3 October, 2023


Sarvodaya Has Launched A New National Awakening!

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Sarvodaya is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year with various new activities and strengthening their old ones. One of the important initiatives is the launching of the country wide ‘Deshodaya’ or the ‘national awakening’ programme. Although the name or even the programme is not completely new, it has taken a new focus and direction with a view to resist and overturn the existing corrupt political system, political culture and practices.

The Founder of Sarvodaya, Dr A. T. Ariyaratne, still active and vibrant, identifies the present day rotten political-economy as the main reason for the widespread decline in the country. The key factor in this decline, in his opinion, is the (adversarial) political party system that has even destroyed the sovereignty of the people. One cannot agree more. 

He goes on saying, “Those who believe in political parties as religion, even indulge in crimes such as killings and destroying the environment, for the sake of achieving power, position, fame and money.” I am quoting and paraphrasing from his speech at the Deshodaya convention in June 2018.    

Sarvodaya Activities

Sarvodaya is not an unknown movement to anyone in the country and quite known among humanitarian organizations overseas for its good wok. I first remember its inauguration (in 1958) when it was reported in the newspapers that a teacher at Nalanda College founding a Shramadana (voluntary work or gifting-labour) movement when we were young (13 years in my case) and looking for good deeds to follow or admire. Three of our key icons at that time were E. W. Adikaram, A. T. Ariyaratne and Abraham T. Kovoor (followed by Carlo Fonseka) for different reasons and purposes.

The first act of Sarvodaya has gone into history, Ariyaratne taking forty students and twelve teachers from Nalanda College to the so-called outcaste (Rodiya) village at Kathaluwa, and helping the villagers to construct their dwellings, wells, toilets and roads. More importantly they were motivated and trained for cultivation and self-employment.

During a casual meeting with A. T. Ariyaratne recently he explained to me how he first ventured into ‘gifting his labour’ to others, when he started mathematics/science classes for his former fellow students at Gandara during weekends, where he was born, after he had the fortune to get admitted to the prestigious Mahinda College, Galle. His voice was eternally enthusiastic. Gifting labour is the meaning of Shramadana as he said. He didn’t fail to compliment Merrill J. Fernando (Dilmah company) who had gifted the first headquarters of Sarvodaya at Moratuwa. 

Perhaps the peak of Sarvodaya activities in recent decades had been the aftermath of Tsunami disaster in the country. However in overall, they have covered more than 15, 000 villages out 38,000, throughout the country in their work. The war undoubtedly hampered their work in the North and the East, yet the activities have now restarted. The organization claims the overall beneficiaries to be mora than 10 million. This is one of the prominent people’s organizations  working irrespective of caste, gender, ethnicity, religion, party or other distinctions.

Personal Experiences 

  • When I was living in Sri Lanka at Koswatta, Thalangama, before 2011, the first person I encountered early morning in my walks was an elderly woman selling Kola Kanda (herbal porridge) at a boutique sponsored by Sarvodaya. I used to patronize the business almost daily.
  • During some visits to the North-East during the temporary CFA period (2002-2005) for peace building work, I have met former Sarvodaya workers and seen dilapidated Sarvodaya name boards evidenced of their prominent presence there before the war.
  • This time in Colombo, when I was travelling in a taxi, conversing with the driver-owner, Upul, he told me the following story. His father had died when he was three years and his mother had to take a big economic burden with four children. It was Sarvodaya who had come to their rescue, giving her a job and looking after the family.

In explaining the philosophy of Sarvodaya, its Executive Director Dr Vinya Ariyaratne has given the following explanation.

Sarvodaya is a movement which promotes human development. The uniqueness of Sarvodaya lies in the fact that it promotes inner connections between people and communities which we call spirituality. That is the glue which keeps this holistic approach together.”

Holistic Activities

Sarvodaya programmes are not only about small-scale community and people’s activities. They have a strong propensity to promote enterprises in modern ways. Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) is one such innovative programmes. Along with public sector institutions and initiatives, they have contributed greatly to create enthusiasm and upgrade knowledge about information technology, particularly among the young, both urban and rural. This is one area Sri Lanka has progressed immensely in the last decade or so. A brief list of other activities goes as follows.   

(1) Micro-Finance for Economic Empowerment.

(2) Rural Infrastructure Building for the Poor – water, sanitation and housing.

(3) Counselling and Leal Services for Environment Protection and Governance. 

(4) Rapid Intervention in Disaster Management – looking after the internally displaced.

(5) Community Programmes on health, welfare, women’s issues and early childhood.

(6) Community Education/Training on development, ecology & environment.

(7) Programmes on social/spiritual awareness, meditation, reconciliation and peace.

(8) Community Tourism with benefits to the visitors and the locals.                

Deshodaya (National Awakening)

Deshodaya is a revamped new initiative which might even become politically controversial, yet the Founder, the Executive Director and the Executive Committee appear to be determined and committed. They may keep a division of labour between Sarvodaya and Deshodaya, but both derive from the same source of integrated philosophy. Sarvodaya philosophy is strongly influenced by non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi. A. T. Ariyaratne is often called ‘Gandhi of Sri Lanka.’

Deshodaya in essence intends a ‘peaceful total national revolution’ (ahinsavadi purna jathika viplavayak). The intention is not power, but justice, and to create a political-economy that could serve the people. Deshodaya has to be understood as the fourth stage or step of their social reform process or the series of people’s awakenings. First is called Purushodaya (self-awakening), introducing a value system for individuals about civic conscience, righteousness, non-violence, environmental protection, rights and duties, and national reconciliation. Temperance is not excluded.

Second is Kutumbodaya meaning family awakening. The principles encompass simple and disciplined living, transforming Purushodaya values into family and domestic context, further emphasising cleanliness, health and mindfulness. Third is called Gramodaya (village awakening), the name apparently coinciding with several state initiatives and structures at village level. Sarvodaya objective however has been to mobilize people and local communities at village level for empowerment, self-reliance, human cooperation and conflict resolution, addressing the needs and requirements of the vulnerable communities in particular. The primary objective is to create Self-governing Villages (Grama Swarajya).

Objectives as Presently Declared    

Deshodaya intends to work towards a commonwealth of self-governing villages. The Founder and the President, A. T. Ariyaratne has unveiled 28 point programme for this task, and the merit of this program appears to be its critical analysis and alternative proposals addressing the widespread ailments of the present political system and the economy. Some of the salient features can be summarized as follows.

1. A primary objective of Deshodaya is to change the present corrupt political party system with a more people’s participatory political system. As they say, it is a myth to consider that a democratic political system cannot operate without political parties. Political parties are at the root of the present divisions on caste, ethnicity, religion, class or even gender which prevents unity of people/s as one nation, in addition to corruption, waste, misuse of funds and nepotism.

2. Deshodaya is committed for a new constitution. However, such a constitution requires further discussions and agreements on basic fundamentals. Instead of vertical governance, more emphasis should be given to horizontal democracy and structures, and self-governing institutions  beginning with village and or small units. This is a bottom-up approach akin to many notions of subsidiarity. They insist on a complete review of the provincial council system. The devolution should go further down, they say. Under the benefits of modern information technology, completely decentralized administration is a possibility.

3. Rule of law is of paramount importance. No one should be above the law. All universal human rights should be enshrined and enforced without discrimination. All wrong doers should be punished. The drug dealers and arms dealers should be severely punished. No politician should be allowed for undue privileges. Politics should be a voluntary service and should not be considered a profession or a job. Only expenses of the politicians should be covered by public funds.

4. Environmental protection is crucially important in a people centred economy and good governance. People’s future survival and physical/mental health would depend on the way the environment is protected and maintained. Animals also have rights to survive. The mania for ‘large scale development’ should be do away with. Those projects and schemes have already done a colossal damage to the environment.

5. People should aspire for a society without ‘poverty or affluence.’ Welfare is important. Fulfilling basic needs of all should be the bottom line. This is not about retribution against the rich, but make them understand that they can make good deeds by becoming philanthropists. The traditional wisdom of ‘earning wealth through righteous means; use one quarter for the day to day needs; utilize two quarters for the promotion of the business; and saving the remaining quarter for emergency needs’ might be the best advice to preach.

6. Deshodaya appears to believe in the wisdom of tradition, and national inheritance, while open to absorbing all modern knowledge and science. It is not about one tradition dominating or suppressing other traditions. ‘Open state’ and ‘righteous citizens’ are its cardinal principles. It believes in one universal human family, while at present working on a national awakening in Sri Lanka.

7. Complete non-violence, tolerance, peace, compassion and empathy are its working principles.    


The declared visions and practices of Sarvodaya, including the Deshodaya programme, are worth considering and discussing, particularly under the present crisis situation in Sri Lanka’s polity and the economy. They do not seem to live in an ivory tower, although cultivating and promoting some ‘dreams’ or ideals. Some of the above interpretations are mine, perhaps not theirs.

Deshodaya movement does not limit to their declared policies or educating people on them. They have taken an active part in the constitutional reform process and their local groups have extensively participated at the people’s consultative process in early 2016. Many educational pamphlets had been issued and discussions held. However, they have become disillusioned about the way the process had evolved, with one sided approaches or dogmatic views.

With a view to influencing the decision making of the newly elected Pradeshiya Sabhas on behalf of the people and the citizens, they have also formed what they call the ‘Shadow Pradeshiya Sabhas’ in almost all localities. The progress of the work yet to be seen and evaluated.

Deshodya movement has also been working very closely with other people’s or civil society organizations, independent from major parties or governing groups. On the issues of free and fair elections, on the right to information which has now materialized in the RTI Act, and in the promotion of suitable candidates for local government elections, Deshodaya has worked with PAFFREL and with the ‘March 13 Movement’ and many other organizations. Simply said, Sarvodaya is not sectarian. 

Also see: Craig Mackintosh, ‘Letters from Sri Lanka – Does Sarvodaya Hold the Secrets to Systemic Change? Permaculture Research Institute. 

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Latest comments

  • 2

    Can the writer clarify the fact that the this movement is a hidden Christian missionary movement …in the name of NGO; it tries to convert Sinhalese Buddhists into Christianity.

    • 1

      Laksiri and Lamkan
      The word and the philosophy of Sarvodaya is ‘Originally’ from Vinoba Bhave.
      “Read this article to learn about the concept, ideals and samaj of Sarvodaya in India.

      Concept of Sarvodaya:
      This concept was first of all adopted by Mahatma Gandhi. It is a comprehensive, social, economic, political, moral and spiritual philosophy.

      After Gandhi, It was subsequently adopted by Achaiya Vinoba Bhave. He developed it taking into consideration of Indian social systems and conditions……..”
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinoba_Bhave where Criticism (good and bad) o fVB

    • 1

      What a silly thing to say Lamkan?! Hats off to Dr. A.T.A!

      This is a much needed civil society initiative to reform politics, and stop the rotting political culture of corruption, and educate the people on the need to look beyond this generation of corrupt politicians.
      The Fetish of Constitutional reform which even JVP indulges in today is a Fake News gimmick to distract all from the bi-partisan, UNP_SLFP corruption racket that passes for democracy in Lanka today which need urgent Change and reform.

      Dr. A should also push for a retirement age of 65 for ALL politicians. This generation of utterly corrupt politicians is living longer and blocking younger generation from taking over and cleaning up the corruption and rotten Money politics culture.

      • 0

        Dodo ,

        Corruption is the user name and Racism is the password to log in
        to Srilanka ! Ideal combination for new investments and fiber optic
        developments ! Our target is very competitive , just make available
        what is available in the countries of plenty . So simple and pain
        free . Enjoy your life and pass the burden to your next generation !
        I have a friend in UK , an English , one day in the middle of a chat he
        just happened to say that his daughter who was still in the University
        very politely said no to his offer of some financial support towards her
        study . She said she would manage it on her own by working free
        hours. She let her dad to spend his money for his needs . I leave it to you
        HONESTLY Dodo , is there anyone who is genuinely CAPABLE OF such
        a capacity ? The younger generation in our country is the ones who
        have miserably lost TOUCH WITH THE REAL WORLD due to unreal
        dreams of a tomorrow ! It is their dreams that EVERY SINGLE LEADER ,
        never mind the hues , takes into his hands to mortgage the country
        in the name of DEVELOPMENT ! It is in their name and in some cases
        themselves who goes on rampage all over the country against fellow
        country men of different race , in the name of the country ! THIS
        AND the other thing is , if these oldies for all their life , could not get
        a good grip on the situation , how on earth , one will count on a
        half their age younger off shoots who simply grow up without a clue !
        Same old wines !

    • 4

      ” Can the writer clarify the fact that in the name of NGO; it tries to convert Sinhalese Buddhists into Christianity.”
      If Christianity amounts to helping others get on their feet and Sinhala Buddhism amounts to getting others to pay for your own pleasures and needs, a big resounding YES!!!
      If Christianity amounts to actually doing something about poverty, and Sinhala Buddhists spread slurs about those who do something, while claiming that poverty is your Karma, another resounding YES!!!!!!!!

    • 2

      Lamkan the Bunkam

      Whether it is covert or overt Christian Missionary movement or not the movement has been giving a helping hand to many women who have been abandoned by men like your absentee father.

      If Dr Ariaratne converts Sinhalese/Buddhists into Christianity it would be good for the people who would keep their true identity as Sinhalese and authentic Buddhists not as the politically constructed destructive Sinhala/Buddhist fascists.

      “….. The key factor in this decline, in his opinion, is the (adversarial) political party system that has even destroyed the sovereignty of the people. One cannot agree more. “

      What he didn’t say is the “Competitive Racism” of the established party system which rewarded most outrageous racists and benefitted “Closet Middle Class Racists” who remained mum throughout the recent history of this island, and sadly some of them went on to glorify the corrupt war criminals, which shows their misplaced patriotism and nationalism.

      Please listen to one of your kind or the educated kind:
      No ethnic problem in Sri Lanka – Prof. Channa Jayasumana tells UNHRC

  • 4

    The spirit of Sarvodaya was always there at village level. During paddy harvesting, the village helped each other. If a hut caught fire, the village turned up in the rebuild. This spirit is still visible in a funeral – the village take turns to feed the grieving family for days.
    Sarvodaya extends this spirit from a village to neighboring village level then to far away villages like for example Ariyaratne taking forty students and twelve teachers from Nalanda College to the so-called outcaste (Rodiya) village at Kathaluwa, and helping the villagers to construct their dwellings, wells, toilets and roads.
    Peace is implied in Sarvodaya because one cannot help another through violence!
    In the “Objectives as Presently Declared”, the Founder and the President, A. T. Ariyaratne has unveiled 28 point programme towards Deshodaya. Says ~ “……….Political parties are at the root of the present divisions on caste, ethnicity, religion, class or even gender which prevents unity of people/s as one nation, in addition to corruption, waste, misuse of funds and nepotism……….”.
    Sarvodaya became a movement in 1958. The same year there was another incident which was based on the language-divide.
    This divide is an impediment to peace. The mention of this divide is muted.
    The damage caused by the evolution of the culture of corruption/nepotism/impunity is substantial but the mention is hardly audible.
    Of course Sarvodaya will oppose the planned Megapolis degenerating into casinos, drug centre etc. etc.
    PS: The above is intended as brief notes and not outright criticisms.

  • 7

    I have the feeling whatever the movement srilanka may have not much is changed in person’s thinking to be called as people in general are today more civilized.

    Today even safron robe wearing monks are reported to have peformed ragging to their fresher-monk removing their robes out. There are reports they have abused them asking them to have sex one another. For the kind of brutal incidents, they have been jailed by now.
    The kind of incidents were not reported in the past. But today, the numbers are on a rise that violent monks run amok than the lay people. So taking that to account, we can see no progress towards the civlization seems to have achieved over the decades.
    I thnk, no tjust one movement, but much more the kind of programs need to bring our wild like people to sense.
    Even professionals are reoported to behave like idiots today than had been before.
    All in all, the society is reached to all low levels that every second in social media commenters use all the bad langauge ” umbe ammata… h.. etc”.
    So, I think we need lot more rigorous steps to be taken if the disipline and dignified of the life be taught them.

  • 2

    Sorry my previous comment was no coherent. I will add mine later after reading this article.

  • 0

    Dayan Jayathilake, we want one from you. Desperate.

  • 1

    Is this Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne – The “Gandhi Of Sri Lanka” still remains in the “Constitutional Council” that came into being with 19th Amendment as the “Nominee of the present Prime Minister. He should have started this “Deshodaya” – The Jathika Awakening or Viplavaya, with the PM bringing the Central Bank under his authority and “importing” a Foreign National – Mr. Arjuna Mahendran as its Governor, even in spit of objections from the President and some members of the Cabinet. This “Gandhi of Sri Lanka” did not even start that campaign “Jathika Awakening” when the lid was open on the “Biggest Bank Robbery” by way of “Bond Sale”. Why Now a “VIPLAVAYA” and still being the “Nominee” of the PM? His term of service in the CC is due to expire on 22 Sept. 2018. What has he done from 22 Spt. 2015 to 22 Sept 2018 – the last three years? To me this “Gandhi” is different from the “Gandhi” of India I know of.. That “Gandhi” had an “Ashram” run by supporters and volunteers of “Ahimsa” movement, while this “Gandhi” runs a “Ashram” named “Sarvodaya” run by and managed at the apex levels by this “Gandhi’s” own family members at high “COSTS”.. In actual fact this “Gandhi” must start this “Deshodaya” The National Awakening from his own “Ashram” and a “Viplavaya” within himself.

    • 1


      By the way you are yet to define your ideas of Integration, “ONE COUNTRY”, “ONE NATION”, “STATE”, “GOVERNMENT”, ………………….. Please define sovereignty if you could, a word we use without really understanding it.
      Why are you afraid of confronting ideas with ideas or clash of ideas?

  • 0

    First week of sept the news was jana balaya colombata. Second week it was about the milk packets. Third week it was about death threat of MS and GR by a DIG. Next week it will be CDS arrested.

  • 2

    The man with the Gunny Bag on his head ,the other with the Bundle of Firewood ,and the third shoveling dirt, make me wonder how Dr Ranil can boast Lankawe as a Mid Income Nation..
    And Dr Ranil’s Golaya ,Mmallika is hell bent on signing a FTA with Singapore.

    May be Dr Ranil and his Golayas who live in Monarch Pads and drive Mercedez do not see those Videos.

    I am glad the UN at least has seen them, to come up with that Report to say 5 Million Lankaweans are malnourished.
    Will they be able to get some nourishment when Mallika let Singaporeans to export Cheeses, Small Goods, Meats and send their Medical and Industrial Waste to them.

    I am all for helping the poor , even to get one square meal at least once a week..But no strings attached…
    Hope Sarvodaya keep doing their good work without siphoning off any cream on the top…..

  • 0

    Earlier, Sarvodaya was a CIA affiliate and did what they said. But, now they would say We are an independant organization and our projects are organized based on our previous projects..

  • 2

    The photo shows that an Evangelist organization. What is their objective. I think it si to introduce Evangelist – HInduism to Tamil homeland.
    On the other hand, Lord buddha is the owner of Tripitaka and, I heard there are five copies of it (Besides the translations into other languages) in the world – Bermese, Thai, Mongolian and Chinese I suppose. Anyway, our heritage is Sinhala buddhist culture and Sinhala civilization. Our protestant PResident Maithripala Sirisena knows that Sri lanka doee snot have a ministry for Cultural affairs but via the ministry of
    buddhist affairs , the buddhist religion is politicized.

  • 1

    This is the first time I have heard Sarvodaya trying to convert Buddhist to Christianity! Wonder where the commentator got that information or impression. The political system needs to undergo a change, but entrenched beneficiaries of the current system that breeds all that brings a bad name to democracy, will fight tooth and nail to prevent a change. Besides this, despite there being an argument not to have political parties, in theory, parties represent a set of principles on what they believe as to how economic management and social issues should be managed. it might be true that in many countries the policy gaps between major political parties have narrowed unlike in the past. Deshodaya appears to assume that people at all levels should believe in and accept one set of policy principles. This is not a bad thing by itself, but how this is to be done, the actual methodology , needs to be articulated if Deshodaya is being proposed as an alternative to what is there now. There is no disagreement that what is there now is rotten and breeds a whole lot of rotten leaders

  • 3

    I am sure that Gananath Obeyesekere will have some choice words for these Sarvodaya jokers.

  • 1

    Here’s another example of a national awakening. The Research Intelligence Unit’s newsletter of October 2016 states as follows:

    “The RIU Investor Forum, geared towards facilitating cross border investment between Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom was held at the Sri Lanka High Commission in Hyde Park Gardens, London on Friday the 7th October. With the special focus of this event being on real estate and related investment facilitation between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka the organizers were honored to feature a world premier launch of the Iconic Galaxy luxury apartment project in Rajagiriya.”

    This con-artist by the name of Roshan Madawela has teamed up with another con-artist from India to rip off the residents of Rajagiriya. This is a textbook example of honour among thieves. The situation is so bad that Minister Harsha De Silva had to visit the construction site in Rajagiriya a few days ago to address the problems.

    The Research Intelligence Unit describes itself as follows on their website:

    “The Research Intelligence Unit (RIU) was originally established on the basis of addressing a need to overcome strategic weaknesses and vision constraints that have cowed growth in developing countries, local governments and other institutions around the globe. Maintaining a strong focus from the onset, the organization has been on a steady growth path, building resources and extending networks to cover the private and non-governmental sectors in both developed and developing economies.

    Forward thinking and innovative, the RIU uses a mix of local and international resources to bring innovative perspectives to provide solutions for economic problems and keep decision makers informed. A multi-party approach where imported technical expertise is combined with local knowledge, wisdom and skill has proved to be a triumphant strategy in a developing economy context. Being flexible in method and committed to achieving results, RIU continues to deliver multifarious products to the very highest global standards to development insitutions, national and local governments as well as the private sector.

  • 6

    I have great admiration for Mr.Ariyaratnne and his Sarvodaya movement. Imbibed with Gandhis principles and taking his Sinhala Buddhist context seriously, he started empowering the people towards political economy. This has been duly recognised by the world. As president of the Global Tamil Forum I was happy to visit him, his wife and son in Moratuwa in Sept.2017, to thank his organisation for hosting a group of Tamil doctors who came out from the diaspora to help the southern Sinhalese victims of natural disaster. I wish his organisation success in awakening the masses towards truth and empowerment.

    • 3

      But is he allowed to operate in the North and East, or is he excluded because he is a Sinhala? tell us Father.

      • 3

        T. Devendra,

        This is like asking if the LTTE is allowed to operate in the South, or is the LTTE being excluded by the Tamils? Tell us Devendra!

  • 3

    Sarvodaya had been working in Sri Lanka for over half decade . It has its presence in about 1500 villages spread across the country. In the past they had various organisations for improving the relationship between and among communities. They had a movement known as Shanti Sena, Deshodaya etc. They could have helped to bring a peaceful Sri Lanka. These are names to get funding. Shanti Sena is a peace army. In the post 2009 era, they could have helped to patch up the differences between Sinhalese and Tamils and Muslims. They are silent when the racists raise their voice against the minorities. With their offices in the nook and corner of the country, they could have prevented the violence against the minorities. This is the only organisation that is so vast and also rich but their impact in the country is minimal.

    • 2

      Maali Karunaratne, You bring to memory another Karunaratne, my boss. No racism in him.

  • 5

    In his last article Laksiri promoted Deepika to be the Common Candidate, now he is promoting Ariyarathne as the Gandhi of Sri Lanka. Gandhi and Ariyarathne are totally different, Ariyarathne never fought against imperilists.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 5

    Sarvodaya is a family bandism – full of relatives

  • 3

    Please see the overview U tube. Buddhism is the only religion that is portrayed in the video, so can we say that they work with other religions.
    Dr AT Ariyaratne evades the question on racism. He says that Tamils were well placed in 1983 and implies that they were not discriminated.
    He does not answer the reference to Myanmar and Sri Lanka .They were silent. their silence speak volumes.
    The empire they had built is enormous. I saw some vast acres and buildings even in the Maha Oya area too.
    It is also a family concern.
    They exhibit an eco friendly village. How many Tamils got houses in that scheme or did they have a similar housing projects with all those facilities in the Tamil area.
    I hope with this new Dheshodaya they will perform better.

  • 0

    A nation of imitators from head to toe that is Srilanka , can not afford to put
    its own imaginations even on simple things like bakery products , let alone
    new political culture ! Once we had only U N P , S L F P , L S S P and the
    Communists . Who can count the numbers today , mushroomed like tea rooms
    in every corner . What do they all talk about ? THE PROBLEMS THAT BIG ONES
    ARE UNABLE TO COPE WITH ! SO THE MICE ? When Vesak season gets closer
    Free Street food stalls spring up at every corner , people suddenly become clean
    Buddhists and after a couple of days , back to the same old original form on their
    comfort zones ! Who is the clean man that is going to tell the people what needs
    to be done for a country to prosper ? Is the country suddenly going to find itself
    so generous and tell the leaders , hey guys we don’t want anything from you
    and we’ll give you five full years uninterrupted to show signs of progress ? Or , is
    there a kind heart genuine leader who is going to tell the voters , hey guys you
    vote for me or not this is what I plan to do in power for the country ? Never , never
    because LIES , LIES AND DAMN LIES is what we are fine tuned to believe and
    accept ! It is popular monkey politics or a military junta that will guarantee a
    gradual loss of whatever past glories ! None of us long for it but we simply don’t do
    anything to stop such a development ! Sarvodaya will be just another peanut !

  • 2

    Sarvodaya is a farce

  • 2

    When people become old they find solutions by Saravodya movement, while “Awaking” people of Rural poor of Sri Lankan. This type of Ariyaratahan’s NGO outfit survival almost 60 odd years by root of poverty and misery of our rural poor in island-wide spread in system political was served for Rich… in .Foreign Powers .
    Needless to say Saravodya has collected Millions of USA $ Dollars for eradication of rural poverty from many Unknown foreign agencies no body knows what happen?

    Where is those Funds rise by Dr Ariyaratahna,s accountability of millions of Dollars has gone?
    Sixty -60 years of funds for poor has gone to them their poverty has been already majority disappear or no longer there? ! $$$$$$$$.

    Well being of People of this country has to asked before “Awaking” what has happen to the funds collected FUNDS by Saravodaya has gone??

    Only competent person is eligible for say something is that WHO CREATED THIS World by GOD can answer!@

  • 2

    Ariyarathnes enriched themselves from Sarvodaya

    I know this comment will never be published. down CT

  • 2

    Is Laksiri going mad?

  • 1

    Laksiri just a friendly advice – both 150 and 164 buses ply to Angoda

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