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Roman Catholic-Hindu Clashes Instigated By Roman Catholic Clergy On Hindu Holy Day

The Thiruketheeswaram is one of the five ancient, holy Eeswarams for Hindus on the west coast near Mannar. The approach road to the temple had some constructions which were being done again for Sivarathiri tomorrow. The Roman Catholics objected and brought the construction down under the supervision of three priests of who the leader was The Rev.Fr. Marcus. The Bishop of Mannar, The Rt. Rev. Fidelis Fernando, contacted by phone, excused comment saying he is an Colombo for minor surgery, and directed Colombo Telegraph to the Vicar General Victor Soosai Anthony. Fr. Anthony in turn said that the objection is to new concrete structures which are illegal. Asked what then of the concrete Buddhist structure nearby, he said that is a different matter. The Rev. Fr. Marcus who led the hooligans answered his phone after many tries and declined comment.

Rev. Fr. Marcus of the RC Diocese of Mannar Supervising his Rowdy Parishioners

Reporting by N. Lohathayalan

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