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Sri Lankan Airlines CEO Resigns

Sri Lankan Airlines Chief Executive Officer Kapila Chandrasena tendered his resignation yesterday.

Kapila Chandrasena

The CEO’s resignation comes in the midst of the ongoing probe carried out by Lawyer J.C.Weliamuna and his team which was ordered by the Aviation Ministry that commenced three weeks ago.

Worried Senior Managers have begun whispering that the CEO’s departure is expected to signal the end too for their remaining two Chiefs and Senior Managers who worked in tandem with him in plummeting the airline incurring a mind boggling amount of approximately Rs.120 Billion.

According to the disgruntled public the sustenance of the airline was made through the money of the people of the country and channeled through the treasury where the Senior Management Team (SMT) enjoyed the benefits of high salaries and amazing benefits.

The news of the CEO’s departure was first intimated to a group of his Senior Managers who had congregated for a meeting at the World Trade Center around 3 pm and then subsequently at 4:16 pm local time an official heart wrenching email titled a ” Good Bye Message from CEO” was sent to the Senior Management Staff of the airline informing them of his sudden departure.

The CEO’s resignation has come barely three weeks since the Aviation Ministry ordered a full investigation on the airline’s malpractices which is currently being carried out and led vigorously by Lawyer J.C.Weliamuna and his team.

The ‘Interim Report’ of the these findings is set to be presented by Weliamuna to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickreeasinge today with the comprehensive report to be finally submitted on the 31st March 2015.

As expected, It was only a matter of time before the CEO’s resignation was to be submitted as it was common knowledge to all within the airline of how he and his specially appointed Senior Management Team in the Commercial Department was blatantly sinking the airline.

What eager employees of the national carrier now wait to see is if the immediate tier below him would also tender their resignations and leave before the full investigation is over.

The ‘Chief Strategic Officer’, four recently created and appointed ‘General Managers’ and his close group of haphazardly promoted ‘Grade 10’ and ‘Grade 11’ managers within the Commercial Department are now those who may be vary of their future in the airline.

Controversies surrounding many deals where “Abuse of Power”, “Leasing and Purchasing of Aircraft”, “External Interference” and “Major Contracts” were openly committed by the CEO and his fearless group of the Commercial Department’s Senior Management appointees portrayed that they were at times untouchable.

Await a comprehensive report on who’s who in the Commercial Department who danced to the string pulling of the CEO all this time , where controversies surrounding a colossal of amount of online/offline passenger related deals and much much more will be uploaded on Colombo Telegraph soon.


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