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Rajapaksa Called Pusswedilla

The Colombo Telegraph published in a breaking story, how the Censor Board had banned the latest edition in the popular Pusswedilla series, and featured a speech made by Feroze Kamardeen, Playwright and Director apologizing to a disappointed audience on November 30, 2013 for being prevented from allowing them to enjoy the latest in the series (Pusswedilla 4.1 “the Comon Welthings Summit”). He pledged to uphold the right to make fun of politicians on both sides and promised fans not to give in to attempts to suppress this right of citizens. He ended his speech with a phrase borrowed from the lead character of the series (Chaminda Pusswedilla), saying “In the words of H.E. Chaminda Pusswedilla – Thank you for voting!”

As news of the ban spread, there was a massive public outcry from the public, condemning the ban as a sign of increasing suppression of the freedom of expression by the Rajapaksa regime, extending even to art forms. Following this outcry, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has called Kamardeen and promised to reverse the injustice.

Kamardeen published the following announcement through Facebook last evening:

“Just got a call from H.E. The President regarding the Chaminda Pusswedilla ban by the Censor Board. The President told me how much he enjoyed Pusswedilla when he watched it and assured me that this will be sorted out… Thank you Your Excellency… To all Pusswedilla fans out there….H.G.H.E. Pusswedilla will be back very very soon….”

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