20 June, 2024


Royal Institute: Retired Major General Kamal Gunaratne Muscles His Way To Terminate Children

Parents of several children studying at Royal Institute have unified in raising further concerns about the manner in which the school is implementing unlawful methods to run the institute, especially with the introduction of its controversial war veteran Retired Major General Kamal Gunaratne as its Administration Director.

Kamal Gunaratne

Muscling his way through the retired Major General Kamal Gunaratne has now terminated two children of two of Royal Institute’s Branches for non payment of school fees, which incidentally is in its current term.

Several children were earlier left humiliated when they were incarcerated in classrooms and not permitted to attend classes by the war veteran Gunaratne, who employed guerrilla like war tactics to force parents to pay their pending school fees.

Colombo Telegraph reliably leans that the two children terminated by the school recently are those whose parents are the leaders of each respective student/parent body at its branches located at Havelock Park and Nugegoda respectively.

An official of the Ministry of Education when contacted by Colombo Telegraph said: “Royal Institute cannot simply terminate children for non payment of school fees, especially if it is in the current term. These terminations need the approval of the Provincial Education Director’s too. This is the issue parents face when they enroll their children to study in private institutes such as Royal Institute. This is a business that they run. This is why the government wants to bring all International Schools under the Ministry of Education in order to streamline unlawful practices that these so-called businessmen employ when running educational businesses such as these. It’s all about the money, not about the welfare of the children. They do not have checks and balances in place and also parents have no one to turn to when things such as these unlawful terminations of children’s education take place”

Meanwhile earlier in 2014 the management of Royal Institute issued a letter to the parents stating that school fees will only be increased bi-annually by 12%.

However Royal Institute went on to break its commitment by increasing school fees annually by huge proportions leaving many parents struggling to pay exorbitant fees.

A parent speaking on condition of anonymity said “The war veteran retired Major General Kamal Gunaratne is employing tactics similarly used to wipe out the JVP and the LTTE. He probably feels by terminating these two kids he can silence the parent bodies as the two vocal parents have been eliminated. He is sadly mistaken. He his using methods of thuggery here. Why terminate those children unnecessarily for their non payment of school fees? We are within the same ongoing school term. Surely there must be someone who could reinstate these two kids, after all its their education that’s being compromised here. It is very sad what Royal Institute is doing”.

Several parents contacted Colombo Telegraph to voice their concerns regarding the unlawful methods that Royal Institute is currently implementing.

Shockingly it can be revealed that even the safety standards being implemented by the school compromises the safety of its children.

Letters to this effect have been sent to the school by parents.

However nothing has been done to rectify these short comings still. (By Janaka Ranaweera

Letter issued by Royal Institute to parents stating school fees to be inceased bi-annually

Letter sent by parents to Royal Institute under registered post highlighting serious safety concerns in its Nugegoda Branch

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    1.Reasonable enough to swell school fees by 29%, which is not at all according to agreement.
    2.The school can take actions against False allegations, why not?
    3.Yes,we do agree, and yes school fees swell but not the salaries of any teacher or any facilities…which are favourable to students.
    4.School isn’t the only answer to high accomplishments, Tuition has a role too….
    *This began as a 29% increase but eventually turned out to be a 12% increase due to an in-writing from 250+ parents.
    *Yes they do not occur abruptly but deliberately in order to humiliate students of parents who had already accused the school to the police.
    *And your right again….But I don’t think not paying the fees before the deadline is REASONABLE enough to terminate a child from school.
    *OASIS is the only registered(BOI APPROVED) international school in our country while all the others are PVT LTD. Royal Institute is not even close for you to speak in comparison.
    I hope this cleared your vague confusion.

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