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Sirisena Brat Led Mob Smashes Night Club And Assaults Staff

Just a day after President Maithripala Sirisena justified the actions of teachers hitting school children, his son Daham Sirisena led mob attacked the security personnel of a prominent Colombo night club named Club Clique in the early hours of today, resulting in one guard being hospitalized.

According to information received by Colombo Telegraph, Daham Sirisena and a relative named Dias, a notorious character from Ganemulla, along with a group of Presidential Security Division Personnel were denied entry to the night club around 2 am today. They had then left and returned with poles and had initially hit one security guard on the head with a flower pot. Thereafter the mob went berserk smashing the glass panes at the entrance to the building. Some of the other night club revelers waiting to enter the night club had also been assaulted by the group.

The Daham Sirisena led mob then forcibly entered the night club and went on to assault a steward.

A close friend of Daham Sirisena’s when contacted by Colombo Telegraph said that the President’s son had denied any involvement regarding the incident. He had said that he would call back with more details but nearly six hours later, prior to publishing, Dahama Sirisena had still not returned the call.

According to a source close to Prime Minister Ranil Wicremesinghe, the Prime Minister’s office had received a classified report early this morning on the incident which indicated the involvement of a high profile person. “Otherwise we do not receive classified reports regarding regular night club brawls” the source said.

The Police confirmed that there was a brawl but refused to provide any further details as the incident is currently under investigation.

Sources close to the club owners confirmed to Colombo Telegraph that police had collected the Close Circuit Television footage of the incident.

The CCTV footage of other cameras in the vicinity had also been collected. However it is still unclear if it was the Sri Lanka Police that had collected those or if it was personnel of the Presidential Security Division that had done so.

Meanwhile the injured security guard’s ward is currently surrounded and closely guarded by PSD officials and no one is permitted to speak to him except the doctors, Colombo General Hospital sources said.

The Derana Television crew was denied permission to enter the premises when they had gone to report the incident. Even the employees of the night club were instructed not to speak to the media by the owners of the club, Colombo Telegraph has reliably learnt.

Daham Sirisena’s history of violence dates back to 2013 when he along with a group of 13 other personnel assaulted DIG Ravi Waidyalankara’s son on the East Coast beach of Pasikuda. Then in March of 2014 the young Sirisena brat had brandished a gun and had threatened UNP Municipal Council member Kris Balthazaar at another Colombo night club named ‘Floor by O’ following the annual Royal Thomian cricket encounter.

Speaking earlier at the ‘Guru Prathibha Pranama Ulela’ teacher commemoration event on Wednesday at the Nelum Pokuna prior to departing for Thailand President Maithripala Sirisena complained that it was even a difficult task for him to have brought up and disciplined his children. ( Janka Ranaweera)

DIG Ravi Waidyalankara’s son on attack in 2013:

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