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Sirisena Orders Lifting Of WhatsApp Ban At Midnight, Facebook To Follow Tomorrow

Following the lifting of the blockage on Viber last night, the relevant authorities are to resume the normal functioning of WhatsApp following a directive from President Maithripala Sirisena.

The Presidential Media Unit, in a media release, has stated that access to social media platforms was blocked temporarily in order to prevent the dissemination of content that could incite violence on racial and religious grounds and to prevent the organization of such violence.

The President has claimed that these measures have prevented violence and agitation from spreading.

President Sirisena has also emphasized the need to create a mechanism to stop the spread of hatred and racism through such platforms. Accordingly, the President’s Secretary Austin Fernando is due to hold discussions with representatives of Facebook tomorrow (15th) at the Presidential Secretariat to come up with such measures while removing the present blockage on the popular social media platform.

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