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Ranil Pledges To Form New Political Alliance: Will Seek WC Approval For New Party On Friday

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, addressing the UNP really at Galle Face Green this evening, said a new political party – the National Democratic Front – would be registered with the aim of forming a broad political alliance to strengthen democracy.

Wickremesinghe said at the UNP Working Committee meeting on Friday, he would seek approval from the UNP to form a alliance. He expressed confidence that his party would solemnly back the move.

At a meeting held at Temple Trees after his swearing-in yesterday, Wickremesinghe told UNP seniors to “prepare for an election.” Although the Prime Minister did not specify which election would come first, many party seniors assumed that Wickremesinghe was talking about the Provincial Council elections.

Wickremesinghe’s remark on forming a new political party is a sign that the UNP has plans to bring multiple political parties under a common umbrella to contest future elections.

In his speech at the UNP demonstration today, Wickremesinghe urged the public to give him a two thirds majority in Parliament at the next election to abolish Executive Presidency.

“We want to abolish Executive Presidency without relying on anyone. The only way to do it is by securing a two thirds majority in Parliament, ” he added.

Wickremesinghe also stated that his party would seek a solution to the national question based on the unitary status of the country.

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