17 May, 2022


Reflections On Lok Sabha Election 2014

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

Nature of Results

A total of 543 million voters have exercised their franchise to send 543 members to Lok Sabha. The BJP juggernaut with Modi at the helm has swept India clean. Over half a billion voters acting in one mind have expressed their voice loud and clear. The mandate at around 335 seats is the highest ever for BJP. Endorsement by voters at a very high percentage is unprecedented.

The grand old Congress stands devastated. State parties which ruled their brief roost beyond their states are now relegated to limbo and have lost their bargaining edge. The emerging scene is decidedly in favour of national parties for the nation and state parties for the states. India a big power is on the threshold of bringing its act together. At sight is resoluteness casting away indecisiveness in foreign and domestic policy alike.

Influencing the nation’s course apart, is the impact on neighbours and perhaps a wholesome fall out for the region. The benighted Tamils of Sri Lanka suppressed for long, look forward to seeing  the big power lifting the oppressive hand. Preceding it their voice needs to be listened to, fears assuaged, aspirations responded to and their dignity redeemed. For thirty years engagement of India had been to raise the hopes of the Tamils and then to dash them. This was done in unerring sequence causing loss of trust. Expectation now is for that confidence to be restored, multi form marginalistion to be halted and their future placed on a new trajectory.


Independence brought to the fore the greatest Indian, Nehru as Prime Minister. On top of it, India was blessed with the sternest in Patel as his lieutenant. He was also the ablest deputy ever. Good governance and strong stewardship went on for four decades, a brief aberration notwithstanding. At the helm now is Modi as choice of India, sterner than the sternest in the making. Times demand it the way humiliation at Versailles and the Bolshevik spectre brought forth the strongest in Germany at the appropriate moment. Democratic chaos and policy paralysis have laid their groundwork for India’s transformation.

A Watershed

In 30 years, for once India has voted the ruling party with an absolute majority. An intelligent all India electorate has chosen single party governance as the antidote to weak, indecisive and unstable governments. Knowing full well that continued unity of command should be assured to the ruling party, it has done so. This way the people’s decision breaks new ground. Together with it a two party system is being consolidated. Lightweights are getting into oblivion without so much as a whimper. Professional hangers on whose specialism is only the wily picking of a likely winner have got a short shrift. Glaring two are the Communist Parties of India. Post poll gamblers adepts in horse-deals have now seen the exit door.

M_Id_397178_ModiAbove all is the reversal of mass support and moving convincingly to national parties, veering from state parties. The two national parties have increased their seat strength close to 400, the highest since 1984. Vote share now for both is far ahead that of state parties. Three aspirants to premiership have been told by their electors not to peer beyond what their height permits. Their vaulting ambitions are laid to rest. The one from UP has been cut to size and shown her place. Two party system, good for governance is getting into form. State party dalliance with national parties is no different from the tail of the tadpole. It goes off even as the frog evolves and reaches maturity.

Political development in 2014 has attained to such a level at this watershed. If this tempo is maintained, India may see parties with an all India spread and a national policy perspective battling it out for central power and right of governance over India. The states with their vision confined to geographical and linguistic boundaries will limit their power struggles to terrain  they are familiar with. When such a change comes about, states and state formations with their particularist outlook will cease to reach for a share in central governance. Such parties and members concentrating their mental energy in the states is good for the periphery and better for the centre,

Seats and Votes for Stable Governance

A national party as in the case of Congress in the early years after independence was never precluded from capturing power in the states. BJP has now launched itself into this fray. Having entered certain states where it had no footprint earlier, it is well on its way to consolidating its presence. It is soon bound to honeycomb both state and country. In such an environment states and centre can see a dovetailing of policy and programme much to the benefit of the whole polity. Working in tandem will give way to acting at cross purposes. Observers may hopefully see such a change in its incipient stage with these remarkable results now recorded.

Assured full term and guaranteed single party support are two pivots for a stable government to draw up policies fearlessly and to implement them single mindedly. The first 40 years had 8 elections. In the first 8, as many as 6 gave to the Congress 351 to 414 seats. Popular vote for the party was 41 – 50 %.

The latter 25 years had 7 without the current one. Seats for Congress ranged from 114 to 244. Popular vote was 25.8 – 39.5%. In no less than 5, it was 29% or below. The slide was precipitous.

Today after a merciless rout, it has touched the very nadir of around 60 seats.

In 67 years since 1947, Congress has seen many a vicissitude. Seats of 414 declining to 114 and votes of 50% dwindling to 26%. In 2004 seats were short of 127 for an absolute majority and votes were less than27%. In this period DMK demanded its pound of flesh and fleeced it as well. The Communists had a fair number in 2004 with their piggy back tactics and held the government to ransom on the Indo-Us Nuclear Deal. In 2009 seats were 66 short of a majority and votes couldn’t cross 29%.

Could these two terms have been Strong? Never. For once, votes received by national parties (INC+BJP) declined to 48% and less while state formations got 51% and more. With atrocious unfairness India and the world called the two governments weak. The weakness was personalized on Man Mohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. It was gross injustice. Do they derive their strength from thin air? No. Only through seats and votes in decisive numbers. The point being driven is that Modi’s record strength in seats and votes secured today will make for very strong governance.

Modi’s Phenomenal Achievement  

The scale of victory of BJP is very striking in 2014. It records the highest ever in 32 years and exceeds the previous high of 189. Strength will be seen to grow from the power of the ballot. Alliances have  made BJP into NDA, adding greater strength and accounting for more power. The upshot of it is to permit a strong and robust government to be in place.

Tamil Nadu and Dravidian Parties

Several sociological factors account for the emergence of Dravidian Kalagam as a rationalist movement in Tamil Nadu. From 1944 it grew fast attracting the masses till it bifurcated into two in 1949. DMK the offshoot soon overshadowed the parent organization and captured political power in 1967. It was a remarkable phenomenon in speed and scale. What explains? The sharp decline in the stock of goodwill towards Congress. The quest for freedom was spearheaded by sincerity, sacrifice and selflessness of Congress leadership. Ten years into independence and they lost their image. More disastrously the spirit of nationalism ignited by Bharathi by the turn of the century was fully aflame at the time of independence in Tamil Nadu. Both heat and light were lost on the Congress which failed to keep the spirit afire.

Riding the crest and growing apace was the social, political and literary movement under the dynamic leadership of Annadurai, Karunanithi and Neduncheliyan. Their powerful oratory matched that of Mark Antony in stirring the masses. Under the onslaught, Congress withered and wilted and collapsed in 1967.

The India-China war of 1962 thrust the gravest challenge on the DMK. The choice was between asinine adherence to separation or a flexible revision of policy in the wake of anti-secessionist legislation. Very adroitly Annadurai the leader announced revision abandoning separation in the words “Only if we have India can we have our own state”. Since then for 52 years, politically, economically, administratively and infra-structurally India and Tamil Nadu are bound together by hoops of steel. TN is as much an integral part of India as Uttara Pradesh or Gujarat. To talk of secession of Tamil Nadu and unlikely adventurism now or in the future is to talk ethereally. It is tantamount to saying that Bavaria together with Munich will fly off Germany and annex a part of Austria.

Extinction of Congress in Tamil Nadu

The failure of Congress to appreciate the rising tide of nationalism and it’s attitude of nonchalance to imposition of Hindi led to the anti-Hindi agitation of Himalayan proportions in 1966 spearheaded by DMK with youth in the forefront.

The decline and fall of the Congress in TN are the result of its duplicity in handling the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. All its actions in the UNHRC and with the Sri Lankan government were nothing but diabolical in the last 8 years of war and its aftermath. It was seen vividly as such by all Tamils. In the process of cheat it earned the antipathy of Tamil Nadu. With ill will towards the Congress, Tamils of SL directed their animosity to India. What has now followed is the demise. Now even the ashes are interred with all the good done earlier by the Congress and leaders like Rajaji and Kamaraj. Following the way of the Congress to its grave are the Dravidian formations. Why?

Time of Demise for Dravidian Parties

“If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?” – Shelley

If the Congress can depart from Tamil Nadu, can the Dravidian Parties overstay their welcome? The latter are remaining the way Congress had existed after 1962. The wiping out today is the final stamp of rejection.

In less than half a century, the DMK is devoid of its sense of mission, is riddled with corruption, soaked in  nepotism, has run out of steam, lost its way and is searching for rescuers. The AIADMK founded in 1972, a splinter in the face of corruption has become an ego centric formation existing on borrowed time. Its victory today is for want of a vibrant party. MDMK of Vaiko is another splinter of DMK which is yet not able to bring its act together. DMDK of Vijaykanth knows all too well that without partners it is lost. Hence its uneasy alliance with BJP. The PMK of Ramadas exists to keep the name alive, send the leader’s son to Parliament and  make him a minister. Other cabals are of little note. To make sense out of this senseless scene, a national party needs to enter, wipe them all out and build a future for the Tamils. In what context can this happen?

The most propitious time is when revulsion reaches its height against a certain situation. As of now all state parties in Tamil Nadu have forfeited people’s allegiance. Knowing it well DMK engaged in waste on freebies and allied frivolities. In its final year in governance it voted nearly Rs. 200 billion for such expenditure. AIADMK government voted for 2014/15 Rs 470 billion to squander resources and to impoverish the state.  When party fortunes dwindle waste is increased as legitimized bribe and yet the state party in governance fails to get two consecutive terms. When will this chicanery end?

The best time is now  to terminate flippant approach to governance and replace it with futuristic orientation of a responsible national party. The youth upsurge of early 2013 demonstrated where the political destiny of the Tamils lies. It also showed who the real compatriots of Sri Lankan Tamils are. Circumstances favour a new beginning. With youth attracted towards it, BJP can have a prize catch in getting TN into its fold. It is not unknown to the BJP that it was on the Sri Lankan Tamil plank that the youth blasted through in Tamil Nadu last year.

For quite a long time we Tamils of Sri Lanka have incurred the worst. Let us sustain our labours with the thought that the best is yet to be. If the time is ripe, let us ripen the fruit.

*The writer is a retired Ministry Secretary and a former Advisor to President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga

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Latest comments

  • 3

    Modi wins.

    Muslims are DOOMED!

    • 8


      “Modi wins. Muslims are DOOMED!”

      MR invite Modi on a state visit. Probably will set a naval rating to swing his ceremonial gun at Modi during guard of honour on red carpet.

    • 4

      With MARA The Evil one at the helm, every Sri Lankan citizen, except the Jarapassa family and their goons, was doomed. Only good can come out of the victory of Modi for every Sri Lankan citizen.

    • 7

      This stupid fool ‘Tamodaya’ with so many stage names trying his best to defame Modi since he became popular. Modi And BJP time and again said in public rally they have been blamed wrongly for the Gujarat riots. They are so many Mulim leaders in the BJP. Modi reached out to Muslims a couple of times and Rajnath Singh, the senior leader did the same several times.

      This bugger Tamodaya in various pseudonym is paranoid since he knew that Congress will be doomed, so are his masters the killer Gothaya and TsunamiHora. Modi will be bloody tough with Mara regime unlike the rubber stamp Dr Manmohan Singh who was like Madam Sonia’s puppy. Modi will slowly but surely start gripping Mara’s balls soon.
      Tamodaya is getting some kicks satisfaction when saying Muslims will be in trouble. You fool Indian media Indian parliament Indian policies are not like the outdated stone age system of Beliatte rowdy.

      Fukushima for your info, BJP Minority Morcha is the minority wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Abdul Alim Khan, Sikander Bakht, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Syed Shahnawaz Hussain are among the well known Muslim leaders of the BJP.

      National President – Abdul Rasheed Ansari
      Delhi president – Atif Rasheed
      Delhi office Secretary – Mohd Jozee
      Uttar Pradesh President – Shri mati Rumana siddiqui
      Uttar Pradesh Media Incharge – Shahnawaz khan (Ghaziabad)
      Karnataka PresidentDr – Nizamuddin F Mohsin
      Maharastra President – Haji Hyder Azam
      Gujarat PresidentSufi Mehboob Ali Chisti
      Amethi President – Lal Mohammad
      Allahabad Mahanagar President – Haider Abbas
      Varanasi PresidentMobin Siddiqi
      Gazipur President – Raja Gazanfar Ali
      Sultanpur President – Zameer Khan
      MirzaPur President – Ejaz Ahmad
      Lucknow President – Naseem
      Andhra pradesh Presiden – Haneef Ali

      You better go and bullshit in Beliatte/Akuressa/Horana/Piliyandala and some areas in Gampaha.

      • 4

        your effort are appreciated.

        2 factions of modaya’s (I am only referring to the modays not everyone in general) are proving they are a bunch of modayos.

        The Tamil modaya are is in the impression that Modi BJP will get them closer to to Tamul Eelam, or kind of greater devolution of power. The singhala modayo (I would like to emphasize I am only addressing the modayo of all communities) are under the impression the BJP modi will kick muslim ass in India.

        On one hand Tmail Diaspora want BJP to kick Mhainda mama, on the other side the Singhala extremist are assuming Modi BJP will kick Muslims in India, so they can also ride bus locally or at least lit some fire crackers.

        This is what we have become as a society. Venomous communal feelings are so deep rooted we are unable to see our common enemy which is the MR Regime which is plundering to the bone or is it majority are so foolish we don’t see whats going on in this country? one could only assume the latter going by recent election results.


        If someone wants to wear the modya’s hat, I am afraid I cant hep it.

        • 2

          Exactly, you are correct!

          Modi would not bring an eelam or danger to SL and wont be dangerous to Muslims in India. But he might create issues with Bangladesh due to illegal immigration problem.

          Yes we need to get out of MR, but Afzal, pro LTTE media, and opposition who has no idea about the geological threats SL would be facing is easily gifting MR the victory.

          For example for opposition to win, they need to talk about SL’s problems and bring a solution, without attempting to look like a lackey of the west. And CT and pro LTTE mentality of sinhala so called liberals destroy the chance we have to defeat MR.

          • 2


            “For example for opposition to win, they need to talk about SL’s problems and bring a solution, without attempting to look like a lackey of the west.”

            Sinhala Buddhists are the problem hence approach to any solution should deal with those bigots first and then create a space in which they can discuss the process.

            Therefore you should seriously consider yourself as the core of the problem and have yourself deported to Tamilnadu, Bihar, Bengal. With you there won’t be any solution because bigoted Sinhala/Buddhists like you are occupying the entire land, politics, economics. and misusing unlimited power.

            When are you leaving?

            • 1

              why should sinhala leave? sinhala originated in SL and taught your fathers how to wear a loin clothe. Had not for sinhalese, you people would have become testing objects of the whites like the aborigines of aus.

              Between where you went wrong is when you say you have to deal with sinhala bigotry. Sinhala bigotry is not the only thing in SL, Tamil racism, muslim racism is riding high. As a sinhalese who didnt take my ethnicity seriously I highly value my sinhalaness now and my sinhala brothers and sisters as I did never before. The naked racist, bigoted and hypocrite venom against my people in forums like this has strenthened my love for my people. I adore Sinhala more than Sri Lanka.

      • 5

        Good work – reader Solutions. The Congress-leaning Press and electronic media created this “hate figure” of Narendra Modi. It is similar dark sources that said with the arrival of Vajpayee’s BJP Govt Indian Muslims are doomed and will have to run to Pakistan. No such thing happened. They repeated the same thing this time but the Indian voter – the educated middle class, students, academics, teachers, most Indians in the lower Middle class, farmers, small business persons etc. tired of the corruption and the dynastic rule – wanted to vote the BJP in with Modi’s track record of running Gujarat corruption-free and progressive.

        Despite Congress being in power for 2 terms they could not pin anything on Modi to fix him on the 2002 Gujarat incidence. The entire carnage was a creation of the Pak ISI in their continued conspiracies to destroy India. The truth is Narendra Modi tried his best with the Police and Army to quell the riots but activist Muslims widened the flames where even BJP Muslim supporters died.
        As you note, there are thousands of Muslim regional leaders in the present BJP. I won’t be surprised if NM appoints a few key senior Ministers from the useful and peaceful Indian Muslim community. Yet, ISI will continue with their dark deeds – including inspired assassinations of BJP leaders. ISI have nothing positive to do in that failed society of Pakistan – always run by ambitious and anti-Indian men in uniform. Their raison d’etre is to 24×7 plot the destruction of India – politically and economically.

        Fortunately, Nawaz Shariff is a more moderate man who wants to work with India to usher in gradual peace. But the army and ISI is unlikely to cooperate with a Pak Govt to make an effort to work peacefully with India. They will not allow a civilian Govt to rule in Pakistan and will continue in their diabolic work.

        R. Varathan

      • 2

        Correction “Modaya’s Hat”

      • 0


        How many Tamils and Muslims are in Rajafucksa’s govt.?

        Has that made him love Tamils and Muslims?


        Wait for the Babri Kovil and another one on a Muslim mosque soon.

        • 3

          Arselicker & Racist,

          That was only few names I mentioned above. There were many more Minority Female leaders and journalists supported BJP this time around. People in India taught the corrupt congress an forgettable lesson. Family rule has gone to the dogs.

          Babri Masjid – ‘Cobrapost’s recent extensive report also reveals that India’s then Congress Party Prime Minister, P. V. Narasimha Rao, was aware of the conspiracy to demolish the Babri Masjid—a sixteenth century mosque located in Ayodhya in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh—but choose to let it happen’
          That too happened under the so called secular Congress rule as JRJ put a blind eye in 1983 in SL.

          IN Feb 1983,Communal violence in Nellie, Assam 2000-5000 killed PM,Indira Gandhi (Congress party) – India’s worst slaughter of Muslims in any single riot (just 6 HOURS)

          1964 Communal riots in Rourkela & Jamshedpur,2000 Killed,Ruling party Congress
          August 1980,Moradabad Communal riots,Approx 2000 Killed under Congress
          October 1989, Bhagalpur, Bihar riots 800 to 2000 killed,Ruling party Congress
          Dec 1992 – Jan 1993 Mumbai, Maharashtra riots, 800 to 2000 killed Ruling party Congress
          April 1985, Communal riots in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. At least 300 Killed, Ruling party Congress

          Dec 1992, Aligarh, UP. At least 176 killed. Ruling party Congress (President’s rule)

          December 1992 Surat, Gujarat. At least 175 killed. Ruling party Congress
          December 1999 Hyderabad, AP At least 132 killed. Ruling party Congress

          August 1967 200 Killed. Communal riots in Ranchi, Party ruling again Congress

          April 1979 Communal riots in Jamshedpur, West Bengal. More than 125 killed | Ruling party CPIM (Communist Party)

          1970 Bhiwandi communal riots in Maharashtra. Around 80 killed Ruling party Congress

          May 1984 Communal riots in Bhiwandi 146 Killed, 611 injured. Ruling party Congress.

          Apr-May 1987, Communal violence in Meerut, UP 81 killed. Ruling party Congress

          July 1986 Communal violence in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 59 Killed Ruling party Congress.

          Now stop fooling around & hoodwinking people in SL. Naredra Modi may not be the ideal person to lead India but the Party and the Indians have confident in him. Muslim majority areas have voted for NM. If all muslims voted for congress in Gujarat Congress at least would have got 3-6 seats, minimum, but there is a clean sweep. Muslim sacred site town Nagore in Rajastan also BJP this time. Mind you Jayalalitha has a historic victory 37 out of 39. DMK is Zero.
          Please ask your boss luntic kekelle to start packing his laggage. Champika+Weerawanse tamasha will be a boomerang to him for sure too. Muslim youth in SL is supporting big time the JVP. SLMC will be another zero too.

  • 2

    BJP and its alliance set to win 300 seats( 50 seats higher than what I predicted) and AIADMK won 37 out of 39. It would have augmented well if BJP needed AIADMK for the formation of government for the benefit of the Tamils.

    • 2


      Kali believes Amma is going to send her Tamil National Army to liberate Tamil Eelam. According to him its going to take place on 16 August 2014.

      What is her strategy?

      What is your advice to Kali?

      • 1

        Come on Native V. You know there is no such thing as a Tamil National Army in Tamilnadu – the home of your forefathers when both sides of the Palk Straits came under one bhumi 7,000 years and before (Gopal Gandhi re-confirmed this in Cbo when he delivered the Bernard Soysa Memorial a few days ago- citing Shiran Deraniyagala) It is time the Mahanayakas, Nalin de S,
        Gunda Amarasekera and crowd make a note of this painful reminder.

        Amma and Narendra M may meet in Delhi and merely lift the phone to Jarapaksa to get an entire change of Lankan India Policy as well as getting enforceable guarantees to get the NPC to function effectively. The usual copmmunal rabble-rousers – the Mahanayakas, JHU, BBS and their running dogs – will simply fall in line. The darkest dreams of the Sinhala supremacist cabal is here. It will be interesting which of the Jarapaksa Brothers will hightail it to Delhi first – after Modi announces his Cabinet. Surely, Basil will claim “we are all relatives” now that he has recent in-laws there.

        As to Aug 16 that could well be the birthday of Kali’s wife.

        But the Jarapaksa family’s immediate nightmare is to overcome the shame of a miss to the Glasgow Games. That includes a chance to shake hands with HRH/ER2. Grrrr – this omnipresent Tamil diaspora!!!


        • 0


    • 1


      Would you mind taking all Sinhala speaking Demelas back to where they belong to, obviously Tamilnadu. Here are a few names that come to my mind:

      ela kolla, sach, thrish, nuisance, saroj, wathie, Banda, Abhaya, Dayan, Tamodaya, ……………………. another 20 million.

  • 6

    The DMK was incidentally also routed at the polls. The AIADMK won 36 of the 39 seats in Tamil Nadu. The BJP opened its account in Tamil Nadu with its first ever seat there.

    Narendra Modi has a developmentalist vision and is a welcome change to the policy paralysis that Manmohan Singh epitomized. India neglected defence under Manmohan. 97% of India’s air defence was out of date. Indian tanks lacked ammunition. The infantry did not have night vision glasses. Several aircraft fell from the skies while submarines met with accidents. Sri Lanka detained Indian fishermen with impunity while Chinese forces intruded into Indian territory. Hopefully all that will change now.

    But lets not forget that Mahinda Rajapakse was the first foreign leader to congratulate Modi. Colombo will do its best to cultivate New Delhi using the offices of that despicable maverick and attention grabber Subramanyam Swamy. Can the Tamil diaspora neutralize those overtures?

    • 1

      “Sri Lanka detained Indian fishermen with impunity “

      impunity? how?

      between i too do hope SL navy lets the TN fishermen come and steal the fish of Lankan tamils. Why should we risk national ambitions for the fish of some ungrateful bunch?

  • 4

    Modi doesn’t owe the SL Tamils anything. He is not dependent on Tamil Nadu. MR can easily play his anti Muslim card (which he has built up) and be friendly with Modi. The best path for SL Tamils is to reach out to the Sinhalese, give them a chance to topple MR and at the same time evolve a more accommodating politics in the island.

    • 6

      Freyju Lakkris

      “MR can easily play his anti Muslim card (which he has built up) and be friendly with Modi.”

      Yes when you play with Hindians the result would be your bum get hurt and loss of your b***s.

      Don’t play balls with them, the best cause of action would be to keep these big bullies away from this island.

      If you play one against the other when the two make deals between themselves you are caught in the middle.

      JR, VP, RP tried and lost.

      “The best path for SL Tamils is to reach out to the Sinhalese, give them a chance to topple MR and at the same time evolve a more accommodating politics in the island.”

      Another MR replaces the former one.

      The is the best cause of action is to send both Tamils and Sinhalese back to their ancestral home India if you really really really want to solve issues between them.

      Even if you can’t send them anyway.

    • 3

      It’s funny how the racist elements of Tamils and Singhala communities are buzzing with enthusiasm to further their own agenda through a 3rd party.
      Tamils wants to bash Mahinda & Sinhalese, Singhala racist wants to bat with Modi against Muslims.

      Doesn’t this make this 2 camps cowards ? aren’t they all one and the same!

  • 2

    As Modi tweeted
    Shasan me koi apna aur paraya nahi hota…sab humare hote hain: Narendra Modi in Dehradun

    Govt is not only for ours nor others …. it is for all.

    The Modi vision is all inclusive for a greater India. It is above parochial politics for the good of all Indians.

    It is unlikely that he will fall for the cards of any corrupt leaders.

  • 0

    With the victory of the BJP http://www.bjp.org/ we will see the rise and growth of Bharatdesh. Now the ‘minority’ feeling is creeping in under the door and tomorrow we shall hear the first knocks. The celebrations in the south are going to set them laughing.

  • 8

    The change in the Indian government is very important. Modi is not Sonia, he is different. BJP is pro Hindu, but not against Muslims. Though MR congratulated Modi, you cannot buy Modi like he bought Sonia. Modi has full knowledge of Sonia-Mahinda relationship. Modi has full facts and figures about the anti Hindu activities of MR regime. You can’t play games with Modi. He will have good relationship with Tamil Nadu Government.

    It is good for people of Sri Lanka too to change its government. Though Modi will not support for separation, he will support for a proper devolution of North East where Hindus are majority.

    • 0

      Oh! here comes the beast! he willl eat you! [Edited out]

    • 0

      !! Though Modi will not support for separation, he will support for a proper devolution of North East where Hindus are majority.!!

      NaMo is from a small state of the Deccan plateau (Maratha/Martial Race that drove away all the invaders who converted religion/language)

      Ideally he should and would assist the minority rule the majority for the goodness of the island- like Bahrain.
      Negotiating with the majority population sihala is futile- they have to be driven like the buros they are.

      The issue here is the Jaffna village tamils think only Tamil and English exist. While a few words of spoken hind takes the Hindus a very long way in world acceptance.
      The sihala do watch translate and listen to hindi music /film and use Sanskrit synonym’s therefore they were accepted by Congress. Sivaji the Great wanted to promote both the native religion/language so he drove/fought the invaders.
      Before 1948 how was Ceylon ruled??

      Bolo Hanuman Ki jai!

      • 0

        Hindus are majority or tamil speakers are majority?

  • 4

    “Independence brought to the fore the greatest Indian, Nehru as Prime Minister” ???? Mr. Sivathasan has more learning than that. BJP sources, this time and earlier, brought to the notice about the question mark in the parentage of the ruling Allahabad families; that Freoze Gandhi was not a Gandhi at all – Gandhi being a Gujarati name and Feroze a Farsi. Rahul with an Italian waitress-mother and an almost Muslim Grandfather was on Mission Impossible in the present GenElections.

    Narendra Modi has caused the erection of the one of the largest statues in the world – in Gujarat – perpetuating the memory of that great Indian nationalist Vallabhai Patel – a fellow Gujarati, sidelined by Jawaharlal Nehru. This too bore a tremendous message that swayed voters in favour NM in the present elections.

    As for the impact in Sri Lanka the Rajapakses have seen the writing on the wall. Mahinda R has quickly got into the records asking the next Indian PM to visit India. This is certainly a good step although whether the new regime in Delhi will bite that being another issue.
    In the BJP’s eyes the Rajapakses were ready to play ball with China against India’s interests – and that is something the BJP will not forget. Jayalalitha, who might end up with 37 of the 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamilnadu, is ready to waltz with Narendra Ji again and that will add to the nightmare of the Rajapakse family that thought they were super-clever playing Beijing against Delhi. In the emerging realignment of forces in the region the powerful USA might think Narendra M is a better bet in the region as a partner to work against a possible China having anti-Western ambitions of her own. Dayan J can write and make all sorts of predictions during the current post-Indian GenElection period – giving the impression he is batting for the Rajapakses. But once again the South Bloc wallahs will see matters in perspective. There is very little chance Narendra M will visit Sri Lanka and subject himself to the honour of a Guard of Honour that much of India remembers during Rajiv Ji’s days.

    As Bob Dylan was to sing “the good times they are a-coming” for Viggie and the vegetarians in the NPC. Their patient and calculated wait against offensive and intimidating odds appear to be paying dividends.
    The new Indian Cabinet will give further reason for comment – of interest to the Lankan side.

    R. Varathan

  • 5

    Amma in TN gets whopping 36 seats. Unfortuntely she cant do anything with that to influense the new central Govt. Modi’s BJP has a landslide majority.

    On the surface it may not augur well for the Tamils of Sri Lanka. TN cant play the Tamil Card with Central Govt any more. Sri Lankan cricketers will play in Chennai for sure, it was silly in the first place to ban them anyway.

    The bright side is the end of the Gandhi Dynasty for ever. Indian people got rid of Gandhi dynasty now Congress need to get rid of them as well.

    Sonia may retire in luxury in Monaco,Italy. Rahul Gandhi may vanish out of scene, he made a horrible speech and not fit to lead and may get kicked out of Congress. Priynka’s husband is involved in many corrupt dealings and noose may be tightning around his neck now as Modi’s platform is getting rid of corruption.

    With the dumping of the Gandhi family, Sri Lanka have also lost their bargainign power too. Sri Lanka have to dump the “LTTE Killed Rajiv Gandhi” card, poor Mahinda cant play that card anymore.

    Thank god spinless Manmohan Singh is out, he made the giant India look like a poodle in the Sri Lankan affairs. Even as he left ofice he did a last favour to Mahinda by extending the ban on LTTE.

    However we need to wait and see what Modi’s foreign poilcy is going to be towards Sri Lanka including how he will deal with the the
    Sri Lankan Tamil issue. He cant altogher ignore it as China and Pakistan are at his door step via Sri Lanka.

    This was the result LTTE supremo VP was bargaining for 4 years ago, but with a stronger TN card. It may have not come too late for the Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Interesting times ahead

  • 3

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  • 4

    Diaspora Tamils are celebrating as if tamul elam is in sight and N Modi will do everything in his power to give them it in a platter.

    N Modi is much more smarter politician, he does not need Jayalalithaa’s support to form government. Jayalalithaa will try hard to plug herself in going to any extent possible. Even with the resounding with victory she will have less influence in the center

    However MR will find things harder now, thing will be lot more straighter. It is not a secret congress was manipulated by cunning Jayalalithaa, even at such pressure congress played a balanced game.
    Imagine the situation now without wicked Jayalalithaa playing tamil card for every damn thing. Surely relationships between the 2 countries will grow N. Modi will want to negate Chinese influence in the region he is also mindful of SL relationship with Pakistan.

    But most of all the Center (whether it is BJP or congress) they are aware of TN aspirations. If likes of Rajesh are assuming that BJP will set aside the killing of one of their Prime Minister by LTTE, sadly he does not know anything about politics.

    It will be Jayalalithaa who will be the ultimate looser in this whole affair.
    Surely Sri Lanka will benefit from strong leadership in India, one which is not aligned to TN politics. Hopefully the Sri Lankans can learn a lesson from this. I listen to A. K. Dissanayakes Mayday speech
    There are political leader in Sri Lanka with a vision. We still have hope.

    • 0

      Afzal, Agree with you. I am surprised at the very banal thinking voiced by many. Modi has been elected to govern India, not Sri Lanka. His priority will be the development of India and for that to happen he will naturally expect good relations with all neighbours. That includes Pakistan. If Modi is some one who will form his Sri Lankan policy based on Tamil Nadu political opinion, then he does not deserve the accolades he is now bestowed with.

      The Tamils of Sri Lanka must work with the Sri Lankan people, the Sinhala, and Muslim, to win their rights from this racist government. The Sinhala people too want equal rights and the freedoms expressed in a democracy. When India is asked to intervene it alienates national minded Sinhala people who cannot abide with betraying their country. I wonder why many Tamil commentators cannot understand this. Yes, we know it is taking a long time but work with us please.

  • 0

    Tamils have LOST their ability to be king makers.

    TOO SAD!

    TOO BAD!

    TOO FAT!

    Tamils LOST again. Remember last time in 2009? It was during genocidal war. Tamils lost.

    Victory celebrations in India and SL (Victory Parade). Very rare India and SL both on celebration mood around the same time.

    • 1

      Victory celebration in India for some good reasons, but victory celebration in Srilanka for wrong reasons.

  • 1

    Times of india feb 26,ha d thsi article,excerpts of which i give.

    “CHENNAI: A BJP-led government under Narendra Modi at the Centre would solve the Tamil Eelam and the Tamil Nadu fishermen issues in three months, said senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Tuesday.

    Delivering a lecture on current political scenario organized by the state unit of the party, Sinha said, “These two issues have not been solved because of policy paralysis at the Centre. Once a BJP-led coalition government under Modi takes over, the problem will be solved within three months.”

    BJP has got its first ever seat in tamilnadu,mainly because of this statement,so it will have to fulfill that pledge or next time instead of building up further on that one seat to a possible 3,it will even lose that one it got this time.

    So modi has to make a decision.By end Aug he has to solve the problems or lose his credibility with the tamils.Sinha spoke like as if they already have a plan ready to go when they take over.Only time will tell whether it was an election rhetoric or modi is a different kettle of fish from the traditional indian politicians.I will bet on the latter.

    This man has been running gujarat for 4 terms and made it the most successful state.In that period he has never taken a days sick leave.

    So he can’t be a traditional indian politician,period.

  • 1

    Mr. Sivathasan and all his Tamil brethren in Sri Lanka rely heavily on India to solve Sri Lanka’s ethnic problem. I believe this is the biggest problem for escalating ethnic tension on the island.

    A few months ago, Jayalalita was dreaming about becoming the prime minister of India by default if the BJB failed to get an absolute majority. Tamils in Tamil Nadu had such high hopes that they gave AADMK 36 out of 38 Lok Sabha seats. The Indians were wise enough to see through the wily Jayalalita’s craving for power. The voters have dashed her ambition to dictate Indian foreign policy via Chennai. Vaiko is history.

    I think it’s time for SL Tamils to understand that there are no permanent solutions to any problem through external intervention or otherwise. Existence is a process that doesn’t stop with a solution.

    Sri Lanka could achieve greater progress if both Sinhalese and Tamils can forgive and forget the past, realize that “self” is an illusion, and discuss their problems directly through their representatives without any preconditions.

    Forget about external intervention. Let Mr. Modi rule peacefully to make Bharat a great country. Who named the country “India”?

    • 0

      Dont you think SL tamils should leave TNA and start having leaders directly in UPFA and UNP both? If I were a tamil, that is what i would do.

      • 1


        “Dont you think SL tamils should leave TNA and start having leaders directly in UPFA and UNP both? If I were a tamil, that is what i would do.”

        Yes Tamils should leave not the party but my island. So should the Sinhala/Buddhists. Both stupid people (typical example is you) will be allowed to keep their respective parties once they are in their mother country, India.

        Alternatively MR could ban all other 60 or so parties which would pave the way for him to found a new “Sinhala/Bddhist Buhmi Putra” Party.

        • 1

          boring and repetitive loin cloth fella

    • 1

      Except for a handful of pro-Eelamists in the diaspora the large majority of Lankan Tamils, including those in the diaspora, are not in favour of a Separate Tamil country in the island, if the Sinhala Nation offers a viable alternative. The TNA, representing the largest number of Tamils in the country, have made this perfectly clear. That was the position of the Indian Sonia/MMS Govt – and, I believe, will be so of the Modi Administration. Except Modi will ask for tangible action within a specified time-frame and not trickery or prevarication. This time, I believe, the Rajapakses see the difference between playing delaying tactics and choosing between deceiving the Sinhala mass and hard reality.

      R. Varathan

      • 1

        A fair analysis from a Tamil person, but I am not convinced when you say it’s only a minority among Tamil Diaspora who seeks Eelam. The overwhelming evidence suggest that it’s a majority. If there is a group who are ready to work within a unitary Sri Lanka their voices are unheard of.

        This is where Tamil Diaspora is getting disconnected with TNA and the ground reality. When you have Eelam mentality, locally nothing will move.

        • 0

          Afzal, like many Lankan Muslims, reads the Tamil position with skewed eyes and a jaundiced mind. Please read my comments again
          and accept the reality of your inherent prejudice “If there is a group who are ready to work within a unitary Sri Lanka their voices are unheard of…” Surely, even a confused mind in denial such as yours as heard of the TNA. This effort of many Muslims to harden Sinhala feelings against Tamils in this fashion will not succeed. Sinhalese – lead by the Rajapakses and the Buddhist clerical hierarchy – will soon begin moving closer to the Tamils. Shri Modi’s resounding victory will only expedite the process. Already Sinhalese are taking the position “it was the Muslims who benefited, and even encouraged, the Tamil-Sinhala division. Let us together meet this growing evil”

          R. Varathan

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