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Setting the stage for Military Strikes on Iran?

By Latheef Farook –

I was on my way to Tehran last October to attend a media conference. Though    early to the airport I was almost last in the queue. When my turn came, the lady at the ticketing counter started looking at my passport and me repeatedly when I asked her” any problem”?

No, No! Are you working in Iran, she asked? I said “I am going for a conference”. She waited for a while and politely asked “is it safe over there? Her question spoke volume for the role played by the
Jewish controlled Western media in demonizing Iran to suit their destructive agendas.

The general image created up by the Western media, integral part of Western war machine, since the 1969 Islamic Revolution has been that Iran is a fanatic Islamic country where men are uncivilized and they oppress their women. However leaving the Imam Khomeini International Airport one could see women freely driving around their vehicles and even work as Taxi drivers.

The general image created up by the Western media, integral part of Western war machine, since the 1969 Islamic Revolution has been that Iran is a fanatic Islamic country where men are uncivilized and they oppress their women.  However leaving the Imam Khomeini International Airport one could see women freely driving around their vehicles and even work as Taxi drivers.

From the very inception the Islamic Revolution attached great importance to   educate men and women alike to equip them with various skills to ensure that women also play a crucial role, shoulder to shoulder with men, in building up their country.

As a result, today around 70 percent of the graduates pass out from numerous universities were women. They work as receptionists, clerks, sales persons, businesswomen, doctors, nurses, architects, engineers, researchers, professors, lecturers, scientists and parliamentarians to every other field. One even became vice president of the country.

Contrary to Western   propaganda women freely   move around, without any hindrance or harassment. Their lifestyle is such that they are contributing equally for maintaining law and order together with the authorities.

In short, there is nothing that the Iranian women were deprived of what the women in the so called free west claim to enjoy .As moral principles is a priority in paving the way for stable family and building up a healthy and vibrant society women adhere to a modest dress code which they are proud of .They have learnt to create their own fashionable designs within this modest dress code. They are also treated with respect and dignity everywhere.

Even around 10 PM one could see women getting into unknown taxis and travelling with other passengers safely without the fear of being kidnapped, raped or killed. Usually women sit in the front seat next to the driver in a taxi and the other passengers behind respect her. Young boys and girls mix and go about freely        respecting their customs and traditions. Of course under the Islamic culture one cannot see in Iran the obscene and vulgar behavior of men and women usually scene in the name of freedom in the streets, parks and all other public places in the West.

What I didn’t see in Tehran, city of around 14 million people and more than 2000 well maintained parks where families spend their leisure are red lights areas found in the Western capitals where women were traded as sex machines in the name of freedom, democracy and women’s rights.

The other remarkable feature throughout Iran, unlike in the case of West and many developing countries  which obediently follow the west,  is the complete lack of bill boards displaying women in different forms of nakedness to sell various products which is the current global trend under the market oriented so called open economy.

However Iranian men and women point out that there is no need to humiliate women by exposing them in various lewd forms   to sell a product .Instead they treat women as equal partners and respect them as mothers, sisters and wives. Thus it is an entirely different society.

Liquor which remains integral part of Western society despite being the source of many evils and family problems is banned. It is not a problem because the people grew up there in a liquor free environment. There are no gambling centers, casinos, night clubs and the like which usually destroy any society to the benefits of few businessmen. Thus Iran is liquor free, gambling free and red light area free society.

Unlike in the West, I didn’t see in Iran a single person sleeping in streets and even beggars remain a rare sight.

There is an advanced film industry not to promote pornography, lewd and create celebrities to distract the attention of people, but to promote knowledge and culture.

This is the country which war mongers in US and Europe have been demonizing to justify military strikes   and destroy to please their Jewish masters and ensure Israel’s military supremacy in the region. In fact they did try to cripple Iran when US-Europe and Zionists together with their   Arab collaborators in the region put forward Iraq’s disgraced Dictator Saddam Hussein to invade Iran after the 1979 Islamic revolution. This triggered off the eight year war which killed almost a million Muslims in Iran and Iraq and virtually destroyed the two countries.

In the aftermath of the war it was very difficult time for the Iranians. There was no one to turn to. Yet they didn’t sit back and cry. Instead, they exploited this difficult time to produce all what they needed within their country. Hundreds of thousands of factories sprang up .Thanks to government incentives and guidance once starved local markets were flooded with local products paving the way for an unprecedented economic growth providing employment opportunities for millions.

Today Iranians are proud of their achievements and keen to continue their progress march despite threats from US, Europe, Israel and their collaborators in the Middle East.

“We have lost enough lives, shed enough blood and sweated for years to reach where we are today. We know the taste of the fruits of our sacrifice and hard work and we will go to any length to protect and preserve these achievements. The country is blessed with dedicated and committed religious and political leaderships guiding the nation with dignity following a fiercely independent policy in the regional and international scenes,” said people from different walks of life in Tehran.

It was in this environment that Zionist controlled US and Europe is ganging up   to destroy Iran .Israel wanted to destroy four countries to establish its empire in the Middle East. These include Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria. The other countries, ruled by weaklings some of whom still think that the earth is flat, are shameless collaborators in this conspiracy against Iran. Already they had destroyed Iraq and Libya and pushed back the two countries into Stone Age. Perhaps they are now preparing the stage for the destruction of Syria while building up its campaign to crush Iran.

The war mongers picked up the issue of Iran’s nuclear program to build up their military campaign. They suspect that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Only suspecting and not confirmed.

Insisting that Tehran has right to peaceful nuclear program, and rejecting military intervention, Prof. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said on 12 Monday December 2011 in Doha that “there’s no evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, and even a recent and critical report by the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog did not provide concrete of nefarious nuclear ambitions. Speaking at the Brookings Doha Center, the Turkish diplomat, who many see as a natural successor to Turkish President Abdullah Gul, also said that every country had a right to develop a peaceful nuclear program.

Yet US and Europe used their tool, United Nations, to impose sanctions on Iran to cause economic harm and bring pressure.

However no such sanctions were imposed on Israel, the only source of wars, killings and unrest destabilizing the entire Middle East, which developed nuclear weapons as early as 1950s with the support of these very same Washington, London and Paris. However it is Israel which is in the forefront of this campaign for military strikes against Iran and as usual US.UK and Europe fall in line. The Arab rulers who collaborate with these war mongers should know that they will destroy and leave the region after plundering their resources. However as immediate neighbors they need to live with Iran and may have to pay a very high price for the sins of collaborating with Zionist war mongers.

Iran is Iran .Iran is not Iraq or Libya. Iranians are proud inheritors of a more than 7000 years old civilization unlike Israel, an entity established on the robbed Palestinian lands with less than 70 year old history of wars, massacres, genocides , daily killings, land grabbing, oppression and lawlessness. Unlike Israel, Iran poses no threat to anyone in the region or beyond. Iran’s only disqualification is that it refuses to bow down to Zionists unlike some regimes in the region had done. Throughout the Middle East people in voice oppose any military strikes on Iran. Only the rulers installed in power by war mongers collaborate.

Under the circumstance any military strike on Iran is likely to have swift response with worldwide repercussions. Israel and its Western and Arab collaborators will have to bear the consequences.

Latheef Farook is a senior journalist who, after working for almost ten years in the Ceylon Daily News and the Ceylon Observer, led a group of journalist to Dubai in 1979 to launch Gulf News. He returned home after a quarter century working in the Gulf   and now based in Colombo.His e mail is

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