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Ranil’s Private Secretary Quits In Disgust And Dismay, Reveals ‘All’ In Resignation Letter – Full Text Of The Letter

Sudath Chandrasekara who has served as Ranil Wickremesinghe‘s Private Secretary and UNP Communication Director and has been his right hand man for 33 years has tendered his resignation after being relegated to ‘Special Assistant’ at the UNP’s headquarters, Sirikotha.

Sudath and Ranil

Chandrasekera’s letter, dated March 19, 2018, mentions numerous services rendered to party and leader as well as a long list of complaints.

Chandrasekara, a Police Sub Inspector at Batalanda in the late eighties, takes responsibility for defending Wickremesinghe at various critical political moments over the period mentioned, including the provision of security during the 88-89 period of terror ‘at great personal risk,’ deploying a special communications team to counter adverse publicity and leading the infamous ‘kurundu polu’ (cinnamon club) attack at Matara on a group of party dissidents engaged in a protest march.

As a result, he claims, he earned sobriquets such as ‘The Batalanda Murderer,’ ‘Gamini Athukorale’s Murderer,’ ‘Murderer of Rienzie Algama who set fire to himself and died at Sirikotha,’ and ‘Ranil’s Red-Lipped Ass-Boy’.

Chandrasekara however, expresses gratitude to Wickremesinghe for having given him Rs 100,000 and helping him enroll his daughter at a leading private school in Colombo even in the midst of his (Wickremesinghe’s) mother’s funeral.

We publish below the letter in full:

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