21 May, 2024


Some Questions On The Easter Sunday Attack In Sri Lanka & The Aftermath

By K. Ganesh

1. Is and was the endgame of the Easter Sunday attacks the setting up of a US base in Trincomallee on the east coast of Sri Lanka with an oil refinery in Hambantota to choke China in the Indian Ocean, also now that Diego Garcia Military base (the biggest base outside the US mainland), is in question with the ICJ ruling? The U-UK justification for forced displacement of Chagos islanders and occupation/colonization and maintaining the base in the Indian Ocean is that it is there to provide global security against terrorists.

2. What is the nature of the relationship between IS, which the US claims was broken but not defeated in Iraq and Syria, and the US deep state and its various intelligence agencies? Do they now own and operate some ‘rogue” (to use a favorite expression), parts of the IS network to brainwash Muslim youth and do their dirty work? 

3. If these propositions are correct, what is Sri Lanka to do about this?

4. Most important for multi-ethnic and multi-religious co-existence and amity in Sri Lanka: The “ethnic and religious conflict NARRATIVE/S on and of Sri Lanka have been too often crafted by external parties with vested interests and their so called ‘experts’ who often seek to portray the country as a site of perpetual ethnic and religious violence – often to further other interests. It is time that Sri Lankan academics and civil society started challenging the narrative that Lankan is a land of PERPETURAL (endemic, chronic, entrenched are some adjectives), “ethnic and religious conflict and violence” to explain and hence suggest further violence that often comes from external parties, even as Sri Lanka is presented as a land of, ethnic and religious violence and hatred which is what is currently being sought to do. Initially, the narrative crafted by various international ‘expert’ commentators was to present the Easter Sunday Violence apparently Muslim attack on Christians, as “internal and local violence’ a continuum with and following logically on from the Tamil-Sinhala ethnic violence narrative, which is patently not the case.

5. Finally, should the FBI and American secret intelligence agencies like FBI be allowed to lead the investigations on the Easter Sunday violence in Sri Lanka given that some arms may also be considered as prime suspects or master-minds behind the bombings and be behind the “IS narrative” at this time? 

Big Picture 

The US has been exporting right-wing terror as the anti-Muslim attacks in New Zealand show.

Full sanctions on Iranian Oil have just been effected this week by Trump. China is heavily dependent on Iranian Oil  and not happy, while the US stock market is soaring. (Sri Lanka is also dependent on Iranian oil but GOSL meekly follows US sanctions). With violence escalating in the recently invented “Indo-Pacific” here may be an attempt to twat and ‘choke’ China’s BRI and indeed the Rise of Asia by a faultering superpower that is fast losing global hegemony: Both an economic war and a military war and certainly a Cold War on going from a doomed  empire against Asia Rising, while as usual India plays a shadowy role, seemingly squeezed between China and US at this time.  (pl. see Norm Chomsky).

Finally, critical thinking or what philosopher, Paul Ricoeur, termed the “hermeneutics of suspicion” or “brushing history against the grain” as Jewish Frankfurt school social theorist, Walter Benjamin, termed it, are called for at this time of crisis in Sri Lanka:  Careful analysis and de-coding of global and local ‘expert narratives’ and security analysis is needed to critic an increasingly popular narrative of a so-called ‘Clash of Civilizations’ that renders Christian-Muslim and other forms of religious  violence a self-fulfilling prophesy everywhere in the world. 

Such narratives often are intended to further the strategic security and business interests, including massive sales of arms, hyper-security and surveillance systems, as well as, the setting up and/or continued existence of military bases such as Diego Garcia in Chagos islands in the Indian Ocean after the International Court of Justice ruled against it in February 2019. Today, Fisheries harbours are being locked down.

Careful study of deep local histories, structures and patterns of ethno-religious co-existence, conflict local knowledge and context coupled with, attention to global geopolitical currents enables critical thinking that may get us nearer the truth of a matter – so that informed action may be taken to avert future violence, both locally and globally.

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    Just google it “Corruption within FBI | How FBI Aided in sustaining Global Jihadist network | UK born Jihadi-John was at the beginning an FBI inside man | Former FBI Director Fired for Breaching National Security & Implication of a Democratically Elected President TRUMP on False Accusations [after muller report it was evident how Grossly Corrupt and Clandestine FBI is …..

    Ranil Wickramasinghe is nothing but an Bastard Traitor to allow Globally Corrupt heavily militarised Institution as FBI to engage in SL Easter massacre investigation. that is not all even worse than FBI is UK Counter terror Division it is also an arm of US-UK military alliance…..Specially on Black-Operations….it is rumoured there some Elite JSOC members have arrived disguised as FBI [they are not here to AIDE SL]

    I can’t find the words to say how wrong is Sri Lanka by permitting these ruthlessly militarily Interconnected western Intelligence agencies it is Inevitable in Long term will cause HARM for our own Military-Intelligence Apparatus & for the Country as whole as well

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    Yes the struggle for the narrative will continue. Who wins this struggle for the narrative may make or break multi-religious Sri Lanka, which has a long and deeper history of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim co-existence that the more recent, colonial and postcolonial conflict.

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      Just like the Chagos islanders were brutally forced out of their island home not far south of Sri Lanka , 60 years ago, and are still displaced, even as their dogs were gassed by US marines and the UK, in order to set up a military base called Diego Garcia, Sri Lanka is being pulverized by the Empire in order to bring it into line with the Imperial will and project in the Indian Ocean Cold War against China.

      This is the grim reality.

    • 1

      Why do you comment on your own article?

  • 6

    K. Ganesh why don’t you keep these “questions” to yourself and let your multiple personalities debate among themselves. Please don’t inflict your bombastic fantasies on this long suffering CT readers.

    • 0

      Raman have heard the term 3rd-class-rich…well that is what you are Y may be some douchebag like those morons who blew themselves in the name of bla bla ISLAM……

      statistically population consist of majority losers like you…it doesn’t matter your Education to wealth punks Like you looks at the world as A B C D….24*7—365 and every F…..G thing under the sun and moon can be categorised into SQUARES & rounds if not black & White…that is why ISIS puts out a picture with Disguised 7 dudes……so 7 dude 7 explosions….400 DEAD and THE END…..that is the kind of a world loser like you embrace

      • 1

        Is this your latest handle, Dinuk, Kapila, Dodo ?

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    1. One US official said “US will do everything to make Belt and road initiative(BRI)is not successful” I am paraphrasing here . US don’t want this initiative to be a success and Sri Lanka is in a strategic place for BRI.
    2. During Mahinda Rajapaksh’s regime USA and Sri Lanka signed an agreement which says in any moment there is an unrest in the region US can put there base in Sri Lanka. If you know what’s going on in past few days One US ship came to Sri lanka (Trincomalee Habour) for joint drill or something like that.
    Recently there was an US NAVY plane in Sri Lanka and the specialty of that plane is to comb for submarine in the sea. Is there any Chinese submarines in Sri Lankan sea?
    3 In the last few weeks USA ramping up there pressure against IRAN to force them to close the Homuz strait. If that happens we will see the WW3 starting in the Indian ocean.
    4 Since 2011 USA re branded Al Qaeda and Created the ISIS with weapons and training in Iraq and Syria. Other middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia(Mainly) , UAE, Kuwait , Qatar and Turkey backed there own rebels in Syria but they most of the time coordinated with each other. Several time USA and Main Stream Media (MSM) try to show us there is a moderate rebels fighting against Assad who are against ISIS too. But this narrative failed magnificently when Russia involved and start to support Assad.
    When USA and Saudi realized Russia and Assad’s army they say they are against ISIS but covertly supporting ISIS . Before Russian Involvement they were supporting ISIS and other Terrorist directly.

    • 10

      5 Saudi Arabia provided the theological support to these Daesh/ISIS terrorist . They are exporting Wahhabi/Salafi ideology for past 40 years after they got rich with petrodollars.
      for an example look into the Salafi scholar Adel Kalbani , what he says about ISIS and Salafi/Wahhabi teaching. Now Saudi’s and other Wahabbis trying to distance them self from ISIS(after 2016).
      6 Israel provided medical support to injured ISIS Terrorists and USA provided weapons, training and Toyota pickups.These are documented. Strange isn’t it ? Saudi , Israel and USA backing terrorist in Syria.
      7 Israel , Saudi and USA want to invade IRAN anyway possible. They will use any false evidence or false flag (remember WMD in IRAQ) to invade and destroy IRAN.
      Russia and China back IRAN , for the success of BRI China need IRAN.
      Remember Saudi and Isreal act like they hate each other outwardly but covertly they work with each other and there goals are same (until now). Few years back in a State Saudi News Paper there was an article suggesting Israel should Nuke Tehran(IRAN) with there Nuclear weapons.
      Within last year MBS and BIBI Netanyahu showed there mutual love for each other , BIBI gave and press meeting saying Shia’s are the conman enemies of Arabs and Jews. And Arab leaders did some similar things.
      8 Ultimately USA wants to Invade IRAN and destroy BRI Project by china. If they can put a base in Sri Lanka they can kill two birds in one stone.
      In near future if there is war in the region between IRAN vs USA , SAUDI , ISRAEL Sri Lanka will be a huge asset for whoever control it. INDIA our big brother will certainly involve in this chess game to. In fact they gave the detailed intelligence to our authorities. No one acted on this !!!! is it because for a political reason ? we don’t know time will tell.

  • 5

    “Full sanctions on Iranian Oil have just been effected this week by Trump.”

    The endgame is Iran. Sanctions on Iranian oil mean a reduction in the global oil supply. In order to prevent that reduction (and stabilize energy prices) Saudi Arabia must increase its supply. This is why the US overlooked the execution of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey (compare with the Skripal incident and the outcry against Russia). Similarly, Saudi Arabia has escaped any serious consequences – at the level of the UN – for its behavior in Yemen. The interesting question here is how far can Iran be pushed before it reacts – violently – in which case a full-blown war is possible.

  • 1

    Ethiopia refused to hand over the black box of the crashed Boeing to US Federal Aviation because of tampering fears.

    It was given to France.

    Ranil is a tool of USA.

    We should not allow the Five Eyes countries in.

    LSSP & Wimal’s NFF have issued press releases that confirm the main thiesis of this good article.

  • 4

    K. Ganesh –

    1. Is and was the endgame of the Easter Sunday attacks the setting up of a US base in Trincomallee on the east coast of Sri Lanka with an oil refinery in Hambantota to choke China in the Indian Ocean, also now that Diego Garcia Military base (the biggest base outside the US mainland), is in question with the ICJ ruling? The U-UK justification for forced displacement of Chagos islanders and occupation/colonization and maintaining the base in the Indian Ocean is that it is there to provide global security against terrorists.

    *** Grow up my friend. Sri Lanka is Indias backyard and have you asked the question why Trinco Harbour ( a Natural Harbour) has idled for 70 years which could have brought in billions in revenue if it was leased to America . But India wouldnt allow it whether you like or not and that is realty.

  • 1

    Dears! Please find the correct answers for these questions.

    Why the Tamil and Tamil origin Christians were only targeted? Why not a single Sinhalese Catholic Church was targeted? From photos of the damages and CCTV photos of the terrorists, we could come to the conclusion that the terrorists have used RDX explosives! How and from what country or organisation the terrorists were able to get this explosive in large quantities? Why not a single Buddhist temple or Sinhala and Government institution was targeted?

    Leave all these.

    How not a single Catholic or Christian Sinhalese politician went to church and got injured or killed? Was it because the Tamil Christians were to be targeted, the Prez,. and the Government kept silent about the warning? Why the media speak about the “Killing of the Christians” and not about the mass killing of the Tamils and people of Tamil origin? The objectives of these killing could be: 1) Giving some sort of warning to the Tamil Christians who support the Present Government, a puppet of US, India and the West! 2) To prevent the country from coming out of the economic crises 3) To prevent the present Government coming to power again 4) To strengthen the powers of the armed forces 5) To get released all the Intelligence officials now remanded for war crimes 6)To make the Muslims politically inactive and passive. 7) Some sort of strong warning to the US, India and the West. Now, who could have been behind the attack?

    • 1

      Great!!! You are a very bright and brave man….from where did you get all this much of intelligence. You must be having a brain of a size of a peanut.
      you brain should be sent to the best medical institution in the world for research purposes.

      at least now for GOD sake you guys should realise that this is how you guys fuel the already fooled masses. you all are psychopaths who like to see bloodshed all over the place. are you human or yakka/vampire? people like you end up not in jail, but in HELL.

  • 0

    Mr. Ganesh what has anything you wrote is to do with our security/intelligence lapses, MS obstructing law and order, willful negligence, not doing anything after receiving threat warning for months, president knowing and PM not knowing, some ministers being aware and not the rest, police knowing and not the army . does these screw ups also fit into your larger geopolitical scheme. If our security could achieve so much within days aftermath, how much you think could have been achieved in a month or so (when alerts were received) in preventing this human tragedy.??? This is the only answer which matters to the dead and the victims. Not your F – – – – – G geopolitical analysis and expertise. People like you are the reason our governments are able to wiggle out of its responsibilities. There is a time and place to showcase your expertise , not when people are despondent and grieving.

  • 1

    Can anybody attach here Ranil, Old King, New King, Vaalaiththodam Jr, JR, Sumanthiran, Hakeem, Rishard…………. anybody’s Easter Blessing messages? Isn’t that he day their God’s Son came back to them?

    I want see how many of them were active on their personal Emails or social websites for sending out blessing?

    Watch what the White House Plutocrats do. They celebrate all religious festivals and cut eat Cake even not missing Sinhala Tamil New year.
    But our Lankawe Smugglers, Rapist, Murderous ruler rogues appears to be busy in organizing the bombing other than Ranil. These guys did not go to Churches in that morning even as a gesture to Christians. Ranil was in the South when he organized the October coup to hand over PM post to Old King. Ranil was in South when the Appe Aanduwa organized Tamils churches bombing incidence was in progress too.

  • 0

    Our only defence is to let them know that we know their plans.

    Who funds icias sorry icis?

    You can’t fight America.

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