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Self-Inflicted Wounds, Chandrika’s Sorrows And Other Tidbits

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne


There’s penance.  Self-flagellation.  People do all kinds of masochistic things.  But is it only Ven Watareka Wijitha Thera who is self-inflicting cuts and blows?  Isn’t it true that the Government cooks its own goose? Isn’t it true that it is because the Opposition cooks its goose that it cannot make capital of goose-cooking indulged in by the Government?  Isn’t the entire country shooting itself in the proverbial foot, one way or the other, all the time?  Isn’t it true that we don’t need any enemies because we do the work of the enemy ourselves (for free)?

Chandrika’s sorrow

Chandrika | File photo

The lady is upset.  She’s upset over religious intolerance. She’s upset about ‘Aluthgama‘.  The lady abhors violence, she would have us believe.  Well, 15 years is a long time, true, but not long enough for anyone to forget the Wayamba Provincial Council election, least of all the person who was in charge of all that at the time, a person who didn’t shed one tear!

Can the people ‘go home’?

MP Palitha Thevarapperuma has said that it’s either the IGP or him.  The IGP must resign or else he, Thevarapperuma would resign his parliamentary seat and go home, the MP has said in an open challenge to IGP Ilangakoon.  The reason is obvious.  The Police did nothing to stop the MP from being assaulted.   If the recent history of shameless negligence and utter lack of remorse on the part of wrongdoers (the Police included, from IGP downwards) is anything to go by, then Mr Thevarapperuma is likely to ‘go home’.  On the other hand, this ‘you or I’ business is a challenge that any citizen could (and should?) issue to the IGP because lawlessness has become the norm.  There’s a problem though.  If people did that, the entire population would have to ‘go home’.  The streets would be empty. Offices would be empty.  The factories won’t function. The fields will not be tilled.  The country would come to a halt.  Come to think of it, if that’s what it takes to get the powers that be to change things, it is what has to be done!

Justice, finally?

The judge who sentenced former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to death has been captured and executed by ISIS militants, it is claimed.  Raouf Abdul Rahman, who sentenced the Hussein to death by hanging in 2006, was reportedly killed by rebels in retaliation for the execution of the 69-year-old former President of Iraq.  It is now known that the invasion of Iraq by US/UK-led forces was illegal, that Hussein didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction. It is known that Hussein was tried as per the dictates of the USA and Rahman therefore was just following orders.  Is there a lesson here for those who are willing slaves of Uncle Sam?

Let’s Bhutanize Sri Lanka

There are 2 solid reasons for Sri Lanka to go the Bhutan way. First, Bhutan has pledged to put in place a program so that the country would move towards 100% organic agriculture.  Considering CKDu and other diseases courtesy chemical inputs in Agriculture, Bhutan’s is a good example to follow.

As importantly, the Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay has declined a revised salary which would have given him an addition Nu 50,000 (Rs 50,000).  If Sri Lankan politicians would follow suit and refused to take all the perks and kick-backs that have become the privilege of the powerful, then we would indeed become the much bragged about ‘Miracle of Asia’!

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