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Sri Lankan Diplomat Sides With ‘Protestors’ At Disrupted Missing Peoples Event

Sri Lanka’s Consul General in Sydney Australia “Ambassador” Bandula Jayasekera has sided with protestors who disrupted yesterday’s meeting of missing peoples’ families in Maradana with the Colombo diplomatic community present.

Jayasekera who is an ardent Twitter activist and crusader for the Rajapaksa regime accused civil society movements of supporting “terrorist” families.

The Buddhist monks and protestors who stormed yesterday’s event at the Centre for Society and Religion at Deans Road also claimed that human rights activists Nimalka Fernando and disappearances activist Brito Fernando were gathering information from ‘maha veer’ families indicating that these NGO groups were supporting the LTTE cause. The protestors claimed that civil society organisations were involved in gathering information from LTTE families to hurt the Government of Sri Lanka and the military.

Jayasekera who styles himself as an activist against terrorism and uses the terrorist label on all kinds of dissenting voices on the social media network Twitter appears to echo the views of the protestors who disrupted yesterday’s event.

These pro-Government ‘protestors’ have disrupted civil society events and workshops for several months including two Transparency International Sri Lanka events and a Rights Now for Democracy Journalism training event last week.

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