22 May, 2024


Salawa Blast: CID Records Statement From Over 40 Army Personnel

The CID which commenced investigations into the Kosgama, Salawa Army Camp fire has recorded statements from over 40 army personnel who were at the premises at the time of the incident.

Kosgama Salawa blastMeanwhile, the government will commence paying compensation from June 14 onwards, to the victims who lost their houses as well as those whose properties were damaged due to the fire and subsequent explosions from the Army Camp.

The government has deployed over 75 valuation officers to estimate the damage to the properties. Over 1700 families were affected due to the fire, with some houses and shops completely destroyed.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Friday ordered the Treasury not to release any funds for the purchase of any cars for ministers or deputy ministers until the victims of the Salawa Army camp fire, and victims from the recent floods and landslides are compensated.

Apart from the CID investigation, a separate Court of Inquiry appointed by the Army Commander is also investigating the fire at the camp.

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    It appears this Army Camp at Salawa did not have Army Personnel in it. If it did, the Army casualties would have been much more. The obvious is that they had vacated in time knowing it was going to explode.

    The media carried a news item where Rajeeva Wijesinghe joker has suggested to President Maithripala to accommodate Gota with a responsible job to have the full support of the Forces. What wishful thinking. A ladder for the monkey to rid Maithripala. On the contrary all Gota supporters, who are Murderers in the Forces should be purged before everything.

    • 3

      How about MR’s criminals in this yahapalanaya shouldn’t they be purged too?
      And what about Maithripala’s SLT Chairman brother?

    • 2

      /The media carried a news item where Rajeeva Wijesinghe joker has suggested to President Maithripala to accommodate Gota with a responsible job to have the full support of the Forces.

      Are we talking about the same BayaGota who ran away from the country, deserting the army? Are we talking about the same person who suggested that he would have sacked the Defense Secretary if he were the Defense Minister for the Salawa blast (note: Vavuniya blast happened when he was the Defense Secretary)?

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    Why not stop the import of duty free cars forever? This is a fraud committed on the people of this country and is undemocratic.

    If a parliamentarian or official needs a car let him/ her pay the exorbitant duties. Let them claim legitimate travel expenses, according to clear guide lines, as in the past.

    If not, provide them official duty paid, non-luxury vehicles that will be state property. Provide them drivers from the government pool.

    Further, create a system where parliamentarians are restricted to their legislative functions and the concerns of the voters in smaller constituencies. Let them not run around meaninglessly, in an endless vote-catching exercise.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 8

      Excellent idea and well said. We need to bring back good governance to this country. Can I also suggest that we have a minimum educational qualification for MP’s and Ministers.

  • 3

    How many charges Batalanada Ranil’s F*****CID want to nail the War Heroes and jail Them?.

    75 ex LTTE cadres in Europe have been interviewed by the Diaspora legal teams and are ready to testify as crown witnesses against the War Heroes in front of the Foreign Judges.

    What more do they need?.

    Wonder Batalanada PM picks up the Tab for these Witnesses accommodation and travel expenses?..

  • 0

    Sinhala Buddhist Prez Bodhi Sira says the people who oppose Bedouin Prince’s War Crime Trials against our brave soldiers are traitors.

    He called them Deshadrohiyo…

    Wonder what does Sira call our War Winning Soldiers?.

    Sira goes even further.

    He says those Deshadrohiyos in the South will be dealt with severely…How cool

    But Sira hasn’t the balls, to not renew Singapore Mahendran’s 2nd stint to rip off the CB Bond Issues.

    Just imagine if the Yahapalana suckers asked Sira to sack the Singaporean?.

    Now he asks the Singaporean to come for a meeting with him, behind closed doors.

    Why is Sira so frightened of a foreigner who is not even a Westerner ?…..

    Is it because of the MOU with Surendran , UNP London, Mangalana and Sambandan which was signed in Singapore?.

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      Amanasekara, did you see what happened to the 1000 houses built for the Ranviruwas at Salawa? Natural Justice for War crimes, is it?

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    I wonder why the LTTE hasn’t been blamed for this by the Sinhala patriots in the Joint Opposition. It’s good that the ammunition is all gone to ashes because it is not needed anymore and also it would have been used against the yahapalanaya regime by the Rajapaksa supporting military at an opportune time.

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