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Sajith Endorses UNP Leadership Council And 19 Powers At Party Convention

UNP MP and former deputy leader Sajith Premadasa who has refused to sit on the leadership council chaired by Karu Jayasuriya criticising it as a cosmetic change that was a breach of the party’s agreements with Buddhist monks stood up and voted to endorse the resolution to set up the Council and vest it with 19 key powers at the Party’s 55th Annual Convention today.

Sajith Premadasa

Premadasa who was nominated to sit on the nine member Council by the Party’s Working Committee has decided not to accept the appointment.

However he stood up and voted to endorse one of four resolutions establishing the Leadership Council and also the 19 powers granted to it by the Working Committee that once vested it with the UNP Leader at Sirikotha today, observers said.

He also voted in favour of three other resolutions that were put before the Convention today.

The MP from Hambantota voted for the abolishing of the Presidency and the resolution that all UNP members would speak in one voice to ensure Party success. The UNP also resolved at the Convention today that it would fight against corruption and to reduce the cost of living.

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