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Scandals In Sri Lanka Cricket: Vote To Change The Game – Online Petition

Sri Lankan cricket fans are calling for unity to end corruption in the country’s cricketing administration, that has been rocked by scandal, financial mismanagement and personal agendas.

A petition has been launched calling on President Mahinda Rajapaksa to “liberate” cricket from the power grip of a few dubious individuals.

Cricket fans deplore the fact that ever since the appointment of the interim committee led by D.S. De Silva and Nishantha Ranatunga, cricket in Sri Lanka has gone from being one of the best to one of the worst among the top 8 nations. Their grievances, leading to the petition are as follows:

There is absolutely no democracy in how SLC operates – This point is best highlighted by the fact that its’ highest officials repeatedly get “elected” without having to stand any election!

There is no accountability or transparency in how the current administrators engage in financial (mis)management.

The current secretary of SLC has lost all respect, trust and faith the fans have in him, if there was any ever. This is an individual who had no problem taking such high positions within SLC even when obvious conflict of interests existed. This is a secretary under whose leadership the cricket board is embroiled in numerous controversies involving not just accusation of corruption and financial mismanagement, but also fall-out with national players and those officials who were elected through a true democratic process.

Cricket lovers can vote to demand change using link here

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