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Sri Lanka Medical Council Under Pressure To Remove Corrupt Member

The Government Medical Officer’s Association (GMOA) in a letter addressed to the Secretary to the Ministry of Health, Wasantha Perera urged her to initiate a full scale investigation in to the allegations of massive financial frauds carried out by the sacked ex fake director of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH) Susitha Senaratne. The GMOA has also urged the Secretary to remove Senaratne from his position at the Sri Lanka Medical Council as a ministerial appointee. 

The Administrative Officer of SJGH Sarath Robertson has been instrumental in covering up and attempting to destroy the evidence of the FCID investigation in to the massive financial frauds of Susitha Senaratne. Since last Saturday when Susitha Senaratne was removed from his post, Sarath Robertson has been lobbying with Chairman SJGH Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage to let Senaratne remain in the Director’s Quarters. Kahandaliyanage has stood his ground that Senaratne has to vacate the premises within 72 hours, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. ”

“Sarath Robertson has moved one of the prime suspects and the key coordinators of these financial frauds, Anjana Sendanayake into the Transplant Unit. The unit has now turned in to the key meeting place of the cronies of Susitha Senaratne. On 12th February at a secret meeting held in this location, Shantha Dayasiri, the Chief Radiographer, Dayananada Handaragama, the Chief Physiotherapist, Kolambage of the procurement division and Anjana Senadanayake have been planning a coup for the removal of Athula Kahandaliyanage under the instructions of Susitha Senaratne,” sources within the hospital told Colombo Telegraph.

Shantha Dayasiri, the right hand man of Senaratne who has openly funded the booze drenched party that was held on 11th January at the Grand Monarch with the attendance of Rajitha Senaratne. There, Susitha Senaratne planted employees to lobby with the Minister to appoint himself as Chairman SJGH displacing Kahandaliyanage.,” a source closed to the Health Minster told Colombo Telegraph.

Currently the 4 matrons, Anodani Saputhanthri, Kala Karunaratne, Samitha Senanayake and Vishakha Weerasinghe are lobbying with their colleagues in the nursing staff to support this coup. Colombo Telegraph published photographic evidence of the first three Matrons mentioned, seen rallying around and physically protecting Susitha Senaratne on 11th February when he walked in with thugs to the SJGH premises. 

Anjana Senadanayake: From Casual Laborer To Top Dealer Of Fraud

Anjana Sendanayake

The staff of SJGH are bewildered as to how Anjana Sendanayake who is allegedly connected to massive fraud, coordination of bribes, money transfer, corrupt negotiations and deleting files from official computers was transferred to a protected cushy room with access to a computer, internet and privacy. 

“Sendanayake first joined the permanent staff of SJGH as a casual laborer. Later, due to his connections with the former administrators he jumped from the post of casual laborer to Secretary to the Director. Currently Sendanayake remains the chief coordinator of Susitha Senaratne from within the hospital, mainly engaged in “disappearing” hard and soft copies of documents related to the FCID investigations with the assistance of Sarath Robertson,” another source told Colombo Telegraph.

Sarath Robertson: Unqualified Administrative Officer of SJGH

“Sarath Robertson, the Administrative Officer of SJGH got selected to the hospital due to his relationship with Alec Robertson, a former Minister of the UNP. Sarath Robertson does not possess any qualifications to hold his current position or even entry in to the clerical staff of the hospital. His A/L result sheet has also been contested as fraudulent. He received large financial top ups to his salary under Susitha Senaratne, who submitted Board paper after Board paper for the irregular allowances and salary structure changes to Robertson’s salary. He also re-formulated the salaries of the matrons and illegally appointed them as “Managers” which is believed to be the main reason why they are beholden to Senaratne. These salary re-formulations were done without the approval of the Salaries and Cadre Commission,” our sources further said.

Since the sacking of Susitha Senaratne, Robertson has been working in coordination with Prabhath Werawatte, the Acting Deputy Director. They went as far as to illegally opening the director’s office for Senaratne to occupy by force, 2 days after he was sacked. 

The office assistant to the Director’s office Shamali, a noted go between in the financial frauds has also been comfortably placed in the Pharmacy of SJGH which is located away from the main building complete with internet and intranet access by Sarath Robertson. In the midst of chaos on Saturday the 11th when the letter of removal was delivered to Susitha Senaratne, it was Shamali who was instrumental in ensuring that hard copies of several crucial “fraud files” were secure with Prabhath Werawatte, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. 

The photograph below shows Sarath Robertson on the left of Susitha Senaratne, with Shantha Dayasiri, Dayananda Handaragama, Anjana Sendanayake and Kolambage, the core group managing the ongoing coup against Kahandaliyanage. 

Susitha Senaratne’s Illegal Visit To Dayasiri Jayasekera

Unfazed by his disgraceful removal, Susitha Senaratne has illegally entered SJGH to visit Dayasiri Jayasekera (MP) who was admitted to the hospital. Senaratne has no authority to enter the hospital premises without a patient visiting pass as he no longer holds any position at the hospital. 

Another whistleblower from SJGH opined: “this is the danger of institutionalizing corruption and impunity. You know there are wheels within wheels. Why are Sarath Robertson and Anjana Sendanayake given a free hand? Is it only Susitha Senaratne who wants the evidence of the FCID investigation destroyed? We, the collective of silent observers know more than the consultants and the administrators about what exactly is going on under the nose. No rogue is too big for us. The biggest thief in the hospital is now gone. We trust no one but the facts. We will persist and watch”. 

“Prof Harendra de Silva, the newly appointed Chairman of the SLMC, though a classmate of Rajitha Senaratne, has integrity. Prof Harendra is unlikely to tolerate a man like Susitha Senaratne” said a senior consultant commenting on the SJGH saga on the condition of anonymity for obvious reasons.

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