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Shameless De Facto CJ Asks For “Exchange”

The sitting De Facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris had asked for a dipomatic posting to the United Nations, London or Milan, in exchange for his resignation from Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe, Colombo Telegraph learns.

De facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris

During a one on one meeting held with Wickremesinghe Mohan had agreed to resign from his post in exchange of a diplomatic posting to one of the three above destinations.

Surprisingly the Prime Minister has also agreed to the ‘ exchange’ in principle, but offered an alternative destination- Brazil.

On Thursday, Minister Rajitha Senaratne had unexpectedly put the plan in a ‘soup’ after responding to a question, by saying that Pieris had agreed to resign.

The statement by Senaratne was seen as a ” breach of confidence” by the Pieris faction, and had caused an immediate rethink of strategy.

Pieris was to resign on Monday, the 25th of January as per the initial plan. However, the next step following the declaration by Senaratne and the story that he had sought an ‘exchange’ is still unclear.

Pieris was found within the premises of Temple Trees on election night, in clear violation of the integrity of his position and that of himself.

Earlier, Colombo Telegraph learns that Pieris had sought the support of certain Presidents Counsel to send ” messages” across to the powers that be that he would not be intimidated into leaving his position, following Senaratnes claim.

Thereafter a person identifying himself as the ” spokesperson” for the Chief Justice refuted claims of Rajitha Senaratne. But the “spokesman” confined himself to saying that Pieris “had not resigned” when in actual fact Pieris was to resign.

The word play, and the immediate backtracking of the spokesperson following questions posed by journalists provided insight into the “thought process’ of Pieris.

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