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Racism, Fraud, Intoxication, Intimidation: Independent Inquiry Into Blundering Bellana’s Conduct?

The united Medical Officers of the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) has appealed to President Maithripala Sirisena via a letter written to Austin Fernando, President’s Secretary and the lead officer of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service to order and impartial inquiry in the corruption, coercion, violation of the common law, intimidation and threatening of officers of the government committed by Dr Rukshan Bellana, the quasi Acting Director of NBTS. They have done so in a background of complete lack of faith in the administrators of the Ministry of Health where the Secretary Janaka Sugathadasa famed for his unique brand of purposive and pretentious administrative slumber in any matter where the law, ethics and morals of administration are violated. 

Dr Rukshan Bellana and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne

GMOA along with branch union of NBTC met Sugathadasa on 20th June, 2018, where he sat lame, fearful Rajitha Senaratne making lukewarm statements amounting to “is that so?” “what can I do?” etc. When the Medical Officers stated their intention to resort to Trade Union Action at this crucial and life saving service station Sugathadasa reportedly stated imbecilically “yes, so what else to do, no?” without a clue about the national emergency that will ensue if the blood transfusion services were hindered even for one hour at the center. 

The letter written, drawing the attention of the President enumerate the many accounts of coercion, fraud and administrative malpractice of Bellana, particularly in the mega scams of the NGS machine purchase and Plasma Sales Fraud exposed by Colombo Telegrapgh. It also draws attention to the serious misconduct of Bellana in bringing alcohol in to the NBTS premises and causing the intoxication of employees in violation with the Establishment Code. To read the letter to Austin Fernando click here

“Maithripala Sirisena As Health Minister Was Corrupt” 

Speaking to Colombo Telegraph earlier Bellana had stated that he was victimized due to a speech he made against President Maithripala Sirisena where he said that the former Health Minister (Maithripala Sirisena) was corrupt. When asked whether he had evidence to say the President as the then Health Minster was corrupt, he said “yes”. He agreed to provide the evidence to Colombo Telegraph. He also said he would give his side of the story, but so far he’s failed to do so, to date. 

Bellana: Racist Against Muslims and Tamils

Apart from the allegations of financial fraud, assisting nepotistic fraud of brother of Rajitha Senaratne and administrative misconduct, Bellana, by his own admission is racist against Muslim and Tamil businessmen in the pharmaceutical industry. As the audio clip below proves he admits to manipulation of the tenders to suppress the securing of tenders by Muslim and Tamil Traders. This brand of racism is against the fundamental rights of the said Muslim and Tamil Traders, the Establishment Code, The Hyppocratic Oath and the very constitution of our republic. It is interesting to note that Rajitha Senaratne who is instrumental in protecting Bellana is fundamentally dependent on the Muslim votes in Beruwala for his political survival while his acolyte is suppressing the same race through tender manipulations. 


Following the expose of the stark administrative and financial corruption at the NBTS by Colombo Telegraph, Bellana intensified intimidation of staff and administrative  malpractice at the NBTS, resulting in the involvement of the GMOA in the matter. At a meeting convened by the GMOA on 20 June, 2018 Bellana agreed to abide by the law of the country and the Establishment code and refrain from interfering in the procurement and evaluation processes of tenders. However in the immediate aftermath, he made false and defamatory statement about the Transfusion Specialist at the NBTS to Lankadeepa Online and Divaina newspaper. Lankadeepa online has since carried corrections of their inaccurate news reports. 

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