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Senator Tiruchelvam Stood For The Unity Of The Country

By C.V. Wigneswaran –

C.V Wigneswaran

The 106th birth anniversary of Senator Murugeysen Tiruchelvam QC, former Cabinet Minister and Solicitor-General takes place this month. Mr. Tiruchelvam was the only member of the Federal Party to become a Cabinet Minister. He served in the UNP-led coalition government from 1965 to 1968. This remains the last instance of the main party of the Sri Lankan Tamils being represented in the Cabinet.

We reproduce excerpts of a speech delivered on 1st February, 2008 by Justice CV Wigneswaran for the launch of Senator Tiruchelvam’s Legacy, a collection of his speeches in the Ceylon Senate. Justice CV Wigneswaran is now the Chief Minister of the Northern Province.


Mr.Chairman, my dear brothers and sisters!

The release of “Senator Tiruchelvam’s Legacy” is very timely. It reflects the staid sobriety of a by-gone age during our own mundane human existence, quite  out of step with the belligerent,blithering,bullying,barbaric and boorish outfit of today boastfully though beguilingly referring to itself as benignant and beneficient,benevolent and even blessed. Those of us bred in the Western public school traditions  yet having also imbibed the perennial virtues of our Eastern  values find it difficult to classify the negative norms and superficial standards of the present era into anything worthwhile Eastern or Western, traditional or modern, national or international.

A hybrid new culture alien to Western and traditional Eastern culture though possibly borrowed from the seedier sides of those two cultures, seems to be taking root in this country. Naked selfishness, rank self interest and the spirit of self aggrandizement, conceit and egotistic imperatives seem to motivate today’s possessors of power and authority. Holding on to the reins of government at any cost has become the principal dogma and doctrine to be pursued. Destroying one’s opponents using any means or modes has become a cult. Dead men do not talk has become the principal motto of their outlook.

Senator M Tiruchelvam QC

Just forty years ago it was not so. Democracy had a meaning. You could discuss your differences without despising your opponent. Today even the heads of organs of State carry venom and vituperation in their veins however much they camouflage their nakedness with high sounding patriotic and religious epithetic garbs.

I like to show the difference in perspectives between the time of Senator Tiruchelvam and the present era.If you take today’s Parliament none seem to be interested in what is taking place  there  except to the extent as to what benefits, attendance in Parliament, could bring upon them. Arguments in Parliament in comparison to the earlier period are puerile and often borders on personal vituperation.

The by gone era of Senator Tiruchelvam discussed in a dignified way the most distressing political problem that beset them at that time. No white vans took valued relatives of Parliamentarians as hostages to manipulate voting pattern in Parliament. Crossing the floor for Ministerial benefits was minimal.

I like to quote late Mr.J.R.Jayewardene,who later became the first Executive President of this country, when he paid tribute to Senator Tiruchelvam on his demise.JRJ was a contemporary of Mr.Tiruchelvam at  the Ceylon Law College and a colleague of his in Dudley Senanayake’s cabinet. Having said that Mr.Tiruchelvam was a Minister of great acceptance, he continued thus- (I quote)”He never obtruded in our discussions .When he intervened it was acceptable and civilized”.(unquote) This civility is missing today amidst our Parliamentarians. Each appears to be a bull in his own China Shop.

Another  quality of Senator Tiruchelvam  portrayed in the publication under review today was his conviction that this country belongs to all its citizens. He was individualistic when wanting to uphold the rights and privileges of a particular ethnic group among the denizens of this Island of ours. But he was at the same time nationalistic and viewed the country’s citizenry as one composite whole and therefore willing to co-operate and interact at the public and national level.

Senator Tiruchelvam was resolutely in favour of a united and plural Sri Lanka. He therefore opposed the 1976 Vaddukoddai Resolution that demanded a separate State of Tamil Eelam. He advised Mr.Chelvanayagam QC against it. Obviously he still had faith in the humaneness of those politicians among the Sinhalese who drove the Tamils to pass that Resolution as a last resort much against their innate wishes.

How stupid would it be to think that militarily overcoming the LTTE or killing its head would solve the ethnic problem of Sri Lanka.? The LTTE is the offspring of the ethnic problem itself created by the successive mono ethnic parliamentary majority in Sri Lanka. It was State terrorism on their part which created the brutality of the LTTE. The ethnic problem concerns the denizens of the Northern and Eastern Provinces who had lived in their areas for centuries from pre historic times.

From the time of Independence large majority of the people of these two provinces have shown their preference for a live and let live policy by supporting parties which declared a federal form of government as the best for this Island. When federalism was jettisoned by the so-called National Parties then only the Vaddukoddai Resolution was passed in 1976 despite opposition by Tamils like Mr.Tiruchelvam .

There are no terrorists who are born into this world. They are made. Mostly by persons in power and authority ,the mighty and the powerful, due to their selfishness and insensitiveness  which give rise to resistance and reaction. Such mighty conveniently call those unable to accept their dictatorial dictates by names. Earlier they were called Communists, then Fundamentalists and now Terrorists. It is the terror tactics of those in power and authority which creates such antagonistic opposition and hostility. Those in authority who lack humanism or who have personal and selfish agendas of their own take cover behind such loaded terms such as Terrorism and Terrorists.

The period of Tiruchelvam fortunately was devoid of such persons though not too later the 1971 JVP insurrection took place. There again it was the insensitiveness of successive governments towards the needs and aspirations of the poor and downtrodden people of the South which gave rise to such insurrection. It needs to be said in favour of Dudley Senanayake that he was prepared to discuss and adjust matters with those having opposite views instead of taking cover behind such terms as Naxalites and terrorists.

Yet Mr.Tiruchelvam could not continue to be in the cabinet on account of certain disputes that cropped up with regard to the Koneswaram Temple in Trinco and also due to the chauvinistic attitudes of many in Dudley’s party in power who prevented the implementation of the Senanayake-Chelvanayagam Pact. Mr.Tiruchelvam resigned in September 1968.

Even before the 1972 constitution was enacted Mr.Tiruchelvam had warned us with regard to its legality. In the course of his speech on the 30th of June 1970 after the new United Front Government under Mrs.Sirimavo Bandaranaike was sworn in he pointed out that the Constituent Assembly which was due to be set up by the newly elected Government was illegal.

He said as follows-“There was not one single speech, not one single talk indulged in the election campaign that there was going to be a Constitutional Assembly. How can there be a constituent assembly when the Government Parliamentary Group does not have a single Tamil elected representative to represent them and carve out a constitution?” Continuing he asked “How can you talk of a constituent assembly formed by a mere Resolution of the House? By a mere Resolution how can you make it a constituent assembly?”

It is to be said in favour of Mr.Murugeysen Tiruchelvam QC that until he breathed his last in 1976 he believed in the goodness of all men, the rule of law and the unity of this country. I wonder whether the pendulum would have swung to the other extreme if he was living today.

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    Thiruchelvanm himself was a Racist because he, as a parliamentarian, had refused to hang the Sri Lankan flag in his Official vehicle offered by the govt.

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      “as a parliamentarian, had refused to hang the Sri Lankan flag in his Official vehicle offered by the govt.”

      Why would not flying the flag make him a racist?

      Only the descendants of lion (consequence of bestiality) from Sinhapura are proud of their animal heritage.

      Why would others who are the descendants of human being host an animal flag? There is no evidence to suggest that lions existed in this island.

      As a Sinhala/Buddhist you should be ashamed of yourself for celebrating a flag with foreign animal armed with a sword.

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        Is Sri Lanka the only country which has a cruel animal as a symbol on the national flag?? I don’t see any other country having a cruel animal in their flag..

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          Sinhabahu or (“Lion-arms”), was the son of a Vanga princess and a lion. He killed his father and became king of Vanga. His son Vijaya would emigrate to Lanka and become the progenitor of the Sinhala people.

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      Jim Sooty,

      You are right man.

      We have Sinhalese who are Born RACISTS and Tamils turned into Racists by the Sinhalese BRUTALITY.

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    Dear Winges,

    Just like you even I wonder why we cannot simply rewind the clock back to an era of the “ladies, lords and the gentleman”. Whilst there is 5 of you conjuring up these positive images there are 95 who do not. The 95 is the social underclass, lower castes the poverty stricken and forgotten.

    I am not a socialst, although I do not support an atictocrasy either. It must become a level playing field dispite the short terms costs you mention. You see a bunch of “un-gentelmanly” people. I on the other hand see a class of people rising to create a more equitable society.

    This is a period of transition where the free education, language rights, university entrance standards are creating opportunities for people previously neglected. They will come up, become educated and aspire to your gentlemanly standards. This is the way its going to be globally. It will create more opportunities for the aristocrat classes as well. All they need is to change and adapt.

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      Vibhushana –

      ”This is the way its going to be globally. ….. need is to change and adapt”

      Sri Lanka and it’s allies Syria, Iran, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Russia, Swaziland, and the likes seem to be ”Globe” to you !!? Don’t worry 95% of our rural and shanty folks ( as per your claim) are just ”blinkers of Nations”!!? …and that’s how our bulls in that China shop (Parliament building !!? donated by the Chinese) always make tasty omelets out of our simple and humble hamlets !!?

      ”In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.

      …and you claim that the whole world is becoming blind and therefore, anyone living with eyes must change and adapt to to the trend !!?

      The chief minister speaks about ”running against the wind”. The wind : Not healthy, not exemplary, not democratic, not humane, not disciplined, not honest, not quality….etc., etc., For, class do not always mean a cast or a status !!?

      Vibhushana, finally I have a suggestion, that when the parliamentary session is on, how about having a special notice board in front of the (Chinese donated ) Parliament building complex to alert the public with a slogan ; Attention please ”Bulls in China shop” !!?

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        Hey there Rev.Devil is it?

        You sound like a knowledgeable guy there. Can you please provide a comparable example from anywhere in the world for Sri Lanka to follow please? I hope you understand what “comparable” means. Even a federal state will do.


        • 0

          I love that modest way of meeting your challenger. This country is full of quality people. But sadly we don’t see that in our public affairs !!?

          Didn’t we export commodities to the giant China in the 60s !!? Didn’t the Supper Leader of Asia Mr.Lee Kuan Yew claim in the 60s that he was going to make Singapore a Sri Lanka !!? Weren’t we a glorious example to others !!? Why do we need another sample from outside !!? Where and how we missed it !!?…is the question Vibhu !!?

          ”Destroying one’s opponents using any means or modes has become a cult. Dead men do not talk has become the principal motto of their outlook”.

          Mmmmm…read Wigie’s claim again and try your best to find the remedy for your arrow !!?

          • 0

            Hey Rev.Devil,

            Well, everything happens in cycles doen’t it really? Climate patterns, stock maket bull and bear runs you name it. You miss one another comes along anyway. Who else have missed such cycles? Lebanon used to be known as “France of the Middle East”. The Rhodeasean experince, France before the revolution etc. Shit happens doesnt it really?

            Winges makes good observation wrt public morality and discipline. Women do so too in kitchens, near the village well and so does armchair analysts. I hope he did not pin down failures entirely to morality and discipline, becuase that will be too simplistic isn;t it really? For example, did you factor the 60s baby boom, Drividian movement, world food and oil shortage etc? I doubt it.

            Winges had a near miss himself with Suresh whatshisname of EPRLF or whatever ist’t? Imagine Winges having a bigger Tamil bigot for an oppornent. He would have had to sell out to prevent Suresh running to his oppornent isnt it? Imagine running a Parliment with the ilk of Suresh everywhere. Winges will soon need to “adapt” leaving his high morals behind doesnt it really? Do you see my point?

            • 0

              Whatsyourname” vibushan in Sanskrit. Biharie Banditto, quite fittingly down under where the thieves roam.

              (゜゜)~ I hope he did not pin down failures entirely to morality and discipline, becuase that will be too simplistic isn;t it really?(゜゜)~

              Not really, Banditto it’s your roots that have become putrid in a stagnant mode.

              Banditto, you are mastering revenge keeping your wounds green like the psychopath looking for a panther that is dead in the dark.

              (゜゜)~ everything happens in cycles doen’t it really? (゜゜)~

              Never it’s the 3rd law of Newton except in so far…!
              However, its natural to die as one is born.

              The 95% Badagini is the worst enemy SL faces- the greatest happiness is

              the movement of the bowels isn’t it? ~゜k・_・k゜~ 

              0:3 :っ)

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                Javi, I agree with you completely there. what a nutcase ha? cheers!

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                  ” what a nutcase “

                  Oh So! I have all the squirrels in a knot at the root.

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          I think Switzerland is a wonderful example,multilingual and multicultural.There are more than 60000 Tamils living happily there. Already there are many members at local governance level. Anyway it is too late now. If one is not prepared to devolve power even under 13A with the Governor and the all powerful Executive President(Under 18A) at the helm of affairs with the power to veto anything,how could you solve any problem.You need statesmen to solve conflicts.In our country there is no possibility for Statesmen to be produced, only thugs and rowdies flourish. It is a pity this happens in a country with a very high percentage of literacy in Southeast Asia. I think what is lacking is ‘courage’ among the educated!

          • 0

            radish,S ..!!?

            The so called ”Democratically elected mass robbers of every third world county are being encouraged by the democratic system of Switzerland to give a happy life to Swiss people by depositing their looted trillions. The Swiss wash their sins by welcoming some economic refugees around the world.
            When Mussolini sent his jam packed locomotives filled with Jewish people for slaughter in Germany through Switzerland; women, children , young and the old in the train begged for water. The Swiss were expected to stop the trains to save their life but mind you that they were not even ready to offer a cup of water. That’s history.
            The ”Tamils happily living in the Swiss” are mostly rural folks with their traditional treasures of jealousy, cast pride and boasting with their power of ”putzen” (cleaning job) money aylong their unethical display in Puberty ceremonies, Birthday parties etc.,Horse chariots,Limousines,Choppers and even a dozen of Mercedes/Volvo/Audi are being used for parades. While the children of Vanni widows starve.

            When the Swiss Tamil get some more money he comes back home to establish another profitable venture, which also very much helps to keep the locals in the world of tenth century. That is putting up a temple.

            This is what Switzerland and the Swiss Tamils are !!? This Tamil culture is a spreading disease among Tamils in Europe,Australia and North America.

            But….I like the second half of your comment.

            The rod is within us, and the remedy too !!?

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    what unity. there is no need for unity. all we need is bombs from kudankulam.

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      Kudankulam will kill your own people as well.

      You are willing to cut off your nose to spite your face.

      This is what your stupid National Leader did over the previous 25 years at a huge cost to your people, yet you haven’t learned anything from the past.

      This is another example of Tamil stupidity gone mad.

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      Rama you Sinkalam go and ask Seetha and she will give you bombs. You don’t have to go anywhere.

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    Tamils are playing the same tune since 1910.

    SO, 103 years and a thirty years of may hem are not enough to understand it, play more.

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      “SO, 103 years and a thirty years of may hem are not enough to understand it, play more.”

      Sorry, could you clarify what you mean by the above comment.

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    Wingneswaran also is in that same group shameless Tamils.

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      “Wingneswaran also is in that same group shameless Tamils.”

      The last time I checked he was fully clothed with red dot on his forehead also sporting a well groomed beard.

      In order to satisfy yourself, you should investigate if he wears an amude underneath his Veasty.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        “The dot” is Kungumam and Sandanam – very precious to the Hindu pious. You will find this entering the discourse both in the NEP and Narendra Modi’s India. Both the King MR and General SF
        tried it as a gig at the Nallur Kandasamy Temple, if you recall.
        But that was more for public consumption and political gimmicry whereas Viggy has worn it long before he became CM.


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          You know even Nallur Kandasamy did not protect innocent Tamils in Mulliwaikkal!!! Because gods do not exist!

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          In case you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the Channel 4 latest documentary on No Fire Zone please click the link below.

          My Sinhalese friend observed after watching it “the sole purpose of herding the innocent people towards the sea front by the Sri Lankan armed forces was to cull them”

          Let me have your review of this “No Fire Zone Channel 4 Documentary”

          10.50pm Sun 3 November 2013C4
          DURATION: 49:26

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      you mean wigneswaran is also…..


    • 0

      Jima you Buddhist Kiss bugger, you are wrong. Wigneswaran is the pride of all the Tamils, while you are a disgrace to all the Sinhalese.

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    The USA produced Abraham Lincoln; the great Bharat produced the Mahathma; South Africa its Mandela and Myanmar (Burma) the cultured and elegant Aung San Sui Kyii. Every single one of them won the respect, the hearts of the entire world and have an assured place in history. Is Sri Lanka’s contribution the learned, ascetic Vigneswaren to the more limited scope of the island and the immediate region?


    • 0

      “USA produced Abraham Lincoln; the great Bharat produced the Mahathma; South Africa its Mandela and Myanmar (Burma) the cultured and elegant Aung San Sui Kyii.” Is Sri Lanka’s contribution the learned, ascetic Vigneswaren to the more limited scope of the island and the immediate region?

      You’ve taken a photograph of him and it seems never developed it;

      afraid of being alone in the dark.

      Push him over a cliff and he’ll come down plump.

      • 0

        ”You’ve taken a photograph of him and it seems never developed it;

        afraid of being alone in the dark.

        Push him over a cliff and he’ll come down plump”.

        Dear Javi….I love the quality of expressions in your comment, which is always prominent with Senguttuvan’s posts. I always see Mr.Dhanabalasingham (The Editor in chief of Thinakkural) in Senguttuvan ( for his high level of quality thinking)!!?

        ”The Lord of the flies” seemingly worrying by the physically plumpy but mentally steely boy Wigie !!?

        • 0

          ”The Lord of the flies” seemingly worrying by the physically plumpy but mentally steely boy Wigie !!?”

          Wash & Wearwolf look in the towel! (’-’*)

          I don’t know, but I am not going to smell it. ;^)

          star ☆彡^5

        • 0


          I am happy to see you back in this forum.

          Regarding your unwritten, unpublished and long awaited comment take your time.

          What is your opinion about the latest documentary by Channel 4 on war crimes.

          • 0

            Oh…I am on too many arrears too you. I shall have to answer this. But I think I am too late…and I’ll find a way to give you an answer in a fresh spot….and for your information sake, I would like to leave a point here, that I was at the UNHRC last year, when this documentary was screened for the first time and observed the heated exchanges between the 100 men contingent of MaRa,( led by Mahinda Samarasinghe and directed by the current CJ.) and the INGO led Tamil diaspora team.

            Mr.Peter Splinter of AI, almost buried Mr.Samarasinge and his lying team into wilderness with his very bold commands and arguments.

            Also I have to speak a lot about the hypocrisy of the complainants…..sorry for the delays as I am travelling….shall come back. Thanks Sir.

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    I am still striving hard to find the right slot for Wiggi without the wig.

    • 0

      “right slot for Wiggi without the wig.”

      What’s up Pussycat? :* (’-’*);

      It’s a killer butterfly! ~゜k・_・k゜~ 

      Ö Ö Ö 0:3

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    CM Wigneswaran has crafted a noteworthy and an accurate history of the causes and and lapses for events of the late sixties and seventies that gave rise to the LTTE during the late seventies.

    Only demagogues who have no interest in the welfare and future of the people will harp on the religious and racial differences of the the people who inhabit this island will distort and trivialize what the NPC CM has said in his article.

    It is pointless trying to expose the flaws and their true intentions in these columns because they do what they are doing as they have vested interests.The day will soon dawn when they are toppled from their ivory towers by the very people they have fooled decide enough is enough.

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    Supreme Court Judge, C. V. Vigneswaran’s ceremonial address in 2001.

    The article below, was earlier found at the following URL – but is no longer at this location:


    Tamils in North-East sought restoration of their rights – Justice C. V.

    [ Daily News – Friday, 9 March 2001 ] [ 17:39 GMT, Mar. 9, 2001 ]
    By: Sarath Malalasekera

    The new Supreme Court Judge, C. V. Vigneswaran in his ceremonial
    address on Wednesday said it was not devolution nor sharing of power
    that the Tamils in the North and East sought. They only sought the
    restoration of their rights which had been snatched away from them.

    Justice Vigneswaran said, “My stint as a judicial officer in the
    Northern and Eastern Provinces enlightened me as to the feelings and
    aspirations of the vast majority of the denizens of those two
    provinces. It is not devolution nor sharing of powers they seek. They
    seek the restoration of their rights. Rights which were snatched from
    them by virtue of mathematical innovation where the majority in two
    provinces were added to the majority of seven provinces and thus made
    into the minority in nine provinces. This was sought to be corrected
    when laws pertaining to the Reasonable use of Tamil were formulated in
    1958 and 1966. But even these were given up without understanding the
    implications involved.”

    The Bench and the Bar paid tribute to the two New Supreme Court Judges,
    Justice Hector S. Yapa and Justice C. V. Wigneswaran at the ceremonial
    sitting held at the Superior Court Complex to welcome them on

    Associated on the Bench with the Chief Justice, Sarath N. Silva on the
    occasion were Justices, Dr. A. R. B. Amerasinghe, S. W. B.
    Wadugodapitiya PC, Priyantha Perera, Dr. Shirani A. Bandaranayake, D.
    P. S. Gunasekera, Ameer Ismail, P. Edussuriya, H. S. Yapa and C. V.

    President of Court of Appeal Justice Asoka de Silva and other Judges of
    the Court of Appeal, High Court Judges, Judges of the Colombo District
    Court, Colombo Chief Magistrate and Additional Magistrates were
    accommodated on the dais.

    Registrar of the Supreme Court Bandula Abeyratne and Mrs. Neelambika
    Motilal Nehru officiated.

    Justice Wigneswaran speaking in all three languages said:

    “I thank you for your kind sentiments. This is indeed a rare occasion
    in the life of an Original Court Judge. More so when one realises that
    having started as a Combined Court District Judge cum Magistrate after
    15 years of practice, as one of the youngest in the hierarchy at the
    point of entry into the Original Judiciary, despite many a young
    officer being appointed above him, not due to any intrinsic capability
    absent in himself, but due to the discretion of the Executive of
    whatever hue in power who preferred kindred spirits in the Higher
    Judiciary, that it was yet possible to enter the portals of this
    hallowed institution even at this comparatively late age. I am aware
    that age, judicial experience, eldership coupled with erudition
    together are no more relevant in appointments.

    I have a purpose in speaking to you in my mother tongue which I am
    delighted to note is the tongue of you Mr. Attorney.

    As a Tamil speaking citizen if I do not use my mother tongue, I would
    soon be forced to converse in my brother’s tongue only. Some may ask
    why not! But it should not be so if I feel pressured to do so. It
    should not be so if by design I am compelled to do so. It should not be
    so if by arbitrariness I am forced to do so. Let us not forget that
    each of us is Sovereign in this country.

    Singapore and Ceylon in the old days had the same problem. One country
    decided to give equal recognition to all four languages right from the
    beginning and that country flowers and flourishes. The other forced one
    language in preference to the others on all and that country is in
    precarious political turmoil. While such turmoil goes around in this
    country, Globalisation goes on and Mother Earth is becoming a smaller
    place to live on, with technological advances ensuring instant
    correspondence, intermingling of races and indorsing of international
    tongues for easy communication.

    Mr. Attorney and Mr. Gunaratne, I must confess that I have had a
    background and conditionings which makes me truly Sri Lankan. My
    parents hailed from the Northern and Eastern Provinces. I was born here
    in Hulfsdorp in the Western Province. My early education before joining
    Royal Primary School was in the North Western and North Central
    Provinces. My father had worked as an officer of the Government inter
    alia in the Central Province and Southern Province where I had occasion
    to mingle with the people of those areas. I have worked as a Judicial
    Officer in the Uva Province and I count the friendship of many from the
    Sabaragamuwa Province. I feel every inch a native of this country. I
    have always felt proud in foreign forums to be recognised as a person
    hailing from this blessed Isle. All three languages spoken by the
    denizens of this country have nourished me. I have been nurtured not
    only in one but in all four major religions of this country having
    started comparative study of religions from an early age. I am one of
    the few still living among those who organised from the then Congress
    of Religions in 1965 or thereabouts the visit of the then Mahanayake
    Thera of the Malwatte Chapter to Jaffna. It was a relative of my
    mother, Sir Ponnampalam Ramanathan, who risked his life to travel to
    England to place the case of the Sinhala Buddhists before the Queen in
    the early part of the last century. Thanks to the education I had at my
    Alma Mater, I have never felt second to any human being in this country
    despite the disabilities decreed on my community, though I have
    respected and do respect most humbly the intrinsic humanity and the
    unique individuality of every human being. I do respect their talents
    and capabilities sometimes different from mine. I respect the divinity
    in everyone of them. Loving kindness cannot be a mere concept. It has
    to be a living reality. Often today we miss the wood for the trees when
    we wax eloquently about the Teachings of the Great Masters in
    mesmerising language forgetting the spirit of their Teachings and
    failing to imbibe them in our lives. Otherwise how do we account for
    the echoing of war drums of hatred from the portals of Love and

    My stint as a Judicial Officer in the Northern and Eastern Provinces
    during the turbulent period from 1979 to 1986 enlightened me as to the
    feelings and aspirations of the vast majority of the denizens of those
    two Provinces. It is not devolution nor sharing of powers they seek.
    They seek the Restoration of their Rights. Rights which were snatched
    from them by virtue of a mathematical innovation where the majority in
    two provinces were added to the majority in seven provinces and thus
    made into the minority in nine provinces. This was sought to be
    corrected when laws pertaining to the Reasonable Use of Tamil were
    formulated in 1958 and 1966. But even these were given up without
    understanding the implications involved.

    I have always referred to an incident that used to happen when we were
    marble playing youngsters in school. Some of our seniors who were not
    Prefects would pounce upon us suddenly and illegally confiscate all our
    marbles in order that they would themselves play with them. When we
    protested they would keep 90% of the marbles and offer us 10% and
    thereafter progressively increase it to about 20% forgetting that all
    the marbles were ours and the seniors had no right to confiscate in the
    first instance. The majority of those in the Northern and Eastern
    Provinces were always Tamil speaking until Independence and their
    Language, Religions, Culture and Customs – mainly Islamic, Christian
    and Hindu, and ways of life within the special topographical and
    climatic environment should have been allowed to blossom and flourish
    without interference after Independence. So too the special culture and
    way of life that had grown up in certain areas of the Central Province.
    These were not done and we face the consequences today.

    Even though you Mr. Attorney and I are today in our respective honoured
    positions we cannot forget that two sparrows would not make a summer.
    In fact there were many more sparrows in high positions due to their
    intrinsic worth in almost every field during the middle of the last
    century. But we are today progressively depleting in numbers in this
    part of the Island and like the Burghers we too would soon be hardly
    heard of in Judicial, Legal or Governmental Service or even the Private
    Sector. It is a sad reflection of our times that after me there had not
    been a single Tamil speaking President of the Law Students Union after
    1962 at the Sri Lanka Law College.

    It is because I love this country and all its people including those
    who hate me for what I am, that I take this opportunity to say-not for
    my sake, not for the sake of the Tamil people but for the sake of
    cordial relationship among all communities in this Island of ours, for
    good governance and a progressive future, that unless we recognise that
    the Tamil Language and its culture are to the Tamils what the Sinhala
    Language and culture are to the Sinhalese and therefore make Tamil the
    dominant language of the Northern and Eastern Provinces requiring the
    study of it compulsory for all in those two Provinces just as Sinhalese
    is recognised as the dominant language of the other seven provinces,
    with English as the link language between equals, the wrong done by the
    enthroning of one Language in 1956 could never be erased; the havoc
    created by the deletion of Article 29(2) of the 1947 Constitution and
    the doctine of ultra vires from subsequent Constitutions could never be
    put right; the feelings of the Tamils wounded inter alia by the 1958,
    1977 and 1983 riots cannot ever be assuaged. Whether the Tamil Language
    is spoken and preserved in other countries is irrelevant. The Sri
    Lankan Tamils need to develop their language and culture peculiar to
    themselves in their mother country. The sterile and impotent cosmetic
    provisions now appearing in our Constitution has little meaning to the
    Tamil speaking people of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. They need
    to govern themselves in their own Language with the little interference
    from out side.

    An Original Court Judge cannot under the present system of nomination
    to the Higher Judiciary ever hope to occupy the highest office in the
    Judiciary except due to the condescending discretion of the Executive.
    Therefore I must feel that the acme of my career has arrived today,
    that I cannot aspire for anything more but only fade away with time
    into oblivion.

    I nevertheless thank both of you for making this a memorable event for
    me. I thank all my well-wishers who found time to be present here

    May all beings be happy! May Divinity descend upon their Hearts!”

    Courtesy : Daily News – Friday, 9 March 2001

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    Please pay attention to what C.V.Wigneswaran has stated in his ceremonial address to the Supreme Court in 2001 – especially from the following para onwards: the para which appears just after the halfway point, and contains the following:

    “When we protested they would keep 90% of the marbles and offer us 10% and
    thereafter progressively increase it to about 20% forgetting that all
    the marbles were ours and the seniors had no right to confiscate in the
    first instance.”

    In 2001, C.V.Wigneswaran was forethright. Today, he is significantly less so, after becoming elected as the Chief Minister. I realise that he has to be careful not to offend India, the big power in South Asia.

    But, C.V.Wigneswaran, is bending over backwards too much, to please the gov’t of India. He should realise that the GOI is going to give very little in return to the Ilankai Tamils.

    So, why has he been so stupid as to invite the spineless Manmohan Singh to visit the North, which the GOI desperately needs to justify to Tamil Nadu, why it sent its PM to attend the Rajapaksa CHOGM!

    Many Tamils feel that M.A.Sumanthiran is an agent [Edited out]

    As soon as the 80 plus year old Sampanthan, very soon becomes too ill and old to lead the TNA, M.A.Sumanthiran, a relative of his STC buddy Vasee Nesiah and the Devanesan Nesiah family, will have too much control over the TNA.

    • 0

      The example about marbles is taken.That is exactly why the involvement of India is relevant and the CM NPC should be supported for that.

      But where is the evidence for implying that Justice Wigneswaran in his speech mentioned anything about India and was then forthright in 2001 and now as CM NPC is bending over backwards frightened of India in 2013.
      Would the writer show us?
      Apart from the last para about Sumanthiran’s STC buddy the Nesiah’s is a calculated contortion that smacks of an axe to grind and nothing else.

      • 0

        Insert “that” after Apart from..

      • 0

        You state, “the involvement of India is relevant”. No! India may assist the Ilankai Tamils to get some minor and sometimes very minor, concessions. It is very foolish of you to be so trusting of the GOI, and by extension, the various groups which control its foreign policy. You have forgotten so soon, that soon after the war ended in 2009, India crudely twisted the arms of the TNA, to accept Sonia’s pet 13th Ammendment as the final solution!

        I never stated that C.V.Wigneswaran made forthright statements about India, in 2001. You are confused.

        Myself and associates, don’t have an axe to grind against Vasee Nesiah and the Nesiah family. The Nesiah family influences Sumanthiran’s political stances. This family also works tirelessly, mainly behind the scenes, to promote projects which they favour, and to sabotage projects and initiatives which they are not in favour of.

        Sumanthiran’s wife is a member of the Nesiah family – which is definitely relevant to his political stances.

        In the next year or two, Sumanthiran’s stature among the Ilankai Tamils will decrease, when more of them see through his agenda.

      • 0

        Sumanthiran [Edited out]

  • 0

    Viggie is Rajafucksa’s condom.

    He is becoming more and more controversial for Tamils. The other Thoruchelvam was killed by Tamils in 1999.

    Foolish Tamils voted for another Douglas Devananda.

    • 0

      Condom is a haram for Muslims… I guess!!

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    You were a Supreme Court Judge and used to passing Judgment but now the Role is reversed and the Racist Sinhalese are passing Judgment on
    your call:
    Senator Tiruchelvam Stood For The Unity Of The Country.

    You are new to Politics but I am sure you understand the Message from the Sinhalese Electorate which is Domination and Subjugation. So please don’t think that we are going to get any Rights from Mahintha Rajapakse so your call for the Unity of the Country has no meaning which is an illusion.
    We will only get our rights with outside pressure and the only Country which can deliver it is Mother India. But through your inexperience you have alienated the Lady who is going to influence the course of events which you have recently found out to your cost when Mr.Sambanthan was given a cold shoulder by the Iron Lady. I don’t expect much to happen under Congress who are corrupt to the core. I am praying to God that BJP win the election next year and if that happens the Iron Lady will be a formidable force and if in doubt read Dayans Interview with Sunday Times.

    Until then hold true to your values:
    You are Tamil first and Sri Lankan Second in that order and people have placed their trust in you to deliver so it is Important that you don’t betray them.
    We have to wait for a few more months to breathe a sigh of relief and hopefully the Tamil Fortune will change.
    It is 64 long years since Independence and we are still talking about Tamil Rights and we don’t have to apologise to anyone as we are the victims in this sorry Saga. I know you have two Sinhalese Daughter In Laws so you have to speak the language of Love.
    But mine is a language of Self Determination first and reaching out to a Sinhalese Neighbour as equal next.

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