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Sri Lanka Now Needs Good Men & Women Of Society

By Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

In the emerging environment Sri Lanka needs

    • 100  Good Men and Women of the Younger generation ( ie below 50 years) with Integrity, Intellect and Commitment, and
    • 1000 Good Young Men and Women leaders representative of all local government and village level (ie below 35 years),

selected with diversity and representation across the island


    • the Oneness and Commonality of all and bound together only as citizens of Sri Lanka, irrespective of individual Ethnicity, Religion, Caste, Creed. Status, Empowerment, Wealth, Capability, Living Standards and Place of Residence
    • the equality of all citizens and their right to peaceful and harmonious living with equal opportunities to advance themselves economically and socially, sharing the resources and endowments of this country whilst assuring their sustainability.
    • Accepting the Right of All to Enjoy Freedom, Rights, Equality, Rule of Law and Justice and Good Governance
    • Making a new Beginning and Looking Forward with New Collective Hope and Forgetting the past injustices, Heritage, and  All Types of Negative Thoughts and Isms propagated, Rights of Origin, Purported Racial and Religious Bias. Superiority and Historical Injustices etc

     Committed to

  • Assure the Future Growth and Prosperity of the Nation and all its People and in pursuit of same willing to


Examples of Issues and Challenges that should be taken by the Good Men and Women

1. If effective steps to address the promised Constitutional Reforms towards abolishing the Executive Presidency, Electoral Reforms and Empowering  the Chief Accounting Officers of Ministries to Function only under policy directives of Ministers and not under their Direction, Control and Oversight

2. If the 2015 election promises committed to measures to seek a long term solution to the ethnic conflict and effective and provide redress to conflict affected families are not implemented

3. If effective legal action is not taken against all those responsible for hate speech, rabble-rousing and creating ethno-religious disharmony

4. Where all promised relief measures and risk reduction measures announced following natural disasters, floods and drought are not honoured

5. If the passage of the Judicature Bill and other lawful initiatives to expedite and bring to justice, those who have caused Losses to the State, engaged in large scale Corruption, Misappropriated State Property, and have engaged in Large Scale Money Laundering, is seen to be blocked, delayed or not pursed with commitment

6. If effective steps are not taken to have Sri Lanka’s negative classification as a high risk jurisdiction by the Financial Action Task Force revoked

7. If the National Audit Bill is not passed urgently by Parliament, incorporating strong deterrent oriented surcharge provisions along with further strengthening of the independence, professional capability and  powers of the Auditor General and Audit Commission

8. If immediate steps are not taken to make offenses connected with the misuse foreign currency, wrongfully repatriating foreign currency and rights over national assets; along with these offences are not brought in as predicate offenses under anti money laundering

9. If effective steps are not taken to ensure that adequate resources are allocated especially by trimming wasteful and low return allocations, towards addressing the Urgent needs of the the  bottom of the pyramid Citizens in Rural Sri Lanka in meeting their basic needs, including;

    • education to correct the present inequities ( there is significant variation in learning outcomes among provinces) including the need to improve educational outcomes in rural and estate sectors and among students from the types of schools attended by low income households;
    • In war torn areas households without homes and female headed households without livelihood supportive employment or home garden cultivation options;
    • Villages, households and schools without safe drinking water, adequate competent teachers and teaching aides;
    • Villages without irrigation for cultivation and water for household consumption;
    • Fisher families with their livelihood options negatively impacted by development and external threats (e.g. Colombo Port City construction linked sand mining, wind turbines constructed in Puttalam, Indian bottom trawling incursions to Sri Lankan territorial waters and due to restrictions in high security zones in the north/east
    • Villages impacted by the Human Elephant Conflict
    • Villages affected by Chronic Kidney Diseases
    • Villages without easy transportation and access to schools, hospitals, administrative centers, markets
    • Villages regularly impacted by floods and risks of landslides and other natural calamities
    • Villages whose sources of water supply are uncertain due to droughts and supply systems, tanks and associated canals and rivers are not in an effective system of functioning

10. Failing to take steps to pursue and secure, full and effective control and rights over Sri Lanka’s National resources, including International rights over the Sea, the Continental Shelf, Mannar Basin and Other Energy Options Sea and Coastal, Fishing Rights, Exploitation of Sea based Mineral and Plant Resources, Space and Space linked Communication Rights etc, including Royalties, and Other levies that can be pursued

11. Failing to Restructure and Reform of the National Budgeting and Budgetary Control System that recognizes Peoples Aspirations and Needs and Sustainable and Equitable Use and Allocation of National Resources with Accountability and Post Audit Review

12. Failing to Introduce a Code of Conduct and Ethics for All in Public Life with Commitments to Act in the event of Non Compliance with Laws and Regulations

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