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Rajapaksa’s Olcott Buddhist Card

By Gamini

The world before it being discovered, the individual societies across the globe lived a life, free of aggression and occupation by others. Every society that lived had it’s Rulers either Monarchies or Tribal Leaders to fend and protect their subjects. Once the world was discovered there started Trade and Colonization of the weaker by the stronger.  Wars have been waged between countries for supremacy, dominance or Religious reasons. Thereafter the Monarchies have been replaced by elected bodies to govern with the birth of Democracy, while some countries opted for systems of Communism and Socialism as opposed to the former.

Colonel Henry Steel Olcott

The present day America is one country that have been plundered from it’s original inhabitants by all those invaders who Colonized countries across the globe then and their progeny that constitute the majority of it’s citizenry. Hence modern America, boasts of a History of a little over two hundred years, while today the US has become the major supper power after the collapse of the USSR.  The US today acts as the self appointed Guardian and Policeman to foster a form of Democracy they believe is right to suit their agendas, ably assisted by their allies with no other country standing up to it openly. The US virtually dominates the whole world. Although the US professes to safe guard Human Rights, Democratic Freedoms including Media freedom in all countries especially of those under the UN charter, they are absolutely silent when these very basic norms are violated by their brief carriers whom they have helped to elect to govern, as ours. On the one hand they allow Journalists and those who dissent to be killed by their brief carriers and offer Asylum to others to show how magnanimous they are and their Democracy is.

America did not become the Power it is today by means of being truthful and honest. They have manipulated every country fostering and supporting wars, committing acts of Terrorism, forcing countries into strife, societies torn asunder with racism thus creating fear and panic in such societies leading to even financial ruin. They have even waged wars with their allies against other countries with false pretences to merely strengthen their economic hold on the global oil market. The US has sacrificed tens of thousand of their own Forces personnel in these exercises, while countless numbers have perished in other countries as a result, thanks to a coterie of Zionists who run the US. These Zionist forces in the US have been undermining legal governments of other countries for the public to lose their trust, thus allowing the Rebels to take over. First the US boosts the leaderships and then drops them allowing the masses to revolt and overthrow them. Shah of Iran, Ferdinand Marcos, Idi Amin, Saddham Hussain, Mohamed Gadaffi are just a few to mention. Countries as small as Maldives have not been spared of American Intrigue. It is not very long ago the US attempted to topple the leadership of Russia and China. At the same time the US have even allowed Dictatorships to take over which they have funded secretly, provided the Dictators were willing to work with the US conspirators, although outwardly they level charges at each other for public consumption. Otherwise no leader in any country would have survived without the US support, let it be Fidel in Cuba or Shavez in Venezuela to rise. This Zionist lobby in the US, have not spared even the US Presidents to work on their own, starting with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Since then they have been responsible for many an assassination of Political leaders of other countries and their own with the Kennedy brothers. Rajiv Gandhi and Zulfikar Bhuto also looks the handy work of this group, although committed by forces outside. These Zionists have coerced, bribed and blackmailed Leaders of developed countries including the EU to award large contracts to selected Companies. They decide who does what in the world financial body. A fair description of their modus operandi was detailed by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of ‘The Daily Telegraph’ when Media Tycoon Rupert Murdoch was arrested.

To illustrate the issue further, it was in 1880 that Colonel Henry Steel Olcott an American military officer, who assisted in the investigation of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, came to Sri Lanka, seeing the pamphlets of the debates of Migettuwatte Gunananda Thera, to revive Buddhism. This Henry Steel Olcott had also functioned as the Special Commissioner of the War Department in New York. In addition he was also a Lawyer and a Journalist. Today Henry Steel Olcott is held in high esteem by the ‘Olcott Buddhists’ in this country, for his contribution in designing a Buddhist Flag and building a number of Buddhist Schools as Ananda College of Colombo, Mahinda College of Galle, Dharmaraja College of Kandy and Maliyadeva College of Kurunegala to revive Buddhism in Sri Lanka just the same way, the US today has extended patronage to the Bodu Bala Sena to preserve Buddhism in the Country. This Bodu Bala Sena not only has attacked the Muslims but also the Christians, yet the Americans do not seem to mind as long as their agenda is met.

When Olcott came over to assist Migettuwatte Gunananda to revive Buddhism in Sri Lanka, in the late 19th Century, Buddhism has been practiced by the majority Sinhalese in the country for over two thousand years. The Sinhala Buddhists then, by and large were not Un-Buddhistic or leaving the fold for anyone to revive Buddhism. The Sinhalese Buddhists then were truly religious, compassionate and a tolerant lot of people, very accommodative of other faiths and ethnicities. The YMCA has been built on Malwatte property and the Meeramakkum Mosque built on the Asgiriya temple property, Kandy being the high seat of Buddhism shows the extent of tolerance the Buddhists then have displayed. The conversions to other Religions, especially to Christianity were very few by those family members to pursue education for employment. Then again there were many Buddhists who subsequently qualified pursuing education in the Christian Missionery Schools, not having to change their Religion, but were absorbed in to the Administrative system without bias to hold high office, by the British who ruled then. Yet some of the Buddhists agitated for better and more recognition to the Buddhists over others. The general cry was that the Buddhists were persecuted by the British. This would have appealed to many as the truth, but when one sees the number of Buddhist from down South who became Academics and Professionals under the British Education system to be employed as Govt servants under the British and again a wealthy class of Tavern Renters from the South who were Buddhists, to have ironically funded the first Buddhist temple, Deepaduttaaramaya at Kotahena to be followed by a number of other Buddhist Temples being built, in and around Colombo under the British Rule at that time, leads one to  wonder whether the Buddhists were really persecuted? Further there is no record of a single Buddhist temple being shut or destroyed by the British at that time, although on the contrary many have sprung up in and around the city of Colombo, around aged old Bo-trees propagated by crows, all being unauthorized under British Rule, financed by the wealthy Renters. Migettuwatte Gunanada thera born to a rich Buddhist Salagama family from Balapitiya also have had no obstacles in pursuing his debates with the Christian Clergy either. Be that as it may, Kumari Jayawardene in her book  ‘Nobodies to Somebodies’, describe well, how all these Sinhala Buddhists  who were Nobodies before the British arrived, to have become Somebodies under Colonial rule to form the Bourgeoisie class in Sri Lanka, is indeed a challenge to this myth of persecution. Therefore what appears is that this Buddhist persecution has helped the riff raff who were Nobodies then to have become Somebodies today at the expense to the entire Nation creating internal conflicts for outside interference as seen today. Therefore looking back in time, it is very clear that if the Sinhala Buddhists were allowed to handle matters on their own as done before, this society certainly would have prospered where all citizens would have had a place today without the divisions and destruction it has been subject to, avoiding the interference from the very countries like the US that has sown conflict the world over to pursue their agendas. Besides the so called Revival of Olcott Buddhism has done no good to Buddhism nor it’s followers.

The beneficiaries of the present set up may pooh pooh what has been said above as mere Conspiracy Theories. But if one ponders, using one’s common sense which is rare in this society, one could see how MR who was elected with the help of VP, obviously with the involvement of America who earlier tried to go with RW to have pulled the rug under his feet, in preference to elect MR to funnily annihilate the very LTTE. MR while on the one hand plays the Olcott Buddhist card to project him as the Saviour of the Country and the Buddhists who constitute the majority for support, permits the business interest of the West allowing Casinos and the Tourist Industry to wean all the Sinhala Buddhists to become Olcott Buddhists in the future.

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