29 June, 2022


Sirisena Succumbs To Pressure: Ranatunga’s Nominations Accepted & MR To Contest From UPFA

After extensive negotiations, the United People’s Freedom Alliance has finally agreed to give nominations to Western Province Chief minister Prasanna Ranatunga to contest from the UPFA.

With the assurance that the former Chief Minister will be allowed to contest the election, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has agreed to sign nomination papars to contest the election under the UPFA alliance.

Mahinda VParty sources said the former President would sign the nomination papers soon.

Nominations of the United People’s Freedom Alliance hit a fresh snag last evening when President Maithripala Sirisena opposed giving nomination to 10 stalwarts of the pro – Rajapaksa camp, including Western Province Chief Minister Prasanna Ranatunga.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had insisted that all members of the “Abhayaramaya cabal“, including Ranatunga, should be given nomination from the UPFA to contest the election. Rajapaksa said he would pull out of the UPFA and contest from a separate front if the UPFA failed to meet his demand.

Signing of the UPFA nominations is presently underway at Mahaveli Centre, Colombo 07.

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Latest comments

  • 23

    Like I have always thought, the Sinhalese Race is even worse than maggots creeping out of a carcass. It is the most useless scum-bag race on this planet.
    Can Sinhalese run a country? NO. They cannot.
    Thats the difference between the Tamils and the Sinhalese. The Tamils are
    a honest and trustworthy Race.

    • 4


    • 17

      “..The Tamils are a honest and trustworthy Race. ..”
      What a gem!
      Raj Rajarathnam
      Arjun Mahendran

      • 15


        “Are Raj Rajarathnam Arjun Mahendran Sinhalese? “

        A categorical yes.

        Tamils and Sinhalese share their DNA with each other. Does it matter whether these two stupid people call themselves Sinhalese or Tamils? Both are not only stupid but self destructive as well.

        • 2

          Don’t agree with many of the varying comments here ,however “Native Vedda” i agree with this one of yours

    • 0

      [Edited out]

    • 5

      Lol And you call the Sinhalese racist ?
      above comment proves otherwise

  • 16

    MR is going to learn a big lesson. The silent majority will vote. RW’s will now sweep the polls. UNP 115 seats assured. Low IQ southern polity will be left with their mouths agape when results come out finally by 19th morning. You didn’t see people power on Jan 8th. You will see it on Aug 17th. You chaps living outside the island need to chill out. RW will be our next PM. SLFP will be a,very distant second and possibly, Tamil terrorist loving TNA MIGHT be second.

  • 19

    If the latest news is correct then the Betrayal is complete.The question is WHY ? If one is to argue that MS was compelled to cave in to keep SLFP/UPFA undivided it does not have much validity since when accepting to contest against MR at the Presidential Elections he gave up his rights to represent either SLFP/UPFA.

    Then there are only two possible reasons
    1)He is being blackmailed by MR for reasons unknown to most of us(may be a secret File)
    2)He too has been bought over by MR

    Only time will tell

    • 0

      What you say is very likely the case!

  • 19

    The Great Betrayal of the Sri Lankan people has just been signed -off by MS. He has sacrificed 6.2 million people for for One Mahinda Rajapakse and one political party.


  • 2

    What matters now is not really who or which party grasps the power,with the entire world in financial chaos and China contributing with its reality of its much predicted share market earth Quake, as they call it, where common people have become zero over night ,one may quote the famous saying;fools rush in where angels fear to tread.,
    (written by Alexander Pope in his poem An Essay on Criticism -1709).

    Common people have sold their homes and invested ,some have taken loans and invested, I will not be surprised if some ordinary folks had borrowed from loan-sharks ,in which case it would be a 100% suicide.

    Well not just Sri Lanka the entire world is going to feel the after shocks of the crash if it does not sustain.

    So now more than any given time I honestly feel a national government may be an urgent need to save the Country than ever before.

    It is not the time to play petty politics and it is the time for financial experts and other professionals to appear on TV and educate the people of what we may be expecting soon ,If the people are directed in the right path with sincerity to help make the right choices in picking the right candidates, most importantly with a good global PR,and also making sure no party gets to-much of a majority, which we may hope will create a natural manoeuvrings leading it to no choice but a national government.

    The Ball is in your Court People of Sri Lanka use your franchise wisely.

  • 2

    I have read each and everyone’s comment and found it very interesting some are negative and some are positive. Today we, the public need not take upon ourselves to beat the drum in regard to the political situation occurring in our country.Politics in Sri Lanka is more or less like playing casino, or to put in simple the famous poker game “Asking/Hitting” or the Race by Race (horse racing gamble win/place bets.

    Whatever said and done irrespective of any political parties or their difference, the issue today is the State head has compromised on his integrity, Historic in making President now famously called PAGASENA who before been nominated as a common candidate in the run up to Presidential Elections was also branded as the same caliber who descended from the earlier UPFA tribe.He gained popularity only when he contested as a common candidate. Today he has created a new ignominious record as the worst betrayer ever in the history of the world beating even that of Judas , continuing to brazenly exposing his political opportunism to the detriment of the nation. He has descended to the lowliest of levels of double deals and double crossing owing to his own most disgraceful monumental betrayal he indulged in slitting the throats of all those who toiled to make him the president , let alone the entire nation. If this is one classic example is there any space even to argue of clean politics??. I am an ardent fan of United National Party and so are the generations and generations whatever said and done good or bad they would stick by and cast their vote like a doby mark irrespective of the out come. It would be very interesting if MR can win the nations love in voting him to power again without any cosmetic attributes which he misused when he was in power example, the three forces, the national transport, vote rigging, thuggery, intimidation, corruption, media manipulation all to his gain.One thing we should all know the nation today is far more alert of all these political gain speech, they have seen right before their eyes the greatest betray in history. Likewise the ruling party today is using the same tactics which was used by the former regime to gain political propaganda mileage they hold the edge, because at present they hold the power.Going by statistics MR has been given a district which is easily overpowered by UNP and he he loses his seat he would be stripped off all state leader benefits, perks, etc as he would then be considered a commoner and would be easily be prone to all past corruption under his regime.Even though the President has gone behind his own Prime Minister there is one Gentleman who I know who will STAND ON HIS OWN FEET and deliver the goods to the UNP that person remain anonymous he has got powers under him after the 19th amendment he will manipulate the opposition to the benefit of the Ruling Party. The Party will not stop there, even after UNP will gain majority we will be in for a bigger shock in December when a top political figure will be impeached and thrown out of his seat.Thank You and god bless you all

  • 4

    Fahim Knight.

    I am not a Finance type;stock market and all.Having been taught the classics by my Pater and the old adage Money is the root of all evil,I am unable to unhook myself to reality.
    Anyway,I just have a small[or Big] question.Will the after shocks of this crash be felt by the Rajapakses also? Or by their proven resourcefulness capitalise on this for further sleaze?

  • 6

    This Betrayal by MS was something totally unexpected by the people.

    We will one day come to know how MR twisted the arm of foolish MS.

    All the hopes of the people of liberating the country from the Tyrant,Thief,Murderer
    has now been dashed by the worst Sinhala MODAYA MS.

    How did RW and CBK allow this?

    What will the other country leaders think about the foolish Sri Lankan Government

    and the STUPID President.

    May GOD save us.

  • 1

    JAYA WEWA MR!!!!!

  • 8

    President Sirisena has frittered away his image unnecessarily and unrevokably.Many saw him as David who slew Goliath, but today he looks like a scare-crow to the 6.2 voters who supported him at a critical peorid in his life.

  • 1

    Has Foul Mouth Rajitha’s mongrel pup got the nomination to Beliatta, now that the Lion has moved to Ratnapura?.

    Is the Mongrel Pup on SLFP ticket or the UNP ticket?.

    Because the Senior acts as the Doberman for both Ranil and Sirisena…

  • 0

    Greetings Plato., Am only a humble Marketing Analyst , am not an financial expert, however with due respect, I would rather like to refer to money as a legal paper of convenience for trading ,it is not the money ,it is always man ,the most evil of all creation who have abused it for evil purpose.

    Whenever resources and opportunity are both not equally distributed the final result is crash .

    The Rajapakshas may have the liquidity to what we call in colloquial terminology roll ,but that is the most dangerous game of all to do in large scale ,I somehow feel they have another card up their sleeve and I do not know exactly what ,or they are not still very much aware of the China bubble ,their main game player ,supporter , or backbone shall we refer it to for easy references?It has always been China , they have put all theirs bets on ,but now things are changing fast,even if China manages to survive the present crash ,I doubt China will want to extend their liquidity outside to much at-least not for now.

    China has not really come out fully of its communism ,they have just reformed it ,but that is failing and they know it, and most of their investments and financial dealings and stock market investment have been a very home base ,which is good and bad for the for world ,depending which part you live in.

    If the Government who comes to power has the right PR in the right places of the Globe, we may survive ,in future I doubt very much the China commodities are going to be the large market players , so if any Politician is going to depend to-much on China, more than we gaining ,it will be we having to pay through our nose ,let us wait and see.

    It all depends on the people, if they are going to blindly Vote ,like they have done always, then they will be playing right into the hands of Politicians who are masters in corruption & nepotism.

    Very few people are aware how business works in China, to be honest China is the most corrupt nation on earth today,no matter how hard their leaders try to end it using the old way, through muscles and Armour ,they will not be able to contain it ,not with such a gigantic proportion of players ,it will backfire ,in-fact that is exactly what is happening.

    Like I said earlier the financial experts need to come on public fast ,it would even be good if the are able to visit the villages and educate the public of the true world situation and to be down right honest about the importance of a coalition government with members having good PR all over the globe ,not just china and India .

    And to be careful with those who try to cover the public’s eyes with racism and so called nationalism etc, this is the best time than ever to promote our indigenous products and find partners who will support it. not import and sell cheap mobile phones .

    i have tried hard enough to contain my opinion as much possible without bias and sincerely hope as a simple ordinary citizen been able to contribute some facts.

    If the wrong Politician takes over the country and if things go wrong , this time it is the professionals in the market and among Politicians Like Dr.Harsha who will have to take 100% responsibility of all repercussion driving from it, also including The Market ,business and financial professionals for not being bothered and of cause much ,, The Political business and financial professional for playing ball of politics with peoples lives .

  • 0

    I like to imagine that the crocodile from Hambantota wins the August election. [Edited out]

  • 0

    Does China matter with regard to Our Coming General Election 2015?

    keep reading ask yourselves how much China has in dollars committed with Sri lanka>?
    Quote:mail online
    Think Greece’s economy is the one in trouble? It’s CHINA that’s facing financial meltdown and the biggest stock market crash since the Great Depression

    Nearly $3trillion wiped off Chinese stock markets in just the last few weeks

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3153186/Think-Greece-s-economy-one-trouble-s-CHINA-s-facing-financial-meltdown-biggest-stock-market-crash-Great-Depression.html#ixzz3fT2YCui4
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • 0

    All is not lost.
    If the Elections Commissioner conducts a fair election without cutouts, posters, thuggery, intimidation, bribery, impersonation, stuffing of ballots, & with accurate counting of ballots, UNP should get majority of seats in the south.
    Whom will the state media support, is crucial.
    In the north, TNA will win.
    In Kurunegala, MR must be defeated, and will be defeated if there is a fair election.

    If at least one candidate publicly bares his assets, this will set the ball rolling & will compel others to do likewise – those who don’t, will be suspect & will not get many votes.

  • 0

    Dr Harsha sets the records straight.

    Thank you we need more information .. please continue to educate the simple folks and please do not promise them castles in Air , prepare them mentally to face the realities of the economic chaos around the globe which affects us and how we must practically handle it, once you do this and if you come to power it would be much easier to make the people understand and accpet their priorities, well done.

    Economy grew only 4.5 in ’14 – Harsha
    2015-07-10 17:28:39


  • 0

    We now know Maithripala Sirisena is a rag doll puppet on strings. Somehow Chandrika Kumaratunga and Ranil Wickramasinghe managed to move his strings, made him walk out of the Ministry of Health from his position as Minister. Having the strings under their control now, they made him to move his mouth and body to the way they wanted and so the public at large saw and heard him never knowing he was on strings doing what Ranil and CBK wanted. Maithri is only a rag doll without a functioning brain can’t do anything on his own except through the strings attached to it.

    Somehow this rag doll due to cleaver puppeteering and good dialogue scripts managed to ‘win’ the Presidential elections. Certainly it is not Maithri who won; it was Rajapakse who narrowly lost the elections. It was because of the massive anti Rajapakse votes this puppet was pushed to victory. Maithri had only little ‘pro Maithri’ votes. Certainly effective puppeteering by Ranil and CBK helped. One cannot really say he won the elections.

    During the election campaign CBK/Ranil spoke into puppet’s mouth to tell he will have a clean Government and never allow any corrupt person in his Government. CBK/Ranil moved his mouth and voiced through telling MR is a dangerous man and should and will not be allowed to raise his head again.

    However after the victory the puppeteers went to sleep, CBK had gone to UK and cleaver and sharp MR took over the strings and now is his turn to move the mouth and put words through it and got the puppet to agree for the nominations through his party. MR got what he wanted out of the puppet. So again the dangerous man will rise up.

    Now MR has taken over controls and is the puppeteer and he will get his way and rule the country using this puppet. Does this country need a puppet? This puppet deserves what he said; if MR would have won he would have gone down six feet under. This puppet has let down the 6 million people who voted him not knowing someone else was speaking through him.

  • 0

    If MR becomes an MP (he will), he will be elected as the leader of the SLFP & UPFA Parliamentarians, Then, it is a matter of the SLFP Central Committee deciding to appoint him as the President of S.L.F.P. MS can not challenge it, as he was not elected as President of S.L., as a candidate of S.L.F.P. / UPFA. Then, MR will be the leader of UPFA, by defualt. If the UPFA gets the second highest no. of Seats, he will be the Leader of the Opposition, too.(which may be unlikely if JVP & TULF joins together & put forward their candidate). Even if MR does not be the Leader of the Opposition, he will be the Leader of UPFA.

    If MS holds on to the post of President of SLFP / UPFA, he will be thrown – out of SLFP, with humiliation. SLFPERS too will rejoice saying, this is the sweet revenge for betraying their Party at the Presidential Election.

    People who voted for MS will say that, it is dittadamma vedaneeya karma for MS, for destroying the only hope the people, specially the Youth of the Nation, created by themselves, with many sacrifices.

    MS forgot that, what is popular is not always right & to stand for what is right at any cost, which people did. He failed to think as the President of the Country, for which he should never be excused.

    If MR used his absolute power for worst, people would have never gone against a man who used some of those absolute power for good of the Nation.

    If he is a matured politician & a leader, with some brains & back born to stand against MR & his Mafia, as soon as he was appointed as the President of SLFP, he should have asked the officials & Members of the Central Committee to resign. Then, he should have appointed Members who are favorable to him, specially for the Post Of Secretary. Then, dissolve the UPFA & form a new UPFA with a Secretary favorable to him. This would have given him the control of SLFP & UPFA. What a weak man to be the President of a Country. Now, he can preach all excuses, thinking the people are bloody fools, but the result is the biggest insult to humanity.

    How can this MS eradicate Drugs, which is an international Mafia, with such weakness, when MS could not even face the MR & Mafia, with the right strategy. It is just a propaganda to cover-up his defeat in the hands of MR & Mafia.

    The result will be creating RW Mafia & MS will be just a spectator, saying : Yes, Sir.

    We, the poor & average People of S.L., will be the sufferers for ever. The youth of this Country will never believe that, the Ballet could bring them change.

    What a betrayal !!!!!!!

  • 0

    I do not agree that My3 has betrayed the people who voted for him. He is in a very difficult situation at the moment – between the devil and the deep blue sea. If anyone is to be blamed for My3’s unenviable predicament Ranil must be the one to be held accountable. The bond scam is seen by most people who were batterred by the immense corruption practiced by the former Rajapaksa regime as inexcusable and being subjected to the ‘same old, same old’ treatment.

    My3 delivered us from the scourge of the Rajapaksa mafia once and hopefully he will deliver us once more from the braying dogs of that most dangerous wolfish Mahinda family dynasty.

    One thing is for sure, that inept caricature of a politician called Ranil Wikramasinghe is not doing My3 any favours at all.

    I hope JVP will come out of the woodworks and help prop up any governement that is opposed to the Rajapaksa clan.

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