9 August, 2022


Rajapaksa Says He No Longer Believes In Astrology

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who lost his Presidency on January 08 polls, after calling Elections two years ahead of schedule on the instructions of his personal astrologer today said that he “no longer believed in astrology”.

Rajapaksas' astrologer Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena with Rajapaksas

Rajapaksas’ astrologer Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena with Rajapaksas

During a hurriedly arranged United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) press briefing at Hotel Jaic Hilton in Colombo today Rajapaksa said he didn’t believe in astrology anymore.

When a Journalist asked, do you still believe in astrology?” Rajapaksa said “Now, I don’t,”.

Rajapaksa who is known as a leader who strongly believes in astrological predictions said he now believes more in himself.

Rajapaksa’s personal astrologer Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena had been sacked by the former President after his election defeat on January 08.

Abeygunewardena who was silent for some time after the defeat of his client later had told foreign media “Not all of Nostradamus’ predictions have come true either,” while reflecting both on the fate of his vanquished boss and his own reputation as a seer.

“There was only so much I could do to help him win, maybe 5%. But you must have luck to be the president.”

During his increasingly authoritarian rule, former president Rajapaksa became reliant on his astrologer’s counsel and timed the announcement of the snap presidential election after consulting Abeygunawardena with a further two years remaining in his second term.

In a later move to justify his wrong prediction Abeygunewardena had said that the Rajapaksa’s opponent’s horoscope was more powerful than that of his client.

The former President Rajapaksa is on a comeback bid after being defeated on January 08. Rajapaksa now believes he can be the Prime Minister after his party, the UPFA triumph’s at the August 17 parliamentary polls.

A former UPFA Minister and a close ally of Rajapaksa, prof. Tissa Vitarana recently had said at an election rally that under a future UPFA government the constitution will be amended to totally abolish the executive Presidency.

In such a situation Rajapaksa who did away with the two-term Presidency clause by introducing the 18th amendment to the constitution to contest for a third term in office could once again realise his dream of becoming the leader as the Prime Minister of the country.

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  • 38

    Right at the moment, he believes in his thugs and their agenda. This man becomes a joke for the very nation these days.

    • 3

      Oh no..The beleiver of thugs is your Ravi K!

      • 15

        This Sumanadasa should be given a medal for liberating Sri Lanka on 9th Jan.

        • 0

          A good suggestion.

    • 12

      Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who lost his Presidency on January 08 polls,

      RE: Rajapaksa Says He No Longer Believes In Astrology

      So, you went to the Temples, Kovils etc. and asked for the Gods blessings to win the presidential elections. They did not hear you. The Priests just took your offerings, that were stolen from the people. The Gods said, we will not bless Mara or MaRa re-incarnations.

      You went to the astrologers, bribed them using money stolen from the people, and they told you what you wanted to hear. You will win, except for a stray astrologer.

      You asked your shills and white-washers, they told you what you wanted to hear.

      You went for the Prudential polls, and the People threw you out.

      Remember, the astrologers are all working on the incorrect Planetary model. It is Geocentric, when the correct, model is Heliocentric, which Copernicus et al. busted about 500 years ago.

      Even using the incorrect planetary model, many astrologers are still predicting that you will lose again.

      Had you listened to Amarasiri, instead of listening to your astrologers, Shills, White-Washers and Cronies, you would have saved yourself a lot of agony, straightened you out to take the correct path. Instead you decided to take the path of Mara, who opposed Buddha. So, instead of being in Nirvanna, you are in Apaya, because of your Apaya Karmayas.

      Anyway, better late than never. Even the Catholic church now accepts that the Earth goes around the Sun and rotating on its own axis, despite the Claims of Joshua in the Holy Bible.

      Joshua 10:13

      New International Version
      So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.

    • 5

      all these most knowin pinguththarayas of the nation.

      All these abused the funds of people. Former pres. was caricated by LOW level astrologer.

    • 2

      I saw this coming!

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    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

  • 23

    MR should consult auto rickshaw drivers now! They are the pulse of this nation. It will also be less costly.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 10

      You may right.. lanken tuk tuk drivers send the message across the country.

      Most of them I met lately shared me, MR should be so power greedy to dare contest again.

      • 2

        I did astrological reading of Mahinda’s chart with the Pandit in London.

        His stars are better positioned now than at the Presidential election. He will win resoundingly jolting the election predictions.

        I hate the tuk tuk drivers. They are not the pulse of the nation. They are mainly Muslims and UNP supporters. Please ignore them as my predictions are much more powerful than the tuk tuk drivers.

        • 3

          You may hate anyone else too.

          What I meant by adding about TUK TUK drivers is – part of the real opinions about the ground realities in terms of election predictions of the country today.

          Most hate Rajapakshe – is a fact. Today I happened to read about not having a legal dept for CN under MR regime -made me very clear these goons only sucked poor peoples taxes. So MR is not worth to appoint as a MP for future parliament.

          It is said not even 3.8 mio would vote for UPFA this time. JVPers are honoured by all walks of life today. THere will be more than 10 seats will get elected to the parliament this time for sure. It will not be easy ruling parties to govern so long JVPers work as strong oppsition – BUT it will help for a good governance for sure.

        • 3

          NIRMALA n

          With your association with the Pandit in London, you should apply to become Mahinda’s astrologer replacing Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena as you would be giving him some comfort in these troubled times. Tell me does your Pandit also read tea leaves and Tarot Cards and a Crystal Ball. They would be pointing to a Mahinda win and after August 17 tell us why he lost.

  • 10

    The people who commit the most heinous of crimes will want to live as long as possible fearing the pitfall they will have to fall after death. That is the reason why they go behind astrologers to prolong their death and live a happy life on this earth, as if they will live for a 1000 years.

    What they fail to realise is that there is no escape from retribution when the pre determined time comes to them, which cannot be predicted by any astrologer or protected by any force.

    Now whether MARA consults the astrologer or not,it is D Day or D Days for him and his family.

    Talking about heinous crimes, which Sri Lankan family will take the number one slot except the obvious one. One crime out more to come…..

    BTW, did the other astrologer who predicted that MARA will lose the Presidential Election, also now predicts that he will secure only an MP post, the most. I am sure he will even accept a PC post due to his power greed.

    Over to you Champa,Sumane and the likes..throw in your 2 cents till August 17th after which you also will be history, especially in this forum, where there are many like minded men with a few I…..like you.

  • 6

    So long as astrologers say he will win he is a believer.

    When they say truthfully he will lose, he becomes a disbeliever.

  • 2

    For Scorpio :

    Despite Jupiter’s impending departure, in a rare and rather extraordinary show of powerful support for your career by other planets, you will get a remarkable second chance to score a huge victory in August.


    • 9

      ramona therese fernando

      Astrology is a load of bull….

      and a lion, scorpion, fish and some scales.

      – Sickipedia

  • 0

    Dear Readers,
    Several readers of this CT columns wrote that Buddha did not believe in Mahabrahma the Hindu GOD …applying the same belief.. the Jehova , GOD almighty or Allah of Abrahamic religions and a pantheon of gods whom Buddhists of SL worship(Katharagama, Vishnu, Vibhishana, satharavaram, Uthpalavanna,Iyyanayake etc.)As Buddhists those writers wrote that those ideas against Astrology(Nakshastra) came from Buddha’s rational discourses of TEVIJJA,SAMANNAPHALA, BRAHMAJALA,KALAMA & PARABHAVA SUTRA.
    All politicians must be educated methodically. Why does not MR, his Bros , RW and MS who appear to be believing in superstitions study those original discourses.Buddhist priests are cunning
    Yahapalana champions like Rev. Maduluwawe S. must fight against Caste System among Priests, Bribery of those talkative Mahanayakes of Malwatte when they give Mahanayakeships of Districts, and Buddhist Temples having Devales for so called Gods and having piggy banks or tills to earn offerings in cash ,gold etc. Tell the Bribery commissioner about the Bribery of Mahanayakes.

  • 4

    Tissa Vitarana [Edited out]. Recently, he had the audacity to tell that MR had promised HIM that MR will reign in corruption. Now he talks of abolishing the Executive presidency. I have heard of fools but this man (Vitarana) is a sly fox pretending to be a fool.

  • 4

    “Rajapaksa Says He No Longer Believes In Astrology”

    Its not the Astrology its the Astrologer who misled him.

    This time his planetary positions says he will lose.

    So ha has to defy.

  • 8

    We, as a nation, stand up and salute that astrologer who asked MR to go for early elections. No man has done a nation such a huge favor.

  • 7

    Rajapakse, you may not believe astrology any longer, People are not prepared to believe you any longer.

  • 5

    I certainly hope he relies more and more on astrology as that way he will have lees and lesser chance of ever holding office again,all hail the royal astrologer !

  • 3

    MR does not believe in Astrology until Aug 17. On Aug 18, he will only be an MP at best with a coterie of crooks to back him and make a huge noise in the Parliament. So, it makes no logical sense for this man to believe in Astrology again.

    Added to that Astrology is a load of cap used by fraudsters to earn a living by promising doom and devastation or happiness ever after.

    Let one astrologer in this world predict the exact day or time he would die CORRECTLY.

    The likes of MR should learn good etiquette and decency before becoming rulers of the nation. Get educated. That is the only way, these people can make proper decisions instead of shooting in the dark based on predictions of people such as Sumanadasa.

  • 1

    From the look in the photo the Mahapothi is invaded by disease and it is going to die soon along with the Singhala Buddhism and the racist.

  • 0

    Rajapaksa does not beleive in Astrology and I do not beleive in Rajapaksa.

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