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Sri Lanka Cricket: Employee Harassment Begins

The unnecessary harassment meted out by the newly elected Executive Committee headed by its president and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thilanga Sumathipala, will see the resignation of the appointed Under 19 World Cup Cricket Manager Shane Fernando today with hours to go on the tour to Bangladesh, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns.

Thilanga Sumathipala

This is the first of such resignations that is scheduled to follow, especially from the existing employees of SLC who had any affiliations to the defeated Ranatunga camp.

Barely two weeks since commencing duties, the SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala seems to be cracking the whip to ensure his six point plan for Sri Lanka Cricket is void of any residue left behind by the Ranatungas.

A few days back, the Secretary of SLC Mohan De Silva speaking earlier to Colombo Telegraph stated that the Executive Committee decided that a former national player should instead be assigned to the task of Manager for the Under 19 World Cup Tour, hence the removal of Fernando and his duties handed over to selector Ranjith Madurusinghe.

“This policy is rubbish. The role of the manager is multi-faceted and the job functions rely not only on cricketing prowess, but also on the administrative skills of the appointee. Perhaps this decision was taken by the President Thilanga Sumathipala and Vice President’s Jayantha Dharmadasa and K.Mathivanan not at the cricket board headquarters but rather whilst seated in the club house of Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club. It is probably here when Ranjith Madurusinghe would have been summoned and offered the role which was assigned to Shane Fernando. It is known that Fernando has affiliations to the Rantunga camp” said a disgruntled source from within Sumathipala’s current Executive Committee.

Many of Sumathipala’s other elected Executive Committee Members were also in absolute shock when the news broke out to them about the removal of Shane Fernando.

Samantha Dodanwala the Sinhalese Sports Club representative and current Ex-Co Member along with three other senior Ex-Co members, who opted to remain anonymous, said that they were unaware of this decision and one that should have been certainly avoided at this crucial juncture.

“Shane Fernando has proven himself to be a good administrator and manager of cricket teams in the past. I only knew about Fernando’s removal after the decision had been taken.” said Dodanwala.

However Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that Fernando is to submit his resignation today.

This is simply to prevent unnecessary cricket board funds been spent even further, now that Fernando’s duties have been entrusted to Madurusinghe.

Shane Fernando’s credentials are as follows:
Manager – Sri Lanka Under 17 England Tour to Sri Lanka 2014
Manager – Southern Express – Champions League Tournament in India 2014
Media & Tour Organizing Committee Manager – Sri Lanka Cricket 2008
Media Facilities Manager – 50 Over World Cup 2011 – ICC appointee
Media Operations Manager – T20 World Cup 2012 – ICC appointee
Liaison Officer – New Zealand Tour of Sri Lanka 2011
Liaison Officer – England Tour of Sri Lanka 2014
Member – Sponsorship Committee SLC 2012-2014
Division 1 Cricketer – Sinhalese Sports Club
Represented United Arab Emirates as a national player on tours of India, Pakistan and Kenya.

(Filed by Marlon Dale Ferreira © CT )

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