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Sampanthan Should Not Go In The History As Another Tamil Leader Failed To Reach The Southern Psyche

TNA leader Sampanthan has shown his political will towards the goal of undivided Sri Lanka by holding the national flag in Jaffna, the cultural capitol of Tamils. He has qualified his gesture by speaking about his Srilankan identity and dream. He is not the first Tamil democratic leader to do so. We only hope that he does not go in the history as another Tamil democratic leader failed to reach the Sinhala south by his political gestures. We now look for government’s reciprocate action says DPF leader Mano Ganesan


Ganesan said further thatMr. Sampanthan’s action has already displeased certain Tamil forces. The lion symbol is being considered as the symbol of aggression by them due to the history. In this context TNA leader has taken a courageous step. It should not go in the drain. He should not go in the history as another Tamil democratic leader who failed to reach the Sinhala south by his goodwill gesticulations. It is the responsibility of the government of the day.

Tamil democratic leaders in the past were seeking political solution within the radius of the united Sri Lanka. They respected the territorial  integrity of the country. They demanded political power. Yet they distinguished between the separation of the country and separation political powers. But their political gestures and goodwill  messages were discarded by the successive governments of Sri Lanka led by both SLFP and UNP.

Mr. Sampanthan as the leader of TNA has again taken the bold step in this post war era. The whole world is demanding reconciliation with political solution. The government should take the lead from Sampanthan’s signal. It is not only the reasonable step but also intelligent.


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