18 May, 2024


Ranil Vs. AKD: Who Will Blink First?

By Vishwamithra

“The most critical time in any battle is not when I’m fatigued, it’s when I no longer care.” ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough 

The IMF intervention, at least in the very short run, seems to have altered the political trajectory in Sri Lanka. At the moment, Ranil Wickremesinghe seems to be in seventh heaven. Trying to portray himself as the savior of the nation after obtaining the approval from the International Monetary Board, President Wickremesinghe will resort to any and all means to cushion his position in power with the cunning and wide experience he has gained over the last forty years. It’s not going to be easy for him. The unexpected rise of the National People’s Power (NPP) has taken many by surprise, including the breakaway group from the United National Party (UNP), namely Samagi Jana Balavegaya (SJB).

The path that Anura Kumara Dissanayake (AKD) chose to travel, at least in the public domain, seems to be morally right and strategically and tactically shrewd, but the interim popularity he and his Party are enjoying today will be tested only at the polls. Whether it’s in the local government, Parliamentary or Presidential, the main opposition seems to have been Sajith Premadasa and his SJB. Yet the short term outcome may be a clash of opinion and policies between the elite-ridden UNP and the anti-elite NPP. A system change, which is popularly acknowledged as the only way out for our nation, can be trusted only in the hands of the NPP and Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Today’s crisis is not merely an economic one; nor are its boundaries confined within a sociopolitical fence. Trust, reliability on the leaders and their pledges made on the political platforms, authenticity with which they were articulated and empathetic disposition of the speakers, their personal conduct and their simple but clean garb- all these are essential ingredients- are integral components of the whole. A people who have been hoodwinked for nearly three quarters of a century, the antiquated demeanor of those politicos, their spoken language and their own despicable behavior when in power and their arrogance when wielding that power have fatigued an already tired electorate. Aragalaya  made it possible for the masses to open their eyes and behold the truth in its stark and raw form. Such truths cannot be sugarcoated; nor could it be denied when expressed in polished Sinhala vernacular.

Rohana Wijeweera, when he started the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) in 1966, did not travel in luxury V8 jeeps. His mode of transport was, by courtesy of the Ceylon Transport Board (CTB), commoner’s bus. He walked ten fifteen miles where no buses went. He trekked those miles and addressed ten, fifteen or twenty men and women of the young generation. The context was different; conveniences were archaic, yet their determination and commitment was unwavering. It was a romanticist attachment the youth had towards, not only their leader but more so towards their Utopian dreams and aspirations. Such commitment did not know any boundaries; that allegiance did not recognize any  religion or race, although they were mainly Sinhalese Buddhists.

The downtrodden were coached and brainwashed on the lines of dialectical materialism, interpreted in his own unique way by Wijeweera and his close ‘pundits’, the five-class program adopted by Wijeweera managed to convince these youth that a ‘system change’ could be attained only through an armed revolution. The novelty of the idea and the miraculous change that was portrayed as practical and exclusive outcome in a sense of being indispensable, attracted the rural youth who were in the age of university entrance or were real undergraduates. The borderlines were getting clearly defined. Differences between the privileged and the underprivileged were being explicitly verbalized by Wijeweera and aroused even the youth who were educated in the so-called big schools in Colombo, resorted to classroom debates. 

In the same vein, the massive poster campaign launched by the JVP with unbelievable regularity and precision attracted many an unbiased mind; they awakened the intellectual curiosity in such minds. But driving them towards a violent and armed revolution was another alternative altogether. The sheer exhibitionistic approach Wijeweera adopted throughout his political journey was devastatingly  disadvantageous to him and the JVP. Lionel Bopage, once Wijeweera’s second-in-command, very artfully articulated this propensity on the part of his leader in his final letter- the letter of resignation- from the JVP.

But Anura Kumara Dissanayake and his National People’s Power (NPP) are different, not only in their strategic approach to power politics but more so in their substance of their policies. It would have been unthinkable for their substance to be different. The fundamental JVP thinking is founded on the textbook teachings of dialectical materialism and state ownership of the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy. To deviate from that elementary ‘communist’ platform is hard; being bred in that philosophy and later subscribe to a quasi-capitalism or social democracy is a huge leap. AKD and the rest of his NPP seem to have taken that leap. Nevertheless, that leap could be easily ascribed to the current context of the global  and local socioeconomic, cultural and political environment. If that is the case, one must applaud AKD and his new NPP. On the other hand, if AKD is being insincere regarding his party’s principles and policies in order to gain short-term popularity and mass-acceptance, he should be rejected before it’s too late.

Let’s give AKD and the NPP the benefit of the doubt. As at now, the core of AKD’s argument rests  in ‘trust, anti-corruption and anti-fraud’ governing principles. The main appeal of the Aragalaya too was that ‘tripod’ upon which good governance stands – ‘trust, anti corruption and anti-fraud’.


Seventy five years, that is the number today’s voter is being reminded of each and every day. While  the present government run by Ranil Wickremesinghe, his Pohottuwa clique and the rest of the politicians (ironically Tamils are not grouped in this lot) including the Samagi Jana Balavegaya led by Sajith Premadasa are being combined together in this same cabal; Anura Kumara Dissanayake and the NPP have most successfully managed to differentiate themselves from the ‘seventy five year- scourge’. The people are being offered a binary choice. The moment the country’ politicians are branded into two distinct groupings, it becomes much easier for the voter to decide. That could be a double-edged knife. As much as it is more convenient for Ranil & Company to secure a victory at the next elections    in the event there are more than two choices for the people, the same becomes true for the  NPP too.  However, when the electorate is confronted with a choice between Ranil Wickremesinghe and AKD and when ‘trust’ is the issue, there is no competition between the two. Not only Ranil, not a single sitting politician in the traditional stream of politics would hold a candle to AKD and the NPP.  Aragalaya has made it impossible for the electorate to trust anyone but the NPP.


Having been subjected to a series of corrupt governments, especially during the last two decades, establishment of an incorrupt government (‘aduushitha aanduwak’) is the clarion call of the day. The masses are enduring the most unbearable economic hardships as far back as one can remember; the people seem to have have already made up their minds about a change of government. But whether it’s going to be formed as part of a system change, I would not know. The grapevine is full of gossip and speculation with stories of some crossovers from the SJB to the current corrupt setup led by Ranil Wickremesinghe. One cannot confirm nor deny these stories. Such stories are immensely advantageous to the NPP and their leaders. Ranil Wickremesinghe is not Mr. Clean anymore. Former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran and his infamous Bond-scam took care of that. Ranil’s uncleanliness is further  soiled by the closeness with which Ranil is associating himself with Rajapaksas and retaining the same old corrupt Ministers in his Cabinet. On the corruption issue too, AKD and the NPP are a way ahead of Ranil and his cohorts.


Both these issues, namely anti-corruption and anti-fraud are more or less the same. The frauds that have been crowding the Rajapaksa-regimes are still there in the Cabinet of Ministers. IMF monitoring or not, there is no way these frauds would become saints overnight. Ranil Wickremesinghe does not have the desire nor the aptitude to run a disciplined outfit. Whereas AKD does seem to possess both the desire and discipline to drive his men and women towards a given set of goals with utter ruthlessness, the rest of parliamentarians outside the walls of the National People’s Power are too greedy and ambitious to apply themselves to the cause of the nation. Seventy five years of history is testimony to such a tragic status quo.      

When all the chips are down and the last card is dealt, if only two are standing, and if they happen to be Ranil Wickremesinghe and Anura Kumara Dissanayake, Ranil will blink first, period. However, AKD must remember one thing: after Dudley Senanayake’s death, JR took over the United National Party and converted it to a vibrant political organism. He launched his famous Satyagraha campaign and did not stop it until the general elections were called and nominations handed over. The preparation took four full years. The results were unprecedented. AKD need not adopt J R’s program and policies; but if he forgets J R’s sense of commitment and stoicism, he will do it at his own peril.

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com 

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Latest comments

  • 4

    Viswamithra says,
    ‘The fundamental JVP thinking is founded on the textbook teachings of dialectical materialism and state ownership of the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy”.
    It is not so,
    It was the Soviet Union under Stalin who had popularized the concept of state ownership of the commanding heights of the economy and they in fact were called by the true interpreters of Marxism as revisionists.

    Nevertheless, elections are not going to facilitate systems change. It could only be realized only by other means.

    It may be that battle lines are drawn with Ranil and his Pohottuwa clique and SJB on the one side and NPP on the other side for elections but the establishment will not allow NPP to win any elections and coming to power or becoming the main opposition party.

    Let NPP elections forget about the elections.

    • 5

      “It was the Soviet Union under Stalin who had popularized the concept of state ownership of the commanding heights of the economy”
      Was there one Vladimir lyich Ulyanov who claimed credit for that job?
      “…they in fact were called by the true interpreters of Marxism as revisionists.”
      You are full of surprises today!
      Ah, I know now.
      Someone reminded me here that it is 1st April today!
      Is the rest of the writing also part of the day’s menu?
      You really can be smart!

      • 5

        You will never surprises me with your nit pitting! Yes carry on!

        Oh! Then Stalin was second to realize that Soviet Union was revisionists,- the battle cry of Chinese Communist party under our beloved MAO/

        Were you then a card carrying member of Chinese Communist party along with comrade Shan? Well, you are now under XI !

        ! I have exhausted of exclamation marks. Sorry exclamation mark is missing.

        • 3

          “nit picking?”
          SK, you thoughtlessly falsify history. Do you expect me to compliment you?
          You have again confirmed your ignorance of what ‘revisionism’ refers to in left political terminology.
          Do not ask personal questions. This is not the place for it. (Are you taking after the one who collects NIC numbers?)
          Your uncalled for personal remarks speak volumes about you.
          “! I have exhausted of exclamation marks. “
          Really you have the exclamation mark there, but the sentence to precede it is missing.
          I can imagine any punctuation mark missing in centuries old printing systems. On a computer or a mobile phone? You certainly do not fail to amuse.
          Kindly spare me the misery of ‘nitpicking by picking the ‘nits’ out of your text by checking facts.

        • 1


          Forget SB.
          Try and get hold of Feldman–Mahalanobis model.
          You will find titles of articles on Feldman and Mahalanobis from the following page:

          Only problem is both of them were not Chinese.
          Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis an Indian and Grigory Feldman from Soviet Union.

          • 1


            “Forget SB.”.
            Sorry I meant SJ.

    • 8

      srikrish: You are absolutely correct in saying that the “Battle Lines” are drawn although that “Line” is still being drawn. I presume, in the very near future “SJB” will provide that option. Then, it would be “SLPP/UNP/SJB and all other “Ethno/Religious” parties that are always waiting to secure a “Benefit” on ONE side AND “JVP/NPP” on the “OTHER” side. That “DIVIDE” is a welcome scenario in the political field of this country.

      The “JVP/NPP” leader AKD said this recently at an interview he had with a “Youtuber”. He (AKD) said at an election with this “Divide” either would be “10% to NPP OR it could be over “50%”. He also said: “All this talk of 35 to 37% is not what we are aiming at”. What we aim is to secure the governing function to do the changes that we have placed before the people”. I am glad that AKD knows what JVP/NPP “NEEDS” and they are very FRANK about what they tell the people.

      Also at that interview, AKD said: “We have learned lessons from the past and will never even take a “stone” to our hands to achieve our goals”. So, “Democracy” and “Elections” would be the ONLY means. This interview was on March 31st, 2023.

      • 3

        “To deviate from that elementary ‘communist’ platform is hard; being bred in that philosophy and later subscribe to a quasi-capitalism or social democracy is a huge leap. AKD and the rest of his NPP seem to have taken that leap.” So writes Vishwamitra. But are we sure of that? AKD talks glibly of an “efficient ” and “restructured” economy, but his very own unions fight tooth and nail against just that. AKD says he will support 13A, but Tilvin Silva says no. AKD says he won’t even throw a stone, but Lalkantha justifies the killing of “traitorous” political opponents. Who is the real JVP?

  • 3

    correction in the last para
    “Let, NPP forget about elections”

    • 6

      One more correction is due:
      There cannot be a comma after “Let”.

      • 0

        where we could get a copy of the 31st March interview of AKD?

        • 2

          A tiny nit:
          …where could we…?

    • 8

      Needless to say, the writer is immature and doesn’t think twice about the comparison. AKD is going to be our next candidate similar to “Gotabhaya” because we know he has less practical experience in a country filled with more malice and hate than the opposite side.

      RW is old and mature enough to filter them properly and that is the reason why he is able to convince the IMF about the country’s risk levels today. That was just one man achievement.
      As has been added elsewhere, only a mature leader can restore this country. It is not easy to take action in our country as AKD dreams. If it were easier, as his famous speeches make clear, they should have won the hearts and minds of the rural majority long ago. The truth is they were unable to convince grass root levels over the past 3 decades.
      A careful study will prove it to any sane person.
      Recently I had to study it carefully, without bias, focusing only on ground realities. Not a single politician, all the big sharks have deliberately repeated their failures, anyway SJB and JVP are not clean in my eyes.
      And there are subtle realities in the mentality of the people of this country, which means they do not respect the law of this country which is limited to paper only. Top executives don’t seem to follow the rule of law in the performance of their public office duties despite wearing tie coats.



      • 8


        I listened to a recent series of videos of Minister Harin Fernando and others who fearlessly risked their lives 6 months ago and bravely appeared on television.


        . I also agree with the stories of Harin, Manusha and Kanchana these days. All these three together with Ranil have already proved their ability.
        It is reported that more than 250 000 tourists have arrived in the 3 months of 2023 only, although the number of tourists has decreased a few months ago.
        I don’t especially like our politicians in general, but, credit where credit’s due, these young politicans are very efficient.
        At the same time, I feel AKD and SJB leader are jokers of the day who cannot prioritize the need of the day. Prevaricative speculations by AKD to improve the country by reducing corruption and cutting the allowances of parliamentarians is really a joke.

        The fund allocations for MPs is reported to be 1% of state revenue ( state income nearly 4700 billion per year).
        The SJB leader is more clown like today than in the past. Harin compares him being not law educated enough, compared to the arguments of RW.

        “As the young ministers say, Sajith cannot read a single page of the law book, Ranil swallowed the law book.”තරුණ ඇමැතිවරු කියන විදියට සජිත්ට නීති පොතේ එක පිටුවක්වත් කියවන්න බැහැ, ඒක කටපාඩම් කරන්න රනිල් දන්නවා.

        I don’t have the least guess that Sajith will ever become a leader of this country. He is more like MAHINDA RAJAPKAHE that could please the gallery for his rise. So are his responses to AKD and his alternatives today.

  • 4

    So that means only a revolution can over ride the establishment?

    Who is the establishment?

    • 2

      Absolutely! You had put it correctly!
      Aragalya boys, Are you listening?

  • 6

    An year has rolled along since the launch of the Aragalaya.
    The beneficiary of that struggle is ironically President Ranil Wickremasinghe.
    From nowhere he dashed down the line selling dummy after dummy [to use Rugger parlance! ] and touched down. .MaRa converted.

    Outsiders, not well versed in the politics of the country may think that the Aragalaya exercise was to help Ranil achieve his ambition.!

    Fortuitous circumstances led to the Presidency fall on his lap.
    He has won the first round with the first lap of the IMF bail out.
    The Prevention of Terrorism Bill if passed in Parliament could ensure a smooth ride for him in the foreseeable future.unless between the cup and the lip there is a slip.

    I gazed at this photo to this essay, for a long time: Who will outfox whom?

  • 12

    One of the reasons for Lionrl Bopage left JVP was it became racist. JVP has not changed it stand. It can never build a united Sri Lanka.
    We need fresh party to rebuild Sri Lanka

  • 4

    Who will blink first;

    Hitler or Pol Pot, they will blink at the same time, because both are deceptive and vile individuals bent on reaching their goals either by hook or by crook.

  • 8

    “A system change, which is popularly acknowledged as the only way out for our nation, can be trusted only in the hands of the NPP and Anura Kumara Dissanayake”.
    This doesn’t sound like valid expectation when what would be acceptable as a system change is ever mentioned.
    Has anyone asked Anura Kumara what his thoughts on that are.
    No one who is not ready to drive away the elephant in the room can be trusted with it.

  • 8

    What financial repair has Ranil done, nothing! Even IMF funding is a loan, not a grant, and has to be paid back with interest, too the loan was not given in one tranche but in four stages showing clearly that the lender IMF does not trust Ranil or his budget/forecasts. Talking about the budget, even the funds allocated in the budget is not available for the LG elections, which means the budget cannot be trusted and now the question arises how did IMF release even 1/4 of have funds?

    When Ranil boasts on one day that he has taken the country out of bankruptcy, and on another day he says there are no funds to fund the constitutionally required LG elections, we have to wonder which statement is correct. If at all what Ranil has done to date is to pave the way to borrow more money. If we are to believe what he says, that means every citizen of the country today owes more money than he or she owed before Ranil became the “Illegal Back Door President”. Illegal because he was not even suitable to be the UNP National List member as his name was not on the national list and the time to nominate a national list MP has expired by the time the back door was opened by a bunch of SLPP crooks in the parliament for him to be appointed as the PM and then the President.

  • 11

    I mean….Ranil merely “looks” good after that small amount of first tranche of IMF. But our Lankans know that the core issues will never be resolved that way viz. money leaving the shores via Elite, even with the Workers slogging at full potential…..happened ever since independence, but got exponentially worse in the past 15 years, and worst after 2015 when foreign creditors were enticed by a silly government to buy Lankan stocks and bonds. Just look at our previous leaders and ambassadors of the past 70 years and their children living the elitist lives in Western capitals, and owning big business there.

    Anura will cure the malignancy, nationalize the business venture, bring in foreign expertise to jump-start our industry (rather than selling to foreign companies who will take our profits), give the workers through and continuous job training, create worker pride, confidence and satisfaction, and deliver the profits created of the people and by the people, for the people, and to the people

    • 0

      …thorough* job training

  • 2

    Our local politics is currently IRRELEVANT as our future depends on the geopolitics played by Americans UK Indians Japanese and Australians.
    These countries are competing against the Chinese to have a foothold in SL.
    It is important for the Sinhala authors/journalists to talk about ethnic reconciliation and independent Judiciary. Without them there can be economic resurgence

    • 6

      The US and India are the main players for hegemony. UK, Japan and Australia are junior partners of the US.
      China is more of an excuse for them to do what they do. It seeks influence regardless of who is in power, but does not look at military presence, which is a costly exercise. It is rapidly building global partnerships about which the US can do nothing, unless it changes its style of work.
      Local politics will be most important when anti-imperialism moves centre stage.

  • 2

    The result of AKD’s economic plans are best told by the late President Reagan.

    • 3

      Reagan’s time only…now they are far more advanced.

      • 1

        Ramona, there is no hope for you…

  • 4

    “The fundamental JVP thinking is founded on the textbook teachings of dialectical materialism and state ownership of the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy. “
    Dialectical materialism and the JVP?
    I have yet to come across a single piece of political analysis by the JVP based on dialectical materialism. Even their famous 5 lessons (i. Crisis in capitalism; ii. Independence is a device of colonialism; iii. Indian expansionism; iv. The left movement in Sri Lanka; and v. The path Sri Lanka revolution should take) has not the vaguest reference to dialectical materialism.
    Had not the JVP gone soft on the IMF relief some months ago.
    We are a neo-colony, taking control of the economy is out of the question until we are rid of imperialist control through a variety of mechanisms

  • 2

    Christine Legarde , former two times MD of the IMF said : ” Perhaps the most
    important ingredient for a successful anti-corruption approach is the
    development of strong institutions , centred on a professional civil service
    that is Sufficiently Independent From Both PRIVATE INFLUENCE And
    POLITICAL INTERFERENCE .” Is there one such institution in our country ?
    Can we even imagine to have one in the future ? Under Mahinda , Duminda
    was scot free , Under Sira + Ranil Combo , Duminda was caged , Under Gota ,
    Duminda was released and then again caged . NO ONE wanted to get this
    power stripped off the Executive for good ?

    • 0

      The GENIE that was unleashed by Banda the Oxford Scholar, turned politician to satisfy his desire to become PM-SL by “HOOK OR BY CROOK”, nurtured by successive Powers, who followed him on both sides of the divide, I AM AFRAID CANNOT BE BOTTLED-UP after almost 70 years!!!
      It would never happen, in my view as one would be able to convince the public service of this country to stand against pollicisation, foregoing the perks enjoyed to-date by THOSE “BENDING BACKWARDS TO OFFER ONE AND ALL ALEGIANCE”, TO POLITICIANS AT THE EXPENCE OF RECTITUDE!!!???
      Unthinkable – “LIKENED TO OPIUM” deeply entrenched in ENTIRE COMMUNITY at large – immaterial RIGHTIST, LEFTIST OR CENTRISTS!!!??
      The country, LOT, STOCK and BARRELL has become rotten from the ROOT to the CROWN!!!

      • 0

        Mahila ,

        Srilanka learned to b a small time thief since independence and
        with literacy rate gradually going up and JRJ’s new economy
        opening up new avenues for Dollars , majority of Guardians of
        Rule of law found ways to Steal ! From 2000 onward all forms of
        loot and corruptions got accelerated and here we go today
        standing on the streets screaming and the thieves identified but
        defiant and unmoved !

  • 2

    “Ranil Vs. AKD: Who Will Blink First?”
    The powerful President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was chased away purely by External (USA) intervention. The IMF was brought about external intervention and Ranil is the possible Presidential candiadate with the Government formed by Rajapaksa (SLPP). The religious factor will contribute in getting large suck of votes. Unfortunately, the economic crisis factor or corruption factor will be supprised silently and the current popularity of JVP/NPP also possibly die in one or two years.

  • 2

    In 2019 people believed strongman Gotabaya was the answer to the country’s woes. They wanted a military man, but what happened? It ended in a massive disaster which the country will take decades to recover from. Ranil’s only a caretaker brought in to tranquillize the people from the pain they are going through. He will surely be booted out come next election.

    So this time round, the voters seem to have put their faith in the JVP. They seem to have the moral platform and the noises we hear about anti-corruption and so forth look all well and good but the most important question is where do they stand with regard to the economy? They are already out on the streets protesting the privatisation of state corporations and liberalizing the economy. The JVP must come clean and show us voters their economic roadmap to recovery.
    We also, badly need a media that will put them to the blowtorch and ask them the hard questions, sadly the media is only interested in grabbing headlines and not interested in what matters. Every which way you try to look at it we’ve been screwed for 75 long years and look like that’s to continue.

  • 4

    There have been many Critics of Ranil including this writer Vishwamithra who has written reams degrading Ranil Wickremasinghe as an inept person with no vision not worthy of holding public office. They even boastfully claimed that Ranil Wickremasinghe can never become the President of this country. Suddenly Vishwamithra, hesitantly admits, to quote his own words, ‘ President Wickremesinghe will resort to any and all means to cushion his position in power with the cunning and wide experience he has gained over the last forty years’. What all these Critics of Ranil Wickremasinghe said before was not this. Ranil Wickremasinghe was projected by these very peple as a weakling who has no Charisma of Leadership. Now suddenly they have discovered that Ranil Wickremasinghe is smarter than they thought. Do not be surprised if these very critics begin to praise his Virtues before long. AKD or Sajith is no match for Ranil Wickremasinghe who are Novices, with a heavily bloated Ego helped by these very same Critics.

    • 2

      gamini ,

      An easy riddle ! Mr Clean + Arjuna Mahendran + Central Bank = ?
      Mr Clean + Nimal Siripala + Japanese Funded Airport Project = ?
      Mr Clean + Colombo District + The last General Election = ?
      Mr Clean + Volkswagen + Kurunagala = ?
      Mr Clean + National list + Mahinda + Gota + Basil + Namal = ?
      Mr Clean + Tie + No Coat + No Trouser + No underwear = ?

      • 1


        To answer your Juvenile mind,
        1. Is there any Court verdict on the Bond issue reference Arjuna Mahendran? Has Court taken up an issue of Insider Trading? Do you know the Singapore response to the extradition request? Do you seriously believe that Singapore is covering up fraud deliberately?

        2. Right or wrong, is it not Court that had cleared Nimal Siripala. Or do you feel that your opinion should be counted and not others?

        3. Now it is very clear how MR had won the hearts and mind of the gullible foolish majority with the exposure of the manner MR has handled the Trade Unionists, allowing them to remain in employment even after retiring, drawing salaries, OT, Bonuses, Fuel allowances given to them for the the expensive SUVs provided just to buckle Economic programes of Reform? Further a 85% of Postal vote at the last GE going in favour of MR and the Pohottuwa is simlar to how MR has wooed the Trade Unionists.

        4. This topic has been explained many a time after the issues arising and the new Factory is there, but not for your naivete.

        5. Aren’t all of them elected by the very voters who rejected Ranil Wickremasinghe?

        6. Typical Baiya resorting to profanity sans decency or upbringing.

    • 0

      “.. they have discovered that Ranil Wickremasinghe is smarter than they thought.”
      Portrayal of RW as a ‘loser’ was childish mischief.
      He is cunning, and where his smartness will deliver this country into is my worry.

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