1 June, 2023


Rajarata Medical Faculty In Jeopardy – Padeniya’s Ghost

All academic staff of Faculty of Medicine, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka have stepped down from their administrative positions of the faculty leading to a possible break down of medical education, Colombo Telegraph learns. 

Ad hoc Faculty: Political Patchwork

The troubled faculty of Medicine started as a political patchwork following the dubiously constructed chemistry paper at the GCE Advanced in year 2005 which resulted in 180 extra students becoming eligible to enter in to the stream of medical sciences making it impossible for existing faculties of medicine to cater to them. The first batch of 120 Rajarata Medical undergraduates were recruited in 2006. This number entering the virgin faculty exhausted teaching spaces in teaching hospital, Anuradhapura. With the on-going war, 60 students allocated to Eastern University were also allocated to Rajarata that year. At the beginning, the faculty was started using a single building available in an old training college.

Lack Of Academic Staff 

Unwillingness of qualified staff to be recruited to the medical faculty was an issue from the very beginning. As Anuradhapura is remotely situated, the school education and extra-curricular opportunities for the children of academic staff are minute compared to the facilities in cities such as Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala etc.  The spouses of the academic staff also find it difficult to find suitable professional employment in Anuradhapura. Factors such as the high incidence of chronic kidney disease in the area and suspicion about the water quality also contribute to the reluctance of academic staff to join this faculty. At its inception there were almost non-existent facilities to house the academics. 

Under these extreme circumstances three academics were recruited to the faculty and the rest were retired academics from other universities employed on contract basis.  Three years in to the inception of the medical faculty, its first and single fully qualified permanent senior lecturer was recruited.

In 2009 a special report was prepared about the staff issue and after several discussions, university council decided to pay a “housing allowance” for Faculty of Medicine academics with postgraduate qualifications. At that time, the salary disparity between a grade medical officer in the Ministry of Health and the university system was not filled by a mere Rs 15 000.  

Introduction Of A Retention Allowance

A discussion was held with the then minister of Higher Education SB Dissanayake and he proposed an allowance of Rs50, 000 for probationary lecturers, 80,000 for senior lecturers and 100000 for Professors. UGC and the university ignored it. In 2014 again a meeting was held and upon being reprimanded by the minister the university council approved the payment initially for three years. This closed the salary gap and the faculty as able to recruit 20 more academics. In spite of this there are only 49 staff members of them 12 are on study leave. 

Ranjith Wijewardana: Crony Vice Chancelor

In 2017, the COPE questioned the retention allowance and instruct the VC to get the proper approval from the Management Service Division. They never asked to stop the payment. However, Vice Chancelor, Prof.Ranjith Wijewardana did not bother to process this recommendation for three years to come. Wijewardana is a political crony of Mahinda Rajapkse, placed in his position with the help of Rajapakse loyalists within. 

In September 2018, VC stopped the payment of the retention allowance referring to COPE proceedings and a finance ministry circular. The circular 2018/3 clearly mentions that allowance already paying should be informed to MSD and that no new allowances should be paid without approval. At no point had the COPE directed to stop allowances. It is reliably reported to Colombo Telegraph that Sunil Handunnetti, MP called the VC and inquired why the retention allowance was stopped, contrary to COPE recommendations. The minister of higher education and secretary of the ministry have categorically denied giving any instructions to stop the payment of retention allowance. 

In October 2018, all academic staff in a unified move stepped down from all volunteer and administrative positions, carrying out the lectures only. The infamous VC did not respond to communications by the academics for 10 days after this occurrence. 

At present the recommended student contact hours for a lecturer is 450 while many are teaching more than 1200 hours. For a head of a department it is 180 hours and some are teaching up to 1500 hours. The salary gap between a probationary lecturer and a medical officer is Rs.40, 000. No MBBS graduate want to join this faculty under these conditions.  

Serious Repercussions To Students And Health System

Under these circumstances it is the natural duty of the VC to be responsible for the administration of the faculty. The final exam that is to be held on 16th of October will not be held. It will be delayed by 6 months. Another 30 weeks will be required to complete the 15 weeks semester, with the available staff delaying graduation. First year teachers are handling two batches and they will not be able to teach another batch and the next intake will be postponed by 6-8 months. This will affect the health system and all other faculties, because the internship appointments should be given at the same time for all graduates.

Padeniya’s Ghost

Dr Anuruddha Padeniya creeped in to the Rajarata medical faculty capitalizing on the dearth of staff creating the position of “visiting head of department of paediatrics” with the help of the VC.  He uses his position mainly to brainwash the medical students in to the ideological mafia of GMOA by catching them young. With the current situation his position is known to be at stake as the VC’s position is under threat with the total breakdown of administration. Hence the GMOA has launched an intense mudslinging campaign of the academics who are spearheading the fight for their rights. 

The Facebook pages of the GMOA and its patronized pages were forced to take down the derogatory posts created under pressure from the doctors and students who protested the GMOA move. Padeniya has since distanced himself from this nefarious activity giving the impression that it was the stance of individuals, not the GMOA. It is a well-known fact that under the megalomaniacal leadership of Padeniya’s that has not changed in decades, no individual is targeted without the explicit permission of Padeniya. ( By Namal Arsakularatne

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  • 9

    SB Dissanayake created SAITM along with Neville Fernando, the latter became a millionaire but messed up medical education for many generations of students.

    The now VC appears to be ruining the setup at Rajarata; why, is not stated – surely not on dictates of MR – there has to be a reason.

    GMOA is a trade union and its duty should be for the rights of its members and furthering medical education, and has been so, since the late fifties – the executive committee shapes policy – Padeniya has to conform.

    Padeniya is pediatrics qualified, and hence his post is correct.
    He holds an elective post as GMOA secretary, and can be replaced at an annual election – he survives, as his actions are approved by the membership.
    Students are not ‘mutts’ to be brainwashed for whatever reason.

    • 8

      Justice – if you would see it right, at the time, SB and other vicious men gave green light this establishment to be commenced, This particular Paediatric Neurologist by title, but actions, he has all along been in Rajaakshe abusive politics, was also there. He was able to shine his voice, butfor some special reasons bugger was shut up – but we still remember, the bugger et al, the alike guys being memebers of that MOST ABUSIVE association fo the country GMOA – were equally or more powerufl to make a big voice, stayed away… they should rather come with acceptable exaplannations as to why they were voiceless then, and today, make hue and cry for even a fart droped by some politicians today.
      what right GMOA men to have stand on the way – whatever being taken as a the step forward – Alone bringing the kind of ILLEGAL BODIES by deceiving those students should long be punished.
      If any student entered to the college with no proper requriememetns should be punished in the same manner. Their parents should have guided them well. These men were just supporters of Rjaakshes.
      They thought, just being supporters, they could rin the MEDICAL education within the country.
      Be them supproter or not, if ones becoming doctors not going through proper trainings should NOT be allowed in this country.

    • 9

      I wish if theese guys would have been caught by natural punishements not being able to bear their actions being ataken not realizing the real pains of those students.

      Yesterday, I happened to listen to a video where this bugger Paddeniya was telling, if those went to UK did not return to the country, no kidney transplantion would be possible.
      This bugger and others who got their degrees thanking to the tax payers funds, should be bound to give services back to their home country.
      At least for few yars, they should give their services.
      I think it is high time, THOSE who get degree, if they leave lanka not having given serivices at least 5 years – should be bonded to return the collosal sums that the state has spent out for their education:
      This is common to any country.
      In Germany, student sare offered bursaries, but on their completion, they are bound to pay them back to the state during 10 years period or so.
      If they would fail, will have to face court trials.
      Like wise, those who enjoy Free education – should bring their funds back … else, this system would never work properly.
      Then only, the future students coudl be finainzed by the state.
      Not just Medicine, all other degree course should be subjected to some pay backs.
      Some chinese and Japanese work with me, happened to say, how could a country of lanken style afford to offer that many things for free ?
      There i happened to think it on and on – what they have been saying is very truths.
      We cant afford to offer FREE education to all if they or many leave the country after completing their UNI eduation.

      • 0

        Leelagemalli1 You are very soft. If these fellows strike again, people should move in with fish monger’s knives, and pull out their eyes, ears and penises.

    • 2

      Dr. Neville Fernando was a millionaire before he started SAITM. He did not start SAITM to become a millionaire. He lost millions because of SAITM .

      • 0

        That is what I too had heard about.
        But as a senior medical professional, he should have studied the idea broadly as he could. Had he done so, nothing would have gone that far. Who on the earth would ever agree to mislead poor students of poor parents. Not just Dr Fernando, but also parents of the students could have studied before they invsted huge sums that way.
        Today, those parents stayed with anxities as no others.

  • 3

    ///With the on-going war, 60 students allocated to Eastern University were also allocated to Rajarata that year. //
    i was a student in faculty of medicine in Jaffna
    politically motivated migration of students -backed by JVP

  • 11

    This is the best opportunity that the President and the Minister of Education have to give licence to all foreign qualified doctors who have been qualified and accredited from universities recognized by the World Health Organization. These new doctors should sign an agreement that they are part of the armed forces of Sri Lanka and cannot strike.

  • 3

    Paying Of BIG additional allownaces to Probationary lecturers, Senior LEcturers abd professors is tupid. Because, MEdical – lecturers can be hired from India very easily with lower pay. Indian doctors cpme to the west and do other jobs. It is the same with China and many other countries. Sri lanka HAS POLITICAL AUTHORITIES FOR EVERY GOVT INSTITUTION. BECAUSE OF THAT NOTHING CAN BE RUN SUCCESSFULLY IN SRI LNAKA.

  • 8

    First of all; to open a university in that drought ridden area is wrong ..
    It will put life of students and staff in danger ..
    First punish the one who proposed a place in that area ???
    We learn when the first ever university in Sri Lanka was established …not Colombo one but when they wanted relocate into a big place; policy makers searched for a suitable place for many months ..finally; they decided Peradeniya is most suitable place for the first university in Sri Lanka ..
    Why do not we have such wisdom now ?
    So many universities are opened in hasty …without researching suitability of place and areas ..
    Do you think Sri Lanka is a barren land like Sahara desert..
    We are blessed with one of beautiful land on earth?
    What is wrong with these policy makers to find unsuitable places to open uni..
    That is the wrong thing and waste of public money ..
    These people must be punished ..
    Secondly; UGC must have a professional people to advise it to choose most viable places to open universities in Sri Lanka ..
    It’s poltiicans who decide it not UGC..
    Many places we have to open universities ..
    What about Nuwaraelia..
    What about Matala..
    What about some upcountry sides .
    What about Kalutara district?
    What Kegalle ?
    What about Kurunagala?
    We know Colombo & Kandy have some uni.
    Why we choose dry zone ?
    Some try zones are ok.not all..
    Thirdly; if MR appointed VC; them he would be like him to mess about university education..
    Please check academic qualification of that VC;
    Most appointments are given during his 2 term on the basis of forged academic qualifications..
    So; VC of this university must be punished for not giving allowances .
    He should be sacked and taken to court for not following UGC circular..
    Sri Lanka higher education is in a mess .
    Many academics and lecturers are not doing the job but milking the system..

    • 2

      You are dead right.

      They have never studied the locations before being built anything. All these were just to grab his discounts.

      Rajaakshes thought anywhere they could build up anything. most abusive man Rajakashes be cursed by all the harm done to this nation and be disspaeared from our sight is my wish for the sake of SAITM and all other men inovlved in there.

      Lankens will be able to breath in well if these men would not have been NO longer there.

    • 2

      In brief, the Sinhala Inteligentsia is the cause of this downfall of the
      Country – the most vociferous of them are politically inclined, so much so, others in the category go into silent-mode. A typical
      example is that Dayan – silenced by the opposing politician!

  • 8

    the match is over. These 3 rd Class
    bunch of so called Doctors are catering to the needs of CORRUPT POLITICOS.

    • 1

      Yes, indeed, but the bugger continues as athe president of GMOA why ?

      Either so called medical professionals are fools or there is a big problem in the system in the country right ?

      I dont mind anyone being gunned down by anyone in a society, but if there are no other way to express the pain of the people not being able to tolerate the kind of guys any further, my wish also them to be punished by nature.

      SAITM came into being iwth the indirect mediation of this GMOA.
      Cannine Members and public voice of GMOA are from rural areas of srilanka. They are no socialized withthe people, but for their own petty gains, these cannines have been abused by Rajakashe men:
      Whowere not caught by Rajakshe tricks ? very thinner minority in this country.
      Journos were given free laptops.
      Anyone he thought wanted to please were given something on the cost of TAx payers funds.
      Rajapakshes shouldsimilarly be gotten the curse the way GMOA and other men.

    • 0

      I dont think our people had ever been normal regarding medical profession.
      They had always given a place putting them above anything in the society. But that was too much. That is the nature of our people- They also do it with politciians.Media make it a lucrative business by today – they dont care about the truths being passed to the nation, but their selfish gains.
      Like for exmaple, yet today, much is not aware to the nation – about the price reduction of over 50 medical drugs and valuble devices which are being used in heart ops.
      Why is that ?
      Media never thought to spread it to the villagers since their pay masters lie in the political opposition.
      How can this ever be the case Haris ? If media would sesens it being unbiased ?
      We faced LTTE terrorism then but today, our folks nation is caught by MEDIA terrorism.
      For unknown manner, MEDIA men work and continue their underground programs to former rogue politcians.
      I think the MEDIA should be introduced a code of ethics.
      They just make it bigger if they want their parties to gain more.
      THat shoudl be right… MEDIA should be neutral at least to some extent.
      But today s context, media remains biased to Rajakshes.
      Rajakshe profit it:

  • 2

    I need to tell the world how every aspect in Sri Lanka results in more problems in implementing a patch solution to a preceding set of problems. May God Help!

  • 8

    This Padadadeniya and his henchman are the biggest curse to the Country. I have never seen Doctors are behaving in this manner in other developed or undeveloped Countries. Generally Doctors were known as very special and respectable category in the society. Now that image has gone. We should not forget that there are very good Doctors are there in the Country doing immense service to the society. People virtually worship them calling as ” Ape Raththaran Dosthara Mahaththaya” or ” Devi kenek wage” etc. This Padadadeniya and his bunch of rouges has forgotten that they are in this position owing to tax payers money. Padadadeniya is brother of blood thirsty Dracula. GMOA is very silent about that drunken Lady Doctor. She is responsible for the death of a Police Officer but this Mafia Doctors reported she was not drunk at that time and still protecting her keeping in the Kalubovila Hospital. These are the Quality Doctors GMOA Mafia is talking about. Police Investigations reveals that she was drunk at that time. Still GMOA and Medical council silent over the matter.

  • 2

    Power crazy Hitler now dancing to Gotler’s tune for obvious reasons which currently is the contempt of court case on 18th. For this he is terrorising the whole Medical Council to be dragged into his personal battle, defying law and order in contempt of the Supreme Court verdict and the Court of appeal verdict to merely register a SAITM MBBS doctor for internship. There are only 83 such doctors receiving injustice as against 1200 state interns registered each year. What bigotry and hatred of humans by an insane mafia TU leader of healers in this nation.

    This megalomaniac crept into Rajarata situation (similar to SLMC invasion) as he heard a voice saying he was going to be right hand of former Prez. and this was his self confession when the train he travelled to Rajarata derailed en route. He wants to be head and then Professor and is blind to fact that he serves govt. and not university. Hence he invaded teaching of Medical students with mind control. Did Hitler win?

    Rajarata is being destabilized as an extensive plan which needs correction. AP needs rewiring of his neurological connections in brain in isolation over a long period of time for reestablishing human norms to be under authority. Even wild animals fear the roar of their lion king. Our king must show his authority fearlessly come what may, so that the mafia controlling this once noble profession are defanged by govt. judiciary. Then the king will get his unseen votes back from the silent majority.

  • 1

    The Medical Faculty was created in 2005 as a band-aid solution to deal with some students who qualified – mistakenly or otherwise. MR came, saw , created and then forgot.
    It is to the credit of the staff for keeping it going and now they are saying “Enough is enough”. UGC must address the issues.
    Padeniya appears in a shining armour and the VC probably found in him a last straw but soon realised that Padeniya is just opportunity fishing for MR!

  • 1

    I have said enough about this crook Padeniya and GMOA. When they stepped in, it should have been obvious to public the result of total dysfunctional and breakdown in health care. The real damage is yet to come. This is just a prelude. These are frauds and white collar criminals who are acting in cohort with crooked politicians, If MR comes Padeniya will be offered a job in health ministry. Now after all the damages this group will claim innocence or will start finger pointing , blame others and walk away in apathy. The public will face the hardship. If people cant recognize this simple fact then they deserve the consequence too. Padeniya and his family,friends and the rest of the GMOA will continue to get their care and if needed will travel abroad for more care. The common man in the periphery will be left to die with no care.The purpose of these criminals are to destroy and disrupt and not for providing service to public. Wake up now or you will be put to permanent silence.

    • 1


      I have several questions that may have no answers from my own.

      1) Why cant they remove these men from GMOA ? Say if it was just for 5 years , it can be tolerable, but why Paddeniy and others remain eternal as the members of that vicious body GMOA ?

      2) In my days, there were just 500 students got selected to Medical faculties across the country – that was in late 80ties -but today, it has been like over 1500 or more.. meaning over the years, there have been lot more medical graduates produced by those faculties. Given that, why do they let these highly malicious but being part of former sinister politicos allow to handle GMOA any more ?

      3) None of these men are graduated from foreign Med faculties- so they should not feel that they shoudl be regarded as gods just because of them being medical graduates right ?
      And rumours are there, not all in that GMOA have completed their hours they are assigned to cover weekly. Why donot they have any powerful bodies yet to control the services of these men ?
      Be them doctors, engineers or teachers same inspection bodies should be there to screen their duties right. why lankens are that backwards to implement the kind of steps to prevailing working guidelines ?

      Thank you. I got my eduvation not in SL, but just started there and left the country for Europe in late 80ties. So today, I cant tolerate any malpractices that I notice each time back in my home country. I get easily hurt not knowing as to why people stay stagnated. They just stay discussiong not having made any reforms why ?

      • 0

        GMOA is a trade union. SLMA is an academic body. SLMC regulates professional behaviour. Such bodies exist in most other countries.
        GMOA democratically elects office bearers annually – Dr.Padeniya has been re-elected many times.
        Do not go on rumours. If you find any doctor NOT performing according to the Hippocratic Oath, report the matter to SLMC.

        • 0

          Justice, What you have not understood is the fact that the 4 deadly leading Office bearers of GMOA AP, NH, NdeS and another Paediarician have infiltrated SLMC not allowing SLMC to make decisions except TU policies. SLMC head cd. not function and resigned, leaving behind an overambitious acting head. Now SLMC has contempt of court case for disobeying both Supreme Court verdict and the Court of Appeal verdict to register a SAITM graduate. You are trying to report Padeniya of GMOA to Padeniya of SLMC. Crazy and insane mafia need to be locked up to save patients. How come this paediatrician is channeling adult patients in Private hospitals. Where is Health Minister.

        • 0

          Yes it is not enough to go by academic qualifications in making selections to the Medical College. Moral values and character and even family background should be taken into account. The British did so when appointing even Grama Savakas
          Also isn’t the SLMC dominated by the GMOA? In a democracy where the morally sound ones refuse to come forward the worst scum dominate. Thus it is in Sri Lanka today

      • 1

        MSM, Your education being abroad does not give you the experience of this stagnation of helpless uni. students who eventually get hardened. Pathway followed by GMOA mafia terrorists is evil, deceptive and loaded with infiltrating lies. Unless we have strong executive statesman leadership not obsessed with future votes, and who stand up for righteousness and justice, it is impossible for the lower rungs to do their duty. So all try to survive in a corrupt manner which looks like stagnation. It is helplessness. When GMOA intimidates, leaders hiccup and cave in through fear. We need a type of honest gota.

  • 0

    MsMaralathoni, though doctors and GMOA had been active in politics like any other, the system was still functional. I remember when North Colombo private college issue was taken up by the fraternity they did not strike but approached the courts for legal remedy. But during MR regime not just the GMOA but every sector was exploited and weaponized for political reasons including doctors , lawyers and other professional bodies. Only then they could get rid of Shirani overnight and get doctors to disrupt services for UN/war crime /anti India issues….etc. Now these crooks are out of control and still doing the bidding for the crooked politicians. In spite of not providing the necessary services they will prevent anyone from doing so. The name of the game is to cause maximum suffering and there by change that to votes in up coming elections. The returns will be in position/power/money.If you look at the Lawyers it is much more pathetic.

  • 3

    Oh buddies, the days are numbered for this parasitic lunatic Pavadeniya and his blood sucking greedy pigs GMOA for the public would tech them bitter lessons like they did to the railways union guys. Any one ask ten people on street about these scoundrels doctors – ten out of ten would say that they are real humbugs and idiots. This Pavadeniya and GMOA bigs brought this noble profession to the gutters, and made the doctors laughing stock of the public. Now, heard that people are very relactent even to give their children in marriage to doctors. These real bastards are digging their own graves and becoming the enemy of the masses owing to their swollen pig headedness.

  • 0

    Reading all comments, it is not clear as to WHAT, Padeniya and GMOA are supposed to be guilty of !
    Except only that Sri Lanka has achieved a new way of granting undergraduate medical degrees, by a military school/college, and that such degree will not be recognised by any other medical school/university.

    • 0

      Justice, Degree MBBS from KDU is recognized by the SL Medical Council and you are spreading deceitful lies to defend the Pad and his terrorizing GMOA

  • 0

    India China ,llike countries over produce Doctors. It is not difficult to find retired lecturers to lecutre first years and indian professors and senor lecturers. They free load with peoples moey and then ask more and more. IS there a political authority in the university too.

  • 3

    Anything that comes out of Sri Lankan doctors’ mouth cannot be trusted.

    When Sri Lankan doctors go on strike at the expense of poor patients, they have lost all credibility in our eyes.

    It is time to privitise our Medical Universities, and give free education only for the needy.

    Medical doctors should be more than brains, they should have good morals and good values not some thugs from every street corners.

  • 3

    Dr. Pandeniya, and many of the medical faculty staff in Rajarata are political animals and not University Academcis. The infamous Dr. Channa Jayasumana who appaears as a political candidate from the SLFP or Podu Jana or what ever is also a professor of some sort although he got his degree only in 2014.

    He studied in the Kelaniya University, worked with another Political Professor known as nalin de Silva. Then they joined with a Physchic woman (who claims to talk to God Natha). She , and Jayasumana, and another nut case from California called Sanath Gunatilake claimed that Arsenic and glyphosate (which is used to kill weeds) in the Rajarata water causes Kidney disease.

    The WHO experts have shown that kidney disease has nothing to do with glyphosate or arsenic, as these are NOT found in the Rajarata water.
    (Perdeniya Universoty people have proved that Kidney disease is caused by drinking hard well water containing fluoride)
    Jayasumana who has no qualifications was probably recruited to the Rajarata University through the political push of Ven Ratana and Padeniya . Spreading myths with the aid of a physic is not science. .

    Ratana and Jayasumana and Padeniya, together with a political Nut called Gunadasa Amarasekera have been trying to take Sri Lanka’s agriculture back to the 19th century saying that farmers should use cow-dung-compost (Goma-Pohora, Matu Kaanam) instead of fertilizers;
    They were promoting traditional (low yielding) seeds instead of modern hybrids etc.
    Completely misguided idiots.

    They succeeded in banning glyphosate for three years, when the Tea Industry began to collapse, and then the government got frightened and reversed the ban.

    So the whole set up is a politically motivated Kaalnaṭaikaḷin koṭṭakai (Cattle shed).

    The best solution is to sack all the politically appointed staff, and get even a few good staff from abroad (say from India) and run this as a private University, aiming at high standards.
    It is not the fault of the students. They should be divided up among other established universities till the matter is resolved,

  • 0

    Ongoing political system of Democratic order and its governance that has been all previous norms have been discarded by RW of UNP . He jeposidized the “rule of Democracy” by aim of remaining & uninterrupted State power for another couples years of without People’s Mandate until 2025.
    UNP of Ranil Wicks and his team of highest leadership has loot that billions of Rupees belongs PUBLIC Money of Central Bank by Bond scam ….that UNP called “good governances”. !

    That is also part and parcel of corrupted of by that ” rape “of democracy by New form policies .
    While short-sight that one man rule of UNP that Parliamentary by mismanaging new dictatorial RULE an initiated by RW of UNP Old think tank.
    It was justified by New “Rule of Law” in by that coalition of SLFP, JVP and TNA type of that outdated ” governances” of Republic. MS, RW and CBK leadership are working on that moribund capitalist classes that against interest of majority People democracy and its sovereignty….Sri Lankan.

    Meanwhile since shifted 19th Ameadeant since 2015 January 8th….UNP leadership capture executive-power and Legestataives power in Parliamentary in that slight majority back by TNA and JVP and some SLFP federalist splint group .
    GMOA has working on rights of working of skill and unskilled workers of Island by on behalf for rights of their working conditions protecting by foreign intervention.
    That is just cause people of GMOA having support for that in nation vital interest .

  • 0

    Solutions to the RUSL and the medical education:

    1. Reduce the intake of students to each batch 80-100. The rest of the should be allocated to Keleniya medical faculty, SJP , and the galle faculty. At least 15 -20 additional students could be accommodated to the above established universities.

    2. Recruit retired professors or lecturers on temporary basis until the existing batches pass out.

    3. Have a rota from the established medical faculties to send their permanent staff to cover the lectures , ward classes, laboratory practicals and to cover other academic work. This could be arranged by the UGC of the HE ministry. The peripheral outreach should be with additional payments as per university circulars. Especially accommodation and travelling should be looked into.

    Other unsaid reasons for not having academic staff at RUSL should to be looked in to by UGC or HE ministry.
    Check in to the existing recruitment irregularities and the hidden reasons for number of academics leaving this faculty.
    There is a huge reluctance of many to join this faculty due to the very unprofessional conduct of the administrators from the council, VC, Dean and HoDs.

    The irregularities of the promotions and the favouritism that many undeserving characters getting recognised had shun many true academics from joining this faculty. Many academics resigned due to this unfair unethical practices of the RUSL.

  • 0

    Amaradasa Salgado, You mean GMOA is fighting for the rights (I did not know about this when I took the Hippocrates oath) of skilled and unskilled workers by not providing the needed health care for the whole public (which again is every citizens right).You sure is a Lankan patriot. Ask your friend Padeniya to do a test on you to confirm it.

  • 0

    “That is also part and parcel of corrupted of by that ” rape “of democracy by New form policies” .

    Please, please, I beg of someone to give me a transliteration of this ~ what seems like a powerful suggestion ~ in simple, ordinary, everyday English or Sinhala.

    I am confused. Maybe it is because of my senility. Do help, please.

  • 1

    Power hungry Paden. cannot be professor RRata as he is in govt. He is paediatrician without adults, called make believe neurologist, there being no such post in govt.(check health ministry) Any false neural paths in brain brings insanity, hearing occult voice of the devil and seeing hallucinations. Money, power and politics to rule in govt. has messed up into a point of no return for his hard earned expertise to transform children into useful citizens for an excellent future for the nation. How irrational is the law and order of this GMOA hog is seen in his acquisition already of 2 separate contempt of court cases. Weird terrorist to the core.

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    Court of Appeal yesterday fixed for hearing the contempt of court case against GMOA head AP for 22nd February. AP also invaded SLMC through GMOA votes for their 3 mafia thuggos to capture and force it into a contempt of Supreme Court verdict. This too is now set for C/A verdict on November 16th against whole fearless manic SLMC Karl Marx style, with promised protection by GMOA strikes as well as the crazy deans support from medical students. The scenario is useful to bring political anarchy ordained from the top and for power crazy medics to be rewarded.
    Acting head SLMC with double minded switching, 1st inspecting and approving SAITM and next signing for destroying it has no integrity either, with a husband in the SJGH board in a similar stooge situation. However high minded for injustice through rebellion against governing judiciary, their intellectual enlightenment is at zero point. The best they could do is to enforce Angoda rehabilitation for AP before Welikada hospitalization, and for this Statutory body called SLMC to align with its governing function with the judiciary to bring law and order to the nation without destroying both the medical profession and the very fabric, culture, aspirations and expectation of the citizens of this robbed, scammed and murdered nation going into economic crisis through leaders without vision, integrity, transparency and honesty.

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