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Relationship With “30-Years’ Partner” Minister Vasu Does Not Provide Immunity From Threats – Nimalka Fernando

Human rights activist and lawyer Nimalka Fernando told Colombo Telegraph that she does not ask for protection from anyone in the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, not ever her partner of 30 years, Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara, stating that Jesus Christ is her strength and the teachings of [Vladimir Illych] Lenin has been her vision.


“You do not ask for protection from  Ministers or a Minister of Mahinda Rajapakse regime. I have come into politics as an individual coming from the working class during my youth,”  Dr.Nimalka Fernando said.

Earlier, her partner Nanayakkara declined to comment on the Fernando’s frequent claim that her life is under threat.

“I have remained in politics out of conviction and not because I have patronage from any individual especially from a man or from any political party for that matter. Life has been difficult due to this kind of duplicity. But as a feminist I remain undeterred in my course seeking justice and accountability for thousands who have died due to the war, fighting raging corruption in this regime, maimed and disabled due to war both in the north and south, yearning for democratic  ideals we cherish. The cross of Jesus Christ has been my strength. The teachings of Lenin have been my vision.” Dr. Nimalka said.

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