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Shafi Saga: Kurunegala Hospital Director Dr. Weera Bandara Misleads Court, Tantamount To Contempt

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed the Kurunegala Magistrate that since the lengthy submission made by the Director of the Kurunegala teaching hospital Dr A. M. S. Weera Bandara stating sever complications can result by performing HSG test on women, 7 women have undergone the said test with his knowledge at the Kurunegala Hospital.

Revelations on the said double standards and many other irregularities that severely questioned the bona fides of the Director as well as the Deputy Director of the Hospital Dr. K. M. C. Kendagamuwa were made today (August 9) when the case relating to Dr. Seigu Shihabdeen Shafi was taken up.

Dr. Shafi

Soon after arresting Dr. Shafi and conducting investigations into allegations that he had intentionally sterilised female patients that were operated by him CID informed that SHG tests should be conducted to elicit scientific evidence as to whether the reproductive system has not been tampered with, of the females who have complained of not being able to conceive.

The Director, who is not a party in this case was allowed to make lengthy submissions as to why women should not undergo the HSG test went on to explain that it will result in complications such as cancer in the reproductive system and even death at times and stressed to court that woman should not be allowed to undergo the said test. These submissions that were made in open court were missing in the case proceedings when CID later obtained a copy of the proceedings.

Director CID SSP Shani Abeysekara testifying before the Parliamentary Select Committee to look into the Easter Sunday attacks said that Dr Weera Bandara had no authority to make submissions in court as he is not a party to the case.

HSG, known as Hysterosalpingogram; A hysterosalpingogram imaging test that is used to examine the cavity of the uterus and Fallopian tubes. In a hysterosalpingogram, dye (called contrast material) is injected through a tube inserted through the vaginal into the uterus.

The B report filed by the CID includes statements obtained by the hospital radiologists and gynaecologists. In the statement given by Dr Peshala Rangajeewa Dangalla, Obstetrician and Gynecologist of the Kurunegala General Hospital states that the director Weera Banara has asked him in writing on April 24, to continuously hold the subfertility clinic that was intermittently held owing to his busy schedule.

In his statement to the CID Dr. Dangalle has further stated that Deputy Director of the hospital has made a list of mothers who have claimed to be infertile after undergoing caesarian operations by Dr. Shafi and had handed over the 4 pages long list to him and instructed him to select the mothers from that list to attend the subfertility clinic.

Fourteen mothers were called for the clinic on 3 June out of which 7 mothers had been selected to undergo the HSG test, under the observation of the Deputy Director Dr. Kendagamuwa.

The doctor’s duplicitous attempts to hold these tests while a court order was given halting conducting the said tests can amount to contempt legal experts say.

The CID, therefore, sought a court order from the Kurunegala Magistrate’s Court directing the Director of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital to release the four pages long name list that was chosen for the subfertility clinic by the Deputy Director and the original document is given by him containing the fourteen names selected for the tests and any relevant bed head tickets of the patients underwent the SHG and their reports.

The case will be called up again on 12 December.

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