Colombo Telegraph

Salawa Army Camp Fire: CID, Army Carry Out Separate Investigations, As STF In Special Defusing Operation

The STF today launched a special operation to defuse unexploded explosive devices outside the Salawa Army Camp in Kosgama, following yesterday’s fire, which killed one soldier, injured 8, while at least another 37 other who were admitted due to minor issues such as breathing problems were released from hospital.

Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayake ordered the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to commence an immediate investigation to ascertain the reason behind the fire at the camp’s armoury on Sunday evening, which resulted in subsequent explosions, while the Army will carry out it’s own separate investigation into the incident.

By Monday morning, the fire at the camp was brought under control, and residents living within a one kilometer radius were informed that it was safe to return back to their homes.

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