    I will not challenge you on any of the above posted comments on technical issues. Let’s look at your example you say in your article, the loyal cronies of the last regime is creating all this and you had to exit.Given a list of fraudulent matters took placed during MR/Cabral days.The media or the opposition is not at fault Arjuna,like you this Y/Parana regime is on a self destruction course.Like you were ejected many more and the UNP will be ejected in a matter of time.You know why ? Because of your leaders and the loud mouth talkers inabilities.We the people feel betrayed,taken on a bloody ride promising all these thieves will be put in the cage. Now I will challenge you sir,your people are also robbing this poor country,PM is no longer a clean man.Show this to your friends and say their time is also running out.

  • 10

    You have to admit, when one company make billions of profit from few bond transactions, There is something that smells bad. too bad we do not have a proper white collar crime department.

    Your mate’s FXXXCID is political which hunt unit. So you can be happy that they will never prosecute you!

    I think we should send this incident to financial times and wall street journal to write some investigating articles! Anyone will be interested seeing the numbers involved!

    You know, if you did this, it was the money from poor tax payers in the country. Don’t go out when it rains, Because Lightening shall strike!

    • 0

      why you say so ?

      If the commission report would not be sufficient, the excutive president can use his powers to stand against the crime doers.
      This will be the case wait and see.

    • 2

      Be happy – at least we have the freedom to exchange today.

      IN the high days of your god father, people were under threat.

      Even if children or women were abducted bzw torchered you had to please Maharaja just becasue of his term found the stop to relay race of the war.
      Yesterday it revealed more or less Maharaja and thugs allowed PMC in Malambe to be established – maharaja had even made them possible billions worth debts from bank of ceylon to their dream to be possible.

      Maharaja has done all various kind of high crimes than anyone in srilanka.

      AMs issues in terms of Bond scam will be investigated and punished them accordingly, but the loads of crimes done by Maharajano.. will take years or decades since you the like ilk woudl not agree with the verdicts even if the panels would convict him to life long jail sessions.

  • 2


    We believe you. We believe you are innocent too. We know that current GoSL tried to create a New Lankan Order within the region, in liaison with South India and associated surroundings (like South Indians from Malaysia and Singapore). Nothing wrong; nothing illegal, except that it was a forced one, as the majority of Lankans preferred the Rajapaksa way with things like Greek bonds, where once Greek comes out of depression, will take us sky high.

    But now that Trump is in the Whitehouse, your South Indian liaison is worthless. Therefore, instead of Ranil and Coomaraswamy trying to use you as scapegoat (where you are supposed to willingly go to prison so as to safeguard the almost Eelamic call), it’s best instead that all of three of you resign honorably and hand everything over to Rajapaksa.

  • 9

    Mr. Arjuna,

    OK. For a moment, we will consider you are a clean man as you swearing.
    Then, why Ranil became so wild to safeguard you even at the expense of his credibility. ? Why COPE representatives of UNP became so low to reprimand AG and finally decided to have footnotes if there is no such malpractices. ? Where are ethics if your son-in-law make business with your job ? Many many questions ? So, please truth has come out. No need any explanations further.

  • 7

    With this stupid article ex governor confirmed by himself that he is not suitable to hold such a higher post.if he was a genuine public servant he could have highlighted so called anomalies of the officers loyal to previous regime in first place and inform cope. he should be aware of the general public verdict against previous regime was mainly due to so called anomalies highlighted by his superiors at two occasions.at presidential election and general election. people wanted know the truth and wanted culprits to be punished.in this artcle he admit that he and his superiors like finance minister and prime minister failed to do so. failed to fulfil pledges given at two occasions. As such his stupid writing here can not be accepted at all.he accepted this post not serve country but to serve himself and his superiors it seems. that is what we can decide just looking at his explanatory article.previous regime loyalist did wrong think as such I too have right to repeat it in magnitude of thousands times.he should be arrested and brought to justice immediately. otherwise he may go home singapore with all stolen money.

  • 0

    When will this scenario end??PM says World Bank has stated no losses to the country due to the Bond issue. Why not expedite this investigation and see an end to it. Then probe into all the malpractices and losses during the previous regime and recover all the losses. I am sue that will run into billions.

    • 3

      World Bank must be correct.. Only our poor inhabitants copped it big time with LKR 12 Billion in the Red..

      Poor Singaporean hasn’t seen that either , although our EPF money is the same Vault.

  • 3

    Poor fella…May be he hasn’t seen the PT Financial Reports either…

    He must be soooooo busy giving Advice to Batalanda , to bring in FDI, now that Dr Samy has taken over Bond business with Galleon Ravi.

    May God Bless these Souls and make them strong to keep giving Yahapalanaya.to the poor and free lands to their mates in the Diaspora…

    BTW I believe Rice queues are back and our poor inhabitants are lining up to get their 5 Kilo Quota,

    May God bless Bodhi Sira and his dear Brother as well.

  • 6

    Mr. Mahendran: In your “My version of the story”, you simply dismiss the facts in this leaked Audit Report naming those as “Unsubstantiated” and the statements are “libelous in the extreme”. Apart from that, we do not get your opinion on any of the matters contained in that report or the media highlights relating to that Rs. 66 million spent on hotels, personal clothing etc. I expected you to give at least some background information relating to those matters that have been audited. Anyway to be very fair by you, I would assume you were not given an opportunity to submit your comments and explanation. So you should have stopped at that without telling us those allegations are “Unsubstantiated” or “Libelous”. Now that you have opted to categorize those matters as given above, we have to ask and your are obliged to give us the reasons for such categorization. Now could you please do that?

    Then again, you too are doing the same thing that those who made allegations against you. Just see what you say in your “My Version”: “The doctoring of GDP, the expenditure of vast amounts of money on futile international media campaigns, the loss of over Rs. 6 billion of State funds that were handed over by these some Central Bank officials to a now bankrupt primary dealers are issues that these unscrupulous officials are attempting to hide”; and it goes on to the level of buying Gold. Now I am asking you: What is your proof for those allegations? Am I to say the same thing as you, “Unsubstantiated” and “Libelous”? I did not expect of “My Version” to come out like this from a person of your caliber, to tell the least. Don’t you think it is best for you to keep your mouth shut and leave the country to your adopted country and await the results of the investigations that are been conducted. By being here you are making matters worse for this country and the Government.

  • 9

    Dear Mr. Mahendran,

    I think those who know how the upper echelons of governments function understand you were not the perpetrator of the crimes you are accused of, but a pawn in a game of chess, played by your erstwhile master, the Prime Minister.

    That said, your lack of self-respect and honour can be questioned. You knew your SIL was involved in all kinds of questionable transactions during the Rajapakse regime. You knew that most of the expenses you claim to have been approved and reasonable, would NEVER have passed the smell-test at any of the previous institutions you had worked worked for. Therefore, you knew you were pushing the envelope! The perennial school-boy defense of…They also did it! comes to mind.

    Today, you are essentially being harassed because you did what your master asked you to do. The JVP knows this, President Sirisena knows this and of course, the crooks in the JO also know. But, because they are completely ignored by the “know all” PM, they have to pound on you. I am certain there are moments you ask yourself…Why? Why the hell did I agree to this!

    • 3

      Game plan is to fill the coffers of the UNP, Buy papers, other media institutes. How long are they planning to govern?

      He would sneak out to Sinhapura when things change, Otherwise little bit of pressure and he would crack and tell all!

  • 1

    Mahendran has not come with clean hand. What he done now ihas let those believed that he wouldn’t be in that looting, down.

    Not any one of these are to be seen above.

    1. A flat and unequivocal denial of he was in that.
    2. Denying any crime having been committed.
    3. Denying his involvement in bond issue and providing evidence of supervising bond issue was dutifully and faithfully assigned to others.

    Misstatements part here are
    1. He vigorously attacking medias.
    2. Not being clear why is he not releasing the evidences of, if the past corrupted employees and acolytes of Old Royals are looking for opportunity to discredit his regime.
    3. While he has not adequately defended himself in the article, he is rushing to protect his masters. In turn everybody believe Yahapalanaya is protecting Old Royals. So, if one wan to complete this circle, is Mahendran wants to protect his accusers by protecting his masters?

  • 11

    Do we have to pay attention to this malarkey? This is the biggest crook ever to hold the highest office in the Banking and Financial services system of Sri Lanka. He was a thief installed by the Prime Minister of Srilanka to fuel and drive the political juggernaut. This dubious foreign character was sponsored by the most unpopular political leader in Sri Lanka. Both of them are the graduates of JR School of Corruption and believe in the theory of “END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS”. Unfortunately, our country is beset by the cowardice politician leaders that is why we have endure the pain inflicted by the political minions such as N.U.Jayawardene, Cabraal, Mahendran and Coomaraswamy . All are DIRTBAGS.

  • 12

    What the hell are you talking? Please explain how your son in law’s company made billion of dollars from the bond issue. Having worked abroad you damn well know that insider dealing its a criminal offence and that you will spending the rest of your life in prison, in addition to all you assets being confiscated. Thank god that you are living in a country where there is no law and order, specially for politicians and the once connected to politicians. Shame on you Arjuna Mahendra.

  • 2

    My version is so empty of thought on the matters dealing with and the conflict of interest in dealing with the Bond scam ..it is just as if he was a ‘poor ‘ victim of a witch hunt just making himself a high earner for his wise way of dealing with the loop holes of the law .Holes that are so wide that a limousine can dash away with the loot .Not your fault ..and may be you are working with the awe in the minds of our people of the ‘clever man’ ..I remember the underlying pride of the local media when one of ours was brought before the law in the 1960s .’Our man could outwit our past masters ‘ are we still in that era I wonder .

  • 6

    I don’t know exactly how many days Mr. Mahendran worked for the Central bank. Besides, law, there is Employee – Ethics too. Obviously, he has earned enough money to live a good life. this money is enough for a whole village to live if they poor rural people.

    Read below;

    Former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran spent Rs.66mn of Central Bank funds on 163 occasions during a span of 21 months for his own purposes, Voice against Corruption (VAC) Convener Wasantha Samarasinghe alleged today.

    He said his allegations were based on an audit report prepared by the CB’s Internal Audit Department and that the money allegedly embezzled was second only to the infamous bond issue, in which Mr. Mahendran is also said to be involved.

    “The audit report gives details of Mr. Mahendran’s foreign tours and his credit card bills during his tenure up to August 1, 2016. He has failed to produce valid invoices for the 163 occasions he had either purchased goods for himself or had paid hotel bills. On one occasion he is known to have bought a blazer for Rs.2,000,000,” Mr. Samarasinghe said.

    The audit report had found more irregularities with regard to Mr. Mahendran’s expenditure in one instance he had produced two invoices for staying at two separate hotels on the same day.

    “Attention had been diverted from Mr. Mahendran’s misuse of funds with the bond issue coming to the forefront. He is friend of the Prime Minister and also works under him. Former Police Special Task Force Chief has been imprisoned on charges of misusing Rs.140,000 and if so Mr. Mahendran should also be put behind bars for a longer period,” he said.

    The parliamentary Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE), in its final report on the CB Bond issue held CB’s former Governor Arjuna Mahendran directly responsible for the questionable transaction and urged legal action.
    – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Mahendran-spent-Rs-mn-for-his-own-purposes-VAC-123309.html#sthash.RSaLgD4c.dpuf

  • 6

    Arjun, you have focused on the internal audit deport which is a minor issue compared to the accusations that have been made against you by politicians and others trying to make political capital of the PT role in the bond issue. Firstly you are right if the internal audit report was not discussed with you and your responses obtained and included in the report prior to issue. Secondly knowing the crooked and corrupt deals that were made by the criminal and sycophant Cabral who not only cooked the statistics but was a complete and undiluted pimp of Rajapakses, during his regime there a were many CB officers who were in his pocket and carried out his criminal activities for a free trip or even free hoppers. I would not attach any importance to the internal audit reports because I suspect that these audit guys are really not that skilled or qualified to issue a proper report. Arjun, you have failed to assure the people that the bond transaction that occurred with PT was a bona fide one. You did the right thing in ensuring that your son in law was not on the board of PT, but as of today we have not heard whether he is a shareholder of PT and the extent of his shareholding if any. The government must appoint an independent and well qualified international central banking audit firm or get assistance from the IMF and the WB for a review to be undertaken of the bond transactions in question with PT to determine whether a profit was made by PT on these transactions and the amount of profit. This firm must also be required to undertake an audit of the CB to determine whether the CB procedures for bond management were complied with. This report must be published in the media and the public must have full, free and unfettered access to the whole report so that this matter can be put to rest. If however your son in law or proxy is a shareholder of PT and abnormal profits have been made by PT, then you can be found guilty of a transgression. In your interest and to become clean and clear your name I suggest you ask Ranil to follow this course of action I am recommending.

  • 1

    It is two years since this government came to office. It is well known that the cronies of the previous goon try to discredit jeapordise and undermine your government. But what have you done about it. Are you lot so SPINELESS and foolish to keep on falling into the traps set by these scoundrels while you still keep them on to do more damage. Is not this a fools errand. Don’t you lot have any guts to take action to rid the government service of these miserable rascals once and for all. After all is not the the reason you lot were elected in the first place. If you cannot do anything about this situation then what is the point of your existance? You claim that even the investigations into theirplunder of state mony has been shut down by them. How DID THIS HAPPEN. WHO LET THEM GET AWAY with this type of high handed corruption?

  • 2

    Let’s not talk about what the previous governor or govt. did, we all know about it & that’s why the current government was elected.

    Let’s talk about what you did. A very simple question, did you use CB funds to buy a coat, a blazer or any clothing to the value of Rs2 million or anything closer to that amount as been mentioned in the report?

  • 3

    I really dont think anyone if not mad would abuse 2millions of lanken rupees to buy a jacket using funds belong to the state – not a single person – these should be blatant lies to attack him personally.

    I really dont know why FORMER GOVERNER yet fails to bring an article explaining all the bits clearly. We should also have good journalists that can bring unbiased news to the people.

    In between, I have the feeling press and JVP have made all the hear says as facts over the few months. Abusing media freedom that way is the number one problem of the day.

    • 0

      NEws papers report that Rs 2 million jacket, and many other romantic gifts were for the mistress.

  • 2

    Belief is the reason heterosexual RW and Malik etc protect you is that your family money was used to buy up MPs and facilitate cross-overs and election wins prior to 2015 Jan. That is why it is alleged that you were in Ceylon back then actively campaiging and financing the UNP to which you owe family allegiance because of the respected father of your’s.

    We all saw you suddenly in Colombo back before Jan 21015. Why was that? So rumour is that RW is blind because he is loyal and payback was necessary. You make all sorts of allegations and we all know what a clown the previous CB governor was. So you come out swinging an entire year later? Why except they say offense is the best part of defense right?

    So is it a question of innocence or claiming innocence when you didn’t even declare your conflict of interest with your wheeler dealer son in law. Come on old chap. That just isn’t cricket.

  • 3

    Mr.Mahendran whether it was true or not. You should take example of late Mr.Vincent Suabasinghe of Sandalankawa who was first chairman of People’s Bank according my elders he never took a salary during his tenure at the bank and even overseas trips with regard bank matters he used his own money for all his expenses even air ticket what a contrast to you and this noble gentleman who rendered a great service to countries cooperative movement and banking industry.

    • 2

      This guy has even entertained his mistress at the expense of the Centra Bank.

      Ranil wickramasinghe’s best selections.

      Why Ranil is the Still Prime minister ?

      No ethics, No rules, No shame, no common sense, responsibility, honesty, integrity

  • 1

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 5

    I have expressed my views on this in the past and they are adequately covered by the comments made by other commentators. If Arjuna wanted to break his silence even at this late stage then he should have given us more convincing explanation than what he has written.

    Arjuna should have known better not have a conflict of interest situation and the Government should have known better to appoint someone of a better standing (Say the present appointee) than Arjuna.

  • 5

    Its so sad to see this guy getting away with bond scam. Its even sad to see our politicians supporting him knowing very well what he did. Sri Lanka in now worse that most of the African countries in terms of law and oder, corruption and ethics. Thanks to these politicians and their henchmen, sri lanks will very soon become the most corrupt country in the world ( may be only second to India). So sad.

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