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Sajith Violates Public Privacy In An Effort To Build Brand Image

Giving scant regard to the privacy of the masses, Minister of Housing and Construction Sajith Premadasa was seen recently violating the privacy of the masses on social media by broadcasting live their personal grievances for the entire world to see.

Premadasa through his official Facebook page activated the ‘live’ feed during public day on October 19, 2016 where he transmitted through several live feeds the issues of men and women who went to him in hope of finding solutions to their housing problems.

The live feed was carried out in an effort to build Premadasa’s public image as a politician, however, Premadasa had failed to obtain the consent of these people who were shown in the live broadcast.

As standard practice, if a person is going to be broadcast live to an audience or even to record an event of this nature, his or her consent must be obtained by way of signing a consent form beforehand, however Premadasa had not followed this procedure, the Colombo Telegraph learns.

A source close to a person who attended the meeting pointed out that the public day is organized in order to find solutions to the problems of the masses. “All ministers have a public day where members of the public can go and relate their problems and seek the minister’s intervention to find a solution to it, but in this case Minister Premadasa made the public day a spectacle,” the source said.

“Many of the people who went to him on Wednesday were people who don’t have a house of their own, but that doesn’t mean they want the whole world to know about their poverty and financial issues. It’s a matter of privacy and ethics, and Minister Premadasa has violated both because he has openly shown their faces and aired conversations to the world by broadcasting this live video through his Facebook page,” the source pointed out.

“Bloody hell. Clueless mutt” someone who has seen these footages on his Facebook told Colombo Telegraph.

Premadasa’s latest stunt comes just days after a video was leaked where it showed him doling out jobs to his supporters and their relatives in his hometown who had worked in support of him during last year’s Parliamentary Election.

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