28 May, 2022


Sri Lanka Resolution: The World Witnessed Two Visions Of Justice

By Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) thanks the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for keeping Sri Lanka on its agenda for its consideration of the mass crimes committed in the island of Sri Lanka, but expresses disappointment at the dilution of principles of justice.

The world witnessed two visions of justice at the 30th Session of the UNHRC this month. One vision of justice which States are willing to dispense—a justice that is in direct contradiction to the unequivocal findings of the OHCHR report—and then one vision called for by humanity at large demonstrated by the participation of 1.4 million people through the “Million Signatures Campaign” calling for “Referral of Sri Lanka” to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka, the Tamil Nadu State Assembly, and the Transnational Government’s Parliament passed resolutions calling for an international mechanism to investigate and prosecute international crimes namely war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid, was bold in telling that accountability “requires more than a domestic mechanism” and he called for a special hybrid Court. Today, however, the Human Rights Council, a state-centric institution, has passed a resolution noting that:

… a credible justice process should include independent judicial and prosecutorial institutions led by individuals known for integrity and impartiality; and further affirms in this regard the importance of participation in a Sri Lankan judicial mechanism, including the Special Counsel’s office, of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, defense lawyers, and authorized prosecutors and investigators;

This Resolution is a fudge. It prioritizes the Sri Lankan Government’s obsession with controlling criminal proceedings over the victims’ rights to effective justice. Any reasonable observer knows that all criminal proceedings within the Sri Lankan justice system will be stymied by racial bias and political interference. No amount of international judges will be able to prevent that reality. The role of the Sri Lankan State in the mass crimes will be whitewashed.

In the resource paper prepared at our request by “Global Diligence LLP,” the following recommendations were made to ensure the impartiality and independence of a hybrid Court:

24. Based on a treaty between the UN and the Sri Lankan Government, a hybrid criminal tribunal should be established comprised of the following general attributes:

a. A location in a neutral country, geographically proximate to Sri Lanka, that will ensure the protection of witnesses and victims;

b. Exclusively international judges. Alternatively, a majority of international judges with an equal number of Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamil judges on each bench / chamber;

c. An international prosecutor with two deputies, one Tamil and one Singhalese;

d. An international registrar with two deputies, one Tamil and one Singhalese;

e. A defence support section headed by an international legal practitioner;

f. The application of substantive customary international law, including (as applicable) war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, as well as recognised forms of criminal liability such as command responsibility and joint criminal enterprise;

g. The application of Sri Lankan procedural law modified for consistency with ICCPR protections;

h. Secure funding and a financial management committee in line with above;

None of these features are explicitly included in the Resolution. It calls for nothing more than a Domestic Mechanism dressed up with a fig-leaf of minimal international participation. As the High Commissioner already clearly stated in his Report, such a Domestic Mechanism will not work. When Sudan offered to setup a domestic mechanism for international crimes committed in Darfur, the proposal was flatly rejected by the HRC. Similarly at the most recent Session, the HRC made a recommendation to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court. Tamil victims deserve the same level of justice. Such a double standard and the subjugation of the principles of justice to the vagaries of political expedience continues to undermine the credibility of the HRC and the rule of law.

The High Commissioner’s Report and the Resolution passed today are also at variance in other respects. The High Commissioner’s Report clearly and repeatedly states that it was the Tamils who had borne the brunt of the persecution, whereas the Resolution is conspicuous in denying the existence of the Tamil Nation. The High Commissioner in his Report noted the change of tone of the new regime in Sri Lanka in their dealings with the HRC, and emphasized that – like the previous regime – the new regime had also refused access to the Office of the High Commissioner’s Investigation of Sri Lanka (OISL) and withheld requested information. In contrast, the Resolution passed at the HRC goes out of the way to portray the Sri Lankan regime as some long-awaited messiah. Rape of Tamil women continues under the present government. Land in the NorthEast continues to be occupied by the armed forces. Fear and control still exist. Nothing seems to have changed under the present regime except possibly its geopolitical shift.

While real justice to Tamils has been delayed at the September Session of the HRC, there is space in the present international legal order for access to remedies by Tamil victims. As the High Commissioner himself urged in his Report, States on their own are able to exercise the powers of universal jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute those who are implicated in international crimes. We note that the legal standard of ‘reasonable grounds’ employed by the High Commissioner in his Report is the same threshold of proof required by the Judges of the International Criminal Court before issuing an arrest warrant. Therefore, we urge civilized nations of this world to initiate criminal investigations followed by extradition proceedings against those who have been implicated in international crimes. The High Commissioner’s Report can indeed form the basis for such action.

We call upon the High Commissioner to make the evidence gathered during the investigation available to states willing to undertake cases through the important legal principle of universal jurisdiction. The TGTE is willing to work with any State in this regard. The TGTE will facilitate the exploration of all techniques available to bring war criminals and perpetrators of genocide to justice through means available under the law. The measures taken by the Sri Lankan Government will not exhaust these remedies unless they are measures that satisfy the standards of international law.

The TGTE for its part will form an International Committee comprising international Judges, international lawyers and Human Rights activists to monitor the implementation of the present HRC Resolution. We propose to announce the details of the Committee on the 2nd of November 2015.

In conclusion, TGTE would like to recognise how instrumental the international Civil Society has been in the establishment of the ICC, International Tribunals for Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and the Referral of Sudan to the ICC, and the catalytic role it continues to play in instigating trials and prosecution of perpetrators. We take heart in the immeasurable interest shown by civil society actors at home and around the globe on the plight of Tamils and in ensuring that at the end the vision of justice as promoted by the humanity will prevail. The TGTE will continue its global campaign to mobilize public opinion towards that vision of justice to the victims of genocide and the pursuit of prosecutions around international crimes committed in the island of Sri Lanka.

The thirst of Tamils is Tamil Eelam

*Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran – Prime Minister – TGTE

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  • 10

    Why not give the benefit of the doubt without jumping to conclusions. Everyone have suffered for more than three decades and I believe Sri Lanka has realized that its in their best interest to settle this to the satisfaction of the grieved and the international community.

    The minorities within the country and the international community outside is a must for Sri Lanka’s future progress and if they screw this up they will have no one else to blame.

    • 10

      The ‘grieved’ of course are our own innocent men, women and children. But this ‘international community’ is Tamil diaspora. Satisfaction of those whose who sustained this terror from abroad is not our concern.


      • 14

        “But this ‘international community’ is Tamil diaspora.”
        This is not true: if it was they will be running countries in the west.

        “Satisfaction of those whose who sustained this terror from abroad is not our concern.”
        This is a copout not to accept responsibility for ones action and continue the racist agenda. Unfortunately like you using a wide brush on the Tamil Diaspora this action has labeled the Sinhalese as racists, including the ones with a conscience that despise this evil.

        • 8

          Very true indeed that all Tamils are unfaiarly portrayed as evil fascists by some. However, there needs to be distinction between those war mongering bigots in the Tamil community and those who are for peaceful co-existence. Tamils domiciled in Sri Lanka are starting to act in a reasonably and, are rejecting the howls of mad dogs in the diaspora. Reconciliation is long term project that needs to be home grown for all Sri Lankans to co-exist peacefully in a democratiic united Sri Lanka. The recent resolutions of UN sponsored circus will fade fast to oblivion and give rise to a home grown solution soon.

        • 4


          I agree with you entirely. What Soma the Trauma doesnt know or pretends not to know is the contribution from the Sinhalese Diaspora to the coffers of Gotha to kill Tamils. Sam Chicken springs to mind and he gave his entire earnings.
          For me Tamils are not Racists and cant afford to be Racists in a sea of Sinhalese with all State Apparutus at their disposal. But we have been made to take an Anti Sinhala stand through years of suffering.
          True reconciliation can only happen when the butchers have been put behind bars.The so called Tamil butchers are all dead and buried and even the UN has removed the word ” Human Shield” the word attributed to the retreating LTTE.
          The UN has spoken in no uncertain Terms and we need RETRIBUTION so that we can move on.

      • 5

        somass kantha

        “Satisfaction of those whose who sustained this terror from abroad is not our concern.”

        Good point I must say.

        However when did you first/last show concern for your own innocent men, women and children in this island?

    • 10

      Yes every one suffered but the Tamils suffered immensely at the hands of all the parties but largely at the hands of the Sinhalese Sri Lankan state and armed forces, even the UN report acknowledges this. The Sinhalese and Muslims suffered but very little. So do not try to equate miniscule suffering with immense suffering of around 300000 deliberately killed around 40000-70000 I’m May 2009( this is not my estimate but the conservative UN estimate)around 1.2 million indigenous Tamils ethnically cleansed and deliberately chased of from the their lands with many fleeing to the west( This ethnic cleansing action of Tamils and reducing their overall numbers is still being ardently advocated by many of the Lankaweb readers from overseas and within the island, funny the vat majority of them are descended from recently Sinhalised south Indian coolies and indentures labour from Tamil Nadu and now advocating Sinhalese Buddhist racism. The leader of this pact a Karawa female whose surname means from the Telugu house. Wadugu/Vadugu is another name for Telugu. Tamils in India call Telugus as Vudugan/Wadugan hence the term Vaduvan/Vaduva).The LTTE is dead and gone but still the rape harassment killing torture the large scale appropriation of Tamil lands and the illegal settlement of Sinhalese and Muslims in Tamil lands still continues. This is because of this large scale occupation of Tamil lands by a Tamil hating Sinhalese armed forces. They have to go for any just solution. They are the cause of more than 99% of the current problems.
      The Sinhalese who support them can donate their lands to the army and give them their homes and daughters and little sons for illicit sex.

      • 5

        Paul, Your not fooling anybody with your ‘western’ sounding name. Your a bigot LTTE appologist.

        • 7

          Yes anyone not towing or agreeing to your racist Sinhalese agenda or the Mahavamsa myth is an LTTE apologist. For Sinhalese racist like you who do not want to admit the truth everyone else is an LTTE apologist.

  • 18

    ‘Terrorist’ Rudrakumaran – Prime Minister – TGTE?????? What a joker!!!!!!

    • 6

      Visuva anathan Rudrakumaran is a war criminal. This crazy man was said to be the legal adviser to LTTE terrorist organisation.

      • 5


        Do you mean Rudrakumaran the Consigliere (counselor) to the Mafia Godfather Thiruvengadam Vellupillai Prabaharan?

        Now you are insulting VP.

        VP never needed a counselor through out his entire life, he knew law, international law, military science, diplomacy, political science, cookery, economics, international politics, medicine, a patron of science and art, educationist, an intellectual, ………. he is his own adviser.

        Why are you lying?

      • 1

        Jones, replying to your comment,

        Rudrakumaran certainly is a supporter of the LTTE, like many in the diaspora supporting openly and quite many in Sri Lanka but support silently, but he is not a member of the LTTE. He is a lawyer and he has the right as a lawyer to advise the LTTE in any way he likes. A lawyer does not go to jail with the client if the suspect was found guilty and punished.

        Rudrakumaran is liable only if he had taken a physical role in actively taking part in the actions of the LTTE which are against the law. Taking active part with the LTTE and distributing some buns and school books for school children is not liable. But if he took an active part in planning and or taking part in an attack then he is liable. Giving legal advise to LTTE, he is not guilty.

        If he is merely punished for being a lawyer to LTTE then you have created a landmark case where a lawyer cannot represent a suspect of a crime.

  • 10

    He will never give up EElam Dream and becoming the head of it.No matter what Sri Lankan Govt does there are enough people to produce lies and un verifiable reports.There are apps 76 million plus Tamils in the world and they want to choke and chase away and distroy 14 million plus Sinhala people from this earth.That is why Tamil Nadu politicians are supporting them while the Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka are treated badly and as second class citizens.AllThese guys living in western countries educated by the free Sri Lankan education system by the taxes paid by Majority Sinhalese.If Tamils can live in all over Sri Lanka why not allow Sinhalese,Muslims,Sindis,Moors,Boras,Chonese,Burgers,MalAys and Veddas are allowed to live in Norten Province as a Sri Lankan.It is high time these self serving saviors off Tamils stop decisive polite and allow younger genaration to be patriotic and love Mother Lanka.

    • 8

      Has any Sinhalese individual been denied any property that is on sale in the North?
      Tamil individuals buy their own properties in the South – the government doesn’t buy it for them.

    • 11

      Ayah Thangavelu:

      Just one question. Where did you find this Thangavelu crap. Did you pick it up from the street. If you did Man you should have handed it in to the lost property office otherwise it amounts to Identity THEFT.

    • 3

      Ashok Thangavelu a very strange name for an Indigenous Sri Lankan Tamils. I have never come across an Indigenous Sri Lankan Tamil with that name. Common amongst Indian Tamils and Indian origin Tamils. There was a famous Tamil film star a comedian named Thangavelu. I strongly suspect that you are a Sinhalese posting under a Tamil name but has not realised that Indigenous Sri Lankan Tamil names are not that similar to Indian Tamil names. They are spelt and pronounced slightly differently. Eg. an Indian Tamil name will be Devraj, however the Sri Lankan Tamil version of this generally will be Thevarajan or Thevarasa. Certain names are more prevalent amongst Indian or Indian origin Tamils but not amongst Sri Lankan Tamils and vice versa. However I do not expect a Sinhalese to know these little subtleties. Even when they want to pretend to be a Sri Lankan Tamil.
      There are actually around a 90 to 100 million Tamil speakers in India. However what have they got to do with the Tamil population in Sri Lanka and the discrimination and genocide that they suffer under the majoritarian Sinhalese state? In fact is the modern day Sinhalese and not the Sri Lankan Tamils who are far more closely related to the Indian Tamils. as most of the so called present day Sinhalese are largely descended from recently migrated Indian Tamils.
      No Tamil from Sri Lanka or India are choking the Sinhalese their language or culture on the contrary it was the Tamils more than anyone else who contributed to the Sinhalese language culture and genepool. The Sinhalese language is round 35% to 40% Tamil based in vocabulary . Its grammar lexicon syntax and alphabet is purely Tamil based. Take out all the Tamil words from Sinhalese, there will be no Sinhalese language. The Sinhalese are largely descended from Tamils. Both from ancient medieval and recent times. This is why the Sinhalese are very closely related to the Tamils and share the same gene pool not with North Indians. That was just a MOdavamsa myth. The Sinhalese cuisine is basically Tamil cuisine. Typically related to Kerala( One time Tamil Chera Nadu) and Southern Tamil Nadu. Sinhalese music dance forms of worship are all very Tamil again very closely related to Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Sinhalese celebrate the April Tamil New Year. Worship the Tamil God Lored Murugan as their war god. ( Kataragamma Deviyo Tamil Kathirgammar) Tamil goddess of chastity. Like the Tamil peasants worshiping Ayannar the Sinhalese peaseant worship Ayanayake. So you see Thangavelu/Chingkaravelu. Tamils have never chocked the Sinhalese., it was they and their language and culture that gave birth to the Sinhalese language culture and people. What you call is Sinhalese culture is just a reflection of the Tamil culture. It is the Sinhalese who want to kill murder commit genocide and choke the Tamils. Not only in the island but even the Indian ones if they can ( Like the Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu)
      Tamils come to the south and legally purchase lands and build businesses. The Sinhalese and others can come to the north and east and do the same but they do not what they do is use the government and armed forces to rape kill and ethnically cleanse Tamils from their lands and then illegally settle Sinhalese Muslims and others in these lands to deliberately change the demography and make the Tamils are voiceless minority in their own lands. Just like it has happened in large parts of the east. This is not called legally living but called colonisation ethnic cleansing and genocide and that is a war crime. Understood.
      Lastly it is not the Tamils who are not patriotic but racist Sinhalese like you, who are even afraid to post their Tamil hating venom and garbage under a Sinhalese or neutral identity .Flag waving Patriotism and jingoism is the refuge of scoundrels and racists. Remember this land that you called Mother Lanka is not a Sinhalese Buddhist land only but a Multicultural and Multi religious and Multi racial land. The North and East of the island was never Sinhalese or Muslim land but the land of the Tamils from ancient times ruled by Tamils. This was recognised the Portuguese the Dutch the British the BC Pact the DS Chelvanayagam Pact and the 1987 International Indo Lanka agreement. You and the rest of the Sinhalese and the government first learn to acknowledge this truth and treat and respect the Tamils and all other non Sinhalese with respect and then talk about patriotism. If you were a real patriot you would not have posted this garbage.

  • 7

    Its because of people like Soma and Jones that Sri Lanka is in this predicament . Thanks to smart political manoeuvring by Maithree , Mangala , and RW that Sri Lanka Got a away scot free . It better implement what they have promised otherwise next year is going to be bad..

    Sri lanka is test case for the rest of the wold where Racialism , Communalism , Crimmininalism all hide under the word called ” Patriotism ” .

    When CID has openly tells the Judge that the big wigs in the military , AG “s Dept are preventing a proper investigation in the case of Prageeth and Lasantha does any one in the forum believe that there will be justice to the common Man.

    Being a Sinhalese i will be glad to have foreign Justice to prevails for some time here ,to clear out our corrupt Justice system created by MR.

    Imagine people like the following meeting out justice…. Mohan De Silva….. Sarath N Silva ( Former ) , D Abrew
    another lady whose husband runs a legal firm and channels his cases to her…

    If we Sri lankans believe that our justice systems is fair you have some nasty things comming your way.

    Again the root cause being the MR gang why used this to their advantage to rob all and sundry for their advantage……

  • 8

    Still these LTTE coolies are daydreaming :D

    • 5

      Sinhalese [Edited out] do not use a good Tamil Brahmin name to post you Tamil hating racist name. Everyone here knows that you are not the real Siva Sankaran Sarma but have stolen his identity and name to post your anti Tamil garbage at various forums

      • 4

        Cool story, bro :D

        • 6

          severe constipation??

          • 5

            Sorry to hear that – I know it’s the staple diet of We Thmaizh but eating all that punnakku every day probably isn’t doing you any favours :D

            • 5

              Wee Thamihz Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

              “We Thmaizh but eating all that punnakku every day probably isn’t doing you any favours”

              I can see it from your typing.

              Change your menu from punnakku to කොල්ලු (kollu, கொள்ளு, horse gram) which of course works for horses it should work for you as well, gallop through your typing.

            • 0

              Siva Sankaran Sarma,

              sorry, I did not know constipation was your well guarded secret.
              Aney,why are you dreaming of British SAS?
              But you are [Edited out]

  • 5

    Stupid Tamils (not All):

    The last time we woke up, Velu became history.

    Evidence is that you were like this during the entire human history.

    • 10

      Jim Sooty:

      Stupid Sinkalams ( All)

      Man last time when you wolke after a Deep Coma Velu beacme history ( I hope you are not referring to your soul mate THANGAVELU).

      But this time you were caught napping. See whatb heppened when yu dosed off.

      Your Country was given a Buffeting.

      Foreing Lawyers
      Foreign Judges
      Foreign Prosecutors.

      You were treated gently this time ( I mean not manhandled) hoping that you will COMPLY

      But your nightmares are just starting COMPLY or DIE. You cant afford to sleep any more.

  • 1

    why don’t you consider the principle based forgiveness approach where we want long lasting peace and prosperity

    • 3

      Don’t you think a man is the most amazing of animals if you insist that we are animals?
      Man alone has invented a civilisation, and this is not something to be lightly dismissed.

      first principal of humanness is being `reasonable` therefore the west prospers and every tom dick harry from the world loves to be here in the west.

      That is what the handshake of the west signifies but lankans wriggle their own hands.

  • 3

    Why oh why is everything in this Country reduced to the religion you practice and the language you speak, it is so school play ground stuff.

    It is this adolescent thinking that has led us from 1948 to our present predicament.

    The UN resolution essentially is the rest of the World telling we Sri Lankans that they don’t trust us to tell the truth, which essentially is a polite way of saying that we are liars.

    How proud are we now?

  • 4

    Hi PM Rudrakumaran,

    Continue your fight until the last Tamil is wiped out.

    • 5

      sinhala buddhist professional,

      ” until the last Tamil is wiped out.”

      guaranteed by Buruva shape shape??

      be careful what you wish for….Tunasia, saw how the 40 brits died; it takes one nut to let loose at a rasvehema outside your well.

      Today we talk of `feeling` the truth not of `thinking` the truth.

  • 7

    OOH…the TGTE is getting involved ….with the PM up in arms.
    Now I’m really getting worried.

    What a bloody joker this man is. Just Google “Rudrakumaran reprimanded,” his glorious history will be outed. Go especially to courtlistener.com

    And a TGTE parliament to boot. I know how this parliament works. I have been there a couple of times as a visitor. They meet in somebody’s basement in Europe or North America. The parliamentarians are mostly senile old gents and ladies who are bored to death with their lives, and some foreign-born, brain-washed Eelam kids who make speeches in pure Tamil by reading from a script written in the English alphabet. Many of these Eelam kids don’t even know the color of Sri Lanka.

    In their parliamentary sessions they mainly discuss foreign policy: Tamil Eelam’s relations with Sri Lanka, India, US, Thailand, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Ukraine. Yes, these Eelamites have a peculiar set of foreign interests and esoteric geopolitical projects. The main thread running through all these discussions would be how to make Sri Lanka the ‘Pariah’ of the world. They’d be discussing these matters over some nice Ulunthu Vadais and Ceylon Tea.

    At the end of the day’s proceedings it would be always party time. Cheap whiskey to go around with Sri Lankan Coconut Arrack reserved for the VVIPs. Maalu Pan with Seeni Sambol would be the bite much relished. And when they are ready to get up and dance, the host would be barred from playing any music other than Sinhala Baila songs. A much requested song would be Desmond’s… yanna rata wate enna ma priye lassana Sri Lankawe.

    • 4

      Sounds more impressive than the Sri Lanka Parliament and government of crooks.

  • 6

    If Rudrakumaran was genuinely interested in justice for Tamils he would set an example by handing himself over to the International Criminal Court with an honest admission that he was a co-conspirator with the Tamil Tigers for their terrorism and murder campaign over 30 years and that he approved the recruitment of hundreds of Tamil suicide bombers and thousands of lower caste Tamil child soldiers and numerous other crimes against the Tamil, Sinhalese and Moslem people of Sri Lanka and humanity in general.

    But he will not, of course, because he is a fantasist and a coward and, like the rest of the self-styled Transnational Government of Tamil Nowhere, only wants others to suffer so that he may benefit by strutting around with the pompous title of Prime Minister with his ministers, senators, diplomats, ambassadors and, of course, his *subjects* – the lower caste Tamils in Sri Lanka. But like the emperor in the children’s story, the Prime Minister of Tamil Nowhere has actually got no clothes on.

  • 8

    Ashok Thangavelu:

    NO SINKALAM. You call yourself. THANKAVELU. ( Velumailu)
    Man Call youself

    Ashok Srisena
    Ashok Fonseka
    Ashok Wickremasinghe

    Shame on you SINKALAM. Bloody Coward.

  • 6

    I don’t know about the TGTE but the Tamil diaspora has every right to be concerned with what happens in Sri Lanka and the North and East. Most of them were driven out of Sri Lanka by the atrocities. They have stakes in Sri Lanka as their relatives are still there and their property is there as well. The views of the diaspora coincides with those in the NorthEast to a large extent. The TGTE claims to have been elected; so it is based on a semblance of democracy unlike the Global Tamil Forum, which claims to speak for the “silent majority” without being able to test this. So, there is greater credibility in what the TGTE says. This statement is nicely crafted and does convey the feelings of many Tamils.

    • 1

      “I don’t know about the TGTE” – Toy government of Tamil Elam . Rudra is the His Excellency the Prime Minister. They sell toys Occasionally make some noise. Two house they have house of clowns and house of Stupids.

  • 4

    Third Option get all the Marxist (the sabotage’s) together and create a vacuum.

    With Hindian blessings then Putin will land and Puke on behalf of Gota.
    Neither would come out of the rubble nor the rouble- problem solved.

  • 1

    It Should Read …Its because of people like Dayan ‘Tamara….. and Rohitha Bogolloagama that sri lanka is in this preachment.

  • 8

    Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

    Sri Lanka Resolution: The World Witnessed Two Visions Of Justice:

    *** Dear brother you need to pull down your goggles and see clearly as it is a bit murkey out there.

    Let me take you through.

    What we had at the UN on Thursday was not Judtice but an admission of Guilt and the terrible Crimes committed in the Name of Humanity.

    What we witnessed was that the Mother ( SInhala Lanka ) who was Pregnant was having some internal complications and I dont have the Scan. But my guess is that she was told that Normal bith was not possible as it might threaten the mother and the baby had to be delivered by Cesarean.

    The baby is in an incubator and no one knows whether it will grow to be a normal baby or might perish.

    There were some shocking revelations and I am sure you know them all.

    1) The army was guilty of Genocide along with the Commander in Chief the War Criminal Mahintha Percy Rajapaksa born on the 18th november 1945 in Weerakettiya. The charge has been laid.
    2) But justice has been delayed for to allow the baby time to grow.
    3) Contrary to what has been said and all the denials GOSL arev to issue death certificates on missing persons confimirming that they with the Iraivan.
    4) Existence of Secret Army camps where the captured Fighters are still held captive.

    SF has denied that the Army killed any one but in fact they rescued them and this falls foul on its head. This intevention is an example of the flaws with an internal Mechanism.

    Desmond the banished relying on the evidence of GOSL advised that the killing of the 40,000 ( correct fig 140,000) was colateral damage.

    SF doesnt know the meaning of colateral damage and what that means is that killing was the result of shelling by carried out by the Sinhala Soldiers to kill the LTTE with no regards for the Cilvilians.

    Our task has only just begun and we are a long way from seeing Justice. There are ulterior motives with the US resolution
    a) To save Israel from being taken to the Hague as there is a signature petition which has received well over 100,000.
    b) Behind the scene lobbyingg by India to extricate herself.

    Dont foeget Prince Zeid is Arab and the powerful Jewish Lobby are trying to undermine his authority.

  • 5

    You Tamils are worried about the human rights of Suicide bombers and Black tigers.

    At that time, you were willing to sacrifice thousands of Tamils as hostages to protect LTTE.

    At that time, it was Sri lankan Army (it had Tamil and muslims too, so it is not Sinhala army) who sacrificed their lives to protect escaping civilians.

    Even now, you are willing to trade your war crimes accusations for a separate province for you. That is how Tamils are.

    West is just using you tamils to fulfil their wishes and what they want. China is developing past, So, you tamils have a reason to be some one important to be world political arena.

    I wish your day comes too as Velu had his.

    • 5

      Jim Sooty:

      Stop talking rubbish.

      1) Concentrae on how to lie and cover up your Crimes because the Truth is out punishment awaits.

      2) India and the World ( Including Pakistan, China and Russia this time) is in control of your Country and concentrate on how to reclaim the Sovereingty you have lost. It is a long road from Imayam to Kumari.

      3) At that time, it was Sri lankan Army (it had Tamil and muslims too, so it is not Sinhala army) who sacrificed their lives to protect escaping civilians.

      *** This is what the Crook SF said but the UN with evidence has rebutted it. Have you noitced SF has gone quiet. You will have your day in Court not infront of the other liar PARANAGA. See what happend to his report. It is in the Bin.

      4) Even now, you are willing to trade your war crimes accusations for a separate province for you. That is how Tamils are.

      *** For your non existent Tiny Brain the above are two seperate issues.
      You dont trade one for the other but the second is the ultimate and legitimate consequence on the first one.

      Go back to KINDERGARDEN and LEARN you IDIOT.

      • 1

        KINDERGARDEN go back to Kindergarten and learn

        • 5

          Lanka Liar;

          So apart from one typing error you accept everthing else about you.

          Sinkalams are CRIMIANLS , LIARS and IDIOTS.

  • 0

    Thank you Paul for your Tamil version of Sri Lsnkan history.SIHALESE PEOPLE ARE ARIANS NOT drividians.History,Language,Archelogy,Relgion all that is avalible for the whole world to see show that lSri Lanka was a land of Sinhala people and Tamils were invaders.Go to pollonaruwa,Anuradapura,Sigiriya,Tissamsharamaya there is so much about Sinhala people in enidence based findings.Even in Jffna now they are finding artifacts and evidence about Sinhala rule.You are talking about multiculturalism I agree.It is high time Tamil people accept this and not portray them as a superior race and start respecting other nationalities living in in this land.It is only the Northen Tamils who want Eelam and fabricate facts to suit their needs. .Portugese Dutch,And British came to Sri Lanka much after Buddism and Sinhala people.Why talk about those people who destroyed this country and took anythiing and everything from the people as invaders.Paul be a Sri Lakan first and love your country.Finally the international community staring to Understand nature of True Sri Lankan people not a few who are trying to devide this country with false allegations.Truth will always win.yes I am an Indian origin lived and worked with Sinhalese people.They embraced us treated us with lot of love ,and compassion.May be you should also got to know them better.

    • 4

      Thangavelu Sinkalam;

      Paul might not be able answer all of your CRAP. Let me answer it on his behalf as a Probono Work.

      1) First of all you have stumbled on your own vomit by admitting that you are a Sinkalam.
      2) If you are all Arians why are you all pitch dark. You have seen Sanath.
      3) Even in Jffna now they are finding artifacts and evidence about Sinhala rule.
      *** Man Army has been in Total Control of Jaffna for 10 years and they are busy burying these so called Pots & Pans.
      4)It is high time Tamil people accept this and not portray them as a superior race and start respecting other nationalities living in in this land.
      *** We dont have anything to prove. Man we are born Superior and I can only look down . Our Language, Culture there is no comparison. We make music and you copy them. We are what we are. One thing we dont have now is 120 mm Guns.
      5) Finally the international community staring to Understand nature of True Sri Lankan people not a few who are trying to devide this country with false allegations.
      *** I take it that you have not read Prince Zeid”s report. He has said the following.
      a) You committed terrible atrocities.
      b) Your Judicial System is primitive.
      c) You cant be trusted.
      d) You still have secret Army Camps and take Young boys on a Rendition

      and so on.

      You sound like you are on a Planet of the APES.

    • 4

      ADAI Ashok Thangavelu

      You have proved yourself a big fool of history by your above comment, Please read up some history of Sri Lanka for beginners – ask some 5th standard scholarship preparing students they will lead you where to Start …… if you want to continue commenting in CT without doing that you may better refer to one Mr. Amarasiri’s comments repeatedly appear (for the sake of like of yours) for the knowledge of this islands native people ……… still you won’t be able to absorb into your stagnated brain, because you could not even pick a good Sri Lankan name for you as result of poor knowledge in inhabitants as Paul said!

    • 3

      Ashok Thangavelu


      I am bit puzzled. On what basis have you decided Sinhalese are Aryans and not Dravidians? What are the differences between Aryans and Dravidians?

      “Sri Lanka was a land of Sinhala people and Tamils were invaders”

      My Elders tell me both are Kallathonies from South India mostly from Erivirar Pattinam. Over a period of time they converted to Sinhala/Buddhism and became not only Sinhala speaking but also self hating Demelas. Is there any truth in that?

      “Go to pollonaruwa,Anuradapura,Sigiriya,Tissamsharamaya there is so much about Sinhala people in enidence based findings.”

      Such as?

      Have you visited the entire island? If you have you would have noticed Churches and Mosques in every nook and cornor of this country. What do you have to say about them?

      “Even in Jffna now they are finding artifacts and evidence about Sinhala rule.”

      Kotte kings were South Indians so were the Kandyan kings. What does it say?

      “You are talking about multiculturalism I agree.It is high time Tamil people accept this and not portray them as a superior race and start respecting other nationalities living in in this land.”

      Is it only a one way geture?

      “It is only the Northen Tamils who want Eelam and fabricate facts to suit their needs.”

      What is Vijaya myth then, is it a fact?

      “Portugese Dutch,And British came to Sri Lanka much after Buddism and Sinhala people.”

      So are you saying both Buddhism and Sinhala people were alien to this island. Both came by kallathonie didn’t they?

      “Why talk about those people who destroyed this country and took anythiing and everything from the people as invaders”

      What did you lose that you cry about?
      What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost?
      What did you produce, which you think got destroyed?
      You did not bring anything – whatever you have, you received from here.

      You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed.
      What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow.
      You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours.
      It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.

      Excerpt from

      “Paul be a Sri Lakan first and love your country.”

      I am a Veddah first and I love my ancestral land. Would that be wrong, illegal, unacceptable, ………… ?

      ” I am an Indian origin lived and worked with Sinhalese people.They embraced us treated us with lot of love ,and compassion.”

      They must have mistook you for a Sinhala/Budhist or you must have mistook them for Sinhalese.

      I couldn’t stop thinking what my Elders told me.

      Sinhala leaders disfranchised hard working upcountry Tamils. Forced them to live in Estate lines under appalling condition, …………….

      When Sinhala/Buddhists rage their first target has always been the poor upcountry Tamils, count the number of riots which periodically harmed them.

      “May be you should also got to know them better.”

      May be you should get to know the other minorities better.

      By the way I am bit thick therefore please bear with me.

      Could you refer me to books and publications which may contain your version of history.

  • 0

    To Kali you can stand on your head and shout as much as you want yes we Sri Lankans will face all allegations and will come out as winners when the real truth come out. you will never get Eelam.As other nationalities living in Sri Lanka and Majority of Tamils living in the south will never ever support divisive politics again,keep on dreaming !!

    • 6

      Si Thangavelu Sinkalam,

      *** Let me turn your argument on its head. Every time I rattle you you come out with Sinkala CRAP. The medicine is working.

      1) To Kali you can stand on your head and shout as much as you want yes we ( Sinkala Sri Lankans ) Sri Lankans will face all allegations and will come out as winners when the real truth come out.

      *** So what you are saying is that Prince Zeid is a LIAR. You with your Lawyers (the likes of Desmond who has been banished) will somehow disprove all the allegations. Can I ask you do you intend use the Crook Paranagama, and get supporting evidence from SF, Dayan Mahinthapala and many more.
      You are confident that you will outmaneuver all the Foreign Lawyers Judges and Prosecutors. Wake up man.

      2) You will never get Eelam.As other nationalities living in Sri Lanka and Majority of Tamils living in the south will never ever support divisive politics again,keep on dreaming.

      *** This is the first time I have heard some moron like you say that Uniting North & East and Devolution of Power under 13th Amendment is anything other than relinqushing power amounting to Eelam.

      Don”t forget the Majority of the Tamils 85% voted for divisive politics again, dreaming of Eelam.
      If you know what democracy means you will understand but then again as Mahitha supporter dreaming of his return is all that is on your mind.

      Dark days are Ahead.

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