1 July, 2022


So Who Should We Vote For?

By Ruvan Weerasinghe

Dr. Ruvan Weerasinghe

This is the question in the minds of all open minded citizens as we face a presidential election of crucial significance. We are the so-called ‘floating vote’ – and in my case at least, a proud member of it. To begin with, it’d be fair to say that all citizens who take their franchise seriously, have had enough information (and sadly even more disinformation) required to make up their minds about the candidates and what they stand for. As such, this is not really an attempt to change your minds in this ‘last minute’. In fact, I urge all thinking people to refrain from making any last minute decisions, however much the politicians and their supporters try to bring in that last ‘clinching argument’ why you should change your mind and vote for them or their candidate instead. Be particularly suspicious of any sensational new information that would surface during the next 3 days (even though campaigning officially ends Wednesday night).

Are there any universals that we can all agree on that any civilized nation should hold on to and value? Political scientists would answer in the negative, since each such ‘factor’ could be classified into a particular ‘box’ and so assigned to a particular political ideology, party or candidate. Reality is quite different. Very few citizens (or even politicians for that matter) have that kind of technical knowledge and simply want to hold on to some reasonable expectations they could expect from a candidate from any political persuasion. In order to keep this piece short, I simply list rather than detail some of the most salient of these in my mind.

Usher meritocracy: as has been pointed out by many, one of the root causes for Singapore’s success (as well as that of many other countries we may have experienced ourselves), the commitment to give responsibility to the best person, based not on qualifications, but past record of achievement, is fundamental in running a country (as it is, in running any organization). In Sri Lanka, this is an almost alien notion where family and friends expect that any leader worth his/her salt should reward family (nepotism) and friends (cronyism). They ask ‘what is the point, if not?’. Any candidate who in the past has adhered to this way of thinking we should forthright reject, if we’re truly interested in our country moving forward. Another indicator of the possibility of making Sri Lanka a meritocracy is to observe the kind of people around a presidential candidate, and their commitment (or lack thereof) to this thinking.

Ensure equity in prosperity: it is important that the candidate we elect to this important role has to be able to bring back prosperity to this resourceful and resilient nation. It is even more crucial that such a leader should be one who’s committed to sharing the benefits of such prosperity equitably. This has bearings for instance on things like an equitable tax structure, rather than a convenient one which applies indirect taxes which finance our national budget. In other words, Sri Lanka’s super rich must be committed to take the bulk of the tax load just so that more of our citizens are able to rise above the poverty line. A candidate that has demonstrated a belief in a ‘trickle down’ economy which has pushed our GDP to middle-income levels while keeping a large proportion of our citizens below the poverty line, should not be voted as our president. This can also be seen by a candidate’s current wealth and lifestyle, though it can often be hidden from public view.

Belief in the people: any candidate worthy of representing the citizens of a country should by definition have a strong belief in their ability to deliver. At least one of the candidates in the current race has demonstrated this admirably reaching world class performance in the high tech industry. Such a person would understand why it is absolutely necessary to bring all people together as one, focusing on our similarities (compared to citizens of other countries) than our differences. As anyone working in complex systems, optimization or machine learning would know, maximum diversity of a ‘population’ is what allows a problem to be solved optimally and quickly. Our national cricket team was a prime example: when its talent pool was expanded from simply Colombo schools in the 1960s and 70s to the entire country in the 1990s, the dramatic effects of propelling it to world class status was realized. Any candidate treating the masses as having little role in the economy and solely focusing on big business to have a ‘trickle down’ benefit to them, is not someone suitable for president.

Decrease debt burden: the main cancer growing in our country could arguably be said to be our ever increasing debt. This has to be shared by our entire citizenry, even the very poorest, even though often the political and rich classes enjoy more of the benefits of projects carried out using such debt. This is clearly unfair. Any candidate who is not committed to reducing the long term debt of our future generations should not be voted in as our next president. While it is not easy to know the views of each candidate on this matter, some indication can be detected by observing the overall policies of the party they represent.

Anti-corruption in stance: while developing countries, especially those in which poverty is a major issue, in general have more corruption than developed ones, an overall stance against corruption at the highest levels is absolutely essential. As, again the Singapore example shows, dealing with a few ultra high profile corruption cases ruthlessly, irrespective of their political standing or connections, is one way to combat systemic corruption downstream. Any candidate who has thrived on expediency rather than fair play needs to be rejected in favour of one who at least has no such record. Again, apart from the candidate themselves, if those around them are those who have thrived in the past under such conditions, that should send red alerts against the suitability of voting for such a candidate.

Heart for the vulnerable: the saying that a civilization is judged by how it treats its weakest members, attributed to Gandhi among other great thought leaders, is a virtue uncommon in modern Sri Lanka. It is particularly symptomatic of a nation which is trying to move up the economic ladder alone, at the expense of its ‘humanness’ ladder – one that focuses solely on increasing GDP and not HDI/GNH. A heart for the vulnerable is hard to manufacture for an election campaign or cultivate in the few weeks prior to it. As such, the past record of a candidate’s behaviour can be a good indicator as to the likelihood of that candidate’s ability to help Sri Lanka prosper socially as much as economically.

Truthful: arguably one of the hardest characteristics for a politician to possess is a commitment to the truth – it is almost orthogonal to being involved in politics. This is why some of the first time candidates at this election provide the best hope for possessing this quality. A related quality is the ability to admit past mistakes rather than absolving oneself from blame. The outgoing president has proved to be the epitome of ‘passing the buck’ especially in the last year or so. Abdul Kalam’s story of his boss asking him to take credit for success and pushing him back to take the blame himself for failure, is a classic example for our presidential hopefuls. In the context of our political culture, the declaration of assets, not just to the Speaker, but to the public, would be a good sign of a candidate’s fitness to be our president. Another would be a commitment to punish and never justify lies and cover-ups. A candidates’ past behavior could give us strong hints as to their commitment to the truth since lies often need to be covered up with more lies.

Commit to rule of law: probably one outcome of believing in the people of the land is the application of the law equally to the strong and the weak – whether economically, socially or politically. A candidate  committed to this would be one who does not tolerate any interference in the affairs of government, which is itself fully capable of running well, if allowed to. Allowing state employees, the police, the armed forces and most importantly the judiciary to function to the best of their ability without any impediment is a quality and commitment that we need to demand from any future leader of this country. Political patronage should become a bad word for such a candidate, even as canvasing for any state appointment was said to be a disqualification in the days gone by. A candidate bearing this ‘stipe’ will find it hard to erase it in the short term, and will surely grow it back after elections, whether elected or defeated.

I have tried to highlight some of the hallmarks of an ‘alternate political culture’ that Sri Lankans yearn for, or are unaware (or too cynical to expect) as possible. Surely a country that has gone through so much strife and turmoil since independence, deserves a more just and equitable form of governance – not one solely focused on economic prosperity for the political class.

May you be introspective during the next few days leading up to the presidential election, shut out the cacophony of frantic political campaigning, and cast your vote without consideration for your past allegiance (or that of your family) – for the candidate who can usher in the above universal values to our nation.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    everyone is telling us what the new president should do
    however the proof of the pudding is in the eating

    • 8

      Dr. Ruvan Weerasinghe,

      RE: So Who Should We Vote For?

      To a candidate who is a citizen of Sri Lanka, and NOT a citizen of America. Para-Gota is still an American Citizen and has not provided documentation from US State Dept and the US Internal Revenue Service, and as such NOT considered an Alien in the USA.

      The most important thing is is prevent the Rajapaksa Mafia coming to power.. Looks like it is Sajith Premadasa who is a position today to accomplish that. At this point , all the others are spoilers.

      The question is , the populace with a mean IQ of 79, will have sufficient IQ to see this? The answer is expected after the 16th of November, 2019.

  • 11

    Dear Dr. Ruvan Weerasinghe,
    Many thanks
    for all that you’ve been doing. Five weeks ago I studied this article of yours very carefully:
    I also read up a lot about your professional work and accomplishments. We need more people like you, to be Alternative Candidates. Of course, we have too many of them at this Presidential Election! They all promised that there would finally be only one, so as to ensure that votes don’t get divided. They may not themselves realise how much their own egos are involved. You’ve obviously overcome that!
    So what do we do now? Give FIRST PREFERENCE to AKD. Give another to Sajith just to make sure that we are not saddled with a Gota Presidency.
    Ruvan, you’ve been telling even strangers on the road these truths; so have I. We have to educate everybody in our type of democracy, and there’s no other system that can really be recommended, either, is there?

  • 13

    It may be, some have already made up their minds, which way they intend to vote. But for the undecided voters, the following are your options / guide:

    Prepare a list of 5 issues that are most critical, important, decisive and paramount to you. Then decide, which candidate is most likely to realise your desires and wishes. if it’s a candidate other than SP or NGR, then do vote for that candidate, but ensure a 2nd / 3rd preferences are also noted with at least one of them to SP or NGR, if you wish to have your vote to contribute in determining the ultimate winner. If the initial vote is either for SP or NGR, a 2nd & 3rd preference will be superfluous (as they are likely to end up the first two in the count).

    Options are:

    1) SP – if you wish for a change of guard and a ‘young’, energetic, efficient seasoned Politician with no ‘baggage’, and with a clear vision (whether one agrees or not) and runs on the board. If you wish for ‘Social Democracy’, freedom (of speech), rule of law and basic human rights.
    2) NGR – if you wish for an ‘old’ alleged criminal who has no clear vision or experience in active Politics with a lot of ‘baggage’. If you wish for a fascist, autocratic, authoritarian and dictatorial family rule where freedom (of speech), rule of law and basic human rights are at stake – his past deeds (2010 to 2014) are plain to see.
    3) Any other candidate if you do not wish to give the 1st preference to either SP of NGR.

    Voters, please use your franchise judiciously, wisely, aptly and appropriately.

    • 7

      Dear Gamini,
      I’ve seen this comment of yours before, in other places, but what of that? It is perfect. Better than mine in the sense that you don’t browbeat anybody into accepting your view on who is better: Sajith or Gota.
      Yes, it is best (and “good” in terms of Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative) that we don’t prescribe all the details to even the most moronic imbecile, but then, it is so close to the Decisive Day.

    • 2

      Mr. Gamini………
      What made you to think that we need your guidance to vote..??
      Choice 1 – Gotabaya Rajapaksa :
      A person with a proven track record.
      • Military management background, Master’s degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Honorary degree, Information Technology Education.
      • Decorated for gallantry and excellence in combat by three Presidents.
      • Proven himself as a good manager in various positions such as Marketing Manager of IT firm – Informatics. Systems Administrator at Loyola Law School, California. Secretary to Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defense.
      • A person who can assess a situation and create a plan of action based on realities. And a person who has guts to go for it.
      Choice 2 – Sajith Premadasa :
      • A person who couldn’t pass his OLs.
      • No proven vocational or professional training what so ever.
      • Have not done an honest salary earning job in his whole life.
      • Have spent his whole life thriving on public salary and perks and money stolen from state by his farther.
      • A parasite without vision or plan.
      Choice is clear.
      And who said we need your education to make the correct choice.

      • 13

        We have guided you to drop Gota’s “Honourary D. Litt” – or was it Honourary PhD? – from Gota’s c.v.
        What a lot of morons on Gota’s side. I mean you , S.C. Pasqual. Unless I state that explicitly, I fear that you will not understand, you moron.

        • 4


          “What a lot of morons on Gota’s side. I mean you , S.C. Pasqual. Unless I state that explicitly, I fear that you will not understand, you moron.”

          Moron: You can also use other words to describe such characters. See what a mean IQ of 79 produces.

          a stupid person.

          vulgar slangdickhead
          shit for brains

      • 6

        S C Pasqual
        I dont support your Choice 2.
        But, Ali Sabry has disclosed to the entire country that your Choice 1 1acks honesty and integrity which can even put a big question mark to the educational qualifications listed by you.
        Next time be careful when you condemn other people.

      • 5

        S. C. Pasqual,

        “Proven himself as a good manager”

        Absolutely! But a Manager & a Leader are two different things. We need a leader, not a manager.

      • 1

        There is a reason why you have 12 dislikes. Think for a moment. It common sense,

  • 8

    Has any of Presidential candidate said that they have to look at the minority communities as human and not as enemies. Have they ever realized that they also have their aspirations and that it is the obligation of the majority community (Sinhalese) to fulfill their aspirations to their satisfaction. Even Emperor Asoka realized his fault after the Kalinga war upon hearing a monk chanting ‘Butham Saranam Kachchami…’. Thereafter he realized the impact of love and kind. But here is a case of two main candidates who are under a moral obligation to answer for all their sins and crimes. Are we to allow these candidates to continue with their crimes unchecked. It is the voters who have the powerful weapon to checkmate the continuous crimes committed by these politicians at this crucial hour. Can we expect tolerance & transparency from these candidates. Even Maithripala Sirisena as President has given a presidential pardon to a criminal & misused his powers. It is time to realize that the countries wealth have been sucked coupled with abductions, murders, violation of human rights, suppression of freedom, etc., all of which have been a severe blow to a glorious democracy.

    • 2


      When they prey “Butham Saranam Kachchami” they do not know the meaning of it. As they utter those words they think how could they make their money, how they could suppress the feeble, how they could plunder the country, how to offer money to get things done, and how to make money by illegal means to make their family do better. It is a nasty and bewildered land of ours. vote is nothing. One can buy it through money. As for the Tamils who too are deep in the fold of commission, bribery and corruption, better not to use their franchise.

    • 7

      Dear Ayathuray Rajasingam,
      There is a language problem here. Fortunately, both of us use English reasonably well.
      When there was a live telecast from Galle Face Hotel featuring a number of contestants (not Gota live – he wasn’t there, some actor read out some platitudes from him, and the words were shown on the cyclorama – all of which confirmed the notion that we have of his being incapable of debating) . I think that I’d better start that sentence again! Well, all participants spoke in English, except Anura Kumara Dissanayake. He stuck to Sinhalese.
      This is the challenge for you, Ayathuray Rajasingam. You have to accept the fact that a competent leader of our country needn’t be able to use English. I feel he will understand the language, and reads English.
      Well, I have heard both him and Nagananda Kodituwakku say clearly that the LTTE dead are also “our children”.
      I’d like to have your response. I think that we are both being constructive.

      • 2

        The issue I have pointed out is whether any Sinhala politicians ever thought of what is dividing the Sinhalese and the Tamils. Has any Sinhalese politicians (other than Wickremabahu Karunaratne of the LSSP) ever realized the dividing factors (language & religion) between the Sinhalese and Tamils. Had they looked at them as humans, this dividing factor would have evaporated long ago. But when the Sinhalese and the Tamils meet in foreign countries they look at each other as humans and smile at each other. It is the politicians who are the root cause for such a mess. Upon hearing the sermon from the Buddhist monk after the Kalinga War, Emperor Asoka realized his fault upon watching the weeping widow whose husband was killed in the war and began to look as humans. Have the Sinhalese politicians ever realized that Tamils also have their aspirations and that it is the obligation of the majority community (Sinhalese) to fulfill their aspirations to their satisfaction. Emperor Asoka realized his fault after the Kalinga war upon hearing a monk chanting ‘Butham Saranam Kachchami…’. Thereafter he realized the impact of love and kind. But here is a case of two main candidates who are under a moral obligation to answer for all their sins and crimes.

      • 1

        That discussion at the Galle-Face Hotel, that I referred to, as having been “Internet Live-cast a few days ago: well, here’s another (fairly long) account of it. That AKD spoke in Sinhalese is not recorded. Why? It is difficult to get the “English-speaking Elite” to understand how much of a blocked filter it becomes. I mean nothing tends to get through.
        The guy who is forced to use Sinhalese, thereby acknowledging that he doesn’t feel comfortable using English, feels immense humiliation. AKD would also have felt it, but he was able to overcome those inhibitions and perform almost upto his usual high standard. That standard is about the highest for any Sri Lankan. Shall I say that it’s like Dayan Jayatilleke’s or Indrajit Coomaraswamy’s English?
        I can imagine your surprise at the comparison!
        Think it all out, please.

    • 0

      Mr Rajasingham
      “Has any of Presidential candidate said that they have to look at the minority communities as human and not as enemies”
      Minorities should not fall prey to the UNP propaganda that majority of Sinhala Buddhists are their enemies.


  • 1

    People have made up their minds in 2015 itself to vote AGAINST YAHAPALANALA AND SLAVE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!
    I have a serious doubt about Gotabhaya’s allegiance and loyalty to Sri Lanka.
    Ali Sabry’s ridiculously vain and childish attempt to cover up Gotabhaya’s citizenship issue with a fake seal and documents said to be originals that are not available to the public, doubled my suspicion.
    However, that should not be a reason to make the slave government win this election.
    Gotabhaya has nothing to lose, but my country has lot to lose if the slave government wins this election.
    Therefore, let the citizenship matter be solved after the election and vote AGAINST the SWAN.
    What matters in this election is our disapproving of the slave government.

    • 9


      “What matters in this election is our disapproving of the slave government” – You just agreed that Gota’s defeat is inevitable.

    • 10

      Champa, I just gave you a thumbs up, although I don’t understand what you’re saying, or where you stand!
      As I’ve told you before, I respect you for your sincerity. Your comment is incoherent because you are disillusioned with both Sajith and Gota. I will give a Preference to Sajith. I won’t insult you by proferring advice to you.
      I face similar problems. I’ve never been a “JVP type”, but AKD has succeeded in convincing me of his sincerity.
      I’ve named some other Alternatives as well. Come on, Champa! With 35 to choose from you can’t possibly start talking about Hobson! It is amusing for a villager like me to have all these “Colombians” misusing the phrase, “Hobson’s Choice”.
      Sri Lankans just don’t educate themselves!

      • 1

        As I said the decision to vote against Yahapalanaya was made 5 years ago. There is no change.

        • 0

          Champa, I respect that choice. By all means vote against what Yahapalanaya has become.
          But tell me, whom are you going to vote FOR?

    • 0


      “I have a serious doubt about Gotabhaya’s allegiance and loyalty to Sri Lanka.”

      Don’t be fooled by LTTE propaganda. Gotabaya served the country for 20 years in the Army. He was almost killed by a suicide bomb in 2006. LTTE knew Gota was efficient, that is why they tried to kill him. They were correct, as the war ended just 3 years later. In 2010, LTTE elements made a deal with Fonseka to give them a federal state if he won. Of course Mahinda won. These same elements now have a similar deal with UNP. Biggest traitors are in UNP; remember, they gave land to Muslim ministers in exchange for votes. These ministers then used the land for jihad.

      • 1


        “LTTE knew Gota was efficient, that is why they tried to kill him” – I picked another three names to add to your “efficient & almost killed by LTTE list”:

        Chandrika Kumaratunga, Maithripala Sirisena (when he was a Health minister), Nimal Siripal De Silva. :-)

      • 3

        Machang, it was not the LTTE diaspora which put that notion into my head. It was mainly Gotabhaya’s eminent lawyer, Ali Sabry, P.C and all the other prominent people who represented Gotabhaya at the media briefing.

  • 3

    The writer forgot/omitted ‘Sinhala’ and/or ‘Buddhism’ !!
    He is therefore sincere.
    A candidate with all the thoughts & qualities he mentions, is yet to be born in Sri Lanka.
    Lankans have to choose the best of the ‘half rotten apples’ made available.

  • 2

    Floating voters are useless.
    What is the point in living in country as a voter if you can’t make up your mind on who to vote for.
    These are the sort of people the foreigners and NGOs target to steal our country and its resources.
    Make up your mind man, it is one or the other. Not the whole 35.

    • 8

      Dear Decided,
      Do you realise that you are talking gibberish?
      The opposite of a “floating voter” is being a member of a family that is either “kapuwath kola” or “kapuwath nil”.

      The author, Ruvan, says he’s proud to be a floater. The same with me. By now I have decided clearly, but I will be alive to all that is going on around me right upto the time that I write the figures 1, 2, and 3, on my ballot paper.
      I hope that what I’m going to say doesn’t materialise: I fear that something like the Easter bombing may be organised, during the next few days, by people who want me to imagine that “Security” is more important than “Reconcilliation”.
      No, I’m not given to snatching at conspiracy theories. The Easter Bombings were not organised by the Rajapaksas. They benefitted. There are militant Islamists who are crazy, and it may be that in my benevolence I should hope that Zaharan is with Allah and enjoying 64 virgins. The mind boggles at the thought! Satisfying one mature woman is difficult enough for us!!
      We, floaters, are eternally vigilant. Not extra intelligent, but willing to think even in an emergency. That is what Ruvan has been talking about.

  • 5

    Do Ruvan, this is a question that needs to be put to our Suburburn and Village idiots and educate them that there is only one answer. “So Who Should We Vote For?” You always vote for anyone who has a chance and can keep the big bad wolfe like the Rajapaksha murders who will lacerate the hearts and every anatomy of the human body from people. So you vote not just for anyone who has not a chnace like Anura Kumara, Or the other Dr. Rohan or Mahesh senanayake but a someone like Sajith who does have a chance to beat the crap out of the big bad wolfe. Now, let’s go preach this to our Sinhala Buddhist suburban rice devouring bovines and our village modaya’s who never seem to get this. If the majority people need Sinhala nationalism, then there is nothing wrong with this nationalism, so long it doe snot come at the cost of all other minorities or at the cost of the Sinhala intelligentsia which the only hope is Sajith Premadasa. If blood thirsty heinous hyena demand Sinhala Buddhist TERRORISM, then this is the Rajapaksha pack of wolves.

  • 2

    Gotabaya has made the enemies of Sri Lanka extremely angry. They have dug very deep to find ways to discredit him. Useless issues like citizenship (he was born as a Sri Lankan citizen), disappearances he was never involved in, and even physically going after him in a parking lot in California, USA. I am surprised they haven’t resorted to violence. Regarding the metrics laid out by the author, what matters in the end is the vote of the people. A free and fair election is crucial for a democratic election, not the character of the candidates.

  • 4

    ‘Twas the night before elections
    When all thro’ the land
    Not a creature was stirring
    Not even a man.
    Ranil in bed, with night-cap on head
    Whilst visions of Sinhalese danced in his head.
    Those wicked people who boast, screech, and gibber,
    Who kill all the Dravids, and then howl, crouch, and whimper.
    Those lying monkeys with culture of perversions.
    That lie through their teeth, and blame on the other,
    So he came to the decision once and for all,
    To sell the beloved Motherland, Sinhalese and all
    With land-bridge to India; Pangea come again, reborn.
    And Sajith, asleep all coddled and cosy
    Dreamed of the motherland, ship-shaped and rosy
    Abacus in one hand, and computer in other,
    He took all the numbers and output much wonder
    Division of the Motherland, if there was a glitch,
    The Sale of the Country, if all went amiss.
    Gotabaya all shaky and murmur-y
    Took a tonic to wipe out his mis-harmony
    Brother Mahinda, took over the reins,
    And sent all his reindeer to lands marked in red.
    To China to Peking, and Russia and all.
    With some US thrown in, with his good luck shawl
    Crossing his fingers, and chanting his blessing
    For many High-Rises, Benzes, & Malls
    And ADK, now what did he do?
    He dreamed of the harsh-life, the Masses endure
    He dreamed that the Santa-Clause and his 12 feisty reindeer
    Placed gifts from the 1%, at the poor man’s dank kussiya.
    They slid down the chimneys, soot-laden and all,
    And brought great tears of happiness, love, and much joy.
    Then the Devas descended with the Code from 4th-D
    And told him to avoid at all costs,
    The Capitalistic monetary-tree.
    *We’ve created and invented nothing of any,*
    *For our capital to multiply, exponentalize, and dance hell-merry*

    • 4

      *Our farmers and fishers and forests and tours,*
      *Will yield all that’s needed for our people’s safe delivery*
      *Whist living in tradition and non-stressed environs,*
      *You will bring in the 4RI, 5IR, 6IR, with great prosperity*
      So Anura afloat in his now 12th D wonder,
      Let the Devas take care of his country entire
      He slept, yet sad, for the long years of frustration
      His Lankans suffered at the hands of the Colonizer.
      He knew what the Devas said, was so very true,
      And rested his heavy head on their sweet heavenly allure. (rtf)
      Vote JVP everyone!
      PS. Correction AKD*

      • 2

        Bravo, RTF.

        • 2


          My guess is, AKD won’t get the votes they and others expect in the election. There is a clear shift in JVP policy this time. Their campaign did not target the poor & illiterate this time. Instead they focused on middle-class to the rich and the educated. This is the same segment Gota too heavily targeted. While SP too targeted this segment, he heavily targeted the poor & the illiterate. This might be the reason, if SP will win.

          • 0

            Masses also mean the struggling middle class
            . Rich are targeted as their wealth needs better distribution. AKD’s Neo-Marxism means as he says, a better Capitalism.

          • 1

            I was at AKD’s closing meeting in Mahargama on Wednesday night. It rained as he began to speak at 7.00 pm, but in spite of that, he was inspiring to listen to. The venue was not one that could accommodate millions, but the crowd was enthusiastic.
            One thing deeply disappointed me – that he did not say anything to encourage Preferential Voting. Given the system that we have, the democratic thing to do is to publicise the possibilities held out by it. Many still don’t know how to use it. On Thursday evening I met a now grey-headed pupil, who had risen through being a lecturer to head an institution. He was going to give ONE to Sajith, TWO to Anura Kumara D. I explained to him why the order had to be reversed.
            Mohd, you may feel that what I’ve just said confirms the mistake made by the JVP with regard to social classes. I disagree. they still appeal to the poor, but not enough of them; the major obstacle is their “reign of terror” thirty years ago. The fifty years ago thing has been forgotten.

            • 1

              Sinhala Man ,

              Why did your mate called you Mohammed?.

              Anyway this JVP AKD is a useless bloke.
              I heard him saying at his last Meet that Dr Ranil and his mates Robbed the Central Bank..
              I couldn’t help but laugh..

              Fighting Presdential Elections is big business,

              After Dr Ranil put General Ponny last time , the General not only lost the Election but lost the Son in Law as well..

              But Ponny’s Bank Balance sky rocketed in his own admission of sending cash to the Bank by courier…

              Wonder who is financing JVP ADK?.

              My Mates in Down Under told me another potential candidate Nagananda came for a series of lectures on how he can give our Inhabitants , Corruption free Rule to the Latter Law and Order, lots of Jobs, , good Education for all and plenty of Food and good Housing too….

              Apparently the Hat collection was also very good..
              Wonder what happened to him?…

  • 2

    Ruvan, I totally agree with your suggestions. But if our Lankans could have understood just one out of the many you mentioned and voted diligently , we would NOT be in such pathetic condition. What are the chances of doing now ???

    • 1

      Voting diligently is not enough, we need to produce candidates of quality, although in my opinion, the current main party candidates are both very promising.

      Presidential candidates arise from society: change that society and that culture and we are on our way to better candidates and better Presidents.

      We need leadership for our country to guide us towards a less divided, strife-ridden society to eliminate the ethnic violence that has fueled terrorism. All communities need patience and time to make this happen: power struggles based on ethnicity. Change the kind of voter and you change the type of President.

      Instead of asking what kind of person to vote for, ask what kind of person should vote? That answer matters much more.

    • 0

      The problem is the voters, see my answer below,

  • 2

    Dear Sir,

    I wanted to vote for Sajith but after reading your article I abandoned my well thought out commitment to vote for him and now I will vote for our future president G Rajapaksha.

    • 3

      Dear Ruvan,
      Don’t take this Perera guy seriously.
      Note his gravatar well, then see what a lot of contradictory things he says here:
      I admit that to expose his lies and maximum half-truths, I had to write things which are non-sequiturs, but are all the truth. Some details that I put in just couldn’t have been invented.
      I’d be amazed if this Perera was supporting anybody other than Gota. Birds of a feather, etc.

  • 6

    Well, if you want to continue having a forum like this where we can all add our unbiased comments and have a discussion either for or against … then you know whom to vote for.

  • 6

    Sinhala_Man: I have studied and realized, out of the “Army” of candidates contesting, the most suitable candidate who measures up to those “Universal Values” listed above by the writer is none other than “AKD” – the Candidate of the PPM. The “Proposals” and “Action Plans” put out by the PPM are worth trying to shape a “New Country”. The next, I considered was, who is going to “Head” the Team. At the start, I did not favour AKD, but expected a person like Matadunne or Wijesinghe- both ex Auditor Generals. Unfortunately, that did not happen and “Reasons” could be many and “Hidden”. The next “Best” – AKD came in. He can be trusted and has “PROVED” immense capacity to LEAD and WORK. The other “TWO” (Gota & Sajith) are mere contenders with much of “Hidden Agenda” and I judge them along with the “COHORTS” in their respective camps. Once elected, both will be “Obligated” and “Manipulated” to make a complete turn around from what they have already declared and promised. Therefore, as I do not believe at all of a “Best of a Worst”, no vote for any one of them. To me “WORST is WORST”.

  • 3

    Sri Lanka need a leader who give priority to national security. Who can bring investors to country. Can’t develop a country without investors . A person who supports local businesses and farmers.
    A person who can take tough decisions.

  • 4

    In 2015 Presidential elections why the people of this nation rejected Mahinda Rajapakse Family. When I say Rajapakse family, it is a family rule, family government, family decisions.No rule of law, no judiciary. abduction, ransom seeking, murder of journalists, human right activists, and parliamentarians, corruption, bribe etc.
    Are these true or false? If false, where is Lasantha, Where is Parliamentarian Raviraj and Pararajasingham? Why Pillaiyan is in Prison? Why Chief Justice impeached? why white vans? What happened to those who surrendered to the army? How Karuna Amman went to UK and Why he was in UK Prison? All this happened when Mahinda was President and Gota was defence secretary and after LTTE was defeated and Pirabhaharan was murdered?
    Have they changed now? Did they explain why they did? Is there any change in the group that governed until 2015? Why they executed a constitutional plot in October 2018? Didn’t he bribe TNA MP Viyalenthiran?
    Other than the bond scam involving Central Bank Chairman in favour his nephews company, the corruption was not widespread, the rule of law and justice were reasonably fair and independence, police and military are reasonably fair, no abduction & murder and there is no allegations against the candidate of corruption, white van abduction, murder and a reasonable level of trust built between communities.
    Some violent former paramilitary groups such as Kauna, Pilliyan and Douglas are happy to join Mahinda to do the same (abduction, murder, ransom) as they did before. Now Viyalenthiran joined that group. Hisbullah is a well known Kathankudi thug and ally of Zaharan. However, is sad that some of the political organisations indirectly volunteered to support Gota to take revenge against TNA. But I am sure the Tamils and Muslims unite to make the correct and better choice.

  • 4

    In my opinion we should vote for person who has a realistic plan on –

    National security
    Local business and agriculture


  • 2


    I wonder what you have contributed to help the floating voter make up his/her mind. Frankly nothing other than muddy the water. There are peole who vote with their Heart ( such as in Sri Lanka ) and there are people who vote with their heads ( such as in the Maldives). Sri Lanka under Gotha faces a disaster and I know which way the wind is going to blow. The Gemunu Way.

  • 1

    In a nutshell

    Vote for Gota if you want Gota to be the president.

    Vote for AKD if you ( the UNPers) don’t want Gota to be the president.

    Sorry, You can’t make Sajith the President as JVPers aren’t ready to vote; even the 2nd choice for Sajith

    • 2

      Real Revo,

      “Sorry, You can’t make Sajith the President as JVPers aren’t ready to vote; even the 2nd choice for Sajith” – JVP wants to be a cure, not a prevention. JVP knows they have a better chance next time if Gota wins, because in 5 years time people will be desperate for a change.

      • 0


        Why should JVP wait another 5 years when there’s a possibility to succeed @ present?

        UNFS’ main concern is not making Sajith the president.

        Their main concern is defeating Gota & let anybody have that chance.

        It’s (crystal) clear that Sajith is far behind Gota so no possibility to make that dream a reality.

        So what’s wrong in utilizing AKD’s enhanced vote base to defeat Gota?

        What’s wrong in adding UNF votes to AKD’s & easily surpass Gota.

        Be creative UNPers, divert your votes to AKD & beat your rival Gota.

        Still you have time to think.

      • 1

        Mohd, that’s the sort of cynical manipulative politics we must stop indulging in.
        I mean, what this quote from you implies:
        “JVP knows they have a better chance next time if Gota wins, because in 5 years time people will be desperate for a change.”
        Marxist-inspired labour strikes in the 1950s cost us our then enviable high standard of living. Obviously, that wasn’t the only cause.

  • 0

    I did not vote this time.

    One vote makes no difference at all, this is known as Downs Paradox ( not Downs Syndrome) and is real.

    I have got used to the fact that I live in a country where there are other opinions and agendas. So let the people decide, this time. I will not be vilified for voting for the ‘wrong person’, it is not worth it.

    There is a floating vote, and / or a minority vote that decides the elections- this is a powerful group, let them decide the winner and hope there is something in it for the majority benefit as well.

    We have an extremely poor record to show for 70 plus years of democracy: 70 years of rebellion, killing and war, with ethnic strife as its cause. Authoritarian regimes like Singapore and Malaysia surged ahead of us.
    The system does not work. Something else is needed.

    Good luck to the winner- I hope he solves all Lanka’s problems this time.

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