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Saruwa Sunil Now Bats For Yahapālanaya: Wife Gets Nomination From Sirisena

In a farcical turn of events, President Maithripala Sirisena has sanctioned nominations for the wife of Saruwa Liyanage Sunil (Saruwa Sunil) to contest for the Akuressa Pradeshiya Sabha election.

Saruwa Sunil

Saruwa Sunil is the former Chairman of Akuressa Pradeshiya Sabha who alleged to have hosted a party after raping 100 virgins.

Although Saruwa Sunil publicly denied the 100 virgins allegation, he was prosecuted for a child abuse case in the Colombo High Court.

President Maithripala Sirisena claimed that the party had fielded clean candidates for the Local Government election. Addressing a public meeting, Sirisena even went on to say that he was ready to go from house to house urging the public to vote for SLFP.

At the Presidential election in 2015, the speakers of the common opposition whose candidate was Sirisena ridiculed former Presiedent Mahinda Rajapaksa for not taking action on Saruwa Sunil despite child abuse and sexual assault allegation.

They assured that under Sirisena’s presidency, good governance would prevail and culprits would go to jail.

Interestingly, at the Local Government election, Saruwa Sunil has aligned himself with the SLFP group supporting Sirisena.

Colombo Telegraph learns that Saruwa Sunil will handle the UPFA’s election campaign in Akuressa using his wife as a ‘proxy’.

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