28 September, 2023


Sri Lanka’s Body-Politic Is Infested With A Contagion Of Corruption

By Vishwamithra1984

Virtues, like viruses, have their seasons of contagion. When catastrophe strikes, generosity spikes like a fever. Courage spreads in the face of tyranny.” ~ Nancy Gibbs

Another Rajapaksa was arrested. Once again, the charge is corruption. This time it’s an Ambassador, not just one to a third world country. He was our Ambassador to the United States of America. One time, a merchant of tea whose business involved, among others, export of Ceylon Tea to America, first gained limelight by virtue of his close relationship to then President Rajapaksa, when he was appointed as the Sri Lankan Consul General in Los Angeles- a training platform for the Ambassadorship in Washington D C. At the time, the seat of Foreign Affairs was in the hands, or more accurately stated as the ‘behind’, of G L Peiris and Sajin Vass Gunawardena, another close associate of the regime. What a country we had under the Rajapaksas?

Jaliya Wickramasuriya

Jaliya Wickramasuriya

Yet the latest Rajapaksa relative who was arrested seemed to have had an impeccable record of integrity and political-purity. Said to be well accepted by the Los Angeles Sri Lankan community, revered by the Buddhist Temples located in this glamorous city, Wickramasuriya, who is now facing allegations of corruption, when promoted to the esteemed position of our Ambassador to Washington D C is alleged to have accepted a USD 245,000 commission while serving his term in the US. We must be cautious. These are only allegations, yet to be proven. But after intense investigations conducted by the Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID), for Wickramasuriya to have been arrested is a logical process of events that have occurred after the investigations. Rule of law may have taken its slow journey but surely it’s taking its victims with pain to the victims and relief to the country at large.

This is a clear and strong argument that the contagion of corruption has infested our body-politic. It seems to spare nobody, whether the alleged culprits are walking into the evening of their careers or leaving behind an evening of their careers. Whichever way one looks at it, it’s sad beyond words, these alleged culprits had been close friends and associates of a greater community that surrounded them; they are members of dignified families of the past and when the contagion took hold of the body, it ate into the flesh, bone and marrow, unmercifully destroying careers, families and may be even generation’s good name. Whoever is at the top must be accountable and one day, they have to face the music. They cannot run, nor can they hide from that stark and naked truth.

It is alleged, although not yet proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that unbelievable practices of corruption have been committed during the last regime and the FCID has not yet spared anyone close to the former First Family. But the burning question at the lips of many is what follows the investigations. The Government cannot just play soft after the vigorous these investigations. If they reveal any misdeeds on the part of any top leaders of the former government, whether they be some incalculable corrupt deals and unscrupulous favoritisms they must answer the call for justice. It seems that what started at the top has seeped down and the entire system; it seems to have been infested with the contagion. Each branch, the stalk, the roots and every leaf of the tree seems to be corrupt. That much is beyond dispute. What amazes the ordinary reasonable men and women is not the alleged addiction to corruption on the part of the former regime; it’s the acceptance by the rest of Sri Lankan society as the normal standard of government business is mind-boggling and infuriating.

In the past, those who engaged in corrupt practices stood out as sore thumbs. Now it’s the other way about. In a collective lot of Sri Lankan politicians, members of the bureaucracy at all levels seem to be infected with the contagion. The rare and the un-addicted and un-infected now stand out and they are scorned by those who command the majority of corrupt as an impediment in the process. They are the exception today. A society leading itself to a profane end, a society hell-bent on enriching itself in a short time, a society that closes its eyes and ears to those who demand change and break from this despicable path of corruption, in short a society that seems to be rotting away yet trying to pretend that, to rephrase a famous quote, there is nothing wrong with Amsterdam, does not deserve a better deal. In order to curb or prevent this dreadful contagion, there does not seem be available to those who are prone to infection, an effective prophylactic drug or a process. (I see no harm in this section at all. No allegation or reference is made to any identifiable individual and it’s a plain commentary on the system) No socio-political laboratory is engaged in discovering one either.

In the midst of all this, the gust of change that seems to have picked up over the last twenty four months with gushing tailwinds of Brexit followed up by the Electoral College victory for Donald Trump in America, bigotry in the guise of nationalism seems to be raising its ugly head all over and Sri Lanka is not spared. The latest tensions that have risen between the Muslim community in Sri Lanka and Bodu Bala Sena sensationalism cum pseudo-patriotism signal an ominous events to befall. If the government is not prudent in dealing with this potentially explosive situation and if no concerted attempt is made to nip it in the bud, the patriotic rhetoric and demagoguery could tear apart our country and the ensuing collapse of our values and law enforcement structures would make the thirty-year old war against the Tamil militants look like an afternoon picnic in the park.

Engagement of top leaders of both communities at the highest levels, highest ranked Muslim Imams and Muslim political leaders in Sri Lanka and the Mahanayakes of all Chapters of Buddha Sasana must be brought before one forum. Prior to that, advance but not-so-public signals must be sent unofficially now itself, if it’s not already done, to them indicating the urgency and vitality of the matter. This must be done by both President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe. The bigoted group of politicians led by some close associates of the last regime is waiting in the wings to fan ‘patriotic’ flames and if the powers that be lose control at the beginning itself, and ‘July ’83’ riots would seem like an unorganized riot.

Animosity, anger and hatred generated by some Buddhist monks led the notorious Bodu Bala Sena ruffians would reach a tipping point. The sensation of pseudo-patriotism, the fake emotion of safeguarding Buddhism and Sinhala-hood are vital necessities for a massive uprising of an inter-religious disturbance. On the other hand, our Muslim brethren are no chicken when it comes to violence and fierceness of militancy. What the previous rulers nurtured and nursed during their regime will come out in full force. Let us not be cheated by the ostensible peace and calm prevailing in the land. The ember under the ash of peace and calm is sizzling for rupture. During the Indian Independence movement in the 1920’s and 30’s Gandhi, in order to appease the differences between the two leading communities in India, Muslim and Hindu, walked from one humble village to another. When he visited a Muslim village he opted to spend the night at a Hindu home and when in Hindu-dominated hamlet, he chose a Muslim abode. The leaders of the majority community of Hindus, helplessly watched this spectacle and some chose to desert Gandhi saying that he was betraying his ‘people’. Yet Gandhi persisted. When no Hindu leader accompanied him to a Muslim village, on those desolate paths in remote corners of India, he sang the stanzas of Tagore: “If they answer not thy call, walk alone, walk alone”. Rarely would such self-confidence and such vitality compacted in a frail stature of Mahatma Gandhi manifest itself in human history. That is why there was only one Gandhi in our recorded-history. No Caesar, no Napoleon or Churchill could match the magnanimity and simplicity and awesome force of human values so plainly communicated by Gandhi.

Make no mistake. There is no Gandhi among our leaders today. Those leaders of our so-called ‘movements’ seem to be infected with corruption, nepotism and bigotry. Shortcuts to power in the machinery of politics and other related spheres are magically attractive to those who yearn for power. Whatever means at hand, wealth, muscle-power or sheer naked ambition could all lead a person towards these bigoted, fringe organizations, Sinhalese-Buddhist or Muslim. What follows is mass indoctrination, hypnotic servility and frenzied expression of personal and private frustrations and defeats. They are the willing soldiers of extreme organizations. They are the fodder for ambitious, cruel and crafty men who hide behind a saffron robe or an Imam’s cloak. Some past rulers made it a habit of theirs to train these hapless, unfortunate elements, willy nilly, to indoctrinate them and unleash them to the unpredictable winds of disunion and zealotry. We are condemned to witness it.

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com

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    Even grade 5 attending child would see – appointment of a man with just few passes in OL will not be appropriate candidate to represent the country in a country where English is the key langague. However, the level of external affairs had been fallen to that low level, even coconut climbers would have been named by Rajaakshe if they belong to their family circles. There had also been former army, airforce or navy men with all army services but not having the least knowledge to run foreign diplomatic offices, but they were the canddiates that were appointed by Rajapakshe so called pragmatic administration. They sought those army and other men of their aquaintance to be served with impunity – that then boomeranged in the society, questioning if the Jaliya could represent the nation in Washington, why not us. That way, Aluthgamages and other men with all low credentials in the society were able to strenghten their hands – turning them untouchable millionaires of the country.
    Like current minister of education made it very clear in the parliament few days ago, that particular faul mouthed – Aluthgamage was a sales rep who 10 years ago earned 1500 Rupees a month and rode a montocycle for his own transport, but by today, his income levels has turned out to be 1500% higher- making him one of the richest men next to Rajaakshes. Wimal Buruwanse who constantly fool the nation – owns houses akin to those seen in Colombo 07 by this day – what and how world wonders made their pocket that thicked in a decade of services given to Parliament. Weerawanse Polical carried was born in JVP, his kind of rhetorics were taken more as jokes by the poor and vulnerable folks of the developing country, but went viral – that not considering the contents properly, but he became popular and popular – last time he earned over 300 000 votes – as to why the men of Weerawanse nature to have earned that much respect – is a greater puzzle to me – even today – the man s public statements are not connected to the facts most of the time – no matter even if they are not facts, the tone and the style have stillb een taken firm among the innocient poor folks.
    This country – is filled with most vulnerable poor folks. Latter are the prey for all abusive devious politicians if they want to do their kind of politics.
    Today, people are inncoient and question as to why a man of MR kind to be permitted to travel to CHINA for official sessions, even if he is invited by them ? Is this not chinese exaggerations interfereing srilanken internal politics ? Why the current duo thought to nodd the heads while knowing that was a greater mistake ?

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    At least this Ambassador had GCE (O) Level and experience in “Tea Tasting” and connected export industry. How about a man who did not pass even the GCE (O) Level and was again connected with “Tea Growing” appointed to be the Chairman of our National Carrier? The only “SUITABLE” qualification that MR considered for appointing them to these high position was FAMILY CONNECTION. So no wonder these “MINIONS” think no end of themselves and resort to all sorts of corruption including “Maniac” behavioral tendencies. Anyway those were the days gone by. But what is happening NOW? Is it better? Look at the appointment of the CB Governor and still continuing to keep him as an “Advisor” with the exposure of the biggest “Scam” that has been exposed so far. Any better? Have we got to wait for another Government to come and INVESTIGATE what is going on now? The simple truth is: We never learn and do not care what the public wants and care for. Once in power it is: I enjoy at your expense; no matter what.

    • 5


      what matters is not his progress made in tea export industry, but the fall achieved in US-Srilanka diplomatic relations.
      You guys seem to be just underestimating all these – there only those elements will rise again.

      Having spoken with some SOCIAL MEDIA men yesterday, they as one of the powerful forces- that took part in the Jan 8, 2015 revolution – are very unhappy with the Golubeligamana -snail moves of the current regime.

      All we the folks that wanted RAJAPKSHES to be out of sights hope- they would be charged within shorter period of time.
      Elected men promised it above anything else all high.
      But today we hear DEAL DASA et al makes every effort to bring Gotabaya to the scene.
      How can we breath in well, if we are now compelled to believe that almost both sides are the same.

    • 0

      Can you please explain to me what this Bond Scam is all about? As a layman I have been trying to understand what it is all about and have even read the COPE report. From that I found two allegations.

      One is that the CB Governor may have passed inside information to his son in law. However it has not been proven yet that he has done so. So until that is done I would give the benefit of the doubt to him as I do to Rajapakses. If he is found guilty he should surely be punished for that.

      The second allegation is that CB Governor had raised fund for the government through auction at a high interest when he could have done so at a low interest with the captive funds like EPF,ETF and insurance. Being a member of the EPF and ETF, I can’t understand why the CB Governor should be faulted for that. As I understand during the past several years, through direct placement of EPF and ETF funds in Bonds at low rates, the CB has been keeping the interest rate down artificially at the expense of EPF and ETF members. With the auction CB had to burrow money at the market rates. It does not appear that the CB had sold bonds to Perpetual Treasuries at a higher interest rate when cheaper funds were available through the auction.In fact for the amount of 10.8 bn in question, the cheapest available bids have been selected.Yes we all have to pay a high interest for that. But the alternative would have been for the EPF & ETF to provide the funds at a lesser rate and the members of the EPF and ETF would have received less an amount equal what we would be paying extra now as interest. I being a member of the EPF and ETF prefer the former, for why should only we pay when the money raised through Bonds is spent for the country as a whole -that is for the whole population? This is how I understand it. I again say I being a layman may be wrong. Can anyone informed of the subject matter including Mr. Douglas please enlighten me?

    • 0

      This ‘Bond scam’ is the only hot topic here since February 2015 and it was exposed, Mahendran removed from the post immediately and replaced by someone with a clean record, Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy, best suit for the post, we believe and COPE committee report is now out, thanks to all, it was not only the government, rather it was under pressure here by those worked hard to bring this government into power, JVP, Puravasi Balaya, Hela Urumaya and many other civil organisations, who’s still behind the government to see that they deliver on promises pledged to the masses on January 8th, and by and large, isn’t this a ‘people-friendly’ government.
      Bond scams were happening since 2010 according to latest reports by Central Bank, but even those who knew this, even CB officials were scared stiff of MARA regime and they kept mum, fearing for their very lives, so nothing was known to the public then, but scenario has changed now and things are getting in shape here, so isn’t it better governance now ?
      And as citizens, we need to be on alert, make constructive criticism and get those governing into the right track, because this country is ours, it belong to you and me and to our kids and grand kids, that’s why we take time to make even a comment here, and to help lawmakers to govern this country in the way masses see it right, it’s our collective responsibility.

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    Of the many once respected institutions the Rajapakses destroyed in their decade long orgy of misrule and calculated abuse were – the independent judicial system, the neutral armed forces, the Police, government service and many other. Senior government servants of integrity were intimidated to fall in line breaking the law at the pain of losing their jobs. The Police was virtually thrashed into submission turning some regime-favoured Police officers into private vigilante groups – for hefty “fees” At least one of them is now nearly proved to be an assassin for the lucrative contract killing industry that the Rajapakses nurtured. In many cases the men and women of the public feared going near a Police Station. The Army and the Navy in the North-East became virtual pirates in the seas forcing Tamil fishermen away and encouraging a free run to Sinhala fishermen from the South – only to share the massive rich spoils. A one year stay in the Tamil North-East by officers in the Police and the armed forces “during the war years” invariably saw them into many millions of black money.
    Gold jewellery, treasured carefully and with great care by Tamil women, were all spirited away from Tamil civilians held in “camps” on various grounds. This was to create a treasure trove of tons of gold – that simply vanished in the post-2009 period. Jewellers in Sea Street in Colombo were approached by brokers to regime-connected VIPs to sell the loot at give-away prices.

    Tragically, one of the biggest casualties of the Rajapakse mafia was the Lankan middle class – from all communities. The middle class is often the pride and the strength of any healthy society. The UNP regime of 1977-1993 substantially widened the middle-class base of the country through their successful economic policies. Galloping corruption and thievery under the Rajapakses was to eventually destroy this grouping. If you had a graduate son or daughter from a good school and good grades they invariably found secure employment. In 2-3 years they were able to buy a car of their own (value Rs.250-000 to Rs.500,000) In 5-10 years they had the chance of buying a decent house or apartment of their own in the suburbs on long term loan (value Rs.3-5 million) This class has now vanished. The cheapest car (Indian) in the market is over Rs.2 million. The lowest price for a house for this class today is over Rs.20 million. Inflation is not the only reason. Fortunately, the 3 Rajapakse boys do not have to worry about both. Their parents have provided them well. There was sufficient “development” for them by their parents. Children of parents of the other 20 million were less lucky.


    • 2

      How did you guys hide the gold jewellery from VP? VP took it all away, so that he could send his kids & family to Norway and be educated at posh private schools in Europe

      • 1

        “he could send his kids & family to Norway and be educated at posh private schools in Europe”

        Sri Lanka is in this mess because of despicable imbeciles like you who make up nonsensical lies. Be a man, and learn to tell the truth even of your enemies.

        VP never educated his children in the West. They died with him in the battlefield. All the Sinhalese leaders have a lot to learn from him.

        Yes, he sent his family overseas for safety during the time they were in danger but they were brought back by KP and handed over to him during the CFA.

        Prabakaran was a man of principle! That was one reason the LTTE lost the war.

        Don’t know about the war-affected younger generation but there are many Jaffna Tamils from the older generations that are men – that’s one of their traits – of principles, unlike all the crafty, duplicitous, conniving Singhalese from the deep South.

        Truth be told, any day I’ll trust Prabakaran more than any of the Rajapakses!

        • 1

          Nimal: Why dont you use your real name. VP can not bump you off now.

          So VP Maha Veeran sent his children & family to Norway for SAFETY !!.

          But the Maha Veeran thought it was OK to bomb school buses in Colombo and other places.

          VP also built him an air-conditioned bunker & a swimming pool for him to enjoy the good life in SAFETY with Nandu & Choru; yeah molten thali gold bought a lot of crab curry for VP.

          • 0

            Q: Even after the wedding you were close to him and the family?

            A: Yes. Though I spent most of the time outside I was in constant touch with Prabhakaran those days. I used to talk to the children and wife also. After I got married my wife and Madhivadhani used to converse with each other on the phone

            I also used to send personal gifts to each member of the family along with the stuff I used to ship to Lanka

            During the Indian army period when Prabhakaran had to go to the Wanni jungles his wife Madhivadhani was finding it difficult to cope with two young children. Prabhakaran wanted to send them to a safe place for a while. He wanted to send them to an old comrade “Singham” living in Sweden.

            They were brought by boat to India. Thereafter I arranged for travel documents and got them sent to Scandinavia. Later we found that Prabhakaran’s friend was having some problems and finding it difficult to accommodate Madhi and the children

            So I took the risk of traveling to Sweden on false papers and transported the mother and children to Denmark. I arranged for safe accommodation there.

            Q: With her family members?

            A:No not with them. They were reluctant. This was elsewhere with some others.

            Then came the talks with the Premadasa govt in 1989. I used the opportunity to get proper travel documents and went to Scandinavia from where I personally escorted the mother and kids to Colombo. I took them to the Wanni and handed them over to Prabhakaran saying I have brought your family home safely. He was very very happy

            When I think of that time where I transported the family safely and of the present time where I could not help them I feel very, very sad. Those days both son and daughter were fond of me and I used to carry them frequently

            Q: Yes I recall seeing pictures those days of you carrying Charles.
            On the question of Charles Anthony and his sister Thuvaraga, there were media reports that they were studying in Britain and Ireland. What happened? When did they return and why?

            A:No, no, no! They were never abroad for studies. That’s all false.

            Q: Then?

            A: You see both children were very clever and could have done very well in higher studies. The mother Madhivadhani was very keen about it. When Bala annai and Adele Aunty came out of the Wanni in 1999, Madhivadhani sent a request to me that I should make arrangements for the children’s higher studies abroad.

            So I took some time and made careful preparations. I made foolproof arrangements where both could come abroad and commence higher studies in a very safe environment without their identity being revealed. Madhivadhani was very happy.

            But the father Prabhakaran changed his mind after agreeing to it initially. He simply refused to let the children go. Madhivadhani could not make him change his stance. So that was that. They never came abroad for higher studies. Later both joined the movement voluntarily and became trained fighters

            Q: Why did Prabakharan adopt this position?

            A:I suppose it was due to his principles. He felt it was not correct for him to send his children abroad to safety and higher studies when the children of other people had to remain in the Wanni. It was the same principle that made him encourage the son and daughter to join the movement. Again he felt that he could not keep his children safely at home when the children of other people were fighting.

          • 0

            “Nimal: Why dont you use your real name. VP can not bump you off now.”

            Like everyone else in this forum, eh? What has a name got to do with telling the truth?

            First you spread this lie,

            “so that he could send his kids & family to Norway and be educated at posh private schools in Europe”

            Then when you got caught spreading lies you come up with this,

            ” So VP Maha Veeran sent his children & family to Norway for SAFETY !!. But the Maha Veeran thought it was OK to bomb school buses in Colombo and other places.”

            Typical Sri Lankan mentality! That’s why Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka. That’s the essence of Lankans.

            Why can’t you be a man and at least for once accept the truth?

            ” VP also built him an air-conditioned bunker & a swimming pool for him to enjoy the good life in SAFETY with Nandu & Choru; yeah molten thali gold bought a lot of crab curry for VP.”

            I’ve seen/visited VP’s bunker and the swimming pool. I can vouch they are very Spartan and not even one millionth as luxurious and “posh” as Rajapakses’! :))

            BTW Unlike cowards like you who spread lies from afar, the people who have fought the LTTE in the frontlines speak with deep respect of their bravery.

            I should know, at one time the army commander was my relative.

            Truth is truth. It’s not Sinhalese or Tamil.

            Gotta tell it to both sides as is.

      • 3

        SF revealed once alone during his tenure- those gold in few hundreds of kgs were confiscated by the army. After him it should have been even more. What have the men after him done with the gold confiscated by the Army is to be investigated. There were rumours that former Prez Wife- first lady had been engaged with Gold businesses within the leading colombo business women. I have no doubt, the abusive family to have abused those gold for their pvt use. That Granny forest to receive a sack of funds filled into millions of lanken currency could well be connected to those gold deals. Latter was a fact- as revealed by the Yoshita rajapakshes- granny. Anyways, they will cover them saying something evasively ridiculing the issue as is the familar to them.

  • 1

    Ex Ambassador JW courted religious leaders to the Embassy functions to bless SL and his pure tenure. And they as well as other Sri Lankans or ex Sri Lankans attended all these functions in good faith. Little did they know what JW was really up to!
    One can only hope that future diplomatic appointments would be better vetted.

  • 2

    So then how does Hirunika’s rich Aunt also get the Consul General position under YAHAPALANAYA? What are her credentials? Kudu business? Why is she favored? Is it because she campaigned with UNP?

    • 3

      Hirunika s rich Aunty had proved to have all diplomatic related qualifications, incl a MA completed at an University. We talk about GCE OLevel plus MR blood relations against University graduate qualitifactions. You should be an another low level creature to even add the kind of information.
      Any donky would get it-but you the miserable ilk would NEVER.

      University graduate even if the candidate would not have just the diplomatic related experience, can still do lot more than a man who just tasted tea – with his GCE Olevel or not ?

      Please talk to school going children, they can surely teach you the difference.

  • 1

    Christian Americans are asserting themselves in face of politically correct lack of courage to face islamic threats
    Why the hell don’t you ask the question about how in Denmark, sharia thug immigrants want to shut down bars and pubs where Real Danish people want to relax and have their right to drink alcohol? It’s spreading like a syphilis canker. In UK the Pakistanis demand segregated education. All these liberal appeasement is now backfiring. You want to live in secular nations then accept the secular customs and norms including the fact these are not Muslim nations. Why the hell do they demand sharia law and segregated schools in tolerant Christian nations that welcome these people?

  • 1


    Don’t you think open economy after 1977 created this mess?
    Before 1977 we were living within our means.

    • 2


      like or not we and other comparable nations have to introduce open economic policies. We are not alone with the facing problems resulted from Open eco policies. However, the rulers could set national filters at the time they introduced them. Failure NOT to have done it not thinking twice has punished us by today. The drug trafficking problems has infiltrated the nation as a metastasized cancer patient works for survival.

      This is why on going constitutional amendments should be given even more priorities to discuss them at lengths. Indians are open to world, but they have set their limitations in advance. That is why they continue not facing that much of problems as we the small folks do.

      And also the facts of each society is: hindsight everyone is clever. Above all JVPrs behave even today- pointing the finger at former leaders.# Growing third force status of JVP has fallen to low levels by today – they themselves not having made use of their chances, even if they speak clean today.

    • 0

      Dear Kautilya,

      With due respects – No. I am neither strictly UNP or SLFP. But do you remember the 1960-1970 years where Mrs.B’s regime made us virtual paupers. Did you or your family not wait in long queues for bread and rice. In 5 years Dudley’s regime changed the country (1965-70) but Buddhist Sinhala 70% majority threw them out. I am not suggesting all what the UNP Govt did was always good. Premadasa/Maru Sira devalued the once-neutral Police service and elevated the local mafia to a “new respect”. The rot set in from thereabout.

      You have something in your comment “before 1977 we were living within our means” But, my friend, in this global-village universe man cannot live in splendid isolation in an Island. WB/IMF is not entirely evil. If we had good, able, honest leaders borrowing from them could be made a resource. We did that in 1965-70, when the mass corruption lead by political leaders we had under the Rajapakses and now, was not so invasive. Don’t forget even hardboiled, dyed in the wool Leftists like NM/Colvin relied heavily on WB/IMF.


  • 0

    “Sri Lanka’s Body-Politic Is Infested With A Contagion Of Corruption”

    Thank you, Captain Obvious. That’s something I never knew !!

    So now what ?

  • 1

    All can talk as the LTTE is no more.Thanx a million for MR.

    • 0

      Mahinda – All can talk, as MARA regime is no more. Thanx a million for 6,217,162 of wise Sri Lankans who voted for MS.

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