19 August, 2022


Sri Lanka, Rajapaksas, General Public & The Slow Death Of Democracy

By Pabodha Hettige

Pabodha Hettige

The majority of the Sri Lankan general public once again proved the country’s need for moral, socio-political and economic emancipation upon electing a cluster of Rajapaksas and the faithful disciple goons into the parliament, perhaps endorsing the slow and painful death of democracy. 

The eligibility criteria

We proudly send the uneducated, drug dealers, looters, those accused of corruption, actors and actresses and murders to the parliament.

Amongst the major eligibility criteria carrying and kissing babies (assurance of proud and un-emancipated parental votes), posing with senior citizens, growing a mustache, wearing the traditional dress, visiting temples and directing the first words of every public address towards the monks are of prime importance. (The effect is as such even a certain monk encouraged Rajapaksa’s to execute dictatorship in order to save the country) 

Moreover, they should appear as the hypnotic saving grace of the Sinhalese Buddhist masses and promise to save the race and religion from the intruding minorities. (But it is okay to get the votes and Biryani from the minority.) Boosting the fundamentalist ideology and elevating Rajapaksa’s to the royalty is a must, which in return guarantees them parliamentary seats without even considering the futuristic development goals, strategies and policies.

Since the war victory of 2009 Rajapaksa family has been rewriting the history with the coronation of Mahinda Rajapaksa as an incarnation of King Dutugemunu and Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the brave commanding force behind the victorious army of soldiers.

However, had General Sarath Fonseka won the presidential election of 2010; the Rajapaksas wouldn’t have derived a significance worthy of dust.  

What the Sri Lankans have forgotten is that the current object of worship, his Excellency Gotabaya Rajapaksa was once the scary cat who fled to America during the most intense phases of war, who was brought back and idolized by his brother, ex president, Mahinda Rajapaksa to a venerated position of a war hero. We as a nation weren’t thoughtful enough to consider the consequences of letting a likely war criminal to enjoy head of state immunity from the trials he was facing in the United States federal courts.

Even the disposal of his US citizenship was pronounced at the lapse of three months after being elected as the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. It was a fine instance of the abundance of the deceitful Rajapaksa nature, which was unnoticed by the blinded majority.

The slow and unseen militarization

The impaired political streak of Gotabaya Rajapaksa continued with his only reliance being the military. 

Retired and current military members being appointed to key ministries like Ministry of Law and Order and  Ministry of Finance, certain agencies such as the police being placed under the Ministry of Defense, high positions in the civil service being awarded to military officials, a disciplinary committee being appointed comprising the members of the armed forces and more over the Covid-19 task force being entrusted to Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, (Head, National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak) who was  accused of his alleged involvement in war crimes during the final stages of the country’s civil war are instances we should have questioned the prerogatives of Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Furthermore, a president in his right mind would not have pardoned and released Sunil Rathnayake, an ex staff sergeant of the army convicted of the brutal killing of eight Tamil civilians. 

While the Rajapaksa regime has come under constant criticism by the activist groups and organizations, the majority of the general public seems to be happily endorsing these movements. 

Upon a closer analysis, Sri Lanka seems to be marching towards an unwarranted militarization, which will leave frightening consequences on democracy.  

Rajapaksa brothers and the 19th Amendment to the constitution

The Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa before being re-elected called for a 2/3 majority to repeal the 19th Amendment to the constitution, which largely curtails the powers of the executive presidency. The power hungry Rajapaksa was in the view that the 19th Amendment was introduced to curtail his political revival. With the conclusion of the General Election few days ago Rajapaksa led Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) registered a massive victory securing 145 seats in the 225-seat legislature making the brothers closer to the realization of their dream. 

The preceding 18th Amendment to the constitution facilitates the re-election of president any number of times, independent commissions being brought under the authority of the president, bestows the president all the parliamentary privileges and immunities and the constitutional council  being replaced by a five member parliamentary council. 

If the 19th Amendment, which curtailed the above, is abolished, the safeguards on good governance will suffer at the hands of the brothers with the role of independent commissions to oversee the public service, judiciary, the police, elections, and human rights being massively politicized and being controlled according to Rajapaksa whims and fancies.

By giving Rajapaksas a massive power we have established a clear and paved road towards the death of democracy and the majority who has zero idea about democracy and good governance  will be elated to know how their civic power has helped the Rajapaksa’s to realize their ultimate dream of “In power forever”.

However, currently empowered with an entire brigade of thieves, convicted murders, dim witted actors and actresses, chain snatches and other faithful comrades in the parliament, the Rajapaksas can dance to their own beat at the expense of our valuable vote. Sri Lanka can probably celebrate demolitions of more Buwanekaba Rajasabha pavilions, aggravated extra judicial killings, forced disappearances, abductions in broad daylight, curtail of fundamental rights, economic downslides and many more adversities for all which we shall gleefully hoot and grant approval.

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Latest comments

  • 29

    Buddhist clergy advised Gota to be the next Hitler. As a good practicing Buddhist he follows it.

    • 3

      what a load of bo££$$%%

  • 24

    Another set of closely packed lies and deceptions.

  • 20

    We proudly send the uneducated, drug dealers, looters, those accused of corruption, actors and actresses and murders to the parliament.

    Can you name some name to deserve to be elected so that next time we take care, The best teacher is the last mistake. The problem is that people are being put to hated by politician when they are real and loved when they are faked.

  • 27

    A fantastic honest articles that will;l right away deflate the privates of the entire cheating for power Rajupuk gang and the nearly 14 million who blindly with their eyes closed and loins flapping cast their holy sacred once in a lifetime voting paper for these cheap pavement hawker boru hour cheap illegitimately born beggars.
    These fellow yaks who are poisoned against the minorities who were looking frail skin and bones just did not have the strength – junthu – to walk to the closest polling booth all for the sake of a few hundred rupees along with gal molasses arrack sold their children to become the unwitting slaves to these hoodwinking cheap sluts who are so greedy for power.
    I, for one never had belief in the world-famous saying coined up by Anagarika Dharmapala which rhymed as follows –
    Now with saliva spit rolling out of their uncouth out of shape stinking to high heaven mouth as they cannot even afford to buy a Danthamuktha or Gopal’s toothpowder they the yaks will have no other choice of an option but to watch these out of shape uncouth unsavoury Rajapukas along with their fellow criminal hora boru gangs get fatter and fatter only to burst into unrecognisable pieces when Velu Annai pays another visit and pricks them into oblivion.?

    • 10

      The latest version is like this:
      Sinhalaya Modaya
      Kewun kanna yodaya
      Yuda karanna sooraya
      Them Malunge Maaraya
      I, for one never had belief in the world-famous saying coined up by Anagarika Dharmapala which rhymed as follows –

      • 17

        It is because YOU are ultra Modaya who knows nothing except the few terms against lanken tamils and muslims.
        No matter, the masses across the country stay in hunger thanks to ballige putha#spolitics which looted the state on and on even looting today, you guys just enjoy being unable to relinquish your thoughts in the lines of RACISM against own srilankens.
        I am sorry to see, whoever you are (That Mahindapala or an another clone of him), what you have learned is not much. THat we become clear whenever we read your thoughts on this page.
        Not even few years ahead of your last breath you the kind of ultra racists to own nation is beyond my comprehension. Australia could teach you a lot, but you the kind of idiots are cornered to getto life styles as is the case in the UK sinahala/tamil/pakistani diasporas. Those people have no chance to come out of their boxes so how can they ever learn something better ?

      • 13

        Eager less puntak –
        You soil about the uncouth criminalised war victory but can you kindly answer to the following if your senile 87-year-old flea-ridden mangy brain will allow you to.?
        Why has your present Rajapuka’s spittle licking commander of the army his alluring concubine and children been banned from ever having a dream of entering the USA.?
        What about the other so many murdering of the innocent’s war criminal officers have had their visas denied to head to overseas destinations for their nefarious activities.?
        What on earth happened in destitute suffering to the maximum poor nations like Haiti where your dhamma carrying soldiers were caught having immoral sex with underage starving children by giving them a mere bun to appease their hunger.?
        UN peacekeeping duties have denied for the uncouth unruly conduct of your magnificent war mongrel troops.
        You have the balls to try to ridicule my original comments but when I respond challenging you to a duel you go hide under the petticoat of your Demala meenachi.
        You are nothing but a pussy coward.

  • 11

    Pabodha Hettige,
    “perhaps endorsing the slow and painful death of democracy. “
    Yes, Sinhalayo endorsed the death of democracy practiced in Sri Lanka since Independence that gave ‘Wal Booru Nidahasa’ to racist separatist Malabar Vellala Demalu (Ceylon Tamils after 1911) to play hell and ruin the country.
    The democracy we had gave the opportunity for racist Chelvanayakam who was born in Malaya and entered this country illegally during colonial rule to form the Federal Party soon after Sinhalayo got Independence from British and allowed the same racist to pass Batakotte (Vaddukoddai) Resolution in 1976 to create a separate State for the descendants of Dravida slaves brought by Portuguese and dumped in Yapanaya. He encouraged Demala youths to take up arms to kill Sinhalayo to achieve that objective. They followed what that ‘Para’ racist told and slaughtered Sinhalayo.
    If you have a problem with the decision taken by the majority Sinhalayo, please get lost.

  • 10

    We are witnessing a miracle in Asia where we will be like Belarus soon where people will come out to cheer the leader. After all they elected him with an overwhelming vote and What happened to Ranil? Exciting times ahead, I say.

  • 16

    Dear Pabodha Hettige,

    I sure do sense hatred and taste of bitterness in your report above. Although titled ” Sri Lanka, Rajapaksa’s, General Public & The Slow Death of Democracy” which reflects to be a national issue based on the Rajapaksa family, your article in essence only talks about the Rajapaksa Clan and their failure to deliver.

    In essence, I see that your article is of being a personal vengeance coated with a nationalistic flavour, which you have not being able to justify through your writings.

    Keep on writing Pabodha H, and it would definitely improve your Language, but do be selective of the topics you pen your papers upon.

  • 5

    If the US, the ‘land of the free’, can elect a yob like Trump, who, apart from his open contempt & intimidation of any one challenging him, used his privileged upbringing & wealth to exploit everything he does, even gloating that avoidance of paying tax was because he is smart, failing to realise that it his civic responsibility, yet, implying his patriotic credentials to his misguided followers, what can we expect from a 70% read & write literate public in SL? The Trump vote base is white supremacist christian middle America who believe they are chosen by god, & in SL, the Sinhala Buddhist supremacist vote base (with blessings of the maha sanga in the absence of god), elected a ‘patriot’ (who has also pledged allegiance to another country to gain citizenship) despite his considerable baggage in the form of allegations of massive corruption, human rights abuses & war crimes by the International community & even murder, & with his brother, with more such allegations, as the PM, the writing, as the saying goes, is on the proverbial wall.


    • 1

      Does anyone give a fanny Adams about the international community? The USA and its allies use torture which is a war crime in conflicts and human rights abuse when not in conflicts.
      So who are they to lecture anyone about war crimes a, torture and abuse?
      Maybe that is why some call the USA headed by an orange megalomaniac the great SATAN.

  • 5


    To be fair, voters are not to be blamed totally. Since SWRD ‘let the dogs in’, the riffraff have been gradually crawling into Parliament & political parties have failed to nominate credible candidates, therefore, we have common thugs, uneducated yobs & even murders in Parliament. Certainly, RW is to be blamed for the current situation but CB has to share the blame as well for bowing down to racism & allowing MR to become PM in preference over internationally respected Kadiragama during her watch. Perhaps things would have changed for the better if CB was visionary.

  • 18

    Pabodha Hettige, You have said everything that needs to be said. Not a single Sinhala Buddhist cares!

    • 5

      Because, unlike you lucky guys we have no place to go.


  • 3

    Too much negativity from the author. Negativity hinders progress. Let the new broom sweep first before discarding it If it is useless so be it.
    Pobodha, Give the man a chance.. I am not overly excited about the Rajapakse clan. Come back in 6 months if they fail the people then cast your venom freely and we will agree wholeheartedly with you.

    • 0

      iemerald, So Pobodha is 6 months ahead of you, is your concern!

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